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Day 1: High Sun, Year of Priest’s Defiance, 170th King’s Age

Slave Caravan

The first indication that dawn has broken is the grumbling of the massive mekillots towing the argosy. Then comes the tell-tale creaking and groaning of the massive stone-and-wood rollers as the wagon-fortress begins to move.

It’s the same routine as the past week, and perhaps the week before that. Once the wagon begins to move, an hour passes before the guards come around with a paltry meal of gruel and just enough water for their cargo to not go thirsty. Their arrival coincides with uncomfortable headaches—those in the cell with a greater command of psionics find that their efforts to manifest their powers become nigh-impossible. There’s only a single chamber pot in the centre of the cell for all the cargo to share. There’s no ventilation in the cell—the heat and stink within is almost unbearable.

The argosy’s cargo is bound in heavy leather collars and manacles, closed with giant-hair rope and set in the cell’s walls through loops of bone. It’s a decidedly eclectic mix of slaves: a thri-kreen with burnished red chitin and jet black eyes; a towering half-giant who seems to barely fit into the cell; a mul bearing many scars from his time in bondage; a blond elf whose legs have been bound at the ankles; and a woman with orange eyes. Though they were each captured at different points in the trek, all five of them are bound for the same destination—the slave pits of the city-state of Tyr.

Today, things are different. The cargo has been fed and watered this morning, but barely a half-hour has passed before the argosy comes to a sudden stop. The sounds of rapid footsteps outside and above the cargo cell fill the air. The headaches plaguing the psionically-inclined slaves suddenly end.

What will you all do?

The discussion thread is open!

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A harsh, red sun burns overhead.

The wind picks up, blowing a gust of searing air through the endless desert wastes. As the wind blows, a gout of sand is caught up in its wake, flying at breakneck speed and scouring anyone—or anything—unfortunate enough to be in its path. Several grains of sand fly into the eyes of a pair of house-sized grey-scaled lizards, causing them to let out a harsh, grumbling noise and flinch.

The beasts’ handler, a dark-skinned and well-dressed human, wraps a cloth around his mouth and focuses his will on the massive beasts’ minds, instructing them to continue onward through the desert wind. The enormous creatures huff and slowly march onward, towing the giant wooden fortress of a wagon behind them. Soldiers dressed in weather-beaten leathers and bearing swords carved of obsidian move to seek shelter within the wagon-fortress’ interior.

As uncomfortable as the howling wind is, the wagon’s cargo would trade it for their predicament in a heartbeat. Stripped of all but their smallclothes and tied up inside a sweltering and stinking holding cell, the unlucky souls here sit in despair-filled silence, awaiting their fate—to be sold off as slaves to some petty tyrant, to work and sweat and bleed and die.

You are part of this cargo. You’ve been trapped in this slave caravan for what feels like weeks now. Your captors give you barely enough food and water to stave off dehydration and starvation. You have no idea what fate awaits you at your destination, but you are utterly certain that you do not wish to find out.

You must escape.
Hello everyone! I’m looking for a band of plucky PCs to run through a few DARK SUN adventures. I’m planning on running the party through A Little Knowledge first, with a few tweaks of my own made to both it and the system. This game will be run using the 2nd edition AD&D ruleset.

Character Generation rules are as follows:

Method: 4d4+4, six times, arrange as you like.
Character Trees?: It’s DARK SUN, so I fully anticipate them being necessary. However, I am going to relax the alignment requirements for them: your prospective backup characters can be of any alignment.
Starting Level: 3rd, or 3rd-level equivalent for multiclass characters.
Starting HP: Maximum for your class. Roll for them with each subsequent level-up.
Races: Any from the DARK SUN Campaign Setting boxed set.
Classes: Any except Templar. If you wish to use a Kit for your character, run it past me and I’ll decide if it’s alright for use.
Alignments: Any.
Wild Talents: These may be rolled in either the Complete Psionics Handbook or The Will and the Way. I would prefer that The Will and the Way be used, but if you don't have it Complete Psionics will do.
Equipment: None to start with.
Background Requirements: The PCs are going to start as prisoners on a slave caravan, outbound from the highly-regimented and militaristic city-state of Urik. I would like to know how your character ended up on this caravan. Were they an artist who fell out of favour? Were they someone who crossed the wrong templar and couldn’t get away? Were they a gladiator who attempted to escape to freedom? Or were they someone else altogether?

Recruitment will end November 4th, 2019.

Hello folks!

With my schoolwork starting to even out a bit and my current DARK SUN campaign progressing kinda slowly, I've gotten a hankering for some old-school campaigning. I'm curious to hear if there's any interest in a prospective DARK SUN campaign using AD&D 2e rules.

It will be my first time using the old system, but I think I can come to grips with it.

Open for dotting!


The discussion thread is now open!

The discussion thread is open!

”Welcome to House Volatexia.”

Those were the first words you heard after you were herded with what seemed to be dozens of other people into the great training yard. Slaves, volunteers, the condemned and the unfortunate—all are lined up in the yard as an imperious contralto voice booms from the roofed, ornate viewing box in the stands. Several drow guards stand nearby, their expressions stoic and their weapons readied.

”Today, on this most auspicious of days, your training shall begin.” A tall, ravishing drow woman emerges from the viewing box, her ethereal white gown flowing around her like water and offering glimpses of the dark blue sculpted flesh and muscle beneath. She walks slowly down the stairs in the stands, her pale white eyes taking in the motley crowd before her. She runs a hand through her luxurious white hair, pulling a lock of it behind her ear.

”You have chosen—“ A cruel half-smirk appears on her face. ”—or have *been* chosen—“ Her expression shifts back to its commanding glare. ”—to serve our great and wondrous city in the most glorious of professions—to learn the ways of the gladiator.” When she reaches the edge of the arena, she starts walking along the edge of the front-row seating. ”When you first arrived here, you were nothing more than scum. Wannabes. Slaves and worms. Barely even fit to lick the filth from my boots.”

”Here, in this crucible of blood and darkness, you will be reforged into something greater and grander than you ever imagined.” She stops and turns to face you, spreading her arms wide. ”Here, you will find your true calling—or oblivion.”

”You will undoubtedly seek to form teams. For the sake of your own survival if nothing else. This will be permitted, but you WILL understand that, in the end, a true gladiator must face their opponents on their own. You will stand on your own. You will fight on your own.” She narrows her eyes at the crowd. ”If you can do neither, then you will *die* on your own.”

”And only the very best will rise to true heights of greatness and glory—“ She looks down on the crowd with a sneer. ”—and, if it *really* pains you so much to be deprived of it—freedom.”

