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The Inland Empire PFS group in Southern California will be participating in Extra Life this year. We were hoping to raffle-off some boons to raise more money for charity. Anyone who has moved on to PF 2nd edition and no longer has a use for 1st edition boons, we would greatly welcome any donations for the raffle. You can contact me directly, and we'll arrange how best to transfer the boons.

Thank you in advance for your help in supporting Extra Life.


The Exchange 4/5 Venture-Captain, California—Inland Empire aka Aetolius

Playing three slots at GMI Games in Riverside: https://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.team&teamID= 42967

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James Jacobs wrote:
Kthulhu wrote:

"Go into the Abyss and defeat the demon lord"

Done pretty well in Savage Tide...an AP written for 1-20. No need for "mythic".

"Face off against the ten-thousand-strong orc army with only you and your three friends,"
By the time you're 20th level, this should be fairly easy. Don't need for "mythic".

"Create a new world for your followers to live on and then defend it from horrific things that want to destroy it"
Aside from the creating a new world bit, that's what the characters have likely been doing since they got into the teens.

"Go to the outer planes and work directly for the deities themselves"
You can do this well before 20th level.

"Take the test of the Starstone to become a demigod"
If you can take it drunk and still pass, I don't see being "mythic" being an absolute requirement.

Those are all correct observations, but you completely missed my point, which was until I know if we're doing Mythic rules, I don't want to "use up" those stories, since while you obviously CAN do them with 1st to 20th level, they're also obvious stories to tell with Mythic rules.

It's not the lack of Mythic rules that makes me hesitant to detail those adventures at all.

It's not knowing IF we're going to do the rules.

I am curious what your take is on this issue now that Mythic Adventures (2013) and Mythic Origins (2013) have been released.

Last year at GenCon (2016), I spoke with John Compton specifically about expanding PFS to level 20 content, and he seemed very hesitant to go even that high. However, it does seem in light of new retirement arcs such as All for Immortality that the max level in PFS is indeed increasing, yet slowly.

Any new thoughts?

EDIT: I originally found this thread in a search for "Yog-Sothoth." I readily admit that I jumped immediately to PFS, which is informed by Pathfinder RPG. I suppose to make my question more Pathfinder general, I'll just ask: What do you see as far as deity-player interaction in Pathfinder canon now that Mythic books have been released?

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I enjoyed reading your guide. I am looking to build an assassin, and with the recent release of Ultimate Intrigue, I am eyeing a vigilante very closely for a cha and/or int assassin very closely. Right now, I'm debating taking some levels in vigilante and some in alchemist. My race is drow, so I can pick up void bombs which are just sick if your target is trying to flee (make the reflex save and still only have movement speeds--including flying, etc--reduced to 5 feet for a single round. Throw-in throat jab from vigilante where the target can't speak and figure out how to make the area difficult terrain, and the target can't move for an entire round--pretty nasty.

Anyway, thoughts on the vigilante (stalker) class?

Good guide!

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Expanded Narrative
Expedition Manager


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DMjoe wrote:

Mike Brock
It is heavily frowned upon to sell these boons. I provide them as a way to boost support to a con. At this time, there isn't much I can do about it. If it becomes a rampant problem, then we will reevaluate. This is similar to someone who wins a autographed book at a con and then puts it up for auction. Once it is in the person's possession, it is their property to do with as they wish. But, selling free boons doesn't sit well with me.

So i searched the forums and found this from long ago...

is it ok if we have a boon and we would like to trade it for a small amount of paizo store credit ?

I have a Gen Con boon that i am not going to use. can i trade it for a small amount of credit and purchase a scenario ?

So here's the deal: everything you've mentioned in the trade (boon, store credit, scenario) are all Paizo's intellectual property. We are not empowered to dictate what people do with respect to trading Paizo product for product. Now, selling boons for non-Paizo product is a different story altogether. That's not only frowned upon, it's been explicitly stated that the practice of selling boons for $$ is not permissible.

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Thank you all for your sacrifice and your service.

The Exchange 4/5 Venture-Captain, California—Inland Empire aka Aetolius

Congratulations--long may they serve!

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I disagree with the consensus here. Read the healing bomb description again, first sentence:

Benefit: When the alchemist creates a bomb, he can choose to have it heal damage instead of dealing it. Creating a healing bomb requires the alchemist to expend an infused extract or potion containing a cure spell. A creature that takes a direct hit from a healing bomb is healed as if she had imbibed the infusion or potion used to create the bomb. Creatures in the splash radius are healed for the minimum amount of damage the cure spell is capable of healing. A healing bomb damages undead instead of healing them (bold mine).

With the healing bomb you are in effect dealing healing/positive energy damage which heals living and damages undead. It makes no sense to say one of them adds your int modifier and the other doesn't.

