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Silver Crusade

Hey folks, I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to be so argumentative about the money.

I'm just trying to find Ala'Ihy's character again. I don't know if it's the week off, or the battle or the pacing. But I'm struggling with fitting the character into the framework of things.

It has been about a week of no posting for me. Several games I was really excited about getting back to. A few games it was ok, as I knew we would continue to plod along. This is the only game I dreaded trying to post in character.

Having said that, since we are out of the desert and Ala'Ihys has gotten them safely to the next city. I am going to withdraw him from the game.

Once the camels and items are sold. He may drift into the city. Or possibly plan to take the slave girl back to her people; As penance for the cold blooded murder of her masters. Either way please write him out of the game.

Dain GM, thanks for running the game, I'm sorry that Ala'Ihys has become difficult for me to run. I wish everyone good luck and good gaming.

Silver Crusade

began purchase here
Tarin assisted here
Red agreed to repay
Ala’Ihy’s original purchase of 191.5 gp
Tairin paying Ala’Ihys 37gp & 5cp. For gear
Ala’Ihys spending 907.5 gp. for everyone else’s gear.
907.5 – 37.05= 870.45 is the amount the group owes Ala’Ihys then add to that the value of the gear/camel, he is reselling which originally cost 191.45 gp (subtracted off the cost of food) if he is selling at half that would be 95.72 gp. so his cut would be a minimum of 966.17 before the pot is divided.

Tairin, Why would he not get full reimbursement for his expenditure before the cut?

if we need to work it out in game as RP that's fine, but I've said several times that he was planning on getting his money back, why is that just being challenged/confronted now?

Silver Crusade

Ok, again, Ala'Ihys would have insisted that he get reimburse before the split. One of the few things he has done is talk about taking care of the animals, to keep their value up. I have also commented several times that he is expecting reimbursement. He did spend his own money to save their hides. Is this something we need to RP in game before the sale?

Silver Crusade

Dain GM wrote:
As it stands - if you sell camels and teas/silks/spices you'd net only about 275 GP approximately. You'll get much more when/if you sell the poppy stuff, but more about that later...

is the 275 gp total or each? I'm assuming Ala'Ihys recoups his expenditure off of the top, then we split what's left.

Ariarh Kane wrote:
How does one “claim” a chest of coin?

Easy, "Hey, I'm putting the chest of coins on the wagon, we'll split it later" then that person logs it on their sheet and when they sell it they split it, however the group has arranged it.

Thus we don't have anyone going "I put everything on the wagon" and we wait for days for someone to sell the thing. It just makes someone responsible for particular items.

In this case it would have made Ala'Ihys responsible for the armor he rolled up into the carpets, and the camels he had claimed as Reimbursement.

I'm not saying we don't split stuff, but it makes individuals responsible for specific things. Instead of just assuming someone else will do something else and they will still get their cut for not doing any RP.

Ariarh Kane wrote:
It’s been noted several times over who’s keeping their camel and who isn’t. I’ve said Tairin’s keeping hers as did Patenemheb. The others I can’t remdmber off the top of my head; however it’ll be there somewhere among the discussion posts before the site outage.

Three of us have said what we wanted done with our camels. And no one has commented if they care if Ala'Ihys regroups his losses, so I'm assuming it's ok.

Ariarh Kane wrote:
For sake of ease, it should be that things we want to sell/buy, we find a market, we toss a diplomacy check and see how well we fare. The buying/selling stuff shouldn’t be complicated or bog down a game in the minutia of rules. Appraise has only ever been used to gauge the value of something so we can note it on the loot sheet and know how much we could expect to get for an item if we sell it (or we’re trying to divide the loot fairly across the PCs).

Again, using diplomacy this way is a 'house rule' which is fine just different than what I'm used to.

And I don't know if can get anymore bogged down than we already are.

I think that if someone wants to Guarantee that something is aquired, then having them put it on their sheet, instead of assuming that someone else is taking care of it is reasonable.

Silver Crusade

Honestly Dain GM, I was a little confused by how we were purchasing items earlier. I know in traditional games you get half value for loot. But the way we were using diplomacy instead of appraise for bargaining, had me assuming that we were doing more of a realistic handling of items.

We're in a market that buys and sells camels regularly. Our camels have only been in the desert a few days and we've been feeding them regularly instead of letting them 'live' off of their hump, so they should be in top shape.

Also, I'd been waiting for people to say if they were keeping or sell their animals. I had also assumed that everyone had dismounted and we were selling all the 'stolen camels.' I was planning on helping with the list, but we never finalized actually what we were selling.

As for loot from here on out, the method I would recommend would be the most realistic and simplest. Let everyone list on their character sheet what they pick up in game. If they pick it up, basically claiming it then they carry it or are responsible for it, until they sell it. If someone doesn't 'pick something up' in game then it lays on the ground and we walk away from it. If they pick it up they will need to watch weight or make other arrangements like a pack-animal or asking a friend to carry it. Then they can sell it when it goes to market.

Silver Crusade

Dain GM wrote:
Note: Sefu sold his own six camels; the twelve camels you are selling come from the four camels which pulled the wagon, and the sixteen camels that pulled the Zadjites and their twelve guards. However, this is subtracting eight camels because the freed slaves are now riding their camels with Yetara through the streets.

Curious, I thought we were selling the camels we purchased, except for Tairins. that would be five more...

Also, only getting half price at the market? I guess we need to haggle.

Ok, either way, does anyone have a problem with Ala'Ihys recouping the 1.000 gp. he spent on the camels to get us out of town?

Silver Crusade

frustrating indeed, and the problem with keeping fingers crossed is it makes it hard to type.

Well, I've been on the boards for four years. This is the first time it's been out like this for a period of time. Let's hope it will be another four years...

Silver Crusade

hey folks glad to we were back again, I guess we need to wait for Dain GM to take the camels to market.

Red or Bjoern are you keeping your camels? Dain GM is Samir wanting to keep his as well?

Or am I the only one who prefers horses?

Out of curiosity is the area we are in as arid as what we came through?

Silver Crusade

all right, who wants to keep the camel they were riding?

I know Tairin does.

Ala'Ihys does not!

Sans peoples camels and saddles, and the drugs: are we ready to sell everything else?

Ala'Ihys only request will be that he recoup most of the money he spent for the six camels, tack and food. It will be around 1,000 gp.

