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Sovereign Court 1/5 *

Hey, I wasn't supposed to be running the ship by myself! I can't even see over the wheel, how am I supposed to get us away from the pirates?
It was Agna's job to run the ship!

Sovereign Court

Hi, everyone! Hope you've been having a good time while I've been gone! After sailing around for most of a year, I came back to Absalom to catch up with my friends and see what they've been up to! I've heard stories about demon invasions, goblin invasions, and sand getting in people's shoes! Eww!

Anywho, I ran into Siwar the other day and she asked me to come by and talk about what's available from Sorcerers-B-Us here in Absalom. So here's some of my deep thinkings about our stuff:

Weapons: I stay away from these 'cause they're really dangerous! I think Val carries some, though.

Spells: Pew-pew-pew-boom! Make things easier! See what's coming! I like our Spells! More variety is awesome, though!

Armors: I don't really use Armor, but I hear there's some robes and stuff at the shop. Qualzar told me that Armor prices have been driven way up here in Absalom; over in the desert he got better armor after his first assignment than we can get after three entire Adventures! I figure he'll be happy with practically anything if that's true.

Items: Siwar told me about a gem she has that lets her sweet-talk her way out of practically anything! I'd like one of those! (Ed: She means a Ruby of Charisma.) My favoritest Item is my super fancy Cape of Escape, which replaced those spiky metal things (Caltrops), that book I really should have read sometime (Codex), and the rock that blows up but reappears in my pocket a day later (Blast Stone). Other than my Cape and occasionally the Misty Horn, I kinda forgot what all I was carrying, though.

Allies: I like my friends! (::whispering:: Well, not the Pixies. They're a little weird. ::stops whispering::) But I like most of my friends! My bestest friend was the Poultice Lady. She fixed me up whenever I was all beat up!

Blessings: Speaking of friends, did you know the gods are our friends too? And we've got sooooo many happy Blessings from them! Blessings for magic, Blessings for prettiness, all sorts of Blessings! I'm happy with the simple ones, though, since they seem to come back to me all the time. (::whispering:: You may not want to mention our Blessings when Siwar's around, though. Her eyes get all scrunchy and make me shiver. She can be really creepy!)

I can't wait to see what's new in the store!

Sovereign Court

Do you want to know where all the Rubies of Charisma went? Just ask Siwar. ::pout::

Sovereign Court

Don't forget to recharge your spells before and recharge and shuffle after you reset your hand!

What, not everyone does that?

Aww.... :(

Still, timing is everything when you have things going on before, during, and after!

Sovereign Court

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I've always thought the point of our adventures was to see how many great weapons and armors I could kick over the side of the ship.

Sovereign Court 1/5 *

Woooooo! T'day my new bestest friend Tesha hepped ush find some rum! Ish good! ::clunk::


Sorry; I think she had a bit much to drink while celebrating finally defeating this scenario!

This was our third try with the team of Agna, Flenta, Merisiel, Zarlova, and Amaryllis.

Bad shuffling luck put the Daughters near the bottom of the first few locations we tried, so we didn't get any locations closed until later in the game. Still, everyone was contributing towards working through the decks. We picked up all three Rum Bottles (one thanks to Amaryllis' Swipe) so that wasn't an issue at the end. Amaryllis was also able to make a new friend: Tessa Fairwind! Sadly she won't stick around with the group, but many Spells and semi-useless Items were recharged to help the others.

The last couple turns went something like this:

Agna encounters the Villain as the last card at the Lonely Island. The other open location is the home of the Cannibals, but nobody's there. We pile on to help her defeat Mr. Wererat, close the location, and send him to the cannibals.

Flenta goes, skipping through some cards and leaving four in the location deck.

I go (twice) and get the Daughter. No spells, but a Blessing of Achaekek and various outside assistance means she's defeated. Zarlova's blessing helps Amaryllis "close" the location, leaving only the villain. Thanks to a Cure, also from Zarlova, I get my Black Spot and a Blessing of the Gods.

