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So if you have a character who has levels in both Ranger base class and the Hinterlander prestige class, and the character has chosen different favored enemies for each class. Do the abilities of the other class apply to the favored enemies of the other?

Example: Ranger favored enemy undead; Hinterlander favored enemy aberrations. Character is Ranger-5/Hinterlander-2. Does the Ranger class ability "Hunting Bond" apply to the Hinterlander favored enemy (aberrations) or only to the Ranger class favored enemy (undead)?

I have checked the FAQ and I have checked the Errata for the Advanced Class Guide [ACG] and my question is not addressed in either (that I could find anyway.)

On page 48 ACG in the Shaman spell lists at 2nd-Level Shaman Spells it lists every ability boosting spell EXCEPT Fox's Cunning and Cat's Grace.

Why would these be eliminated when Bear's Endurance, Bull's Strength, Eagle's Splendor, and Owl's Wisdom **ARE** included?

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So there is a FAQ on the Witch's Cauldron hex which states that it can be taken at 1st level and used even though the feat prerequisite is Caster Level 3.

My question is whether this logic also applies to the Shaman Fetish hex since I can't find an existing FAQ question about it. It's basically identical, Craft Wondrous Item feat has the same Caster Level requirement (i.e. 3) so should the same logic apply?

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What star level is needed to be able to purchase a current specials, i.e. 8-00, 7-99, 7-98? I'm more interested in the single table specials rather than the multi-table specials, in case there's a difference in star level needed. Is it 4-star GM only? 3-star? 2-star?

As a related question, if I cannot 'legally' purchase one of these because I'm not a sufficiently starry-eyed GM, but someone who is (or who GM'd it at a convention because they were begging for bodies, stars be damned, and thus has a copy) lends it to me: can I 'legally' run it and have it count towards the 10 specials requirements?

One of my online players uses the TOR browser to access the web. He was able to register for a Paizo account, and can login to his 'My Account' using the browser. However if he tries to go to the 'Messageboards' he is automatically logged out and instead of his name, he gets "Hello, Guest". He tries to login at the Messageboard area and it appears to accept the credentials but never actually logs him in, he remains a 'guest'. He wants to post questions to the Pathfinder Society forums but is unable to do so because of this. I have replicated this behavior with my own account using the TOR browser as well.

Is this a known issue with a workaround that he can enable? If this is a new issue, can someone with technical knowledge at Paizo please check it out and hopefully fix it?


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I received Gen Con 2016 Boon #9 which allows purchases of certain magical ammunition of certain types in batches of 10 rather than 50. The four types listed are: "+1 corrosive, +1 flaming, +1 frost, and +1 shock". The special ability add-on cost for all four appears to be the same (i.e. additional +1.)

Calculating the cost of 50 pieces of the ammunition (the normal purchase amount) I get: 8,302 GP & 5 SP.

Is that correct?? Because that seems high to me given that they're expendable ammunition rather than a permanent item. One could purchase a Composite Longbow (strength bonus +1) +1 Flaming for 8500 GP which is basically the same cost as buying 50 shots.

If my calculations are correct, then 10 pieces of the various ammo would be 1660 GP & 5 SP, yes?

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So I started playing PFS this month and have a question about faction cards that I can't find answered anywhere on the site or in the forums. My card is a Season 7 (obviously), but lots of the scenarios being offered around here are pre-season 7 right now. I haven't played any of these, so this isn't a question about retroactively applying credit for something already played. Can I check things off a faction card that are met by playing a scenario before season 7? For example could I get Scarab Sages check off's by playing in Destiny of the Sands scenarios? Or can I only check things off for season 7 events?

Darkwood forms a major backdrop in several of Paizo's products, mainly related to Andoran and the Lumber Consortium. I've read the material in the Inner Sea World Guide, the Guide to Darkmoon Vale, and the various modules set in Darkmoon Vale. I'm left with a few questions as Darkwood is becoming important in my campaign as the players decide to take on the Lumber Consortium. If there is 'canon' on any of these questions, as opposed to opinion, please let me know where I can find the info:

1. Is Darkwood magical? Does it have any magical properties beyond being a strong yet light wood?

2. Does Darkwood have "great intrinsic value" as that phrase is used in the Polymorph Any Object spell?

3. How large are Darkwood trees, both theoretical max as well as the size of those generally felled in the common era in Andoran?

I'm not against anyone else's opinions on the questions, it's just that before I make any rulings regarding my players' strategies I want to know if there is any official information on this.