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An ancient thread Necro, but dead links and a lack of photoshop skills have me scouring the internet for a rebuilt map of Drezen for use in books 3-6. Does anyone know of somewhere the referenced maps are still available, or if there are other openly-available maps of the citadel rebuilt/refurbished?

My players are still fighting in Drezen, I'm just a long-term prepper, so anything for book 3 would be more than welcome.

Hello Hello.

With the release of the Owlcat Wrath game, it has become near-impossible (as far as I can tell) to look up anything related to the tabletop version of the game, *Especially* custom maps. I've been running using interactive map PDFs, but snipping them into foundry just isn't cutting it anymore, as they become monstrously blurry very quickly. To combat this, I was hoping to find some fan-drawn maps for major locations, but all of my searches are pretty dead in the water thanks to the rpg.

That said, does anyone have collections of art like this that they're willing to share? Even just HD versions of the base maps would be an incredible resource for online play (or instructions on how to extract the maps from the interactive map pdfs).

Building a fiend totem barbarian with summer rage, and eventually the elemental STR aura. Looking for any other kind of debuff or damage aura, just to make anything next to me miserable. Limited to PFS-ish stuff, but other than that open to just about anything. Magic items are preferable, thanks for any help!

I'm planning on playing a very grappley monk rather soon and I was wondering if there was a way to get the grab monster ability. Assume no class or book limitations, but try and stay away from third party plz. Gestalt and templates are available, though not required.

that makes alot more sense, thanks for the explanations!
i never would have found the rules about teams not making full money without a building

so i started reading the downtime rules and....
i'm going to be joining a rather long-term campaign soon, meaning the campaign itself will be set over a long amount of time. I am hoping to have my character to start up a mercenary company to earn money/resources that will eventually be used in re-taking his homeland from greenskins.
the company is going to be lead by his cohort, and consist of followers and/or hired soldiers. The only issue is...

i have no idea how the downtime system works, and beyond just hiring hundreds of soldiers, it seems the only way to construct buildings and "organizations" AKA soldiers

from what i understand you input seed money to startup different buildings and businesses that in turn can earn you money and resources over time, but to earn these resources you have to spend money?
so its not really a very self sufficient system if your wanting to have a growing organization. i am also not quite sure how leadership interacts with the system. it states that you can use followers as labor, but do they count as a consistent resource or are they used up when....used.

also is there a way to earn extra gold using this system, or is it a money-sink only there for RP purposes?

so a game is starting up rather soon that i am participating in and i'm going to be playing a paladin. from the start i knew the game would be a high-powered game and recently we've been informed that we will be allowed to use third party material and may eventually gain mythic tiers. this has thrown the game onto a whole new level of power with mythic alone.
my main questions are:

1. is there any paladin specific mythic abilities i should pay special attention to.

2. is there any third party stuff for paladins i should pay attention to (within reason).

3. is there any third party paladin stuff i should pay attention to (outside of reason).

the GM is a pretty allowing guy, so if its just a bit over the top its probably fine. i ask for the crazy stuff just out of curiosity.

currently the character is a two handed high STR/CHA front-liner that i'm focusing on being hard to kill with feats like fey founding and the tiefling alternate racial trait

were starting off at lvl 2 with an extra feat so have at it friends!

thanks for the input, i will continue looking

ive noticed that alot of people that post pathfinder games in roll20 are nto very responsive to messages and posts on their campaigns, and was wondering if there is any other resource people use to find these games.
ive been looking for a few days, but the ones i have posted on, nobody has responded

cool, i have seen the adventure paths but that sounds really god for the way its going. i am the DM, but i didnt want to give te group the power to just screw over the vampires completely.
i like the soil of homeland lore.
i havent heard that before and i like adding things to monsters that players dont expect. lik everyone goes " OH vampires must hate garlic because thats what i...have heard......"
its awesome switching things up on them or adding in stuff that they actualy have to try and figure out.
thanks for the info! i will make sure to use it during the net session

the group found some coffins
are dealing with them
my question is, are the vampires bound to THOSe coffins specifically, or is it ok for them to have multiples or get new ones as replacements?
if the coffins are destroyed are the vampires destroyed?
one of the vampires was already stopped from returning and destroyed, but theres at least two whose coffins are being held captive. i assume htis is in the vampire beastiary thing but i havent found a good one so far. theres not alot about htem as far as i can tell.