Silver Crusade

Dain GM wrote:
I'll add on to it by saying there was an additional 20 camels - 4 for the Zadjites; 12 for the guards; 4 for the wagon - the wagon also held the dancing girl and enough food for twenty men and 20 beasts for the next week.

Since Yetara is proceeding on foot to the estate and the 'ex-slaves' are with him, Is there any reason we can't sell the camels, wagons, tents and carpets?

Silver Crusade

She Who Knows wrote:
Later, at the market when the question of selling goods arises Red offers "Well, we don't know when that pomp... the sagacious Yetara will again afford us an opportunity to sell goods. I think we should sell both beasts and goods if the price is good. Especially excess mounts as they need to be fed. But I am no merchant I am afraid I am no merchant, despite my family background, and will be guided by those better versed in such matters."

Turning from Tairin, looking toward ‘Red’ Ala’Ihys acknowledges her opinion on selling everything that they could. ”Yes, I agree it would be foolish to not get a good price. As I pointed out to Tairin, I can calculate the value, at least what it would cost in Belthar, but the language is a hinderance.”

Tairin of the Veils wrote:
"Is it wise to sell the camels? What if we must depart Zul-Bazzir quickly or simply decide to leave and carry on to some other city? If the company do not have coin enough to outrightly purchase their camels, perhaps they can pay you a daily sum in the form of a hire agreement, so you do not lose coin in the transaction? If this is not what the company would do, then I would be happy to speak to the merchants on your behalf and garner a fairer price. I only speak a handful of tongues, yet I feel I have the right manner to appeal to their better, more generous natures." Tairin smiled teasingly.

’were these two sisters in a previous life? Sometimes so similar, but others so different.’ Glancing from Tairin to ‘Red’ then to Bjoern ’I hope the big guy doesn’t think she’s flirting with me, I think he has a crush on her and I want my limbs to stay in their sockets’. Looking back to Tairin, Ala’Ihys returns her smile with one of his own, if not a little more subdued. ”True, contingencies are always wise. My concern is three-fold. We have no knowledge of where we are to stay and if the estate has room for the beasts. also, our employer intends to sell his beasts, whether the reason is due to space, decorum or preference, I know not. But he seems more amicable when we follow his example.” He gives a smile. ”Lastly, if I am to keep a beast to ride, I would prefer a horse instead of these flea-bitten camels.” Gesturing toward Tairin’s camel, However, if you have grown attached to Haji we probably could find a place to board him while we visit the estate.”

Tairin of the Veils wrote:

Then leaning toward Ala'lhys, so her voice could only be heard by him, "As to the other, more private items, yes, we shall seek a more discreet merchant for we do not need to attract the wrong kind of attention as soon as we have entered this city."

Continuing in whisper to Ala'lhys, "Alas, I know of no such discreet opiate merchants in this city; never having need of such dealers before."
Gesturing to Ala'lhys to move forward with her, Tairin moved closer to Farrokh, and leaned in and circumspectly asked, "Is there a place where we can make a more discreet transaction, for say, opiates and alike? Is there someone you trust in the city who would buy such things and not cheat us or turn us over to the city guard?"

Looking from Tairin towards the direction where she had pointed out the ‘beggars’ he nod. ”You are wise indeed mistress. I think we can protect a small quantity of ‘goods’ to sell elsewhere.” Then looking to Farrokh ”Yes, our good guide, where or how would we find such a market?”

perception for 'beggars' also: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (20) + 9 = 29

Silver Crusade

did we ever actually do the math on how many of the slavers animals we kept? Or can everyone going with Yetara dismount and we can sell all of them?

As for the five Ala'Ihys paid for he will sell all of them along with their tack.

Silver Crusade

while the party is together

Dain GM wrote:
”Of course, of course,” he says somewhat graciously while his eyes turn from the city to gaze thoughtfully at Daniya, then he turns his eyes back to study the city intently.
sense motive: Yetara watching Daniya: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (3) + 9 = 12
Dain GM wrote:

But before he advances he pauses and speaks to Sefu.

”Sefu, my loyal vassal,” he says, the term “vassal” clearly for the benefit of those newcomers with you ”I shall ride ahead to the estates with the gir… with my daughter and these new guests, including our fellow countryman good Caslav.”
sense motive: why did he split the party?: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (1) + 9 = 10
Dain GM wrote:

Sefu watches the party go, his eyes lingering on Daniya for a moment, then he turns back and looks at Ala.

"Of course; I would be delighted if one of your company knows the best path through the streets," he says with an almost relieved voice.

sense motive: Sefu: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (17) + 9 = 26

’Hmmm, Yetara is splitting the party, he’s either very wise or very foolish, I guess time will tell. I wonder why he is keeping Caslav with him, at least he didn’t separate the rest of us.’ Having neared Sefu to speak about Farrokh’s familiarity with the city, he notices the big man watching Daniya leave. ’My oh my, that’s very interesting. I will speak to the others later.’ Smiling and nodding as Sefu admits that having Farrokh guide them was a good Idea, Ala’Ihys falls in line behind the others, keeping a keen eye out.
ok perception check is for anything out of the ordinary, the knowledge checks are for the city itself
perception: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (17) + 9 = 26
knowledge: geography: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (19) + 8 = 27
knowledge: Local: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (10) + 5 = 15

after the parties separate

”Dain GM” wrote:
His eyes narrow as he looks at the streets and urges your company to tighten their formation somewhat, his hand gripping the hilt of his weapon as you move.
’The man has a point, a show of force is not a bad thing. They want to take our goods away we want to keep them.’ Nodding at Sefu’s recommendation, Ala’Ihys moves closer, then draws his bow and a couple of arrows, keeping them in his left hand, while he keeps his right near a dagger.
Bjoern Ghostbear wrote:

Looking around Bjoern scratches his beard and speaks up.

"We should sell the beasts. No use in a city. I think I should also buy a good bow for me."

When they arrive at the Market, Ala’Ihys nods his head in agreement with Bjoern. ”I agree Bjoern, I would like to sell the beasts of burden. If no one minds I will recoup the money I spent on our original seven beasts.” He smiles and nods to Tairin. ”Make that six, Mistress Tairin purchased her ‘Haji’ from me before we left Belthar.” Moving closer to her, he asks ”Mistress, I have a keen eye for value, but I do not have your eloquent bargaining skills, especially here where I am at a disadvantage due to languages. Would you assist me in bargaining for a good sale price for our beasts and the beasts we ‘liberated’.” Getting close enough that only she hears him. ”Also we must decide if this is a good place to sell the ‘other’ merchandise in the trunks.’