The Exchange 4/5 Venture-Captain, California—Inland Empire aka Aetolius

Another suggestion is to start a conversation with a nearby VO. Regional coordinators aren't sovereigns in that we don't have to ask permission before entering another VO's region. We regularly play in each other's games and are even asked to help expand PFS in another's jurisdiction from time to time. We frequently converse--especially at conventions. That being said, if something like this is going on, go lookup a VO in a nearby area and start a conversation with him/her. In most cases, there will be several VOs within a 20/30/50 mile radius. The next time the two VOs meet, they'll talk it out. A lot of this stuff is about education and not malice (though it could be as Andy pointed out). And please don't take this as free reign to play both ends against the middle. I'm restricting my advice here for when one VO is doing something that is clearly not ok.

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Baradakas is correct.

We just had our first session last week. So far, we are running one core table every Sunday from 3-7 pm. We are hoping to have at least one regular table every week and then expand to two tables core/regular each.

If anyone wants to run or play something, message me!

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Any update on this? I noticed we have pregens for Occult Adventures but still not APG.


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Talisman of Essence Conversion
Aura Moderate Necromancy; CL 5th
Slot Neck; Price 4,340 (minor), 16,380 (medium), 38,500 (major); Weight-.
This pendant consists of a single hand-sized, spherical, dim crystal affixed to a drop necklace coated in a dark lacquered hue.
When placed over the heart of a dying creature, the talisman begins to extract the victim’s essence. When worn, it allows the wearer to convert the essence into a usable resource.
The target must have some resource remaining for that day. While its essence is being sapped, the victim cannot stabilize. When the target dies from bleeding, up to one (minor), two (standard) or three (major) points of resource per day flow into the amulet which then boldly glows a distinct color based on the resource stolen: blue (arcane); black (grit); gold (panache); red (ki); purple (inspiration) or green (luck). Those nearby need only make a successful Perception check (DC 15) to notice that the orb is filled. The wearer may rob essence from multiple targets each day, but the item can never siphon more than the maximum amount. Once absorbed, the essence must be expended before any more can be filched.
If the thief can use the resource, he or she may access it at any time. Commuting the trapped essence requires focusing as a standard action. During this time, the jewel changes color to the new resource before being expended. All of the essence inside must be transformed at once but may be converted again later if at least one point remains. Once transmuted, at least one point must be utilized by the end of the wearer’s next turn or all of the essence drains from the charm and is thereby wasted.

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, Bleed, Ki Leech; Cost 2,170 (minor), 8,190 (medium), 19,250 (major)

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This will be our first time back at GMI Games & Collectables for PFS!
We anticipate running 2-4 tables every week. If you have suggested scenarios you would like us to run, or if you are a GM and would like to run specific scenarios, please message me.

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I love items that confer static bonuses while being carried (instead of wielded or worn).


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Pahlok wrote:

Want: Undine

I don't have anything to trade, unfortunately, but I really want an Undine boon. :( I don't have any opportunities to receive boons where I live, and the one time I did GM at a con, Brock didn't give any boons to the VC.

PM Sent.

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I will be forthright in stating up-front that I did not read the entire Ultimate Intrigue document. I read the intro, the avenger and the stalker specializations. My wife read the entire thing, however, and I did play with other players who chose each specialization over the past weekend.

That being said, there are three main takeaways from my playtest experience:

1) As far as PFS goes (and that is the only style of Pathfinder I play--I know this is true of a lot of PFS players as well), I honestly couldn't care less about the dual identity feature/shtick. Most PFS scenarios, and the GMs that run them, focus almost exclusively on combat and a lot less on role-playing. Throw-in the time blocks in which PFS games are run and you have even less time/care to deal with a bunch of heroes running into outhouses to change clothes and suit-up. It really feels more like a gimmick and less like an actual mechanic. I do think it would be great for a home-brew game that allowed for that type of atmosphere, but again since I pretty much only care about PFS, it's kind of a non-starter.

2) The way the rules are written with regards to wands and the Vigilante, you are going to have to FAQ and even do a bit of backsliding (potentially) to rule whether any vigilante can use any wand without a UMD check. The way I read the rules, RAW, is that if a spell is on the spell-list of a CLASS then you may use the wand without UMD. This came up during one of our games this weekend. I argued that my Stalker Vigilante could heal himself without using the UMD skill with an infernal healing wand because the Vigilante class has that spell on its spell-list. Others of course said it was on the warlock specialization's spell-list, and I pointed out that that wording is incongruous with the wand use rules (again RAW). So, unless you arbitrarily say that a specialization is a class or something similar, you are going to run into more inter-woven rules problems (for instance, redefining what a "class" is). For instance, if you are going to rule that each specialization counts as its own class, then I should technically be allowed to take levels in different Vigilante Classes whereby I could be an Avenger level 3/Stalker level 4/Warlock level 2, etc. Personally, I don't think a Vigilante would be too powerful if you accept my ruling which is consistent with the wand use rules, RAW.