She makes a gesture to the guards, and they fade back to the edges of the arena as more drow arrive, bringing behind them riding lizards burdened with racks of weapons and armour. ”See that you do not disappoint me. Your training begins *now.*”
Hello everyone! I'm looking to run 5 plucky gladiator PCs through a campaign of death, depravity and intrigue. This campaign will be set in the Darklands; specifically, the drow city of Zirnakaynin, and will involve the PCs clawing their way to the top in search of gold, glory and possibly freedom.

Fair warning: I'm planning to have this be a bit more Mature-rated than my usual fare. Hope everyone's okay with that.

Races: Core, Featured and Uncommon (within reason—ask me if you have a particularly exotic character idea in mind).
Classes: Any except Gunslinger. Barbarian, Monk, Rogue and Summoner must all be Unchained.
Character Generation: 4d6, drop the lowest, arrange as you like.
Starting GP: None. Your starting equipment is determined by your Style Trait. You also choose a type of armour from the list below.
Traits: 1 Campaign Trait, 1 Style Trait and 1 additional trait. You may take a 4th trait with a drawback.
Alignment: Any allowed. Fair warning: Good alignments will likely have a harder time in this campaign.
Additional Rules Used: Automatic Bonus Progression, Background Skills & Performance Combat.
Recruitment Ends: August 5th, 2019.

The traditional gladiator’s outfit consists of a loincloth and sandals, with a gladiatrix getting a breast band for a measure of modesty and comfort. Their exposed skin is often oiled up so their physiques are highlighted during arena contests or display.

Each PC has a choice of one of the following suits of armour:

Gladiator’s Belt: A balteus (wide, thick leather belt), often reinforced with metal, bone or other hard materials. Uses the stats of a haramaki.

Gladiator’s Leather Armour: A leather manica (an arm-guard that extends from shoulder to wrist) with a pair of leather greaves, in addition to the balteus. Uses the stats of a suit of leather armour.

Gladiator’s Studded Leather Armour: A heavier leather manica and greaves reinforced with studs of metal, in addition to the balteus. Uses the stats of a suit of studded leather armour.

Gladiator’s Chain Shirt: A balteus with metal greaves, a manica of banded metal and an enclosed helmet. Uses the stats for a chain shirt.

You may also choose to go unarmoured.

PCs are also given a dagger as a backup weapon. This dagger may be substituted for a kukri or quadrens if they are proficient with them.

Campaign Traits:

Always Ready: Your gladiatorial training has ingrained in you a constant tension—you’re always on edge, waiting for the next fight to break out. When the fight starts, you make a point of striking first and striking decisively. You gain a +1 trait bonus to Initiative checks and a +1 trait bonus to attack rolls made within the first round of combat.

Auctoratus: Unlike most of the unfortunate souls in the ludus, you voluntarily gave up your freedom to join. Whatever your reasons for doing so, you understand that the crowd always appreciates a willing gladiator. You gain a +1 trait bonus to Performance Combat checks, and once per day you may reroll a failed Performance Combat check and take the higher result.

Beast Tamer: You were brought into the pits because you have an affinity for the dangerous beasts that stalk the Darklands. In between combat drills and sparring, you were assigned to care for the many ravenous animals and monsters caught and bred for the arena. You gain a +1 bonus to Knowledge (Dungeoneering) and Knowledge (Nature) checks, and one of these is a class skill for you. You also gain a +2 trait bonus to Wild Empathy checks made against creatures native to the Darklands.

Cheating Bastard: You’ll do anything to get an advantage, and you’ve gotten good at doing so discreetly. You gain a +2 trait bonus to Sleight of Hand checks made to conceal an item on your person or to use an item without anyone noticing. Also, once per day, you may make a Dirty Trick combat maneuver as an immediate action. Don’t expect this to endear you to the crowd.

The Fixer: You were someone who knew how to get things discreetly, and this didn’t change when you were thrown into the pits. You have a talent for cultivating good relationships with guards and similar authority figures, and they allow you to bring in certain services for other gladiators. You gain a +1 trait bonus to Diplomacy checks made to influence lower-class citizens (like guards) and can smuggle non-magical items or services (including spellcasting) worth up to a total of 50 gp per month without cost to yourself.

Furtive Faithful: Before you were captured and enslaved, you followed a religion that would have landed you on the wrong end of a drow sacrificial blade. You’ve lost your original holy symbol, but you were able to fashion a new one that’s stylized to resemble a demon lord’s while still retaining enough elements of your patron god that it still works for you. You’ve learned to lie remarkably well when confronted about possibly being a heretic. You gain a +2 trait bonus on Bluff checks, and Bluff is always a class skill for you.

Pit-Born & Pit-Bred: You were born into slavery in Zirnakaynin’s gladiator pits. You’ve suffered greatly during your childhood as you were trained to fight and bleed for the entertainment of others, but that suffering has toughened your body to the point where you can withstand punishment that would lay others low. Your brutal upbringing has granted you a +1 trait bonus to Fortitude saving throws, as well as 1/- damage reduction. This damage reduction does not stack with any other type of damage reduction.

Problem Slave: You were a living headache for your previous master. You back-sassed them, deliberately performed your tasks slowly, and otherwise went out of your way to be as defiant as you could without pushing them too far. You excelled at your assigned duties, so your master couldn’t simply have you killed or worse, but you got more than your share of lashings and torture. You endured them all just to see the look of frustration on your old master’s face when you didn’t break. Eventually, they became fed up with your antics and sent you to the gladiator pits. You gain a +2 bonus to one Craft, Perform or Profession skill of your choice, and that skill is a class skill for you. In addition, you gain a +1 trait bonus to Will saving throws.

Sex Symbol: Your training has sculpted your body into the pinnacle of perfection, and you exude raw animal magnetism that draws others to you. Whenever you use Bluff or Diplomacy to interact with someone who is (or may become) attracted to you, you may use your Strength modifier instead of your Charisma modifier.

Summoner’s Apprentice: Your magical talents have been noticed by Terrix Volatexia, the master summoner of the ludus, and he has claimed you as his apprentice. In addition to combat training, you have begun learning the secrets of summoning exotic monsters for arena combats—and how they may be killed. Whenever you summon a monster with a spell, spell-like ability or magic item, you add 1 additional round to the duration of their summoning. You also gain a +1 trait bonus to Knowledge (Arcana) and Knowledge (Planes) checks, and one of these skills is a class skill for you.

Style Traits:
Andabata: You fight with a closed helmet and a blindfold, armed with only a longsword. This style is normally intended to serve as comic relief, but you’ve learned to fight well with it. When rolling percentile dice to determine miss chance because of concealment, you reduce the miss chance granted by concealment by 10.

Cestus: You fight with a pair of cestus, focusing on an unarmed combat style that delivers punishing blows. If your base unarmed damage dice is higher than a cestus’ base damage dice, you use the higher of the two. In addition, you gain a +1 trait bonus to damage whenever you choose to inflict non-lethal damage while using your cestus.

