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Can a warforged be affected by the worm that turns you into a spawn of Kyruss? If so would the Spawn of Kyruss Warforged keep its natural AC or would it now have the AC of the spawn entry in MM2?

There is nothing in the Spawn of Kyuss entry (MM2, pp. 186-187) that covers a Kyuss worm infesting a construct. It does, however, state that a target with a natural armour bonus of +5 is immune to the worm's attack (MM2, pg. 186, under Create Spawn). In that same paragraph, it is stated that the Kyuss worm cannot survive the touch of silver.

The warforged description makes specific mention of silver in its construction (ECS, pg. 20). Whether there is enough silver in a warforged's makeup to kill the Kyuss worm is up to the DM, IMO. Under the warforged racial traits (ECS, pg. 23) immunity to disease is mentioned. Additionally, the warforged has an initial armour bonus of +2, which can be increased by taking the appropriate feats. Does this qualify as a natural armour bonus, given the design of the warforged? Another DM decision.

Now comes the esoteric question: Does a warforged have a brain that can be affected by a Kyuss worm? Again, it's up to the DM. One could describe a warforged as an intelligent magical item, given the manner of warforged creation.

Were I the DM, it would be my ruling that the warforged is immune to the Create Spawn ability of the spawn of Kyuss due to its largely inorganic makeup, its immunity to disease, and the lack of a brain in the sense of the other PC races.

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Warforged don't have natural armor bonuses (these are different than armor bonuses, which warforged DO have), and they do have Intelligence scores, so if I were running an Eberron game, I'd say that they can be hurt by Kyuss worms. Unless a PC had some sort of feat or backstory that said his warforged character was All Silver, though, I'd say there wasn't enough silver to put off the worms.

Warforged can't be made into spawn of Kyuss by a worm, though, since technically warforged can't become undead. In most other respects, though, I'd say a warforged is just as susceptible to Kyuss worms as any other +0 ECL PC race, otherwise, you're just letting D&D Power Creep win!

It's a bit hard to imagine a worm chewing through all that metal and wire, although I suppose warforged might be partly constructed of wood or other organic materials more susceptible to being gnawed by worms. On the other hand, it kind of takes the punch out of the Age of Worms if a PC is immune to it. As James says, it's also unbalancing to give a 0-ECL race such a significant immunity, at least in a campaign where Kyuss-creatures figure to be a major adversary.

If I were running AoW with warforged, I might let the Warforged PC encounter normal Kyuss worms, get the idea that he's immune, then hit him with a variant worm that exudes acid and eats away metal. This worm is outwardly indistinguishable from regular Kyuss worms, so it's a nasty surprise when it burrows through the warforged character's metal shell and starts eating away his metal innards. It might not turn the warforged into an undead being, but might short-circuit its "brain" in a way that makes it a slave to Kyuss's will, and it might even use the warforged as a breeding-ground for worms that can infect ordinary humanoids. Having the party encounter such a Kyuss creature would drive home the point that Kyuss abhors all life forms (even inorganic ones) and seeks to harness them to his will--it will also get the Warforged PC's player to sit up and take notice.

Just an alternative way of dealing with the same basic problem.

Another way of handling it: There's enough organic material in a warforged for the worm to chew through (dealing 1 damage per round), but a warforged, being a construct, lacks a brain as we think of them. So when the worm reaches the "skull" of the warforged, it just kind of keeps crawling around looking for the grey meats (again, continuing to deal 1 damage per round). This will continue until the standard methods of dealing with a kyuss worm are used or the worm dies of "malnutrition," probably after 1d4 or 2d4 days.


I wanted to thank everyone for the great info and ideas. Since the rules say Warforged can not be turned into undead I decided that I would go with the following house rule.

1) A Kyruss worm can enter the fiberous/fleshy parts of a Warforged body and causes 1 point of damage per round as it heads towards the brain as per MM2.
2) Once a worm is in a warforged head and a human brain is not available the worm dies/explodes
3) The goop from the worm starts a chain reaction in a warforged "brain" that causes it's systems to short circuit and begin to shut down. The warforge loses 1 to 2 points of INT per round as per MM2.
4) Once the warforged reaches 0 INT his "brain" reboots and he starts to gain 1 to 2 points of INT per round. During this time he is affected as per the 4th level Confusion spell until his INT reaches 1/2 his normal INT.

I do like the idea of a warforged becoming a unknowing carrier of breeding worms. I'm sure the Lord of Blades would be interested in such a tactic. Also a worm/virus variant that can control a warforged sounds like an interesting idea.

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