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What would be an example of a Planet-wide satellite communication system? What tier, control modules, security, hacking DCs would be involved for this type of system?

Great job, I will use these in my game. My players will love them.

I was looking at purchasing the Sunrise Maiden flip map and was wondering does the ship flip map come into play during the adventure path? Are there any encounters on the Maiden that the flip map would be used?


I'm moving to Oklahoma City and leaving behind a longterm Pathfinder group/game. Has anyone tried to continue gaming with a group remotely? I'm willing to purchase a webcam or something along those lines. Has anyone else tried this? Did it work? What were the technical and gaming issues that you encountered? What equipment did you use?

Using Roll20 or similar online tools are not an option.

What is the year the Dead Suns adventure path takes place?

If a player character was arrested, what would stop them from casting spells? In StarFinder since there are no material, somatic, and/or verbal components required, is there any technology that would prevent a caster from casting?

My Cleric took the Leadership feat. After working with the GM on what class/level my Cohort would be, we agreed on a 7th level Bard. The goal was to have a support Cohort that could buff and assist the party in combat situations, but not be involved (swinging a weapon) in combat.

I've never played the Bard class, and was wondering what would a bard do in combat the first 1-5 rounds to buff the party or provide battlefield control?

Please cancel my Star Finder subscription.

Vic Wertz wrote:

You put in your address change just after we sent the list for 140 to the printer, so 141 will be the first issue going to the new address.

140 is still arriving for US subscribers. Can you let us know if it doesn't arrive at the old address by Friday?


Vic thanks for the reply. I got 140 yesterday. I also found out that I did receive issue 139. My son had it and forgot to tell me it was delivered. He's grounded for 2 weeks now. :) Thanks for the help!


I haven't received Dungeon issues #139 or #140. I recently moved the 1st of Sept. I've checked mail at my old address and it hasn't arrived there either and I don't have mail forwarded. I changed my address in the my account section back in the beginning of Sept. I just checked it to make sure it's correct. Can I get issue #139 and #140 resent please.



I wanted to thank everyone for the great info and ideas. Since the rules say Warforged can not be turned into undead I decided that I would go with the following house rule.

1) A Kyruss worm can enter the fiberous/fleshy parts of a Warforged body and causes 1 point of damage per round as it heads towards the brain as per MM2.
2) Once a worm is in a warforged head and a human brain is not available the worm dies/explodes
3) The goop from the worm starts a chain reaction in a warforged "brain" that causes it's systems to short circuit and begin to shut down. The warforge loses 1 to 2 points of INT per round as per MM2.
4) Once the warforged reaches 0 INT his "brain" reboots and he starts to gain 1 to 2 points of INT per round. During this time he is affected as per the 4th level Confusion spell until his INT reaches 1/2 his normal INT.

I do like the idea of a warforged becoming a unknowing carrier of breeding worms. I'm sure the Lord of Blades would be interested in such a tactic. Also a worm/virus variant that can control a warforged sounds like an interesting idea.

Hello all,

Can a warforged be affected by the worm that turns you into a spawn of Kyruss? If so would the Spawn of Kyruss Warforged keep its natural AC or would it now have the AC of the spawn entry in MM2?


Looking for a gaming group to join willing to try any system. I'm located in the Warren, Ohio area.