Diamachaerus: You fight with a gladius or sica in either hand. This is a crowd-pleasing style that requires a lot of skill to master. When you fight with a gladius, short sword or sica (or any combination of the three) in either hand, you reduce the penalty for fighting with two weapons by an additional point.

Hoplomachus: You fight with a spear, gladius and light shield—a classic gladiatorial combat style. It’s not the flashiest or most memorable of styles, but you’ve learned to make the most of it nonetheless. You may use a spear one-handed with no penalties.

Murmillo: This is a more defensive style, using a gladius and heavy steel shield. You’ve trained for so long with the shield that it no longer interferes with your movement. You do not take any armour check penalties when using a heavy shield.

Peregrinus: You fight as ’a paragon of your race’, as seen through the eyes of the drow. Your armour is designed to reflect a stereotype of your people (such as being leaf patterned for a surface elf, painted with garish colours for a gnome, blood-coloured for a dhampir, etc.) and you fight with weapons familiar to your people. Choose one weapon mentioned in your race’s Weapon Familiarity racial trait: you fight with that weapon, and it is treated as if it has the Performance quality. You may choose to use a single weapon and shield, a two-handed weapon or to dual-wield two weapons. If your race has no associated Weapon Familiarity trait, choose a weapon associated with the region your ancestors hail from (such as a falcata & buckler of a rondelero duelist for Taldor, an axe and shield for an Ulfen character, a scythe for characters from Geb, etc.).

Provocator: This fighting style is employed by volunteer gladiators who are smart enough to claim this in their contract or slave gladiators whose masters are keen on protecting their investments. You begin play with a masterwork agile breastplate, a masterwork gladius and a normal heavy shield or tower shield. This style is not a crowd favourite, as the gladiator is usually seen as entering the arena with an unfair advantage over their opponent—unless said opponent is similarly equipped or particularly powerful. You take a -4 penalty to Performance Combat checks while using this equipment set, unless you are facing someone similarly equipped or a creature whose Challenge Rating is 3 higher than your character level.

Retiarius: You fight with a trident and net, employing a fighting style that emphasizes hampering your opponent’s mobility while maintaining your own. Whenever you move at least 10 feet in combat, you gain a +1 dodge bonus to AC until the start of your next turn.

Sagittarius: You are trained in the use of the bow, a rather unorthodox style of gladiatorial combat. You fight with a short bow or a long bow, and the range increment of your chosen weapon is increased by 10 feet.

Scizore: You fight with a weapon called a scizore, and you’ve trained with it for long enough that it feels like an extension of your own arm. Whenever you attack with a scizore, if you’re only wearing light armour and carrying no more than a light load, you don’t take the -1 penalty to attack rolls.

Thraex: You fight with a light shield and sica. This fighting style is designed to counter fighters employing shields. You gain a +1 trait bonus made to confirm critical hits against opponents wielding bucklers, light shields or heavy shields.

Hello everyone!

About five years ago, I was in a campaign that was set in the drow metropolis of Zirnakaynin, where the PCs were gladiators destined to become embroiled in drow intrigues and politicking in between combats. It took several cues from the Spartacus: Blood and Sand TV series, and I felt that it was a cool idea for a campaign. Unfortunately, it didn’t last very long (real life got in the way and all that).

So, I decided after a while that I’d love to give it another shot, and I wondered if anyone else on the boards would be up for it too.

GM Who Must Be Feared & Obeyed (Or At Least Bribed With Cookies)

Oathday, 10th of Arodus, 4710 AR

The day begins as most days do, in the Mana Wastes—with a glaring sun creeping up over the horizon, turning the skies a rich, crimson hue. A wild, easterly wind blows along the streets of the Clockwork City, carrying bits of debris, sand and smoke along its path. Most such detritus will be blown into the murky, cloying and mutagenic waters of the Ustradi River as it flows, unceasingly, onward to the Hellfallen Cliffs and cascading down. The rest will fly errantly about until they catch on one of Alkenstar’s smokestacks.

Alkenstar’s citizens begin to rise for the day, some with greater energy and enthusiasm than others. Mothers feed and dress their children for school; fathers, sisters and brothers go forth to face another day of exhausting labour in one of the city’s many factories. There, they will toil to produce works of mechanical engineering the likes of which the world beyond has never seen.

Some of these things could even be put to civilian use—things such as clocks that need no water to function, or small boxes that can produce the gentlest of melodies. Or perhaps even little toys crafted in the shapes of monsters that lurk in the Wastes, and the brave souls who fight them. But every citizen knows that Alkenstar’s true triumphs of manufacturing are its weapons of war. Pistols, muskets, cannons, even the mighty airships of the Aeromantic Fleet are all produced, piece by piece, within the ringing halls of Skyside’s factories or the soot-stained workroom floors of Smokeside.

But in these recent days, things have been different. A pall of worry has fallen upon the scribes of Smokeside, smothering their enthusiasm for their work as readily as Smokeside’s very nature smothers magic itself. Alkenstar’s newspaper, the Lone Star Gazette, has run an ominous headline today…

Lone Star Gazette wrote:



Today appears to be shaping up to be a slow day. As of late, the most pressing case the Whispering Wind Detective Agency has taken on has been a mere investigation into whether some Skyside aristocrat’s husband has been cheating on his wife—hardly a challenge for someone of your intellectual acumen. As you sit in your office, pondering what else to do for the day, there’s a knock at your door.


”Hello? Detective Alorea?”

It’s an anxious-sounding young man’s voice… is it perhaps a new client?

”Hmm… this is terrible news indeed.” Bahadur Jayakhumar sets the newspaper down on the table before you and scratches his chin through his impressive salt-and-pepper beard. The aged Vudrani merchant then picks up his porcelain teapot and begins to pour himself a cup of tea, its slight woody scent drifting across to you. ”A scribe can earn himself great wealth back home. How can one have such disrespect for the written word and those who pen it?”

The taproom of Skyside’s Drifter’s Rest inn is quiet this morning—aside from a waiter, a couple of other patrons and the bartender, you and Bahadur are the only people here.

The newspaper doesn’t normally catch your eye more often than anything else does, but today the Lone Star Gazette’s headline drew your attention in a way it never did before. When you read the headline, you could swear you felt something stir in your memory… something about it seemed oddly familiar.

You set out to find Zariine’s home after seeing it—perhaps she would have some insight as to why it felt that way. It doesn’t take you long before you reach her home again: it’s situated on the northern end of Alkenstar’s Auburn District, two stories high and bearing an uncannily white façade with green shutters around its windows. A rather nondescript home for someone who claims to work for the city’s government.

You attract a few stares and wary glances as you approach her house. That’s hardly anything new.