I’m with Bjoern, sell all the animals, unless Red and Tairin are going to keep the ones they named. knowledge: local, does this look like a good place to sell drugs?: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (7) + 5 = 12

Silver Crusade

ala'Ihys will inquire in name but since the site is acting up, I wanted to put this here while I could.

I assume we will sell the animals we found; do we want to keep the camels we were riding? Or can Ala'Ihys sell them? Except for the one Tairin paid him for, of course :-)

Silver Crusade

sense motive: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (14) + 9 = 23
Local knowledge:Zheng-Ya: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (1) + 5 = 6 Who?

Patenemheb Sitayet wrote:
"I hope that has gone some distance towards settling your concerns, Ala’lhys."

A lot of talk, not a lot of answers… Still a nobleman used to giving orders instead of making requests… he is right he has been beneficial … as long as he sees us as comrades not servants.’ Ala’Ihys shrugs, ”Time will tell, Patenemheb. My father used to say “You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” He was an officer in the city watch, earned his rank ‘by the bow’, means he wasn’t born to it. For now, just understand that you’ll get better results if you ask me to do something instead of commanding. The rest will work itself out.” Moving toward his makeshift sleeping arrangements, Ala’Ihys turns back, looking at Patenemheb with sad eyes. ”Since you’ve been forthcoming, let me do you the same honor. Before you decide to throw in with us, you may want to ask Tairin why Eibon Ibn Schacabao hunts us.” Ala’Ihys spits, ”It is he who killed my mistress and fear of him has caused us to flee Belthar. I have sworn to return and kill him. I will not speak for the others, but I believe they intend to do the same for their own reasons.” Nodding politely, ”Good night Patenemheb.” Ala’Ihys returns to bed.

at the gates of the city
Arrogant wretch, he wants to make a public display. That’s fine who cares… what is Samir up to now? Looking from Samir to Yerara, Ala’Ihys notices Farrokh’s reaction. ’Maybe Farrokh will give us a little information about this Zheng-Ya.’ He then looks toward Samir again when the conversation turns to the lands of Taikang. ’The lands of Taikang, Mei Mei’s homeland.’ Catching Samir’s eye for just a moment, Ala’Ihys nods almost imperceptibly.

’Good, Tairin has accepted the offer, this will give us a safe location to plan our next move. We will also be able to resolve the mysteries around the girl Dayina.’ Moving from the front of the troupe, back to Sefu’s position, he asks the servant. ”Sefu, do you desire for use to lead the party or would you prefer to take that honor. I am not familiar with the city, but Farrokh is, he may be able to show us the way.”

Silver Crusade

Ok, things added to Ala’Ihys at level four: + 1 to dex, + 1 Base Attack Bonus, + 1 Fort Save, + 1 Ref Save, Hunter’s bond, vicious Aim. Skills @ 9 (6 [class] + 1 int + 1 educated + 1 human) + 1 to: craft: bow, Knowledge (dungeon, geography and nature), perception and survival, also + 3 to ‘sense motive.’

I decided that sense motive was more important than I originally thought, so it is getting a ‘dump’ instead of being raised slowly.

Sorry about not posting yesterday, I was waiting to see if there were any responses in game. I will post later tonight.

Also, since we apparently get to spend a little time just traveling, Ala'Ihys may try and craft a few arrows.

Silver Crusade

sorry yes, Ala'Ihys is caught up, would you rather we post any advancements here or just look at the sheets?

Silver Crusade

At fourth level Ala'Ihys gets Hunters Bond. So either animal companion or a 'bond to his companions' I'm thinking I will go with the Bond to companions.' That means up to three times daily I can give half a favored enemy bonus to you all. Right now his only favored enemy is animals, his second comes up next level. I will discuss it with you all before I decide.

Silver Crusade


In the tent wrote:

Patenemheb enters the tent.

"Ala'hys, I would attend to the dancing slave girl. Tairin mentioned that she suffers from the milk of the poppy. Do you know how much she has consumed? Does any remain?"

As Patenemheb approached the campfire where Caslav’s and Ala’Ihys bedrolls were placed, Ala’Ihys stirs, watching the healer kneel over the girl. Sitting up from his makeshift sleeping arrangements and answers the questions as best as he can. ”As for her condition, I have no idea. Tairin is the one who determined it and felt she could use your ministrations. I got the impression that she had consumed a large amount and was a regular user.”

Gesturing toward the captured wagon. “As for more, there is a large quantity. I believe they were transporting it, using the wagon and slaves as a sort of cover.”

Shrugging his shoulders, ”I assume they were taking it somewhere a black market will inflate the value.”

when Patenemheb is done looking at the girl

’I may as well get this over with.’ Getting up and stretching, he indicates that he would walk with the Physician. ”My concern Patenemheb is your intentions. I would know, are you a healer or a soldier. You pretend to be a man of learning and science, but you give orders like an officer and keep a trained killer as a servant.”

Nodding toward the others, ”I have only met Tarin and her people just a few days before I met you. She was a friend to my Mistress, and I have know Samir for years. The situation that put us together, the death of my Mistress, demanded we leave Belthar in a hurry. Thus we came to be employed by Yetara, and eventually finding you.”

He waves his hand, ”The rest you know. What you don’t know is that I have enjoyed getting to know Tairin’s small band. I would call them friends. I think they respect each other and work well together.”

Watching the ground, clearly uncomfortable. ”When we attacked the guards I killed my man. Samir missed his shot and a guard sounded the alarm. If Samir hadn’t missed, they all would have died in their sleep. As it was, I killed half, leading them into the darkness. If you and the others hadn’t “intervened” I would have led the rest of them on a merry chase into the desert and killed them also.

He shrugs, ”The funny part is, I’m not exactly sure why Samir wanted to kill them, Oh I have an opinion, but honestly it doesn’t matter. Samir is my friend and he trusted me enough to ask to help him, He knew I would not let him face that danger alone.”

He turns to look Patenemheb in the eyes.”So let me ask again. What are your intentions? Do you desire to lead? To be the one in charge? Having your own band, or kingdom or temple or whatever it is you aspire too? Or are you willing to be part of a team.”

