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Boon to let a Precog cast using Dexterity instead of Intelligence

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Could you please add text to the Practiced Medic boon from the Radiant Oath faction to include Battle Medicine?

For example like this:

"...you can expend the boon as a free action before attempting a Medicine check to Administer First Aid, Battle Medicine, Treat Disease, Treat Poison, or Treat Wounds."

The Remaster added text that Battle Medicine is explicitly not Treat Wounds. This removed the table variation from the boon and made it no longer apply to Battle Medicine on any tables. It would be nice to have it buffed to work with Battle Medicine to make Radiant Oath PCs better battlefiend healers. Thank you!

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A boon to give an ability score boost on a new character like the Instructor or Pass the Torch boons from Starfinder Society. Either of them have different mechanisms for ability score increasing, I think either or both would work well on the PFS side of things as well. Maybe the Pass the Torch type boon could be "any faction at Revered" to restrict it to highest level Pathfinders, while the Instructor type boon could be an Envoy's Alliance boon at Liked or Admired and need 100 days of downtime to fully unlock.

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XperimentalDM wrote:
Should we indicate a skill checks diffiultly level? Easy vs average vs hard. Not tell the DC just the relative difficulty.

I have been doing exactly this.

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I tried to add a run of Fall of Plaguestone, but couldn't find it in the submission sheet. Could you add it for me?

I'm already hosting Bounty 6: The Road From Otari (Lottery signups). I own the Fall of Plaguestone pdf already.

Hosting Plaguestone over Discord at Cayden's Keg. Recruitment type is players picked by me based on Discord DM applications (open until 28th Feb). Game channel will be just server invite to Cayden's Keg for now. Agape¤0146 on Discord.