Today doesn’t appear to be shaping up to be a good day. Between the pounding headache and gnawing thirst you feel this morning, coupled with hazy memories of arguing with someone over how effective the Shieldmarshals are at policing Alkenstar, it’s a wonder you’ve even managed to roll out of bed. The details of your argument will undoubtedly return to you once you’ve had a chance to fully wake up and get something nourishing to drink.

As you reach your front door, you find today’s Lone Star Gazette pushed underneath your door. Its headline, all in capital letters and a bolded font, stares at you.

You rise early, as a good soldier would. Early enough to perhaps appreciate the blood-red sunrise characteristic of the Mana Wastes. The rest of your unit rises at about the same time you do in preparation for morning drills and meals. The barracks attached to the Nexian embassy in the eastern neighborhoods of Skyside are about as utilitarian and drab as the ones back in Quantium: cold, beige stone walls with several bunks covered in plain brown blankets.

There are whispers going around in the mess hall when you come in from your morning drills—the newspaper has a headline about scribes being murdered. And more importantly, that the authorities have nothing to go on.

This may be of interest to your commanding officer…

Smokeside is no place for the timid, foolish or overly-reliant on magic. This lesson has been drilled into your head since the day you were born. When you first took up witchcraft, it was… an experience, having to adjust to Smokeside’s lack of magic. But you were born and raised here, under the smog-and-ash filled sky. You’ve learned well enough.

Today, one of your patients—a frequent visitor, Merrick Bullock—has visited you with several fresh cuts and what appears to be a gunshot wound to the left shoulder. The gun-smuggling business appears to have been treating him worse than the Oiled Musket has.

”Tailor! Been readin’ the news lately?” The wiry man says as he sits down. There’s a copy of the Lone Star Gazette in his hands—it looks to be today’s issue.

GM Who Must Be Feared & Obeyed (Or At Least Bribed With Cookies)

The discussion thread is open!

War. War never changes.

When nations go to war, they can do so for any number of reasons, from the righteous, to the desperate, to the utterly foolish. Long ago, two great nations took up arms and mustered their armies to meet on the field of battle: the magocracy of Nex, and the eternal kingdom of Geb. Nex rallied its people with promises of resources they needed to live. Geb stirred its citizens to fight in the name of defending their way of life against foreign influence.

But the true reason they went to war was the pettiest of all: the leaders of both nations refused to acknowledge each other as equals. Their wounded pride would culminate in a magical cataclysm that changed their borders forever, causing Nex to collapse into a thousand quarrelling factions and transforming Geb into a country ruled by the walking dead.

No one knows who won the war. Far too many lives were lost on both sides for it to matter. But in a million small ways, the war never truly ended.

In public, Nex and Geb smile and wave and exchange goods for the sake of their peoples. Behind closed doors, they plot against each other, using the land and societies between them as a chessboard, undermining each other in a cold war that has persisted to this very day.

But a new civilization has emerged in recent centuries, rising from the magic-ravaged ashes of the Mana Wastes—the Grand Duchy of Alkenstar. It is a nation that embraces technology as their path to the future. It is a nation where magic is at best, nonexistent—and at worst, unpredictable. It is a nation that has drawn the eyes of its neighbors, seeking either to wield it against the other in their eternal rivalry, or to unmake it before it becomes a threat.

Life in Alkenstar is about to change…
Hello, everyone! I would like to run 5 PCs through a homebrew campaign set in the Grand Duchy of Alkenstar. I’m planning to run a campaign with more of a focus on social roleplay and intrigue (usage of the intrigue options from Ultimate Intrigue is still under consideration).

It begins with the investigation into a series of murders targeting Alkenstar’s scribes, and will spiral into a campaign of mystery solving and backroom dealing, of exploration of the Wastes, and perhaps even of changing the balance of power and politics in the region forever.

Here are the Character Generation rules I’m going to use for this campaign:

Method: 25-point buy.
Alignments: Any, but non-evils preferred.
Allowed Races: Core, Featured and Ganzi.
Allowed Classes: Any non-Occult and Unchained. Gun-wielding archetypes/domains/inquisitions will be thematically quite appropriate. Fair warning, though--the Mana Wastes are, as mentioned, a place where magic is unreliable by default.
Starting Money: Average for your class.
Traits: 2, and you may take a 3rd if you take a Drawback.
Background: When making your background, I’d like you to give me a hook I can use for future quests.
Background Skills?: We are going to use them. :)
Gun Rarity?: We will be using the Commonplace Guns category in Alkenstar.
Anything Else?: I’d like to use the Automatic Bonus Progression system for Pathfinder Unchained.

Also, for circumstances where primal magic is in effect, we will be using the Primal Magic variant magic rules.

Recruitment will end March 3rd.

Here's the discussion thread for the players!

The township of Kassen sits in the northern reaches of the Southern Fangwood, a deep, uncharted forest in the heart of the country of Nirmanthas. This small town is home to many races and peoples, despite—or perhaps, because of—its isolation; it was established by the tiefling warrior-priest of Erastil, Ekat Kassen, as ‘a home for those without one to call their own’. For some, it’s a place to call home with pride—for others, it’s another stop on a journey elsewhere.

The town has a particular festival that it celebrates every four years: one which involves a group of interested youths and travellers venturing out of Kassen on a journey to an elaborate crypt to the south of town. It’s considered a rite of passage for many—a chance to have a taste of the adventuring life of Kassen himself before settling down and building new lives for themselves. The return of these youths is a cause for celebration for the whole town as they mark the last great harvest of the year before the first weeks of winter.

In this little town, five stories are converging. Five brave souls, touched by destiny & fortune, that have found themselves in Kassen for their own reasons. Some have lived here all their lives—and others are only recent arrivals.

Life in Kassen is about to change…

Moonday, 1st of Neth, 4700 AR

The sun shines down on the sleepy little town, and a calm breeze drifts over the currents of the Tourandel River. The town square is busy today: the news on most people’s lips is that the Festival of the Everflame is coming in three days’ time. A pair of young half-orc men boast that they’re bound to be chosen for the journey to the crypt on one street corner, and that one of them will finally catch the eye of the dashing, charming town detective. On another, a young woman with skin of gravel and hair of quartz smiles a toothy, wistful grin as she daydreams about seeing the world outside Kassen for the first time. A pair of foxwife bakers titter and whisper sweet nothings in each others’ ears, wondering if their little girl will be asked to venture into the wilds for a chance at adventure.

Others gossip about the newest arrivals in town, and a colourful bunch they are indeed. A woman touched by the elements themselves, having only been in town for a week but already causing a stir with her worldly demeanour, her devotion to Calistria and her appetite for beautiful women; a man built like a mountain, who bore talents for swordplay and for manipulating the very earth around him as though it were made of clay; and a small kobold whose green scales shone like the morning sun itself, bearing the strange gift of magic.