are these house-ruled or did they add actual rules to flesh crafting now
i really like these, but i feel like lower DC should have a lower cost

also, the way its worded it sounds like you need a new lab for every patient or every two days you don't do some flesh crafting
for the 10,000 gp cost of it, i feel like it should be a more permanent installation

i mean the players will still have to find a place to make the lab, the ability to do the anti-pain spell, and someone to keep watch on their butcher-shop while they are out adventuring

ive always loved the idea of flesh crafting, but it has negatives
first and most obvious is the physical changes
nobody likes when a human has big frickin claws and hooves and stuff
unless you build like a society of super-flesh-changed people, they'e going to be exiled by normal humans

just think, if you were just an average Joe, and then a 16 ft tall human with giant bat wings and like, giant mole claw hands for burrowing just came tromping through town, what would you do?
youd freak the frick frack right out of town

also, what if the patients body attempt to reject the physical changes?
id assume that after a while it'd get used to it, but at first your body will probably reject the strange stuff being done to it
youd have to force your body to accept it until it just let it be

Number 1 is incorrect,although very slightly, dismounting is a move action
You and your mount share a move action,
You can indeed make your mount do a double move and still have your standard, because the second move is considered the horses standard action

the implementation for the rumble ball as you have it sounds awesome, and i think a craft alchemy to make them sounds about right
for your players, you should probably give some sort of warning about using them too much, in case any of them don't watch the show, or aren't that far into it.
other than that they sound great
maybe as they advance in levels, or spend a few feats, they can unlock advanced powers of their Zoan fruits
and no spoilers were given

one of my players has told me he did some research on how soul gems worked, and since he is planning on playing a tiefling sorcerer, he wants to get into the whole soul gem thing

i went through and read it and it looks like the best way for him to do this would be a cacodaemon familiar, but i want to get him started with it in the kinda early-game so he can spend time learning how the soul trade works and finding someone to trade the gems in for gold/other stuff

they don't have a paladin or anything, and the party is pretty much either CN or NG

just wondering if there is any restriction i should put on it if i was giving it to him around 2nd or 3rd level

not trying to start a fight over this, just wanting to make sure information is correct
if you actually read the ability
it doesn't give you the Hp bonus, and it certainly doesn't give you two abilities per tier

other than that, mythic vital strike is incredibly powerful
my cavalier is going down the full chain
mounted combat becomes a lot easier in mythic, although your mount doesn't gain any abilities

mythic can be fun
mythic can be overpowered
as long as your players aren't power-gamers, you can do it

don't be afraid to challenge them
mythic makes characters A LOT less squishy
they have a lot of things they can get to increase survivability

i'm loving this thread, and disappointed that more people are not adding to it
Zoans would be very easy to set up

for the elemental ones, i would maybe give them a miss chance v.s magical weapons, and immunity to non-magical weapons (not counting non-magical ammunition)

i'm not sure

maybe just awesome DR

the water thing will be less of a negative in a normal campaign, so you will have to make new negatives, that said, they need to have a serious impact

theres too many fruits for us to describe here
there is tons we don't even know about at this point

i have created a home-brew summoner archetype that is kinda overpowered, but i made it that way purposefully
its basically a half fighter half summoner

it has a beefed up eidolon and a lot of fighter stuff, but i was considering instead using the Gestalt rules to just create a fighter-summoner

my other option ,which seems ALOT worse, is a paladin-summoner combo
with maybe a bit of hand waving involved with alignment

but oh well
as long as its scary, dangerous, and a true BBEG

i love a summoner as a BBEG because they are never just out done base on action economy

they have the eidolon to help as well as any other things they summon, and they have great battlefield control spells

giving it lots of HP AC and other stuff seems like it might make it much harder

but i have 5 players and this will be a mid-late game encounter when they're strengths really start to shine
the PC's are very new, but they are going to be backed up by a lot of GP
none of them have played a campaign before, at least not using real PF rules, so i wont go extremely hard on them, but they will have to try hard to get the best results


I've spent a lot of space ranting, and i just wanted to ask you guys, which path do you think i should take with my players?
we don't have a dedicated "tank" yet, but one character might end up as one if she plays it right. its looking like A LOT of DPS, and little- no healing.
i want to make this a challenging fight, but when they do encounter this, they will be at full strength, and the rewards for successfully completing it will be well worth it

if you guys have any similar alternatives that i haven't mentioned, please feel free to post them

my goodness
the idea of a gestalt is awesome
it seems like it could fill in a lot of character weaknesses and i'm sure there are some INSANE builds out there


i was thinking that a synthesist with lay on hands and a huge saves boost might be kinda cool, but oh wait... the saves only boost you not you eidolon...