Turning and beginning to walk again. ”I do not want to come between a man and his dreams. If you aspire to lordship, to be a master of men; when we reach our destination, let us shake hands and depart as friends.”

Nodding the general direction of Tairin. ”If it is in your nature or best interest to join us for a time, so be it. Your skills will be valuable, and your counsel will be heard. I know others do not aggree with me, but birth and station mean little to me. I will judge a man on his merit alone. I consider Tairin the first of equals. But more so, I consider her, Red and Caslav my friends. I have had one mistress and she is dead. I will be commanded by no man.” Ala’Ihys smiles, ”Except possibly my father and he is not here.”

If you want to roll a sense motive you can, but Ala’Ihys is trying to be as frank as possible

Silver Crusade

He hasn't posted in our other game either,

Pat if you interested in the dagger you can have it, assuming Dain GM approves.

Also, should I look under the 'in the tent' spoiler?

Silver Crusade

Sorry to hear your under the weather, Dain GM. Hard to keep your health up working those kinds of hours.

Ok I read that post, sounds fine to me. Got a little distracted with "level 4" :-)

Tairin mentioned Cas's dagger. What do you want to do with it?

Silver Crusade

Thanks for the post Dain GM, sorry to hear that work is being so long, I hope it gets better. Take all the time you need, we totally understand.

In the morning Ala'Ihys will show some interest in the animals keeping a few of the better ones, if for no other reason than to resupply for the ones they lost and to carry the new gear. Also will speak with the girl and sort out what to do with her.

Tairin, if you want assistance 'valueing' the stuff just bring it up in game, in the morning.

It sounds like we have 'gathered' everything of value, (baring the animals) and it may be best if we sort it out once were away from our present employer.

Silver Crusade

She Who Knows wrote:
In principle Red agrees with Tairin that the party does not need an addict to care for. However, if Ala decides he is going to kill her because he has decided that her life isn't worth living we will see some PC on PC conflict.

LOL, not to worry, he wouldn't kill her. Just trying to work his mindset out. Realistically, if sober enough giving her money and a mount to return home. Or seeing she gets back to a city where she has a chance to survive. The other options, paying someone to take her back home.

Silver Crusade

Regarding NPC's, I totally agree, I didn't realize we were keeping Caslav, long term even. Honestly, most GM's I play with don't use long term PC's often, occasionally in an AP you get reoccurring characters. So I'm totally good with these folks disappearing pretty quickly. My intention with the slave girl was for Ala'Ihys to give her a little money to go home. But if she is an addict, not sure what to do. At least give her her freedom like we did the others. The question is if we can stop them from traveling with us. If we keep the slave-wagon, they will be able to keep up with us.

Silver Crusade

I thought the things we found in the tent we were going to keep and not worry about the rest of it. Of course we don't have a description of anything other than what was in the one tent. So that may change if we actually found anything other than the guards armor and weapons and the tents themselves.

As for what were doing with the 'ex slaves' isn't that what were debating. Do you want us to have that debate in game or here?

As for the slave girl, a lot of what Ala'Ihys would do to help her depends on her. I don't know if she speak any language Ala'Ihys knows, If she is an addict and will need severe rehab or what she would do if she were free. those sorts of thing.

The other question is how you want to play her. If you want to add another longterm NPC or not. I'm good either way.

Initially, the 'interest' was because she remind Ala'Ihys of his exlove interest (another darkhaired dancer in her youth). Which we can still do, even if he slits her throat and lets her bleed out in the desert. Which, If she's that desperate of an addict, may be the kindest thing to do.

Silver Crusade

Ariarh Kane wrote:
Ala'lhys wrote:

Hey, what part of Ala'Ihys Defender personality doesn't that fit... Ok, maybe it leans a little to 'co-dependant'

This is what I am The Advocate (INFJ). Not sure what Tairin would be. I better find out. ;)

Addendum: I think Tairin leans more toward The Entertainer (ESFP). So that would make Ala'lhys and Tairin opposites. Oh no! ;)

Nice, I can see that...

Silver Crusade

Ariarh Kane wrote:
One majorly addicted, abused dancing girl could be a lot of trouble. Especially with the amount of opiate balls we just discovered. Still no on the dancing girl. :p

But, but, but she reminded him of someone he used to know...

Hey, what part of Ala'Ihys Defender personality doesn't that fit... Ok, maybe it leans a little to 'co-dependant'

Silver Crusade

Well, this should be fun :-)

As for the slave girl, Ala'Ihys was intending on giving her money and a mount to send her home. If she is an addict and needs recovering, then who knows.

As for taking her with us? I don't know yet, It sounds like were all headed the same direction...

Anyway, what's one little slave girl...

Silver Crusade

Patenemheb Sitayet wrote:

Once the slaves are out of the cage, Patenemheb will hear out any more details Montu will give, as well as continue speaking of pertinent matters:

"It is my hope that those of our people who dwell in Zul-Bazzir fare well, and I would tend to any wounds or illness you or yours are suffering from. My companions and I are safeguarding passage for a noble who wishes to reach Zul-Bazzir. Perhaps we could negotiate your travel with us."
Tairin of the Veils wrote:
"Sabra responds well to my native tongue..." Tairin gave a soft laugh not to disturb the kitten... Tairin's smile fell away and her brows furrowed in confusion. "Our new dependents? Do you mean the slaves? We freed them and our duty is done. They are not our concern and can certainly acquire what they need from the tents here and then be on their way. Come morning Yetara will want to make a quick start for Zul-Bazzir and we do not have the resources to take care of slaves and a dancing girl nor the time to dally. Who gave permission for such a thing? This is the first I am hearing of this." Her usually dark eyes had grown darker still in the low lamplight by the tent opening.

Sabre, cute, perchance she will be if she gets a little size to her.' Smiling at the kittens name, Ala'Ihys countanance drops a little at Tairins quesiton, he nods out toward where the others are at, and then gestures toward the girl. "You and I may not be the only ones 'picking up strays.' Either way, for all I care, they can have the tents and the dead guards gear."

Silver Crusade

Sequentially, this was first so I’m putting it here.

Patenemheb Sitayet wrote:

Relevant sooner in the future than I had anticipated.

"Certainly, Ala’Ihys. There is certainly much to discuss about this night and those left to enjoy it."

’Much to discuss indeed.’ Turning and looking at Patenemheb, Ala’Ihys nods, but refrains from speaking, moving toward Samir.