Perhaps they will be the ones to journey to the crypt…

Today starts like any other day—get out of bed, get dressed, have a little breakfast (albeit one that’s little by halfling standards). You hear the sound of Kasumi, one of your guardians, humming a merry little tune as the smell of baking cookies fills the home. The scent does much to spur your appetite, but not quite enough to distract you (for once) from your thoughts—the Festival of the Everflame is coming up soon… and you might get picked! Watch Captain Gregor would have to accept you into his ranks after that!

The Seven Silvers Inn is busy this morning, and it’s quite easy to tell who the true out-of-towners are: they’re the ones who can’t help but gawk at the many exotic-looking peoples going about their lives. Your mentor, Jocyn, is sitting at the inn’s stage, playing a jaunty tune with a smile on his tanned face. He finishes with a flourish, running a hand through his curly black hair to the applause of the crowd. The word on everyone’s lips is how the Festival of the Everflame is coming up soon. If you get picked, conquering the crypt might be a nice challenge for your deductive talents.

Today, Olmira has summoned you to her grove in the farmlands to the west of town, claiming that matters of great importance weigh on her mind. The note you received from the robin who dropped it in your lap read as such, anyway. Her grove isn’t too far away—you might still be able to catch the breakfast menu at the Seven Silvers by the time you get back.

Is she worried about this ‘Festival of the Everflame’? It’s what everyone seems to be talking about these days…

You manage to extricate yourself from the arms of your comely, doe-eyed bedmate and start slipping into your clothes and gear for the day. Talia Tirson, the once-virginal waif of the Tirson family of woodcutters, hasn’t woken up yet, still languidly snoring away as you rise. Father Prasst would undoubtedly grind his teeth at the thought of you ‘despoiling’ such a maiden; the thought tickles you. Still, taking part in this ‘Festival of the Everflame’ would be a good distraction—and perhaps, a chance for cooler heads to settle the wound-up priest down.

Your time spent in the Vargidan snarl has been remarkably enlightening! The gift of magic was so rare in your old tribe, but here it’s practically mundane. Hope has given you some lessons in how to channel your gift properly—no more accidentally opening doors in people’s faces or blinding them with sudden bursts of light for you. The servants of the Vargidan family have been very appreciative of your efforts to earn your keep here—the snarl goes through lots of these strange, oversized delicate disks they call ‘dishes’, and keeping them scrupulously clean has been no small task.

The children are all curious about who will volunteer to participate in this ceremony they call the ‘Festival of the Everflame’. Is it like a dragon’s flame?

Here's the discussion thread. This'll be where we sort out character backstories, stats, and ties to NPCs in town.

Happy to have you all here!

Hello folks! This recruitment thread is for the lovely ladies, gentlemen & the beautiful spectrum in between over on Paizo's LGBT Gamer Community Thread. I'm planning on running 5 PCs through Crypt of the Everflame, all the way through to City of Golden Death.

Here's the CharGen rules:

Let’s do something offbeat. 25 point buy.

Races: Any, as long as you give me a good enough justification.
Classes: Any Non-3PP, so long as you give me a good enough justification. This’ll be more work for me, but I can take it. :)
Traits: 2 of your choice, with a 3rd available if you take a drawback.
Wealth: Average for your class.
Alignments: Any, so long as you can get along with the rest of the group.
XP Track: Narrative Milestone levelling: I level you up when you reach certain story beats.

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It's a question that's been buzzing around my head for a bit.

This thread is for exotic pets of all sorts in Pathfinder. Did your ranger decide that the little fungus leshy following them around would be a perfect mascot? Or perhaps that cacodaemon trying its best to bite the sorcerer is too (oddly) adorable to put down? Maybe that druid thought an owlbear cub would make for a perfectly trainable house pet. I'd love to hear 'em all!

I'll go first--my Iron Gods party here on the boards has recently adopted a blindheim as a pet. It attacked them first, but after they reduced it to about 1 HP, it acted like any wounded animal would and cowered in the corner of its cave. They felt quite guilty about it, healed it, fed it, bandaged it up, and later decided to name it Waffles.

"Word is travelling. Ambition is stirring in distant cities... we can use this."
Hello Paizo boards!

Due to real life circumstances, one of our players had to leave the campaign. We're about two-fifths of the way through the first book of the AP, and we're looking for two new players to join our merry little band.

CharGen Rules: 20 point buy. You will start at Level 2.

Races: Core & the following: Changeling, Dhampir, Orc. Other races may be considered with a good enough background.

Alignments: Any Non-Evil.

Classes: No Antipaladin, Ninja, Samurai, or Vigilante. Occult classes are especially appropriate for this AP.

Starting Wealth: Start at Level 2 Wealth.

HP Rolls: Max for 1st level, then half + CON +1 upon levelling up.

Traits: 2, with 1 being a Campaign Trait. You may take a Drawback for a 3rd trait.

We look forward to meeting you!

Torch Ambience

Toilday, 2nd of Neth, 4717 AR

Located near the head of the Seven Tears River, the smelting town of Torch is normally a busy, and perhaps even vibrant, place to live. Home to smiths, traders, hard-working nobles and smallfolk alike, this industrious town’s claim to fame is the grand column of violet fire that periodically shoots far into the skies from the hill the town is built around. The locals call it the Black Hill—named for both the blackened soil and grass surrounding the great, gaping pit the violet flames come from, and the black sludge that congeals around the pit’s edge. Within the Black Hill, metalworkers use the intensely-burning fire to smelt even the hardest skymetals into shape for commercial use.

Alas, such a discovery would not be without its drawbacks. Torch is a town subject to heavy taxation from the Technic League: a shady organization of technology-obsessed wizards who are said to be the true governors of the country of Numeria. A great deal of the gold that the town makes from creating and selling exceptionally-crafted skymetal tools goes straight into the League’s pockets—and in exchange, Torch remains independent… at least for now.

The town’s wealth and very existence is dependent on the grand fire that gave the town its name.

Unfortunately, eight days ago, the torch was snuffed out.
The market square of Torch is surprisingly busy today. Vendors are busy selling their wares, mundane & technological alike, to shoppers who are trying their best to carry on with their days. Activity can be seen in the windows of the town’s sturdy stone homes—some of it frantic, some of it subdued. Smiths can be seen hammering out lengths of iron with a singular focus, and even the town’s street sweepers keep their eyes on the road and no one else.

A pall of desperation and uncertainty has settled on the once proud town.

Near the back of the square, on a wooden podium, stands an aged dwarven lady dressed in fine grey silks. An odd device consisting of a black ball on the end of a bent piece of steel is before her mouth. She clears her throat, and the sound echoes through a curious-looking set of horns on a wooden pole high above the square.