Merisiel goes, flipping the last blessing off the deck. Thankfully not a Blessing of the Gods, which gives us the small chance of needing a 15+ on a d12+d6. She rolls and...a 12 and a 5! (Picture of the final table.)

I can't wait to try a new scenario next time! :)

Sovereign Court 1/5 *

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Agna, Flenta, Zarlova, Merisiel, and I (as Amaryllis) went adventuring to Dinosaur Land a couple days ago. We were looking for some really huge dino whose name I can't spell, so I'll just call it M&M.

We split up among the islands so I learned most of this later and forgot a bunch of it. What I do remember is that Agna's animals and Flenta's general coolness stomped the Corral, Merisiel and Zarlova stomped another location, and I played support and setup along with beating up a monster or two.

When we started up on our second set of islands, Zarlova and Agna found the giant dinosaur! We decided to leave it alone for now and spend time making sure it wouldn't be able to escape from us when we went after it. While doing so, we were able to grab two high-level Spells: Control Weather and Burning Servant!

After Agna talked the M&M dinosaur down, we found another clue to the rum stash! Or something like that? I missed it because I'd found a really cute black kitty cat I decided to keep! Awww....


I've been surprised how quickly a couple of spell upgrades (3s and 4s) and a Role card with a power have swung my Amaryllis from primarily a combat character to more of a support character. I've spent a lot more time playing Blessings and the Farglass and casting Scrying, Good Omen, Black Spot, and Swipe in support than exploring with combat spells at the ready.

I got something I decided to keep from a random draw reward! Party time! ;)

Our group is sorely in need of Item upgrades. Blessings would be welcome as well, but they're pretty few and far between.

I've been playing with using Character Tents instead of sheets. This week I tried out half-sheet tents, giving a panel that's 4.25" tall and 5.5" wide. Here's pics of this week's Amaryllis: Front - Back

I think this is the format I'm going to go with. Next is laying out the Skills/Cards/Powers tables myself so I can rearrange them to fit the available space.

Back to SotR next time! :)

Sovereign Court 1/5 *

Recently Flenta, Agna, Zarlova, and I spent some time looking for some rum. Yum, rum! Sadly, the alchemists who owned it weren't interested in letting us buy some. Dum dums!

So anyway, we spread out around the island and started looking for clues to the rum stash. Almost immediately Zarlova found an old Cyclops ruin, complete with Cyclops, and her spells quickly got rid of them.

Meanwhile, I had gone towards a huge bridge, which is apparently a local fishing hole as my friend the Sage and I talked to all sorts of folks: an old sailor, a lady who handled ship's provisions, and a very angry alchemist lady!

This is when we found out that the alchemists were protecting themselves and their concoctions with scary runes that blow up! I couldn't read them, so I poked at them at random and they just disappeared. Lucky me! Then I zapped bomb lady full of force missiles, because getting blown up isn't fun.

While we were doing that, Flenta was looking for a hidden cache of weapons she'd heard was on the island, while Agna wanted to see if she could capture a dinosaur. (Eep!) She didn't catch a dino, but she did find a parrot to talk to.

I had a vision that special magical knowledge was hidden in a nearby secret cave, while deep inside that cave was one of the Cyclops guards. Zarlova and I headed over there and found a very fancy circle diagram. She said it was some kind of malfunctioning teleporation device, and quickly proved how malfunctioning by getting teleported away. She came back, then Agna and her animal friend appeared and just as quickly disappeared. It turns out they'd been sent to where Flenta had just found that weapons cache. Agna's animal friends grabbed everything they could see, leaving Flenta with an empty chest. Aww...

Agna and Flenta kept looking for dinosaurs while Zarlova and I tried to find a way to shut down the teleporter. Just when Zarlova thought she had it under control, something exploded, teleporting in the Cyclops guard and filling the whole room with storm clouds! I defeated the guard, then the teleporter exploded and I appeared next to Flenta's weapons chest.

