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I had a half-elf druid in my group, so simply high wisdom, skill focus, the racial +2 beat everything almost always.
It was a little bit frustrating for the GM and other players alike, so he shifted the skill focus to something else...

Which level is your party?
At too high level you must take great care to make the TPK waterproof.

As a player, I'd prefer the heroic death that helps others. Make them heroes, make them martyrs for the cause of good.

revaar wrote:

This FAQ, which came out a while ago, states that being able to use spell like abilities counts as being able to cast spells of the level of the spell like ability.


I'm not really up to date...

PRD wrote:


To qualify to become an eldritch knight, a character must fulfill all the following criteria.
Weapon Proficiency: Must be proficient with all martial weapons.
Spells: Able to cast 3rd-level arcane spells.

How can you get 3rd-level arcane spells before level 5 ?

I guess getting some 3rd-level arcane spell does not count.

Sounds like everybody - including the DM - play chaotic neutral...
I've found that these "non-heroic"/evil campaigns are not really satisfying over a longer period of time.

Whatever, as they say above: talk to your group.

boring7 wrote:

One liar and a handful of destroyers can still BS their way along as a skilled hit squad working for another devil or the demons. I mean it's not your primary plan, but it makes a good backup.


Dafydd wrote:

If you are level 17, you are higher level then some rulers on the material plane. You "should" have access to a number of wanna be heros who would follow you into the depths of hell. Also, having an army of servants makes you look more like a VID (very important devil) if you wanna go the "hide in plain sight" route.

Taking some cannon fodder with us? Not our style...

And there's only one of us with a good bluff skill, so we better try to be stealthy than going the VID route.

looks like we need that banner + dim. anchor, I haven't found any other
anti-teleport-area yet, our druid will start some further book research.

Concerning damage reduction / epic:
does a +4 fauchard evil outsider bane count as +6 (vs evil outsiders) and thus as epic?

Damanta wrote:

By using this version of Dueling:
** spoiler omitted **

Thanks for the info - I'm envious!

Another thing that just came to my mind:
Wasn't there a problem with bags of holding and inter-planar travel,
or has that also changed from older editions?
Haven't ever done any planar stuff in PF yet as you can see.

Damanta wrote:

I went for the Guisarme to avoid the feat tax for a whip :).

** spoiler omitted **

how can you put dueling on a non-finesse guisarme?

We're level 17 now, and recently I can only trip every 4th opponent or so. Too many monsters are too large, flying, have no legs, ...
On the other hand I recently shut down an anti-paladin's melee power completely by tripping him (being enlarged with 20ft reach).
The good thing if you're a fighter you will have enough feats to have some other tricks up your sleeve.
My other specialty are criticals - did I mention that I hate oozes? ;)

Some more good suggestions, thanks!

Talked to our GM...
No wayfinders, no ampoule of false blood.
But we'll be able to get that planar adaptation spell.

I actually haven't mentioned what we're supposed to do in hell:
We have to find and get some artefact which Asmodeus uses as a "proxy"
to pretend being some other good deity to deceive a big city's clergy
on our prime. I think we'll get some hint where to look.

So we must stay undetected as long as possible, because of this
"divinely morphic" thing. Cause if we know where to find the artefact,
but the controlling deity changes the plane... well, that's it.
Some more ideas to not let the devils teleport?

BTW: embarassing, but I always forget that my fighter is half-elf, not that it matters, but playing that PC for 2.5 years now and 17 levels... no racism towards my elvish side meant! ;)

Holy water, really? At level 17?
Are there any rules how to handle large amounts of holy water?

Thanks for all the advice so far!

A few comments:
- bane + bane is not allowed by our GM
- my weapon is already holy, so it will be an extra +2 / 4d6+2
- one of the few things our GM mentioned was to keep a low profile, so I'll forward some hints you gave to the spellcasters.
- as we have some time to prepare available, we'll try to find out as much as possible in advance how our GM's hell works (sounds strange!)

1 - monk 1 because of: +2 all saves, 2 feats, many skills, and 5ft-range tripping AoO

wayfinder & ioun stone: I'm afraid we won't get that, we usually stick to the hardcover books we have.

"Nothing official" sounds good, mostly our GM sticks to that. Let's hope so...

Any other ideas for ranged weapons?
Problem is I don't have quick draw, and the bow won't do enough damage unless it's holy, which might get a little too expensive.

Thanks for your replies so far!

What is "wayfinder"? Which ioun stone do you mean?

Bane (Evil outsiders) - OMG, how could I forget that one?!
But does that work in hell?
I remember from older editions that enhancement bonusses went down, some stuff didn't work at all on the outer planes, that still so?

Flying... hm, always relied on the sorcerer, but some more potions make sense, also at least a +1 adaptive comp. long bow.

Really, no kidding! ;)

We have some time and gold to prepare before we have to go down to the
Nine Hells to finish some business with Asmodeus.