In the tent
Tairin of the Veils wrote:
Softly still lest she spook her kitten charge, Tairin responded, "I concur. The wealth is ours alone, unless any of you mean to give some to the freed slaves. I will take one of these fine whips for my personal use and of course the kitten is now mine for we have formed a bond, she and I. The coin will be divided equally between our party. Any other item not claimed shall be brought along and sold in the markets of Zul-Bazzir. Samir, the wealth should be loaded on our wagon and covered by tarp. Bjoern can help you in this task. And Ala'lhys, if he can spare the time before he retires."

I assume your talking about the slave wagon?

’No reason to waste what we have earned.’ Looking from Samir to Tairin, Breathing a sigh, Ala’Ihys enters the tent and begins to load the armor in a pile onto one of the carpets. ”Come on you two, It would be a shame to waste the wealth on Montu and his crew, they can arm themselves from the corpses of the guards.”

Tairin of the Veils wrote:

"I do not know why the kitten is here or its purpose. Yet, it feels like a kindred spirit and I will be its protector. I am not afraid of it or its purpose. Perhaps in time, we shall learn more from a scholar better read than I. For now, she remains with me, until she decides otherwise."

With a final sweep of the tent, Tairin made to move to the tent opening, "Call the others and let us work quickly and find what sleep we can this night for we must leave in the morning." Cradling Sabra in the cloth pouch, Tairin steadily moved out of the tent.

’A kitten, she is going to nursemaid a kitten.’ Looking up from the small pile of items he has accumulated, Ala’Ihys smiles when the kitten hisses at Samir. ”Be careful, Samir, I think that one is on to you.”

Looking to Tairin, ”Let me know if I may be of assistance with the kitten, Mistress. I have some small skill with animals. “

He then rolls up the carpet, Lifting it on his shoulder, nodding toward the two trunks, then turning to Samir and Bjoern ”You two grab the trunks. I’ll come back for the girl.”

As he exits, he asks Tairin, gesturing towards the tent itself, ”I assume our new dependents will need a place to sleep. Shall we let them tear the tent down in the morning and take it with us?”

Carrying the carpet over to their camp, Ala’Ihys drops it between his and Caslav’s bedrolls. Then retuning to the tent, he wraps the girl in the wool blanket that Tairin had covered her with. Gathering any clothing that he notices that may belong to her. He carries the girl and lays her on his bedroll. Then leaning on the carpet, he attempts to go to sleep.

Silver Crusade

”dain GM” wrote:
]Ala’Ihys the Archer wrote:
”Patenemheb, we need to talk later, ALONE”

Samir sees the look and attempts to cheer his friend’s dour mood.

”Perhaps not too alone, eh?” he says, and pats one of the freed Yar-Ammonites playfully on the rump ”the night is yet young, best to enjoy it,” he adds, attempting to inspire some sense of enthusiasm into the group.
After all – as far as Samir is concerned – you are victorious; why should you not enjoy your victory?
”Dain GM” wrote:

Meanwhile, Samir looks around and notices that Tairin and Bjeorn are not present.

"Where has my sayida gone, and the northman?" he asks.
His arms relax from the women and he turns to Ala.
"Let us allow the good scholar to handle the particulars of these folk while you and I seek her out - then, when that is settled, we can return to a proper celebration, eh?" he says with a grin and a nod of his head at the women even as he adjusts his sword around his hip in case there may be more trouble.
He leans in quietly and speaks to Ala at this time -
"I hope my actions have not caused offense. If so, I assure you that was not my intention, for we two are like brothers now, I deem, and I would have no quarrel with one who I see as kin," he adds with a serious voice.

’The night is young? It was young when we were plotting the death of these vial Zadjite.’ glancing toward where Red is speaking with the two younger men, ‘To the victor’s the spoils’ Samir is not the only one in a celebratory mood.

Hearing Samir’s question, Ala’Ihys begins to look around. ”I saw Bjoern heading toward the larger tent, we may be able to catch up with him.” I’m assuming Ala’Ihys took ten on perception and Bjoern wasn’t sneeking about :-)
’Yes we will let Patenemheb deal with the snooty one for now, later, when heads have cooled I will speak with the physician. As they head toward the tent and Ala’ihys hears Samir speaking softly, ’Is that regret I hear?’ The archer stops and looks at his friend quizzically, finally shaking his head. ”No Samir, you are the only contact I have left from Mei-Mei and the bathhouse. You and I have been thrown in with this band, for better or worse. Tairin is a fair mistress, and we may server her together. But as you say, we are as brothers. One cannot leave his brother to fight a bully alone right?” Smiling slightly, before he turns to follow the northerner. ”Besides, If I hadn’t helped you, you would have gotten yourself killed. Then how would you have repaid me for the camel, eh?”

Placing Bjoern’s comment here, sequentially just before Ala’Ihys follows him into the the tent that Tairin is in

Bjoern Ghostbear wrote:
As the others move to the tent he joins and aids with looking into the loot. As it is clear that they have to search the bodies again to find the keys he shrugs and nods. "Well we should have been more throughout. Or one is still missing. The leader maybe?"

’Anyone missing, no we killed them all.’ Following the big northerner to the last tent, Ala’Ihys shakes his head. ”I counted the bodies, Bjoern, we knew how many there were. We killed all of them. It’s possible we missed something of value searching the carcasses, we were hurried.”

Tairin of the Veils wrote:

Raising herself from the floor of the tent, Tairin faced Bjoern (and any other in the tent currently, such as Ala'lhys and Samir) and gesturing to the covered girl; Tairin's voice remained low and steady as she spoke in Susrahnite,

"Her sallow skin leads me to believe she has consumed and succumbed to milk of the poppy. The girl may be an addict, from the yellowing skin and her current state. She is alive, yet it appears the Zadjite jackals had been dallying with her before coming out to fight us; so I covered her to preserve her modesty."
Then steadily gesturing to the empty wine skins near the affected girl, she continued in the same quiet voice, "I believe the wine that was consumed this night was also laced with milk of poppy. That is perhaps why she is in such a state now."
Moving her hand toward the one open chest, she continued, "That chest contained that heavy, waxy ball. It is the sap from the poppy collected and pressed until it becomes such a hard ball. If a small amount is taken and added to water, it can be drunk or injected to provide its partaker with an opiate euphoria. If the Zadjite purchased the opium to sell on the market, then the slave wagons could be a ruse to hide their true purpose. I cannot see such a practice as being acceptable in Zadj, so these men have concocted such a scheme."
"The other chests are still locked as I only had time to pick the lock of this one as its lock was rather modest. The keys may be outside somewhere, on the body of one of the Zadjites. If we cannot find them, then I shall attempt to pick each of the remaining locks."
Tairin kept her body positioned toward them, so whatever lay behind her was unseen or cast in her shadow. (If the keys cannot be found, then Tairin will attempt to pick each lock in turn, carefully looking to see if any of the chests are trapped first.)...