To make a long story short (Too late!) I scryed that bomb guy was just inside the nearby jungle. We spent a bit of time preparing, then Zarlova went in while Agna prepared to beat up a dinosaur and Flenta and I were ready to help out. And we did it!

Oh! One more thing: as we were heading back with our rum and new genie friend, we found that Heartbreak Hinsin had stowed away on our ship! Apparently he and Lady Smithee had a bit of a spat, and he had been looking for a way to give them both some space to cool off. We were nice and didn't make him walk the plank.


Overall, this one went pretty smoothly. Two locations closed on the first two turns, one because Zarlova got lucky and drew a henchman and one because I hit a string of Charisma Allies and then got our first Villian.

We forgot the Cryptic Runes the first time someone (me) should have encountered them (before fighting the boss) but we went back and replayed it a bit. A couple of Blessings gave me 4d4, and I rolled just enough without having to bury the last card in my old hand (Lightning Touch) for a reroll.

I was greedy in this one as well; when I cast Scrying on the Teleportation Chamber for monsters I got the Henchman, a normal monster, and a second Spell 4. (Zarlova had already gotten a Spell 4 on her first explore there.)

We drew a Storm for the close for the Teleportation Chamber, which caused some confusion. We ended up saying it closes, but apparently that's incorrect. Ah, well.

Sovereign Court 1/5 *

Last night Flenta, Agna, Zarlova, and I went exploring under the sea! I wouldn't say it was better down where it's wetter, more like everywhere we went wore us down. It didn't help that our friends insisted on coming along and they brought so much stuff that we had to leave some of ours behind to make room on the ship.


So we spread out from where we anchored the ship and slowly picked away at the various places where we thought the Wheel could be. I found a powerful freezing spell that was very useful later on, though I never did remember how to cast it again.

After interrogating a couple of bad guys and finding out they didn't have the Wheel, we knew we had to go deeper. So we decided to group up and go through the deep. That's when we ran into Uthigmi...Uthigga...Uthi! Uthi is mean! Still, Agna and Flenta were able to drive it off, leaving two places where it could have gone. (I beat up a guy to cut off one place it could have gone.)

At this point we were starting to run out of water breathing potions, so we had to go for broke and spread out again. Lucky for us, Agna's animal friends found where Uthi ended up (right under our ship!) and we were able to ambush it and all of its underwater minions with the last of our potions.

Now we have a really stylish steering wheel for our ship and we all have awesome new powers! I'm learning to control chaos! :)


So yeah, we took all of the Loot cards. It ended up helping us, as people who normally don't take the anti-Aquatic weapons had them when they needed them, but the Allies weren't very helpful. Also, anchored ship which vastly reduces the value of the Hat of Power.

Also, when we ran into the Villain the first time, we used a picture of Blackwater Charda since it was still in a Location at the time. (The second time we had it.)

We only acquired one boon above B: the Freezing Sphere Spell 3 I found early on. Zarlova and I diced off for it. (Now I have Swipe! :) Getting our Roles made up for it, though.

I'm looking forward to continuing on in the Shackles!


I didn't see a thread for this in the Guild area, but here's my Amaryllis at the midpoint of SotS:

Role: Primalist

Charisma +3

Hand Size 7
If you fail...any check....
When you play Blessing of the Gods, add a d12....

Spell 7
Blessing 4

Sovereign Court

The Tricorne is the best loot we've gotten so far! I always grab it if I can, though normally Agna gets to it first.

I wish I had better items, or at least wasn't forced to carry four of them. That's more than anyone else in the party, and I'm the littlest! Why not make Valeros carry some of this stuff?

I hear there's a couple good items here in the naga islands, but we haven't found any of them yet. :(

Sovereign Court 1/5 *

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Yesterday our intrepid group of six (Valeros, Agna, Heggal, Zarlova, Flenta, and me) headed into the jungle to track down yet another naga and "convince" her to give us her map.

