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ive noticed that alot of people that post pathfinder games in roll20 are nto very responsive to messages and posts on their campaigns, and was wondering if there is any other resource people use to find these games.
ive been looking for a few days, but the ones i have posted on, nobody has responded

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I have been on roll20 for 2 years and I can tell you you need to be patient. Often people make the mistake of applying to games that are full but the GM forgot to take down the LFG fown or applying to games that are filled to the brim with applicants. It's better to take sometime and try to apply to new games as they come up.

Also another key is to make sure you read and follow any application instructions the GM lists. Failure to do that gets you ignored. Also when you do apply be polite, use full sentences, and proof read before you post. Make yourself stand out. Post like "can I join your game" generally get ignored. Also try using looking for group forums as well since some people advertise there instead.

thanks for the input, i will continue looking

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Sacklunch has a lot of good pointers. Everything in his post is very good information.

I tried the LFG on roll20 for one of my campaigns and one of the things I ran into is you tend to get a lot of responses very quickly. There are a lot of people on Roll20 looking for games. It can make it difficult to respond to every applicant.

For that very reason, the ones that didn't bother to read the rules and application information I posted were usually ignored very quickly or put lower on the priority list. If you're patient and follow the DMs instructions you're much more likely to get noticed and get your questions answered. On that note, make sure your answer isn't in the information the DM provides as that can look pretty bad.

Occasionally the play online section of hte forums posts roll20 game info..

but otherwise yeah. occasionally things get complicated like that.

Just dependso n life too.
Read everything, and all that

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