Standing at the tent’s threshold, Ala’Ihys doesn’t follow the Northerner, in; But holds the flap open so he and Samir may see what transpires. ’The dancer is unconscious. Better that than witnessing the slaughter I suppose. Poppy? That would explain why they were such easy targets. ‘Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we may die.’ Well, it cost them their lives. But we live, that’s all that matters.’ Ala’Ihys turns his attention from the Tairin to the girl. ’I would send her home to her people. But if she is an addict, any money given her for the trip would be spent on poppy. We should have the healer look at her.’ Looking to the chest containing the heavy wax ball, ’Smugglers? Why not, if they are willing to deal in flesh, why wouldn’t they deal in opium.’ Noticing how Tairin has positioned herself, ’She has not addressed anything behind her in the Shadows. It matters not, if she desires us to know she will tell us.’ Refraining from interrupting Tairin, Ala’Ihys waits politely for her to finish speaking. Then asks, ”Mistress, I wanted to check on the girls safety, thank you for doing that. It sounds like she is at least alive. Once Patenemheb is done entertaining his new friend would you ask him to look in on her. This nights work has wearied me and I will return to my bedroll. We will decide in the morning how to progress with the dancer.”

If he found any keys, he will give them to Tairin here, then return to his bunk

Silver Crusade

Thanks, actually a little more than eight hours, three hour's of work meetings in the early afternoon, then I can enjoy the remainder of my day off... yeah, the call it a 'day off' :-)

So Dain GM, did we find a key to give Tairin?

The girl being unconcious helps. I'm struggling with the juxtaposition of the traditional adventurers view of "eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow we may die" and the religious view of Belet-Lil ie. How would someone who considers 'sex' as part of 'worship' or religious devotion behave...

Then the whole responding to the adrenalin rush of combat, would Ala'Ihys respond with battle euphoria and celebrate winning like Samir is. Or would he come down from the adrenalin rush slowly, still tense.

I'm leaning toward the second, I'm only 'musing' out loud so you realize I'm not ignoring the game, just thinking about the character and letting the narrative develop a little.

Dain GM wrote:
5. Ala is a man who seems like a casual sell-sword and mercenary; content to travel the world in search of adventure and reward. Yet beneath that cavalier outlook is a man who hints at something more - several times he has indicated his frustration with the current employer, yet beneath his devil-may-care attitude is a quality of honor that prevents him from breaking a deal, even with a rouge such as Yetara. Further; the battle with drunken Zadjites has clearly bothered his conscience - it would be one thing to have slain these men in clean battle - but to come on them unawares and slay them like assassins in the night has troubled him on some level; what sort of man is Ala, then? Will we discover that beneath his gruff exterior is the heart of an honorable man, willing to fight for the lives of unknown slaves simply because he cannot tolerate injustice?

It's interesting, I didn't see Ala'Ihys as a casual sell-sword and mercenary. I saw him as a devoted guard/scout,to Mei Mei who has been displaced and now a fugitive, with friends of his former mentor/mistress?

Going back to an old discussion obout 'Favored enemies' in reference to their employerer I think Ala'Ihys doesn't trusts: the rich wealthy power-hungry. I think he sees that more in 'powereful men' though obviously thier are woman who also fill that roll. He certainly doesn't trust Yetara or Dayina.

I think I struggle with the idea of Ala'Ihys being a 'cold blooded killer' more than he does :-)

I don't know if anyone follows westerns, but the compairison to the 'Shane' character and the 'Ben Foster' character in '3:10' was an easy transition...

Silver Crusade

hhhmmmm, I assumed that Ala'Ihys quickly left the wagon, not speaking to anyone else. but since Samir addressed him, I will have him speak to Samir. Then open the tent briefly enough to speak to Tairin.

But it will have to wait. I'm off today and tomorrow night and running on fumes three hours sleep, so I'm going to bed. I will be back on in six or seven hours and will post then.

Silver Crusade

Ariarh Kane wrote:

Since Tairin was not involved/included in any rp with PCs, I had her move to the Zadjite tent in particular to investigate it more closely. She was using stealth not to be noticed by any remaining enemy and generally she prefers moving more discreetly/quietly when searching ... it's part of her characterisation. It is in no way meant to imply any PvP action or that I/she was intentionally keeping anything from the other PCs.

The reason I used a spoiler now is because she's the only PC in the Zadjite tent at present and it keeps the game thread clean and less confusing with the slaves talking to the other PCs.

No problem, I understand the need for spoilers. I'm just not used to rolling when it comes to other players, I just don't think about it.

Having said that, I will have Ala'Ihys interrupt her at some point, not too terribly long after he leaves the wagon. The timing of that may be off, so post in game or in discussion, where it would make sense for him to 'interrupt' you.

Silver Crusade

cool, I understand the extra work issue...

Again, not really sorting out what tents or bodies we did check and didn't, made it confusing. The one thing I would add, in my mind, Ala'Ihys jumped in the wagon, spoke to the ex-slave, learned what he knew about the girl. Made his 'common' speech and jumped out of the wagon, telling Pat they need to talk. Then went looking for the girl. He wasn't involved in much of the conversation either.

Two things I need to work on;

What he's going to do with the dancer once he finds her.


What he's going to say to Pat.

The gist of it, at least what I've worked out, he will ask Pat what his plan is. He was surprised that Pat gave orders that contradicted Samir's decision. That keeping a mercenary as a servant is disconcerting to Ala'Ihys. So Ala'Ihys will ask Pat what his 'intentions' are, just so there is no misunderstandings.

Silver Crusade

Dain GM wrote:
NOTE: I just saw your recent post - for now, I'm going to ret-con that the words with Ala didn't happen as you moved with Stealth and he didn't use Perception -

I'll be honest with you, I'm not used to 'rolling checks' for everything people in our group is doing. It begins to remind me of PVP. When were intentionally keeping something from each other can we post it under spoilers?