This was one creepy jungle! We spread out to try to speed up searching. We could hear all sorts of moaning and "braiiiiinssss..." and stuff everywhere, yet not a zombie to be found! What Zarlova found, though, was Sar...liss...a? Other naga lady! Even though we thought we had her surrounded, she was able to slip away.

Now we're on the trail! I'm all loaded up on attack spells, but all I find are weapons that fall back into the swamp! (Eww, swamp!) Poor Heggal nearly got eaten by a giant crocodile, and Flenta had to face off against a swashbuckling pirate girl without any of her spells! Good thing she had a greatclub. Best wizard ever!

Finally I found a swamp zombie and zapped it and its almost creepier friend Fishpork. By the way, be careful if you use zappy spells against swamp zombies, as they can blow up! (Gross!)

Valeros kicked the butt of another zombie and friend, but he didn't have any armor to throw away so we had to keep exploring. No, I don't know how that works either, but that's what he told me. I think he might have been kidding me. Meanie.

Just as we were about to call off the search, Agna was able to track down a zombie in one of the places where the naga lady might have run to. Everyone got into position and I jumped the zombie and Fishpork, blowing them up yet again. Behind them was the naga lady! Everyone scrambled to make sure she couldn't get away, then I talked her into giving us her map. Victory is ours!

Time to go back to town. I need a bath.


We had almost no luck finding henchmen this time. An early villain encounter narrowed down where she was going to be, but there were only three henchmen encounters, one of which I had to Cape of Escape away from due to lack of combat spells. :(

The final encounter, though, was pretty cool. Agna's end of turn scouting found a Scurvy Zombie on top of her location, which was one of the two where Selissa could have been. I had the last turn and two combat spells, so I blew up the Zombie and Fishpork (with some help), banished a boon to close the location, and searched the deck. Selissa was there!

I used my Sage to explore again (scaring the group) and we find the villain. Many cards (including a bunch of Blessings and my Good Omen spell) were played to temp close all the open locations.

Roll for Poison damage: 1-1=0!

Then I played my last two cards: Black Spot and Blessing of Pharasma. Everyone who had them threw in Blessings as well and we had so many d4s we couldn't fail the check. :)

We're all looking forward to getting our roles!

Sovereign Court

I always take the Tricorne if nobody else wants it. Recently I've been taking the Farglass as well. Maybe by the end of our adventure I'll add more Items to my deck just to take Loot? I'm already maxed out on Spells.

The Crown is another "popular" item, one that does not make up for Siwar grabbing all the Rubies of Charisma we find. :P

Sovereign Court

I usually bury my Cape; it's hard to bury a wand you haven't drawn yet. (It loves to hide.)

Sovereign Court

I can get three! (That's not usually needed, though.)

What does help is being able to use spells for other things in desperate situations. I'm always surprised at how well freezing the ship reduces the damage it takes, though the sailors are usually yelling at me about it.

Sovereign Court 1/5 *

Tonight everyone made sure they got something cool from the party stuff pile before we headed out to get more info about the Wheel: Flenta took fancy armor, Agna wore the jaunty hat, Zarlova got a neat compass, and I took the cool telescope. I'm glad I did, because when I used it as we were arriving at the Pinnacles I saw there was this enemy fleet coming to blow up our ship! I didn't feel like fighting over a rock, so I tried a different one instead.

The others ran into Serlis? The naga lady a few times; she kept running away and blowing up islands. Why blow up the island? What if it was a giant turtle? That turtle'd be awfully mad that you tried to blow him up.

Flenta was happy that she got to show one of those zappy elementals the wrong end of her Greatclub. A wizard using a Greatclub! Who would have thought?

In the end I talked to the naga lady while wearing my fancy Crown and she was happy to share her info. Yay!

So I guess next time we track down another naga lady? They all look the same to me. Green snakey people. ::shudder::

PS: I was sad because I wanted to meet a giant turtle. Never saw him. Aww...


This one went really quickly. One of us out and one was running an intro game for an interested player, but even so it was over quick.