ive never actually made a full paladin before, but I'm interested in what you guys think

i know everyone hates summoners, but just give it a break this once please

I'm looking for a build more suited to defending the paladin and getting huge damage output from the eidolon
i may post a build on my own, but I'm at work right now so i cant ATM

phylactery of positive channeling is nice, but everyone on this forum hates channeling for some reason
there is a achievment feat

honestly you could have them all be different
get a good mix of classes and such
if hes coming back in time maybe he retrained into a fighter
or a ranger
or a summoner

hell if PC's can do it why not the NPC's

if you want a challenge you need a mixture of enemies
just having a bunch of front line fighters, then the party just kites them
if its all archers, then the party just uses cover until they can close distance to melee

hell you could have one of them be a mounted cavalier if your really evil
that would force them to stay in alleyways and spend their move actions avoiding him

hell use your MAGICAL DM POWERS and let him take the wings feat like 7 levels early

there is any number of things you can do
i would recommend synthesist for a big tough BBEG that still have stuff to do after the eidolon goes down

hell any kind of summoner at that level can pose a challenge
a buffed up eidolon gets real nasty real fast

Why not poisoned foaming powder?

I planned on finding a random loot generator to give it at least a bit of flavor
I probably won't be using WBL because they are newer players and I like people spending money on magic items "for the Lolz" as stated by one of the two VERY SLIGHTLY experienced players that I have previously dmed for

iv'e played through RORL up until the giant king mountain thing ( i'm assuming that is in the AP and not just my old DM)
i do really like the beginning bit, and i can see myself leaving the AP around where the PCs are done with the goblins ( i think that's generic enough to not need spoilering)

if i just changed up the names of the towns to fit the setting, then it would probably be a good starting point

i have one question
is it free?
because that is like... the limitation of my budget

if it is i may consider it
if not then i'm going to stick with my current plan and start writing the main story plot (backwards of course)

i just wrote like a three page essay explaining the campaign in a nutshell (not really that much, but took me a long while to figure out how to explain certain things)
but my computer just derped and refreshed the page for some reason, and all of it is gone
so this is what y'all get
i really really love all the ideas i'm getting, and they are really really helpful

@Splode (sorry i dont really know how to do the whole... i copy this persons post into mine thing)

i agree that the "filler time" is basically going to be used so i can learn the players and their characters, and so the players and their characters can learn the world, and the rules of the game
i want the characters to be intelligent and creative when dealing with stuff, so i don't plan on it being super combat oriented


i plan on using the "letter of recommendation idea" and that will allow them to join in the expedition and get them free seats to the tournament for the people that still want to go, but couldn't earn the letters

i plan to use the tournament to teach a lot of combat mechanics such as DR and fighting defensively, along with attacks of opportunity
ill try and keep it short and to the point
the only reason i'm going this is because they are like
brand new shiny penny players
like they probably haven't even looked at the core PDF i gave em

they know they have a few months before the campaign will start, but i asked them to put thought into their characters back-story and personality, and they seem very enthusiastic

oh god this is turning into a long post again


i will make sure the meat-shield in front isn't a hyper-optimized awakened riding dog monk
i promise

@lincoln Hills, i like the idea of giving them clues to the later story arc that will make them go "oh yeah remember those guys?"

i just wanted to thank everyone who has posted on this thread
you've been an awesome help to me getting the setting ready for the players
i really appreciate your comments, and will try to take all of them into consideration
i have a general idea of how the beginning is going to go, story wise anyways, and that's a huge step in the right direction for me
once i get things going i can generally improvise based on the players choices, but getting started is always the hardest thing for me
so yeah
thanks for the help
if y'all have any input, your welcome to post it, even if its ideas for BBEG's or later stuff
i don't have a HUGE amount of information on the campaign here, because i plan on starting one of those Google drive things for its lore and such, and i didn't want to spend the time typing it all out again (even though this post is probably just as long and feels more ranty)

oh god
the last two
i was thinking it could be used in conjunction with the geyser mode of the decanter of endless water to create far away difficult terrain and be horribly annoying to your enemies
id use it from my castle walls
nobody says it has to be in foam form to be useful
drop it onto the face of climbing enemies
i would equate it to concrete powdered, and a lungful of that stuff is deadly
especially without modern medicine
and then just for good measure, once they've got a god face-full/ lungful
hose em down with a few create waters
now they've got lungs full of foam

jingasa is a very useful item
cant tell you how many times it saved our groups paladin's life

would it be possible to be a ...ehhh
vampire lich?
like become a vampire and then do all the sacrifices and crap to become a lich?

That's awesome

That's awesome good luck with getting more players

How are you getting a familiar from eldritch heritage?