Tairin of the Veils wrote:
As answers were given to her companion's questions, Tairin quietly moved toward the Zadjite tent. She cautiously peered through the flap in case there was some hidden Zadjite within and then moved steadily inside and cast her eyes about the tent, hoping to learn something more of the true reason for their presence at the Oasis/in this region.

I just assumed she was hiding from the potential people in the tents, not from us.

Silver Crusade

LOL, I know...

Silver Crusade

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Patenemheb Sitayet wrote:

Patenemheb raises his free right hand, his staff in the other, for silence.

"Samir, valour and good intentions must be balanced against other considerations, such as judging consequences. I would also see these people free, but only *after* receiving answers to pertinent questions."
He turns to the speaker, knowing what he has ascertained thus far, and speaks in Sushrahnite.
"I am Patenemheb Sitayet, of The Kingdom. I would know your name, your goals, your prior dealings with my man here, and your intentions after release…"
’I would know?’ Stopping in the wagon, Ala’Ihys turns and looks at Patenemheb, but doesn’t say anything, biding his time.
”Dain GM” wrote:
Ala’Ihys the Archer wrote:
”The girl who danced in the firelight, what is her name?”

The man shrugs.

"I do not know; a common trollop, I believe - she is Jairanian; they had her before they brought us... I would guess she is yet in one of their tents."

’A common trollop?’ Leaning in close, Ala’Ihys tilts his head in a strange fashion looking at the man he just freed. Whispering, ”Common trollop? Funny term common. She may have been born a Jairan princess, but through a series of events has become a common dancer. It’s funny how that is. We found a fancy serpent-headed staff, it has been hammered down; becoming just a common stick. Apparently, even you were once an important man, now you are a common slave.” Ala’Ihys chuckles, ”But at the whim of a common Nabastissean sailor your Zadjite masters were killed by a common Susrahnite bowman. “ Ala’Ihys winks at the man, placing his hand on the man’s shoulder, giving a light squeeze, ”do not be so disdainful of common things, it is that commonality that freed you.”

Ala’Ihys quickly jumps off of the wagon, moving toward the tents. Looking from Farrokh to Patenemheb, Calling back over his shoulder, interrupting the scholar if he is speaking, ”Patenemheb, we need to talk later, ALONE”

Tairin of the Veils wrote:
As answers were given to her companion's questions, Tairin quietly moved toward the Zadjite tent. She cautiously peered through the flap in case there was some hidden Zadjite within and then moved steadily inside and cast her eyes about the tent..

Moving near the tents, Ala’Ihys calls out to Tairin, ”Mistress have you found a Jairanian girl? The one who was dancing?”

Musings, read if you want to:

Sorry it’s taken so long to post, I’ve been thinking about it. But having difficulties. I’ve never played a character that I consider a cold-blooded killer. And make no mistake that’s exactly what Samir and Ala’Ihys did. So now I have to reconcile that character change in my mind. So Ala’Ihys has gone from This to This, well, maybe he wasn’t Shane, but you get the idea.

My first instinct was to count the kills, 9/18, I will refrain from sharing my second and third instinct. Fourth was to inquire about the dancer. So, I went with that. I’ve got some character readjusting to do, I will try and not let it interfere with the generally friendly character relationships. But, based on how I see this character, it may take me awhile to work my way through responses.

Silver Crusade

I didn't know how much time was spent mending the wounds of the injured. I assumed it would take time. Thus, the gathering and looting of the dead and inspections of tents. But yes, as soon as Samir headed to the wagon, Ala'Ihys would have called out to Farrokh to ask him to join them. It's fine If the dancing girl is in a tent and Ala'Ihys had only gathered the bodies or whatever.

Silver Crusade

Gosh, have fun at the party!

Silver Crusade

I realize this is an 'in game' question, but I hate taking up space over there: So, a bit of confusion on my part. The 'leader' of the slaves said the dancing girl was in the tents, we searched the tents. Do you want me to retcon that we didn't search the tents but went straight to talking to the slaves? Or is it possible she was in the tent 'Red' searched?

Silver Crusade

”Dain GM” wrote:

Samir at once studies them with an intense look and they cringe back from his still-bloody countenance and he grins flatly.

Lifting a blade from one of the fallen Zadjites he hacks at the lock brutally until it is cracked and falls open, then he pulls it from the bars and flings it on the dirt.
"Your masters are free; would you cower in that cage all night?" he says with an arrogant flourish in Susrahite.
Ala’Ihys the Archer wrote:
”Farrokh, many of your companions were taken as slaves, would you be able to recognize any of them? Let’s go inspect the wagon and see if fate has put any of your previous traveling companions back into our hands.”

Farrokh looks at Paten and nods.

"Very well," he says, though a bit stiffly, as if still somewhat uncomfortable with dealing with either Ala or Samir.
Ala’Ihys the Archer wrote:
With that, Ala’Ihys, alone or with others, goes and inspects the slaves in the wagon, finally asking in Susrahnite ”Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?”

Well played, Agent Carter ;)

The slaves turn and look at each other; one of them, a man in his thirties and somewhat more refined than the others, looks at Ala.
"What is it you wish to do with us?" he asks, somewhat tentatively, as if he and the others assume that they will now merely trade one master for the other.

As Samir is impatient with the lock, declaring there liberation. ’Well, that was a little stiff, I wonder what’s gotten into him?’ Watching Farrokh brush past him, then as Farrokh approaches the wagon, identifying his past traveling companions, and oddly enough declaring his undying loyalty to Patenemheb. ’I wonder, where is the girl who was dancing.’ Ala’Ihys listens to the refined man speak, looking beyond him for the girl he saw dancing in the fire light. ”What I wish to do is of little concern.”

He gestures toward Samir, then looks at Farrokh. ”The founder of the feast has declared you free. So you shall be free.”

She Who Knows wrote:
Red replies to the question, which was asked of Ala'lhys, calmly and mildly, saying "Would you mind telling us how you came to be in this slave wagon? One of you obviously knows Farrokh. And do you all speak Susrahite?"

Turning and nodding in agreement with Red, ”We would like to here your story. “

Slightly more reserved than Samir, Ala’Ihys climbs into the wagon, then reaches his hand out, greeting the speaker. ”I am Ala’Ihys, sometimes called the archer.”