”Folks, could I have your attention, please?” The dwarf says in an aged but commanding voice, her expression one of utmost seriousness. The people in the market square stop to listen as her voice is amplified by the horns on the pole.

”Thank you. Now, I know you all have been waiting for some good news, especially after the last expedition came back with some results.” The lady wrinkles her nose as a breeze blows by. ”Unfortunately, all I’ve got is worse news.”

”Councillor Baine has gone missing.”

That bit of clearly unwelcome news sends a panicked murmur through the crowd. ”Yep, it's just as bad as it sounds. Councilor Baine was—excuse me, IS—one of the only folks in town to have come back from venturing under the Black Hill to see what's wrong. He didn't get very far in the first time around, but it was enough to give us a desperately needed spark of hope.”

”Unfortunately, the second expedition he led underneath the town has failed to report in. And what little time we have to fix our Torch is running out.” The dwarf sighs. ”If we don’t fix our Torch in two weeks’ time, we won’t have enough taxes to send to the League. And if we don’t have enough taxes to send…” She pauses for effect before clearing her throat again. ”…I have no idea what they’ll have planned for us if we don’t pay our dues, but I sure as the Hells don’t want to find out, and I’ll wager neither will any of you.”

”This town needs to mount another expedition under the Black Hill, this time with two objectives: finding Khonnir Baine, and fixing whatever the Hells has gone wrong with our Torch. Without either of them, this town might as well not be on the map anymore.” The lady folds her hands behind her back.

Some of the crowd starts jeering as they disperse.

“To hell with this town! I should've known it wouldn't last ten years!”

“Maybe Hajoth Hakados will be a better place to live…”

“What are we going to do now?”

The dwarven lady says nothing as the crowd disperses.

Go ahead and make your introductory posts!

Hello, players! This here's the discussion thread for what I hope will be a great Iron Gods PbP campaign here on the boards. :)

I've run the first adventure of this AP before, but alas, we made it about 2/3rds of the way through before real life decided to kidnap many of my players.

So, here's a rundown of what my CharGen rules are:

Races: Any Core & Featured, plus Androids and Flaming Crab Games' Trius Vrai, better known as 'Murder Bunnies'.

Classes: The following classes are disallowed: Antipaladin & Vigilante (mainly because I feel the Vigilante is ill-suited to this AP).

Alignment: Any, but Non-Evils preferred.

Starting Gold: Max for your class.

Stat Generation!: Finally, the meat of the process. I'll let you have two options: 4d6 with dropping the lowest, or 20-point buy. You may use 20-point buy if your roll results have less than a 20-point buy.

Traits!: One from the Iron Gods Player's Guide, one other Trait. You may take a 3rd trait in exchange for a Drawback.

XP Track?: None. You'll level up at appropriate points in the campaign's story.

HP on Level-Up?: You'll start with Max HP at 1st level, then take the best of 2 rolls on level-up.

Let's try to have a minimum of skill overlap. I'm looking for about 4 players to join.

Hello Paizo boards!

My party has recently completed the first chapter of the Jade Regent adventure path, and is in need of a new party member: specifically, a dedicated Divine Caster!

Our current roster is as follows:

--Friday Daud: a human ranger (yojimbo; it's a 3rd-party archetype) (Campaign Trait: Childhood Crush *Ameiko*)
--Kavell Speranta: an aasimar paladin of Shelyn (Hospitaller archetype) (Campaign Trait: Friend of the Family *Koya*)
--Haru Yoshioka: a kitsune bard (Campaign Trait: Student Survivalist *Shalelu*)
--Valeria Skendar: a tiefling arcanist (Campaign Trait: Childhood Crush *Ameiko*)

What are the character creation guidelines for this?

--20 pt buy, and a 4th-level PC!
--Average wealth for a 4th-level PC!
--Race: Any race at 15 RP or less!
--Classes: Any Divine Caster!
--Alignments: Non-evil greatly preferred.
--Traits: 2 traits, one of which must be a campaign trait. A drawback is allowed for a 3rd trait.

Recruitment will stay open until Saturday, Sep. 17th.

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Good day, sir.


GM for Carrion Crown!

Introductory Mood Music

"And so our tale begins."

"I wish I could tell you that it began in happier times--when the thought of one's mortality was not foremost in a man's mind. Perhaps, in another time, it would begin amid revelry and intoxication, and its protagonists bound together by bonds of friendship forged of steely resolve."

"But, it was not to be. Instead, our would-be heroes have come together on the most somber of occasions: a funeral in a lonely, Ustalavic hamlet. A final, sorrowful remembrance of a man they once knew, as a friend, confidant, or employer."
Sunday, 5th of Lamashan, 4709 AR

The early morning sun does little to soothe the harsh Lamashan chill as the funeral procession gathers at the entrance to the Restlands of Ravengro. There are few people in attendance: mostly the town's councilors and the dearly departed professor's daughter. The black mourner's garb that everyone is dressed in keeps the cold at bay, however slightly.

A large, masterfully-carved casket of fine rosewood sits upon the entrance to the Dreamwake, one of the paths that winds its way through the graveyard. No images are carved into the casket's sides or lid: it appears that the professor cared little for such extravagances. The professor's daughter, Kendra, leans over the casket and stares forlornly at it, her hands neatly folded, but trembling.

Making their way up the dusty, windswept road is a band of four people, each of them markedly outlandish in bearing, if not dress. A young woman with a thrush perched on her shoulder, another older woman walking with a quiet, prideful stride, and two men, both with the countenances of beasts. One is dressed in patchwork, earth-stained hides and with a face that many would call monstrous--bald, with a fanged mouth and a corpselike pallor. The other man strides forward, standing tall and strong with the tusks and greenish skin of an orc.

The councilors wrinkle their noses as they see the new arrivals, with some of the more skittish ones shying away from the two men as they step forward. Only Kendra walks up to greet them. "Thank you all for arriving here--I hoped we would meet under more pleasant circumstances."

Go ahead and make your introductory posts!

GM for Carrion Crown!

Here's the Discussion Thread for my Carrion Crown game.

It is with great regret that I write you this letter, for the unthinkable has happened. My father, Petros Lorrimor, Professor Emeritus of the University of Lepidstadt, has suddenly & tragically passed away. As I was busy sorting out his final affairs, I discovered that he has named you as a beneficiary in his will.

Please come to the village of Ravengro in Ustalav for the funeral.

Kendra Lorrimor

Hello, Paizo Boards! I've got a hankering to run the Carrion Crown Adventure Path--or at least the first book. To that end, I'm looking for 4 PCs to play with.

Without further ado, here are the Character Generation Rules I will be using for this:

Method: 20-Point Buy

Races: Core & the following: Changeling, Dhampir, Orc. Other races may be considered with a good enough background.

