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my card was billed the amount that ought to have been covered by vouchers. Please refund my card the 30$ that should have been covered by vouchers.

Thank you in advance, you rock and do great work!

Sovereign Court


I used 150$ worth of store credit towards order 18312380, but my card was billed for the full amount. Please refund 150$ to my card.

Sovereign Court

Cart become full when ordering, so I split the order into two separate orders. Both orders are checked out and paid.

Please optimize the shipping for the orders, as they are now separate. Altogether the shipping was bit of weird, for example sending two copies of the same book as separate packages. Please try to get the shipping price down by optimizing packages if possible. Reimburse my card for any applicable savings gained from optimization.

If no savings are possible, that is fine as well even though the shipping cost more than the products combined.

The orders in question are 7913853 and 9914897 (as in thread title).