I scouted a Cannonade and used my Cape of Escape to evade another Deck 3 Barrier that Amaryllis is just not equipped to handle. Evasion and scouting are both powerful, especially for those of us who don't have always-on scouting or evading powers. (In our last adventure I took my Scrying card...and never drew it throughout this entire game.)

Unfortunately, we grabbed the wrong villain of the two almost-identical lady nagas. Oops! Maybe we'll switch the next one to compensate.

Sovereign Court 1/5 *

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As a "thank you" for Agna being so good at damaging ships, we've been given a mission to go find something called Alahazra's Wheel...wait...Alazara...Jalapeño...Jalhazar's Wheel. It's a very fancy ship's steering thingy. Even though it didn't help the last guy who had it (since their ship sank) we're gonna go find it.

So Agna, Flenta, Zarlova, Heggal, and I loaded up our fancy new damage-resistant ship and headed off to search for information about the wheel. Naturally, this involved lots of blowing up sharks, plants, and ourselves as someone had hidden these rune-covered rocks across the isles.

We also ran into a half-orc lady and her friend who hates humans. Why he wanted to pick on Heggal and then me we'll never know, but I showed him why you don't pick on halflings by freezing him but good! Take that mean guy!

Thanks to the Tengu, my fancy new telescope (on loan), and Agna's animal friends we knew that the bad guy was hiding with the Cannibals, so we worked on clearing out potential hiding spots elsewhere. It took a while, but finally we were left with only the Cannibals and the Apothecary. I was all ready to fight Mr. Munarei with my fancy new spell we'd found, but (gasp!) he didn't want to fight. He wanted a battle of wits!

I started telling this classic halfling riddle, but I kept forgetting stuff and going back, and after about 10 minutes he was pushing me out the door with his notes about where to find the Wheel. Aww, and I was just getting to the good part!

On to the next adventure!


We'd scouted the villain early on, but we used up a lot of turns looking for Cryptic Runes. By the time we had the board under control and were ready to face Munarei we'd totally forgotten that he's not a fight, so Amaryllis waded in with her d4 Int. Thankfully, Black Spot isn't restricted to combat checks and her friends had Blessings, so she ended up with a chance (3d4 vs 7: 9!). We should have been OK even if she failed (we'd temp closed the only other open location) but it was a funny moment.

Otherwise it went pretty well. Between Agna, the Tengu Rookery, and the Loot cards we knew what was coming much of the time so people could avoid problems and try things they're good at. We still ended up flushing a bunch of Deck 3 boons, unfortunately. Our loot haul had only a Spell 3 and a Spell 2. (Amaryllis and Heggal, respectively.)

I feel bad because I totally tried to skip Zarlova's turn once. I'd gotten too excited after we helped Agna pick up that Spell 3 (it was an Arcane combat spell and she was nice enough to hold onto it so she could pass it off to me on her next turn). Sorry! :(

Sovereign Court

Weapons are so easy to throw overboard (or in your case, into the Worldwound). It's like they make them extra slippery!

On the other side, my friend Harsk is getting sick of loading Leather Armor into his crossbow to shoot at random sea monsters. You'd think we could find some fancier stuff once in a while. :P

Sovereign Court

Oh, I've got so many great friends!

Siwar the Bard, who is so good at convincing people to help us out! She keeps trying to teach me how to charm my way past ship duties, but I just don't seem to get it.

Zarlova the Cleric, who only gets a little frustrated at having to heal me after I get beat up. Sorry.... :(

Flenta the bestest Wizard ever! She casts spells and hits stuff with swords! Who knew Wizards were so good at that?

Agna the Awesome Ship-Sinking Ranger! She was unstoppable in the regatta, and her animal friends kept her ship moving so fast she could take down a fleet in minutes!

Wu Shen's kinda creepy and likes to sneak around by herself, but you don't normally see anything coming back from wherever she goes. On second thought, maybe that's not always a good thing. ::shudder::

And then there's me! Always ready to help out, often pulling victory from defeat, and making fantastic fireworks for fun!


