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Recovering from his despair, Aravashnial find his way into the room. voice shaking he addresses the woman speaking, Everyone else died in the attack? The Riftwardens, surely a few of them managed to survive?

Overcome with grief at the destruction of his home, Aravashnial slowly collapses to the ground sobbing. It's not possible, the demons could not have destroyed everything.

Upon hearing what has happened, Aravashnial's composure collaspes, We must search what is left. At least a few of the Riftwardens must have survived.

Turning towards the sound of Horgus' voice, Aravashnial responds, Blackwing is far more than just a library old man. The Riftwardens are not a force to be taken lightly. If anyone survived this destruction, they did.

From the fallen stone block where he's been sitting, Aravashnial also appears deeply disturbed. We should head directly to Blackwing. I have allies there that are well equipped to handle demons. Once we have been briefed on the full extent of the cities damage, we can try to track down any other survivors.

Yes Horgus, but we don't want her sneaking up from behind us either. Unless you are guarding our rear. You spend enough time back there mumbling.

Looking abashed, and perhaps blushing a bit, Arvashnial stammers an apology. I, I am sorry if my words were offensive. It is not every time I encounter living legends. We've all heard the stories of the first crusade, but I never thought hear their history as spoken by their children. In some cases, literally. Lann, how old are you. If your parents were elven, you must surely have been born mere years after the first crusade ended. You must remember those first years and how mongrelman society was formed and has evolved since.

If you don't mind, I'll stay here and talk while supper is preparred. These pitlings are fascinating. I have so many questions they can answer.[/b]

Some of the terms Aravashnial is using seem to upset the nearby mongrelment.

Quiet Horgus, this is fascinating: an entire society of mole people. I never imagined there could be so many descendants of the first crusaders living beneath the city. The rumors never came close.

Aravashnial shakes his head, I have been trying to warn the crusaders for several years now, to no avail. They dismissed me as a conspiracy theorist and ignored my warnings. We need these bodies as absolute proof.

Seeming almost happy for the first time, Araashnial answers Mia, There have been rumors for some time that cultists of Baphomet, Templars of the Ivory Labyrinth, have been infiltrating various mercenary groups. To have infiltrated the crusaders is beyond what I had heard.

We should take the bodies with us, so that the church may identify them.

Crusaders of Iomedea carrying a symbol of Baphomet? I've been warning the authorities for some time that cultists were infiltrating the military, but my pleas fell on deaf ears. Do the cultists carry anything else of relevance? Have any other cultists been seen in the area?

Hearing the conversation, Aravanshnial staggers forward, carefully feeling his way as he approaches, There are truly people living down here? Is it true, are you the children of the First Crusade?

Thank you Tallina, I have no problems with your friend guiding me.

Is anyone, other than me, still injured? If so, those with healing magic should use it now. Once we are ready Verim, you and Luciana should take point. There could be more darkmantles waiting in the caverns ahead.

You should hold your tongue Horgus. Who do you think cleared you name when you were accused of funding the cultists.

Keeping a grip on Tobongo as he stumbles down the tunnel, Aravashnial reflects on Laris' words. Images of soldier carved on the cavern walls. Intriguing, there are old rumors that many of the first crusaders hid in the caverns beneath Kenabres after becoming tainted by the Abyss.

It is KN: History

At Luciana's words Aravashnial starts, There are statues down here? What do they depict?

Listening to Tallina and Maxwell, Aravashneil nods in agreement, Darkmantles are only really dangerous if they get a good grip on you. They can crush a man to death in seconds. You were really very lucky Horgus.

If we go in prepared and use bows, they should pose little threat. Afterwards, I agree with Maxwell. We should retreat to the temple and rest. The last thing we want is to rush blindly ahead unprepared.

Listening to Horgus' description of his attacks, Aravashnial pauses in consideration for a few seconds before answering. From your description, it sounds as if you were attacked by Darkmantles, a common if deadly pest in underground areas. We should head back and finish them off now. They can create darkness only once per day.

If you are going to try to stop the fool, hurry. We'll follow behind you as quickly as we are able. If anything attacks, don't risk yourself. Return to us as quickly as possible.

If you pursue Horgus, you will hear him occasionally swearing ahead in the distance. He's only got a few hundred feet lead on you.

Will you be taking a light source?

Turning towards Anevia, Aravashnial winces in pain momentarily, No, nobody gets left behind. I'm afraid Horgus is on his own, There is no way to catch him without splitting our numbers in half

Everybody in the group has a 20' move speed, due to either size or armor. Horgus has a 30' move speed and a head start.

My name is Aravashnial, I am a a Riftwarden and, much as it pains me, I agree with Gwerm, we need to get back to Kenabres as quickly as possible. I need to help my brothers.

Give me a diplomacy roll Tallina

We should stop admiring the local wildlife and move on. I am certain there are far worse things living in these caverns. Verim you stay on point. Maxwell, make sure he has enough light to see by.

I am sorry Luciana, I am not that kind of wizard

We do what we must to survive. Unless you would prefer to die down here Gwerm

Laris, Scout out the chamber ahead and report back. Luciana, Verim, Maxwell, move up and be prepared to assist if necessary.

Reaching one hand out to hold onto Tobongo, Avavashnail nods in gratitude. Thank you. Now if the young lady to volunteered to scout a few minutes ago, what was your name again, could start. I'll need the two most capable crusaders to follow behind her. Horgus, stop blathering and give Avenia a hand. I can here her gasp in pain every time she takes a step.

Pausing for a moment, Aravashnial goes pale for a few seconds, clutching tightly to Tobongo for support before recovering.

Paladin, you and your male friend both sounded capable of backing up our scout. What were your names again?

Turning to face Horgus' voice Aravashnial responds, You would like that wouldn't you Horgus. No as much as you deserve to be left here, we are all leaving together, unless you would prefer to stay. Now, somebody describe the area to me.

From where he has been standing silently, the elven man finally finishes wrapping a strip of cloth torn from his shirt about his destroyed eyes.

From the sound of things I assume we've somehow managed to land in the caverns beneath Kenabres. If somebody will direct me, we can begin working our way back. Who here is best suited to act as a scout?