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Hurray - finally a character with Ranged AND a high enough strength dice to use Longbows effectively!

Longbows eh?

Looking in Wrath box for Longbows...


But there's a composite, right? Or anyway, these very boards told me there was. Maybe it's a 1 boon?

Adowyn's stuck with the Heavy Crossbow, of which Kyra banished approximately 5-9 before we pulled one as a reward for the final B Scenario.

Silver Crusade

There's a composite in the character addon deck, not the base set

Sovereign Court

Weapons are so easy to throw overboard (or in your case, into the Worldwound). It's like they make them extra slippery!

On the other side, my friend Harsk is getting sick of loading Leather Armor into his crossbow to shoot at random sea monsters. You'd think we could find some fancier stuff once in a while. :P

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