We cannot buy magic stuff, but our casters have the most important
item creation feats (wondrous, arms & armor, rings, scrolls, potions).

We are 5 players:

  • human fighter 16 / monk 1, trip & crit build with holy fauchard +3 in mithral full plate +4 (that's me)
  • human druid 16 / monk 1, fire & summoner
  • human ranger 17, archer
  • human sorcerer 17, lightning guy
  • dwarf cleric 16 / fighter 1, healer & wild surprises (good and bad...)

Any ideas what to bring?
I still have 60k gold to spend. (all Paizo books allowed)

Here's my (fighter) equipment list (which is quite great, cause I got
most of that custom made and for half price):

  • fauchard +3, holy
  • mithral full plate +4
  • amulet natural armor +5
  • ring deflection +5
  • ring freedom of movement
  • cloak resistance +4
  • headband wisdom +4
  • belt str & dex +6
  • ioun stone con +2
  • gloves of dueling
  • boots of speed
  • quickrunner's shirt
  • many enlarge potions...

things that come to my mind:
- improving the +: fauchard, armor, cloak, belt (to con +6)
- luckstone
- jingasa of the fortunate soldier
- cap of the free thinker
- bracelet of second chances

Any other suggestions and hints are welcome!


is there any way for raising the DC for the various critical hit feats, like Staggering Critical?
DC is usually 10 + BAB vs Fortitude.


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What about:
Preferred Spell (Fireball)?

Does that work for a domain-only spell?
If yes, you can use any spell slot above and incl. 3rd level to spontaneously cast fireball. Including metamagic!

Okay, you need heighten spell as a prereq.

Just talked to the other player, and when I told him that I'm thinking of playing a druid, he told me that a saurian druid is a must have... Well, this is something I don't like at all, maybe in a campaign where dinosaurs are typical animals, but we're playing in a world where even dragons are more common. So only for min-maxing, meh.

Thinking druid melee-shaper with ape companion now (tiger later), sounds okay, fits the campaign better. Any ideas for archetype?

The ranger animal companion is a little too squishy at level 4.

Is there any other class out there with a full animal companion?

Thanks so far guys!

I usually don't like it, when other players summon like crazy or have a whole zoo with them - but mostly because it slows down the game for everybody else.
But in a 2-man party I might consider the summoning druid with his pet...
"The wolf pack": druid has wolf companion, wildshapes into wolf, summons some more wolves... surely not the optimum, but sounds somehow cool.

Still open to more ideas!

Thanks for the advice!
I forgot to mention: alignment must be good, so no undead stuff.
The alchemist / barbarian combo sounds interesting, I'll have a look at that.


as we can't get all players together, we're playing a 2-player campaign on the weekend.

We start at level 4, 8000gp.
Races allowed: only core rulebook
Classes etc: only Paizo stuff: CRB, APG, ARG, Ultimate series

The other guy will surely play a spellcaster, so I need a character that is:
- melee capable
- versatile
- healing would be nice

My 1st thought was paladin, but I'm playing that in another campaign, so I want to try something else.

Any ideas?

Thanks so far, gimme some more, please! :)

A friend of mine just travels the world by bike, having a 11.6" Lenovo Thinkpad with him. He's quite happy with it.

Wow, thanks for the replies so far!

Hoping for more,


we recently had the question coming up:
A monk using a reach weapon and doing a whirlwind attack - can he attack using the reach weapon PLUS attack adjacent foes with unarmed strikes?

One of our players said yes, because the monk doesn't need to have free hands for unarmed strikes...

Your opinions?


Hello tablet-using role-players!

Please be so kind to answer the following questions, to learn from each other, to help noobs getting their stuff together.

To keep the answers readable, please quote/copy/paste from this initial post!

  • 1) Hardware / tablet

  • 2) Operating System

  • 3) Which of the following do you use for in-game input:
    pen / stylus / touchscreen keyboard / HW keyboard / mouse / anything else?

  • 4) list of apps and usage:

  • 5) How happy are you with your above mentioned setup? Please rate it on a scale from 0 (worst) to 10 (best).

  • 6) Any additional comments? Things how you might / will improve your setup?

Thanks for your time!

Hi there,

I'm thinking of buying a Windows 8 notebook with touch screen.
(I need Win 8 for work.)

So I'd like to use it for gaming sessions:
- character sheet as pdf
- scribble on that with a digitizer pen for changes like hitpoints, notes, buffs, ...

What kind of software do I need for that? Or has Win8 everything needed for that? Like using Acrobat + some "overlay" for writing with the pen?


Your party's wrong. Period.

1. Perception
2.+3. Stealth & Acrobatics
4. Survival

A fighter in mithral full plate with full move, stealth, acrobatics?

Grick wrote:

The Space, Reach, & Threatened Area Templates at use this house ruling.

Nice, thanks for the link!