Parody's Notes:

Nobody's main character in our group is using the Wizard deck, though a couple of us would like to try Enora if we can survive the Season of the Shackles. (She looks like she'd play similar to Amaryllis; squishy casters!) If you want a choice from the characters available for Season 0, though, I'd probably try Radillo.

It's weird how our group has mostly ended up with female characters as their main ones. It has no effect on the game, but it's a funny data point. One of us has been catching up with Valeros (CD) so it won't be all ladies. (The players are evenly divided, FWIW.)

Looking ahead, Lini (S&S) would be outstanding for Season of the Shackles. Team her up with Agna and watch the animal friends overrun the pirates!

Sovereign Court 1/5 *

So the other night there were so many folks visiting Hell Harbor that a few of them headed off to hunt that ever-elusive Brine Dragon instead of getting involved in the regatta! That left me with my good friends Agna, Flenta, and Zarlova.

Now, I wasn't too sure about entering this regatta. I'm not the best ship commander; everyone keeps yelling stuff at me like "Chelish Warship off the starboard bow!" and "What are your orders?" and "We need more grog, cap'n!" and you can't just freeze/burn/zap all those problems away.

But once we got going, we found out that Agna was the best ship Captain ever! With her ever-helpful collection of animal friends, she could take down multiple ships at a time. It's too bad her ship had such a small cargo hold; she spent most of the day watching ships sink instead of getting more plunder.

Meanwhile I was hanging out at the Floating Shipyard with Zarlova when I ran into a ship and scared it off! After that I met a new pirate friend who helped me find a "spell scroll" that I couldn't read so I threw it overboard.

Long story short, I lost my plunder when my ship got attacked but between Agna taking down ships and letting us know what was next, Zarlova healing everyone and beating up some ships, and Flenta doing an assortment of fun stuff we narrowed down Mr. Meanie's ship to one of two locations. We decided to team up on Sharkville and get through that as fast as possible.

That's when we ran into Svard...twice. :( It cost us a lot of prayers, items, and allies, but we defeated him and (finally!) closed the one location, leaving just the spooky fog.

One of the ships wrecked mine, costing me my hard-earned plunder. Everyone else worked their way though the bank. When it was my turn again, I asked my friend the Sage to work with Agna while I went and got my ship repaired. Agna was totally able to smush him, and we split up some fancy armor we'd found along with some very interesting new special items! Oooo....

Mike's Notes

This went much better than I thought; Agna's huge Survival bonus combined with a bunch of Animal Allies meant she could power through locations. Unfortunately, she got stuck with the ship that only holds three plunder cards so we didn't get much of anything out of all the ship defeats. (At the end we had a bunch of B cards and two Armor 2s.)

Amaryllis ended up hanging back and being not-very-good support, though she wasn't too shabby at handling Shipwrecks.

I think I'm going to take her hand size increase, which is likely to scare our healer. I just don't end up with enough Spells in the discard pile to need two chances to get them back every turn. (Famous last words.)

On to Adventure 3!

Sovereign Court 1/5 *

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Amaryllis' Accounts of Adventure!

Yesterday I was all ready to meet up with my friends to take on these nasty fish guys, but poor Agni caught something from those nasty Grindylows and wasn't in any condition to adventure with us. Then while Seoni, Zarlova, and I were helping Flenta pack up all of her books and scrolls Wu Shen stopped back and whispered death was calling her to help these three guys I hadn't met before finish off a dragon. Well, there's still a Queen to rescue, so the four of us set off to the Islands of the Sea Devils!

