Did I calculate this magical ammunition cost correctly?

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I received Gen Con 2016 Boon #9 which allows purchases of certain magical ammunition of certain types in batches of 10 rather than 50. The four types listed are: "+1 corrosive, +1 flaming, +1 frost, and +1 shock". The special ability add-on cost for all four appears to be the same (i.e. additional +1.)

Calculating the cost of 50 pieces of the ammunition (the normal purchase amount) I get: 8,302 GP & 5 SP.

Is that correct?? Because that seems high to me given that they're expendable ammunition rather than a permanent item. One could purchase a Composite Longbow (strength bonus +1) +1 Flaming for 8500 GP which is basically the same cost as buying 50 shots.

If my calculations are correct, then 10 pieces of the various ammo would be 1660 GP & 5 SP, yes?

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What ammunition type is it?

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I understand where you're getting the 1660 (8000/5 for the enchantment cost, + 60 gp for the Masterwork cost of the 10 arrows), though not sure where the 5 sp is coming from.

Either way, from what I'm reading the boon is made to save you from having to spend the entire cost of 50 arrows, compared to simply being able to purchase 10 of them. And yes, that looks to be a good cost.

The thing is, magical ammunition is made for specific situations. Yes, you could put Flaming on a Composite Longbow...but what if you run into someone that is immune to fire, but vulnerable to Cold? What if you run into an opponent that heals from Fire damage? Even if you suppress it, that means that the extra enchantment is doing nothing for you. By purchasing Magical Ammo, you are able to prepare for various situations.

So the boon is made so you don't have to spend upward of 8k on every set of ammo, you only have to spend 1600 or so, and you can hold onto those for when you need them.

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Yes, the +8000gp is correct either way, for a +2 total equivalent bonus. It's the fiddly bits of determining the price of 50 masterwork pieces that's left.

1/5 of 50 Firearm Bullets is a different price than 50 Durable Arrows or 50 Obsidian Crossbow Bolts.

If in doubt, ask your next table GM (or VO) to help out with the math of your specific request.

Venture-Agent, Virginia—Alexandria aka AkosPrime

I calculated it for arrows. Since basic arrows are sold in lots of 20, the 5 SP is coming from having to halve a set in order to reach 50.

Thanks for the feedback! I just wanted to make sure that I hadn't missed something about magical ammunition cost determination. I was thinking of using the boon's effect before my next scenario by buying something, but for ~1600 GP I'd rather apply that to a Ring of Protection +1 or Amulet of Natural Armor +1, or just upgrade the character's masterwork composite longbow to +1 and wait to purchase specialty ammunition until later.

Again, thanks for the quick response!

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