Alignments: Any Non-Evil.

Classes: No Antipaladin, Ninja, Samurai, or Vigilante. Occult classes are especially appropriate for this AP.

Starting Wealth: Average for your class.

HP Rolls: Max for 1st level, then half + CON +1 upon levelling up.

Traits: 2, with 1 being a Campaign Trait. You may take a Drawback for a 3rd trait.

XP Track: Medium

Recruitment ends Saturday, July 9th, 9:00 PM Atlantic Standard Time.

Hello Paizo boards. :)

I have a bit of a problem. One of my players was forced to drop from my campaign in the middle of Brinewall Castle. The party has slain Kikonu, befriended Zaiobe, and are now in the middle of clearing out the rest of the dungeon to discover the source of Ameiko's coma.

I'm considering recruiting a replacement for him, but I'm pondering how to handle the point where

End of Book 1 Spoilers:
the PCs find the Amatatsu Seal and open it.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I'd very much like to hear them.

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Hello Paizo boards!

As the title of the thread says, my Iron Gods campaign is in need of new players. Two, to be exact--our barbarian has decided to bow out of the campaign and our cleric has gone AWOL. We need a strong sword-arm and a devout divine caster to see us through!

Our current roster is as follows:

--Dejah Simin: a Changeling Archaeologist with more than a passing interest in exploring Torch's ruins;
--Jasper Finn: a Human Musket Master and survivor of Khonnir Baine's second foray under the town;
--Tabitha Flynn: a Human Wizard and Khonnir's apprentice.

The party has recently reached 2nd level and entered the Habitat Module.

The Character Creation rules are as follows:

CharGen wrote:

Character Generation: 20 Point Buy.

Races: Core, plus Aasimar, Android, Changeling, Orc, & Tiefling. Variant heritages for Aasimar & Tiefling are permitted.

Alignments: Any non-evil is preferred. If you REALLY want to play an evil character, I'd like to see a good justification for it.

Classes: Any except: Antipaladins & Occult Classes. Unchained classes will be used.

Traits: 1 campaign, 1 other for 2 total. You may take a drawback for a 3rd trait.

Additional Details: Background Skills will be used for this campaign.

XP Track: What XP track? I'll level you up at appropriate points.

Greetings, prospective GM!

As the thread's title says, our party has just begun a Rise of the Runelords campaign. What sets our prospective campaign apart from others is that our previous GM set it in Golarion, and ratcheted up the magic. Almost everyone in Golarion is, if not some sort of caster, familiar with how magic works before they learn how to walk (so to speak).

We were quite interested and excited to start our journey, but unfortunately, our GM appears to have left us, whether it's because of Real Life issues or something else. We're looking for a new GM to get us going!

Our party is as follows:

--Pendrix Ragnack, a Varisian Twilight Arcanist and socially-awkward sort. Has a talent for tripping over attractive women.
--Karst Ironbrow, a dwarven priest of Torag. Proving himself to be a good shepherd.
--Sesi, a Varki ranger from the far North. Quite boisterous, and surprisingly unlucky when it comes to fighting goblins.
--And finally, yours truly: Lia Vantas, a Varisian half-elf Eldritch Scion. Skilled enough with sword and spell to be of great assistance in killing goblins, and cute enough to catch one Aldern Foxglove's eye.

The previous GM's houserules can be found here. You can also follow that link to see the Gameplay thread.

I look forward to gaming with you. :)

Open for dotting!

Here's the discussion thread!

Is anyone else having this problem? When I check the play-by-post threads I'm part of, I'm not notified of any updates in other play-by-post threads.

Hello everyone!

Our current GM has been swallowed whole by life, and we're looking for a new one for our game. We haven't gotten very far into the first book of Kingmaker--we've more or less cleared out the first bandit camp before the GM was forced to drop the game due to RL circumstances.

Here's the list of PCs for this game:

--Alexander Medvyed, a human magus with the Noble Born (Medvyed) Campaign trait
--Rowena Hunter, a human priestess of Erastil with the River Lander Campaign trait
--Sheoll Blackflame, an aasimar bloodrager (Abyssal bloodline) with the Brigand Campaign trait
--And finally, my character: Tassira Vantyev, a human fey-blooded sorceress with the Noble Born (Medvyed) Campaign trait.

You can find our gameplay thread here.

Is anyone interested?

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5th of Gozran, 4715 AR

Our story begins here, in the quiet coastal town of Sandpoint. Much has happened in town in the last five years--Sandpoint has survived goblin raids, giant attacks, and even a red dragon attack. The town has weathered these events as it always has, and today, it has returned to the sleepy little town it once was.

Today is a day like any other--sunny, warm, and full of good cheer. Unfortunately, the mood is dampened by the latest news from the Lost Coast Road--the goblins of Brinestump Marsh are up to their old mischief again, attacking trade caravans with increasing aggression. From eyewitness reports, the goblins are using fireworks to attack trade caravans along the roads, resulting in several serious injuries.

The Rusty Dragon tavern is bustling with patrons looking for a good meal and entertainment today, and so far they're finding both. The owner, an exotically-beautiful bardess with black hair and white bangs named Ameiko Kaijitsu, hurries about with trays of food alongside her elderly halfling waitress Bethana, delivering meals to several customers--notably, a Varisian man in fine clothes whose face bears several sunburns from the open road, an elderly lady in colourful robes and a shawl, and a blonde elf woman seated at the bar, clad in studded leathers and spinning a knife idly on the well-worn surface.

Go ahead and make yourselves an introductory post!

As the title says, I need some help removing a gameplay thread from one of my campaigns.

Whenever I try to post in it, the post doesn't come through. It's a recently-started campaign, and I'd like to remove it. However, when I try to do so from the Campaign Info tab, I can't do it.

Here's the thread I want removed. Could someone please help me with this?

5th of Gozran, 4715 AR

Our story begins here, in the quiet coastal town of Sandpoint. Much has happened in town in the last five years--Sandpoint has survived goblin raids, giant attacks, and even a red dragon attack. The town has weathered these events as it always has, and today, it has returned to the sleepy little town it once was.

Today is a day like any other--sunny, warm, and full of good cheer. Unfortunately, the mood is dampened by the latest news from the Lost Coast Road--the goblins of Brinestump Marsh are up to their old mischief again, attacking trade caravans with increasing aggression. From eyewitness reports, the goblins are using fireworks to attack trade caravans along the roads, resulting in several serious injuries.

The Rusty Dragon tavern is bustling with patrons looking for a good meal and entertainment today, and so far they're finding both. The owner, an exotically-beautiful bardess with black hair and white bangs named Ameiko Kaijitsu, hurries about with trays of food alongside her elderly halfling waitress Bethana, delivering meals to several customers--notably, a Varisian man in fine clothes whose face bears several sunburns from the open road, an elderly lady in colourful robes and a shawl, and a blonde elf woman seated at the bar, clad in studded leathers and spinning a knife idly on the well-worn surface.