Things went OK for a while; on my second try poking around the Pinnacle I beat up a Sea Devil until he told me Krelloort wasn't there. We continued on, running into a couple more Sea Devils and some other nasty creatures. I ran into a plant that grabbed me and wouldn't let me cast my freezy spells so I punched it until it let me go. Zarlova (Seoni? I need to take better notes) found one of those Cecilias that stick their song in your head. (Broken hearts are so sad. ::sniffle::)

After we explored three locations things started to slow down. Flenta, frustrated that she was all loaded up with Weapons but couldn't even find a shark to hit with them, decided to wander into the bar at the Floating Shipyard and the traditional Barroom Brawl broke out. She and Seoni got caught in the middle, and both were ejected minus some of their equipment. After getting healed up they went back with Zarlova and found the brawl was still raging. Flenta finally broke it up, but not before Zarlova and Seoni both got more lumps. :(

While Zarlova was busy patching them up (she spent most of the second half of the adventure healing) and everyone finished off the Shipyard I wandered over to the Windy Island. It's a great place to relax, clear your mind, and get ready for what's next. That's where I found I had that jaunty pirate hat we all like in my backpack the whole time! Weird how it disappears sometimes, but I like it much more than that silly Escape Cape that only works when it feels like it. Maybe someday I can learn to zap myself around without it?

The whole group gathered together and descended upon the Windy Island. Right before we found that last Sea Devil a Storm whipped up! Flenta came through, finding another Sea Devil right before the Storm hit. We managed to save the ship and the storm wandered over to Pinnacle Atoll. I hear they got completely wiped off the map, and now there's some nasty Shoals over there. Keep an eye out for them.

Anyway, with the day nearly over we slowly trickled to Mancatcher Cove and explored it as fast as possible. I was the first to trip over Krelloort, but he wouldn't stay to get the zapping he deserves, the meanie! Instead he sent one of his infinite Princelings to beat me up while he ran away. I started telling Mr. Prince my story about how we spent a few days beating up shark after shark after shark and eventually he got this weird, sorta Confused look in his eyes and started hitting a tree with his head. I felt this was a good time to sneak away.

Everyone else wandered over one at a time, exploring everything they could, until it got back to me. We were all looking at the cave where we knew Krelloort had to be, and while all I had was one attack spell I had to try. And we failed. Sadly, without two attack spells I just couldn't handle him. The cards I drew weren't enough to help Zarlova either, and that was all the time we had to stop Krelly. Poor matriarch lady! Maybe we can get another expedition together and try to rescue her again. :(

Until next time!

-- Amaryllis

Mike's Notes

Nobody died! It was looking bad there for a bit, especially for Seoni. At times we were all pretty beat up; Zarlova had her hands full keeping us healed up enough to keep going.

The sheet our GMs have is old, so we forgot to use Raker Shoals instead of Pinnacle Atoll. Thankfully, no giant monster appearances.

Flenta had her Crowbar when she found the Large Chest. She ended up with the prize of the night, a Weapon 2 in a game where she was the only one who had Weapons in her deck.

That plant monster (I don't remember the name) that needed an 11 and makes you roll to cast Attack spells or use weapons. After failing the first roll, I rolled a d6 for Strength with a Blessing (might as well play it if you're going to lose it anyway) and got a 5 and a 6! Pow! Biff! Bam!

We all forgot that when a bane has multiple checks you can split it up between characters at the location! Flenta could have totally taken one of Krelloort's two checks. :(

Early on in the game I watched an Ally 2 disappear when someone else encountered it while I was holding my typically useless Crown of Charisma. (Meanwhile I ended up using good cards with my bury-to-reroll ability 3 times.) After discarding it and getting it back after Curing, I actually got to recharge the Crown later on to pick up an Ally. He was promptly used to explore again.

We almost forgot to get the Loot cards. At least with Besmara's Tricorne Amaryllis has a chance to close the Wisdom locations. Not a very good one (d8+d4) but without it Amaryllis is a non-closer. I'm not looking forward to 0-2D, if we ever get there.

The treasure pile we didn't get was entirely B cards. Yay?

I expect we'll probably succeed at this one in two weeks. It's doable. Weird how things shake out, but doable.

PS: As far as I can find, Amaryllis isn't in the Paizo avatar collection. :( For now she insisted I pick this rainbow gem thing; she says it and the Sovereign Court symbol both remind her of her fireworks.