He looks around the wagon, ”The girl who danced in the firelight, what is her name?”
where is the girl who danced?
perception: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (5) + 8 = 13
what can Ala'Ihys tell about the speaker?
knowledge:loca: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (5) + 5 = 10

Silver Crusade

I deleted my previous discussion, I hadn't looked under the slave spoiler, there are apparently two ran together. I will post soon.

Silver Crusade

yeah, couldn't post yesterday...

Silver Crusade

Ok, so I've been reading along. What I heard was: medicine, medicine, medicine, drugs, good drugs, medicine, medicine and don't fight monsters in the basement...


Silver Crusade

Ala’Ihys the Archer wrote:

'It looks like Samir is in good hands, may as well clean up the mess before the scavengers get here.' Ala'Ihys turns to the nearest body, using his Pesh Kabz he makes sure the man is dead, Then drags the body near the fire, so he can search it.

if uninterupted, Ala'Ihys will drag the bodies near the tents/fire and search them, drawing his arrows our, seeing if they are still usable.

I apologize for not making any rolls to coincide with this, I will try and remember to at least ‘take 10’ So: rolls for Ala’Ihys search and what it meant.

perception: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (13) + 8 = 21
knowledge: local: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (9) + 5 = 14
”Dain GM” wrote:

He looks at Ala and grins openly, though somewhat weakly, as if the fight had drained him physically, but was unable to effect his emotions.


Responding to Samir, Ala’Ihys smiles,

”Well, from his snoring we did wake him from a very deep sleep.”

”Dain GM” wrote:

"While my sayida considers perhaps we may see what spoils there are for us to claim, eh?" he says, clearly attempting to put such things behind him and move forward.

Samir will then move to the wagon which houses the slaves and see what he can do to free them.

Once Ala’Ihys, and the others are done piling the bodies near the fire, he notes that Red is investigating a tent. He goes and investigates the other.

perception: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (8) + 8 = 16
and possibly a third
perception: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (1) + 8 = 9
appraise: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (3) + 7 = 10
Do any of the Items look more valuable than others? Does he or anyone find a key for the lock on the wagon filled with slaves?
I will let Samir sort it out with the others, but for now, I am curious about what he said. I agree these are a sea going people. What are they doing here in the desert. And who did they buy these slaves from.’ Calling to their new arrival, ”Farrokh, many of your companions were taken as slaves, would you be able to recognize any of them? Let’s go inspect the wagon and see if fate has put any of your previous traveling companions back into our hands.” With that, Ala’Ihys, alone or with others, goes and inspects the slaves in the wagon, finally asking in Susrahnite ”Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?”
He will observe the slaves for a moment, then speak to them.
perception: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (19) + 8 = 27 how many are there? What kind of shape are they in?
appraise: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (16) + 7 = 23 so how valuable are they?
local: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (7) + 5 = 12 or geography: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (18) + 7 = 25 what can he tell about them by their appearance

Silver Crusade

I'm sorry folks, We made a quick trip out of town and I just got back, I've only slept two hours in the last 32 hrs, my brain is mush, so I'm headed to bed. I will post in the morning.

Ala'Ihys intends to see all the dead searched, then their gear, then speak to, and probably release, the slaves.

I'm hoping they can connect some of the dots from Samir's speculation and Farrokh's story.

Silver Crusade

ok, I was wait to post to see if Bjoern would continue the conversation. I will post a little later tonight, But not as late as usual, I'm off tonight and tomorrow, so I will eventually go to bed.

So Ala'Ihys said he would drag the bodies over to the fire and would search them. So in theory he will be inspecting the bodies, looking for valuables and counting how many he killed...

As far as searching for tracks, Ala'Ihys would need a reason to do so, I'm hoping once we talk to the slaves we'll have more information.

Ala'Ihys, is not motivated by wealth, but he is aware of the cost of living. Thus the concern to take care of the camels to get full value for them when they're done. So he would also gather valuables. Once the slaves are set free he would let them have mundane items such as spears and knives to protect themselves and food or tents, for survival; that sort of thing. Actual wealth, gems etc. he would insist the spoils go to the winners.

Silver Crusade

'Ok, so maybe I should have told him no. But he said Tairin didn't mind.' Smiling sheepishly at Red's observations, he shrugs. "It seemed like Samir was going to do something whether I helped him or not. You have to stick with your friends, Right?"

'Killed a few people without asking?' Wideining his eyes at Bjoern's ourburst, Ala'Ihys bites back laughing out loud. "Damn Bjeorn, that was a mouthfull! I think that's the most I've heard you speak the whole time I've known you. At least now I know what to do if I want to hear you talk."

He shrugs, "You were busy purchasing scarfs, I didn't want to bother you." Looking a little more serious, "But to answer your question. NO, I'm not mad. Nor do I need your permission to kill whom I choose." Pointing toward the bodies he asks, "Are you going to help me with these, or not?"

'It looks like Samir is in good hands, may as well clean up the mess before the scavengers get here.' Ala'Ihys turns to the nearest body, using his Pesh Kabz he makes sure the man is dead, Then drags the body near the fire, so he can search it.

if uninterupted, Ala'Ihys will drag the bodies near the tents/fire and search them, drawing his arrows our, seeing if they are still usable.

Silver Crusade

'Good Patenemheb is helping Red, I should check on Samir.' Relieved to see Patenemheb moving to assist Red, Ala'Ihys put's his bow in it's quiver and moves over to Samir. Kneeling beside his friend, he tries to ascertain if the Nabastissean is alive or not. 'That's a lot of blood, I really have know Idea what I'm doing... Maybe Red can help.'
heal: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (4) + 2 = 6

Shaking his head, realizing that Samir is beyond his ability to even diagnose, he sees Patenemheb's ministration has brought Red back around. Hearing her ask for a minute, Ala'Ihys gets up and moves towards her, "Red, when you have a moment would you take a look at Samir. I think he's alive but I'm not sure."

Nearing his companion, he reaches a hand out to help her get up. As she stands, he speaks softly, "I'm glad your ok, I'm sorry that Samir's and my shenanigans got you into this. I honestly thought it would go smoother."

'So how do I explain this in the best possible light?' Hearing the big northerners question, Ala'Ihys turns and shrugs. "Samir wanted a little payback for the men who were so rude to Tairin, but it got a little out of hand."

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