I like the idea of using the little competition as a sort of tutorial
I will have VERY new players

The need for someone to vouch for them was something i had planned, but I didn't know how to implement it so thanks

I also had an idea about giving them little in-game bonuses for rping their characters early on
Like, if there's a fight going on in the alleyway that he party happens upon
Say someone attempts to use diplomacy to stop the fight and succeeds
I would give them a +1 to diplomacy for the game, and that takes up the third and "bonus" trait
Maybe someone threatens them and gets an intimidate bonus

I like the third option you listed, but the second and fifth are very viable

I've managed to confirm that the group will be
A witch ( probably a small character for some reason )
The archer
The cleric
And the sorcerer
So I wil probably end up giving them a slightly beefed up riding dog or something like that

The thief and small gang idea is similar to one of my original ideas, and I will keep it in mind as well

I like the idea of them needing a certain number of recommendation letters or something like that
And sending them to go find the missing person was part of my plan
I am hoping to have at least like.... 3-7 sessions before the main campaign begins
I don't know if that seems like a lot, but I'm worried if I let it go too fast I won't have the time to write he campaign and it will get out of hand very quickly

I've got a while before the campaign starts, and I'd really like to keep this thread going because it is really helping me getting it ready, and it's really awesome to get ideas from outside sources

thanks for the info, ill see if i can find something to use as a basis

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vampire monk

i was hoping at 1st lvl to keep them inside the walls generally, and then after that give a hook to take them outside

i was thinking the expedition would be delayed due to important people not showing up on time, so if they take longer than i expect on these side quest kinda things, i can let them have that time instead of needing to rush

the town itself is going to be rather large, and mutants will be a large theme once the main story starts, and the expedition leaves, and them along with it

i intended that first level be mostly social, with a combat that leads them outside and to the start of second level

once they go outside i was thinking more combat oriented
i like the idea of an animal or something like that, one that doesn't really need to be RPed and will probably be left behind

i like the idea of the dire rats and such, so i MAY use that

i plan the PC's to be mercenary guards of the caravan anyways
its going to be kind of a gathering point for groups of adventurers
i was thinking maybe having like
a big competition between the latest groups to arrive, to see which one gets to go along in the expedition (including the group)

which i think would be a good way to introduce them to their rival group

i generally would probably go with the alchemist, because the one time i played that class i had a blast (accidental pun)
theyre great skill monkeys and the bombs special effects (such as the entangling ones) are very cool

your basically green arrow with a crossbow/ rifle

i'm starting a new campaign, but i want the main story plot stuff to start around level 4

because my players are all going to be new, i'm going to start them at lvl 1, and once they get to third i'm going to start pulling them into the main story

before then, they are all going to be meeting up in preparation for some expedition (the main story line)

but sadly the expedition is postponed and i need to have stuff to fill in their levels 1-3/4

i'm just looking for ideas, and i can fill in the rest

the players so far are going to be
aasimar archer (fighter)
tiefling sorcerer
a cleric of some kind
and one other unknown character
and then MAYBE one GMPC in case they don't have a front-line fighter

My gm has ruled that cohorts can cat hour per level or above spells , but other than that nothing else
No crafting slaves either
There's seven of use, so we don't need cohorts anyways, but my cavalier (who is of highly noble blood) needs a squire and a diplomat for when he's busy adventuring

Followers can make great after combat healers if your willing to retreat to the entrance of wherever you are, and have them there waiting for just that purpose

And it's even better if your mythic and taking the divine source path ability
So they are all clerics that worship YOU

It's too late at night for me to be seriously google-fooing but if you could post a link to the rules about them, that'd be exceedingly helpful
My idea was either a to circle from my groups home base to their airship
Or the other way around
Or both
I was worried about what would happen if people used it to infiltrate my home, but I would probably just have it set up as a password only circle
Like a teleport trap

My question is simple
Could I place a teleportation circle on a stone slab or some other large object and take it with me?
What about a piece of cloth that can be folded up?