Go ahead and make yourselves an introductory post!

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Here's the discussion thread for the 2nd party I'm running through the Jade Regent Adventure Path.

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The discussion thread is open for dotting!

5 PCs are picked
To journey to a far land
To reclaim a throne.

Hello everyone, it's me again! After seeing this thread and having had time to think about it, I've decided to give running Jade Regent a try.

If you're curious as to my GMing style, go ahead and take a look at the other two campaigns I'm running here and here.

Anyways, here's my recruitment requirements!

Starting Level: 1

Starting Wealth: Average gold for character class.

Character Generation: 20 point buy.

Races: Any race at 15 RP or less.

Alignments: Any non-evil is preferred. If you REALLY want to play an evil character, I'd like to see a good justification for it.

Classes: Any class except the following: gunslingers (we're heading to fantasy Japan, not fantasy China), antipaladins (hopefully self-explanatory), or synthesist summoners.

Traits: 2 traits: 1 campaign, 1 other. I'll allow you to take a drawback for a 3rd trait.

Caravan Rules?: Ha. Ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha. No. We're not going to be using these.

3rd-Party Stuff?: I'll need to see what you're suggesting for myself before I decide whether or not I'll allow it.

XP Track?: I'll level you up at appropriate points in the campaign.

Recruitment ends Wednesday, Feb. 11th, 2015.

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I have a question regarding the target of Aldern's obsession.

Here's the context--the player of the cleric he was obsessed with (a priestess of Shelyn with 16 CHA) left the campaign, and I've just taken a new player aboard. The new guy has brought a female Life Oracle with 18 CHA, and I'm phasing out the priestess in favour of the new arrival.

Would it be in character for Aldern to forget about the priestess and focus his attentions on the Oracle if the two met?

As the title suggests, I'm wondering if it's possible for Erylium's dagger to be enlarged/reforged/otherwise turned into a viable weapon.

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As the title of this thread suggests, I'm interested in hearing how your PCs handled Trinia once they were set on her trail. Did they turn her in to Kroft? Did they let her go free? If she was due to be executed, did they try to save her without Blackjack's interference?

I'll start with a story from my tabletop game before it ended...

The whole Trinia affair ran as expected in the book. The PCs (an amoral LE noble rogue, an LN Shoanti fighter with more muscles than brains, an NG ranger/Sable Company aspirant, a CG cleric of Desna, a CG aasimar bard and an N dhampir magus) turned Trinia in to Kroft, and when the time for Trinia's execution came around, Kroft (as expected) was royally pissed off that Ileosa had the artist transferred from Citadel Volshyenek to Castle Korvosa's dungeons to await execution.

Now, I tried to portray Vencarlo as a dashing sort of roguish gentleman who flirted a bit with the rogue. She... didn't take it well (and the subsequent burglary of his home left her even MORE bitter towards him), and I was honestly not too fond of the man myself. The group had also demonstrated an eager willingness to go off-book and spin story hooks for themselves (which came to a head when they took Carowyn Manor for themselves during Seven Days to the Grave). I decided to just have them come up with a plan to rescue Trinia from the execution themselves.

It led to one of the funniest moments I've ever experienced at the table.

Before the execution, the fighter went and got himself a big cloak that he subsequently had covered in runoff from a nearby butcher's shop. He also acquired, for his own use, a cowbell. I kept questioning him on it, not understanding what he had planned...

When the execution began, it started as it was supposed to in the book--Ileosa trotted out Trinia to the execution block with Sabina in tow. Once Trinia's neck was on the block and the executioner started meaningfully sharpening his big ol' honkin' axe, she started her speech.

"Fellow Korvosans--"

That was the farthest I ever got before the fighter uttered the following words that let me know everything was about to go b#~*&$! insane.


Out of the crowd of nobles strode the fighter, covered in the big cloak that stank of pig guts and rendered fat. He rang a cowbell as he went, drawing attention to his massive, reeking frame. The crowd parted and Ileosa's speech died on her lips.

What follows is a paraphrasing of the exchange the Queen had with our Shoanti (mainly because this happened a long time ago and my memory of the specifics is rather fuzzy).


"I'm unclean. I'm a leper--I have to let everyone know. It's against the law to be a leper and keep it to yourself. UNCLEAN! UNCLEAN!"

At this point, I collapsed in my chair, laughing.

Ileosa directed some of her Grey Maidens to go and chase the fighter off, and that's when the party struck. The rogue stabbed the executioner in the back and got Trinia off the execution block. The fighter crashed the heads of the two Grey Maidens sent to him together, grabbed Trinia and started running through the crowd. The ranger (who was hiding in a building opposite the execution block) fired warning shots at the queen to dissuade pursuit. The cleric, bard and magus (in the crowd) basically ran interference through the whole thing, culminating in the magus inciting a panic with a casting of burning hands into the air and a good Intimidate roll and the cleric throwing down an obscuring mist to cover the party's escape.

So, how'd the rest of you deal with Trinia? I'm curious! :)

Like the title says, I'm looking for someone who's interested in GMing Paizo's Reign of Winter Adventure Path.

I've already built a character for the occasion: a changeling investigator. 20-point buy, 2 traits, and average starting gold.

So... is anyone out there interested?

The gameplay thread is open for dotting!

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This here will be the discussion thread for the campaign.

It'll be a bit of time before I set the gameplay thread up, so why not use this time to perhaps see how your characters know each other?

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The town of Sandpoint needs you!

Such were the words that greeted many an adventurer at the very beginning of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Those words heralded a new world to explore for would-be heroes, filled with wonder, danger, darkness and glory. Beyond lay countless tales of lost treasure, great battles, true love, miracles, and foul villains.

Have ye what it takes to relive it?

Hello everybody! I'm looking to start a PbP Rise of the Runelords campaign of my own.

Here's what I'm looking for:

Party Size: 5-6 PCs.

Races: Any race from the Core Rulebook. Featured Races from the Advanced Race Guide will be considered, but with everyone, a good backstory is ideal.

Classes: Any, except for 3rd party, Antipaladin or Synthesist Summoner. Gunslingers better have a good reason for being so far from the Mana Wastes.

Alignments: Evil characters not allowed.

Hit Points: Max at 1st level, then you can either take the best of 2 rolls or your average on level up.

Starting Gold: Average for your class.

XP Track: What XP Track? You'll level up at appropriate points.

Traits: One from the Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition Player's Guide, and one other trait. You may take three traits, but you must also take a Drawback.

Character Generation: Let's go with a 25 point buy for this one.

Recruitment ends Saturday, April 19th, 12:00 PM Atlantic Standard Time.

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