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"I'm quite ready to shoot something."

Hastniss D'raxsiladaimanos wrote:
Johnny Lawrence wrote:
"So, once again, what are our plans to deal with these two groups of creatures?" asks Johnny in a normal tone of voice.

"I vote we restrain from shooting anything until we're absolutely sure that's the best course of action."

The dracha pointedly regards the sabre-toothed litorian as he utters this statement.

"Well, I usually prefer to shoot sooner than that, as you well know, but I shall defer to your judgment, brother in arms, in this one circumstance."

"I'm reasonably certain they heard all that since the magister, who whatever she is, indicated she was joining the minds of their entire party to ours. You need to be more careful what you say, er think, friend."

Prisoners of the Scarab Hold:

"Well, do something with that infernal seed, why don't you! Preferably before she makes us all into meat pancakes even more disgusting than this uppity fry cook's concoctions!

Johnny Lawrence wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

Prisoners of the Scarab Hold:

The litorian knight turns on Johnny, regarding him pointedly as the lion-man considers his response.

Arnox's pair of unnaturally elongated incisors, one of the distinctive physical markers of his tenebrian evolution, glisten slightly with the caustic phlegm distributed by a languid, lackadaisical flick of this long, bright pink tongue, the surface of which is studded with jagged sandpaper like ridges.

Having completed his not un-threatening lip-licking routine, simultaneously suggestive of a slightly amused, somewhat curious, and predominantly piqued state of mind, the litorian responds,

"Well, little fry cook, that is certainly one possible course of action before us. I mean, it's not as is there's any danger involved! I'll tell you what, why don't you just saunter on down there and have a gander at whatever it is that has determined to join us in our present, unexpected excursion, and, when you're good and done, you can hustle back here and tell us how it went?"

Arnox derisively sniffs the air,

"What do you think that will take you, 15 minutes?"

He chuckles slightly, and then appears to have another thought, as indicated by a slight twinkle in the litorian's large, dark eyes,

"If you're especially judicious with your allocation of travel time, maybe you can even manage to prepare them the traditional "welcome to the neighborhood" breakfast, just to let them know we're ever so happy to see them."

He turns back to consult with Hastniss, his brother in arms, as Arnox completes his comments to Johnny,

"You just head on out whenever you're ready, I'll, literally, hold down the fort here for you."

Prisoners of the Scarab Hold:

"But you're not disagreeing that this is likely bad news, right?"

Johnny Lawrence wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

Prisoners of the Scarab Hold:

"Well, for my part, the flipped egg definitely seems to the most promising to me, though its reception would of course be highly dependent on the fillings, the oversight of whose specification I have not, perhaps contrary to your expectations, overlooked."

The unhelpful interjection arises from the littorian paladin attached to the Shadowbourne's expedition -- an incredibly gruff and savage master of unarmed combat who hails from the mysterious wastes on the edges of the Diamond Throne. He is sworn to the cause of the dragons, and is a member of an order of holy warriors devoted to the draconic patron deity Erixalimar.

He wields a pair of jagged scimitars that mirror his two immense sabres.

As Arnox enters the observatory, his elaborate plate armor picks up an odd, green-tinted reflection from the strange vehicle visible from the large windows, and which has attracted the attention of both Hastniss and Utrim.

"Well... that can't be good, can it?"