Followers are best used as information sources and generic soldiers
Nobody take a small army to the tomb of Dwarfeh the dwarf king, where every hallway is 5x5 and the entire floor f the tomb is a trap
You may take them there to be your deal up crew, BUT some will die

My plan with my cavalier was to have the higher level follows be my camp followers when I'm adventuring and having my cohort run my diplomatic missions and such( since our dm has ruled them out of combat)
The rest would be griffon-riders in training
Probably cavaliers sitting back at my fortified manor until I need them

If I'm not playing a super martial character, but one that needs to be kinda close range, I carry an immovable rod for creatures with swallow whole

I'm planning a campaign soon, and I would like some graphics and such to help got into more details of what the players encounter
I was thinking of having...ehhh
I guess they'd be called mutated?
Basically, as part of the lore of the world, a group of heroes from not so long ago saved the world from the influence of a Chaos God X (I haven't figured the name yet)
As the gods parting shot, he took a section of the world with him, basically ripping a continent off of the planet and disappearing into deep space with it
Years later, the continent reappeared, and everything was different
One of the main BBEGs the players will face will be a tainted dragon that has been driven insane by the god, and sent back as his harbinger
Later in the series they will face the god itself

Basically I'd like the dragon (originally a gold dragon that had joined the retired adventurers final battle)
The god (I was thinking he would be a shapeshifter, but I'm not sure how to really portray him)
And a few of the low-mid range generic creatures of the game (such as orcs, maybe an illithed, and probably some giants)
At some point I will need a NPC of disputable character has also been changed by the god
He's going to end up being their guide through the "twisted lands" for the 4-X levels that they spend there

I know I'm asking for a lot, and I don't have a lot of information on the campaign so far because it is in very rough draft stages right now
I don't expect you to do all of these, but if you wanted just....random stuff to do, I've got a list of creatures I plan on them seeing

BTW it's perfectly fine to just flat out say no
I am asking for a lot

Those are really really good
Do you do stuff like this for a living, or is it just a hobby?
Do you do it for free?

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this isn't the place for this leadership discussion
please drop it
we have all heard it before

its up to the GM whether leadership works or not, and that's all we should really say about it

Idk if/how this works, but
Wyroot special material on a high crit weapon
Especially useful if you can knock people out
Very easy to refill arcane pool with this

If your dm lets you have why root on whatever, scimitars are nice for black blades

ray of frost for ice cubes :p
and ice-cream
i like the idea of magical ice cream

there is a specific type of undead called juju whatevers
i think its an oracle archetype or with one or something
they get to make undead with they're alignment
you could have lawful good skeletons

give the sorcerer an item that lets him make juju zombies, and as long as they aren't intelligent, they don't need to go eat people
they'd be neutral just like the character
and making juju zombies is just kinda...meh
nature spirits in a body isn't really a bad thing
you might need a gentle repose if he wants anything that isn't a bloody skeleton

iv'e never made a sorcerer, so about the bloodlines i have no idea
i know a lot of people like dragon disciple
if he plans on being a necromancer, i think mystic theurge allows you to control a lot more undead?
undead controlling armor
26 more HD of juju skeletons


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Inquisitor of Ragathiel 4 | HP 36/36 | AC:19, T:12, F:17 | CMD:17, CMB:5 | Save (F+5, R+3, W+8) | Init:+6 | Perc: +12 (46 posts)
Sacerdos Echthileon

Male Human Cleric of Ragathiel (1) [HP 12/12 | Init:+0 | Perc:+5 | AC:16/ T:10 / FF:16 | CMB +2 / CMD 12 | Save F+3 R+0 W+6 ] (92 posts)
Eldran Tesh
Sebastian Bacarov

Oracle (lvl 5) | HP 30/30 | AC:19 (23 CoD), T:12, F:15 | CMD:15, CMB:+3 | Save F+1, R+3, W+5 (+4 vs Illusions, Disguises, Divinations) | Init:+3 | Perc: +9 (DV 60ft) || Wands CLW 25/50 || Spells: lvl 1 (6/7) | lvl 2 (4/5) (509 posts)
Shonden Entbriar
(62 posts)
Ostog the Unslain

Male Human (Ulfen) Cleric 8 [HP 52/52 | AC:19 F:18 T:11 | CMD:18 | Save F+7 (+2 Cold} R+3 W+9 | Init: +3 | Perc: +5 | Channel 6/6 (DC 20) (347 posts)
Stitches the Brute
(7 posts)
Toff Ornelos
Tabir the Grey

Male Wizard (10 posts)
Jeggare Noble
Thessal et’Faril "the Rook"

Male Dhampir (Elf / Vampire) (10 posts)
The Waiting Beast
(12 posts)
(7 posts)
Villainous Scum!!
(18 posts)
Devargo Barvasi
Wendel Duneheim

Fighter 1 LN | HP 12/15 | AC:19 (21 PfE), T:11, F:18 | CMD:15, CMB:4 | Save (F+3, R+1, W+1) | Init:+1 | Perc: +2 | Intimidate +7 (109 posts)
Madame Ivanja
Windsinger Onura Limnestti

Elf Bard (Sea Singer) 6 (39 posts)