Concerning which squares a creature can (whirlwind) attack, is this right?
(open spoiler please)

O = origin, square of attacker
X = can attack
- = can not attack

medium creature with lunge can attack those squares (24):

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1 - - - - - - - - -
2 - - - - - - - - -
3 - - X X X X X - -
4 - - X X X X X - -
5 - - X X O X X - -
6 - - X X X X X - -
7 - - X X X X X - -
8 - - - - - - - - -
9 - - - - - - - - -

medium creature with lunge & reach weapon can attack those squares (40):

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1 - - - - - - - - -
2 - X X X X X X X -
3 - X X X X X X X -
4 - X X - - - X X -
5 - X X - O - X X -
6 - X X - - - X X -
7 - X X X X X X X -
8 - X X X X X X X -
9 - - - - - - - - -

large creature with lunge & reach weapon can attack those squares (96):

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1
1 X X X X X X X X X X X
2 X X X X X X X X X X X
3 X X X X X X X X X X X
4 X X X - - - - - X X X
5 X X X - - - - - X X X
6 X X X - - O - - X X X
7 X X X - - - - - X X X
8 X X X - - - - - X X X
9 X X X X X X X X X X X
0 X X X X X X X X X X X
1 X X X X X X X X X X X

Edit: damn, sorry, formatting got lost due to non-courier font in actual post. :(

community domain: 1st level power calming touch removes fatigue

paladin's lay on hands mercy. anyway to combine paladin and barbarian alignment wise?

TPK is not common.
It should only happen if the party does a big or a lot of mistakes. If these mistakes are not so obvious, some warning by the GM (via NPCs or whatever) are fair.

If you find an encounter is unbalanced and might kill the whole party without their fault, you can always improvise: reduce monsters' hitpoints, send some help, ....

HawaiianWarrior wrote:


As for better armor, yeah it would be smart, but unfortunately I'm pretty deep into roleplaying this character as opposed to advanced technology.

She also hates money...
Sad that the system would break down so quickly from such a small thing.

Combining all that with your not so optimized character (even with the wrong ruling concerning the buckler - and even worse the ranger archetypes!!!!): bad idea, friend.

2 major questions arise:
- do you contribute to your party's success or just barely surviv with using up too many resources from the other party members?
- do you have fun playing that character?


I guess (I don't know any adventure path) there will be some dungeons, so try to get that terrain too.

You know that you don't get the buckler's AC bonus when using a weapon two-handed? AND you get -1 to attack.
Better get better & magic armor. In fantasy RPG you can make any armor look like you want it to look - ever heard of the chain bikini? ;)

Using that leather armor for role-playing reasons is like coming with a knife to a gunfight in the real world.
If you can use better equipment without any significant penalties, then do it.

For leveling, take the next ranger level for the feat and the will save, and prepare for horizon walker.

Selective Channeling first!
It the best low-level multi-target ranged healing.
We had it so often recently that our cleric could not use healing channeling in combat because there were too many monsters around also getting healed - becaus he did NOT choose that feat.

telepathy? anti-magic shell?

FrozIntime wrote:

I am a dwarf monk lvl 4. Do not get any magical items.
Stats are:
Str 18
Dex 18
Con 21
Int 19
Wis 20
Cha 12
How should I build my monk?


In our group we use quite high stats I thought (17/16/15/14/12/10 for example), but this is ridiculous! :)

As blackbloodtroll said: martial artist archetype with barbarian multiclass sounds good.

Fighter would be nice for feats and BAB. Styles!

Ninja for more ki powers.

Cleric for some use of your probably high wisdom.

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blackbloodtroll wrote:
Do not shame me with such a thread.

Page 2 was a little like sesame workshop... :)

Gandal wrote:

I don't use Herolab, i do all the maths when building magic items myself.

Adamantine weapons are automatically masterwork, so they have a non magical +1 to hit (only).
So, from the corebook:
Adamantine bastard sword +3000 gp (cost of the sword itself not included)
+1 enhancement +2000 gp
Keen property +2000 gp
for a total of 7000 gp if this is what you were asking.


Matthias wrote: creati ng-magic-weapons

"A magic weapon must have at least a +1 enhancement bonus to have any melee or ranged special weapon abilities."
So keen would need to be +1 keen so 8000gp

Adamantine cost:
Weapon +3,000gp

looks like you nailed it.


Quath wrote:

So as far as I can tell, the question breaks down to: can you gain a bonus to an ability you do not have yet?

Common sense tells me: no.

Shifty wrote:
AkaKageWarrior wrote:
... at the time you're getting that talent.
Which is a pretty important point, because thats when the bonus is applied :p

That's why I felt the urge to add that! :)

Shifty wrote:
Quath wrote:
But no where does it say that the "and granting all other favored terrains a +2 increase to the favored terrain bonus" from the first instance of the ability doesn't apply to the second instance.
Because they are NOT your favoured terrains.

... at the time you're getting that talent.

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