3) As has been noted a few times already, the Vigilante class is not very powerful or even useful compared to other classes. Here's the basic issue: say I'm a Venture Captain or other influential figure in the game world, and I have this important Pathfinder mission that needs to be handled now. It is my job to assemble a team of adventurers I can trust whom I know will get the job done. Why would I pick a Vigilante? The Avenger is nowhere near as good as a Fighter or Barbarian or even Paladin imo. The Stalker pales in comparison to a Rogue (unchained or vanilla) or even a ninja. Warlocks, only being able to cast 4th level spells at level 11, will feel left-out when their counterpart Sorcerors and Wizards are casting level 5 and 6 spells, respectively. And Zealots are a far cry from your cleric or oracle. There is no specialization that performs the particular role better than the other respective classes. There needs to be something to set the Vigilante apart, even if it results in the Vigilante being out-classed on the power level front.

To remedy this issue, I propose that at the start of every adventure, the Vigilante may select his/her specialization. So, if the party needs a healer, the Vigilante can be a Zealot. If there is no tank, (s)he can be an Avenger. Need someone sneaky? The Vigilante will play the Stalker role. I think this versatility is exactly what the Vigilante needs to be attractive and competitive. Clearly, there will need to be some balance inserted as far as feats/skills/etc. You could even expand the number of "identities" the Vigilante adopts over the course of his/her Pathfinder career (perhaps 1 role at level 1, 2 at level 3, 3 at level 8 and 4 at level 11 or something like that). Doing so can completely rework the "dual identity" gimmick issue that I noted above while making the Vigilante a desirable adventuring companion. Otherwise, I foresee many a player withdrawing Warhorn sign-ups the moment they see a Vigilante on the roster.

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Thanks, Ron :)

I'm happy to be involved in PFS. I have sampled a lot of different gaming communities, and I am thrilled to be part of this one. Looking forward to many tables and great experiences.

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Sarvei taeno wrote:

have: ifrit, sylph

want: oread

PM Sent.

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Looking at the Additional Resources for PFS, none of the inhaled poisons are legal for play (at least the ones from UE). The ninja's poison bomb ability requires inhaled poisons.

So...? Am I missing something? Are there a ton of inhaled poisons from a different source I'm just not aware of?


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Thanks all for the feedback--just wanted to make sure I wasn't doing something wrong.

Another question I'm not sure about: can my group play up-tier for more gold and stuff if they get bored to death with single dire rat or 2 x skeleton encounters? I have no doubt they could handle the T3-4 stuff, but I'm not sure what the protocol is.

Thanks again.

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aetolius wrote:

Have: Oread

Want: Aasimar

Slight modification:

Have: Oread; Sylph (with Suli potential)
Want: 2 x Aasimar

That is pretty much the trade I want to make: both of mine for two copies of Aasimar.

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Quick background: I currently have a level 6 alchemist of my own (I pretty much only play at conventions) as well as a level 2 dummy from GMing for a group of friends. This group has not really played together very much, but all of them are RPG veterans and have played multiple systems. I wouldn't say they are power gaming monkeys, but they do make effective characters. They are all new to Pathfinder though they have experience with D&D. I am running a CORE campaign, and this is a list of the sessions we have done so far:

1) Master of the Fallen Fortress
2) First Steps Part I: In Service to Lore
3) The Confirmation
4) The Devil We Know Part I: Shipyard Rats

Tomorrow's game:
5) The Devil We Know Part II: Cassomir's Locker

Keep in mind that there are only four PCs: a ranger; a rogue; a cleric and a wizard. They use solid tactics and built good, effective characters. That being said, they have utterly facerolled through every adventure. Only in 2-3 fights has one character fell unconscious, and I think one of those times two characters were down. I understand that the adventure content should not be altered at all, so I feel pretty powerless as far as posing a credible challenge to the group. I don't want every single encounter to be death-defying obviously, but I also don't think they should be ROFLstomping every one either.

Any suggestions? Is there anything I can actually do to increase the suspense or thrill of the game in terms of danger, or are all PFS scenarios this easy? Again, I've only really played 15 scenarios so far on my Alchemist, and the only difficult ones were when we played up a tier (save one--Silver Mount Collection but that was largely due to party dysfunction).

I'd appreciate any feedback.

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Have: Oread
Want: Aasimar

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Matrix Dragon wrote:

Yea, right now the only way to do it is to be a druid.

I'm not sure how you can say that in natural form Kitsune cannot speak or cast spells.

The Kitsune description says they are "fox folk" and while in native form they are an "anthropomorphic fox." Check out anthropomorphic animal spell. There it talks about being able to speak one language as well as being bipedal and having opposable digits in two limbs to manipulate fine objects.

If this isn't enough, think about any of the Ratfolk Magus characters running around (I've seen a few out here in SoCal). If Kitsune, who are fox folk, can't cast while in that form, then Ratfolk shouldn't be able to either by that logic.

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So you cannot attach bucklers to your mounts' legs? I know it sounds ridiculous--just wondering if you can strap bucklers above the joints to gain extra AC on your mount. My guess is no, but worth asking anyway.

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Doh, I meant to say 1d6 for the lance base damage...and yes, pure fighter. I'll definitely pick up weapon specialization.


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I am making a CORE halfling fighter with a lance. I have planned feat/gold expenditure progression through level 11, and this is what I have so far:

Strength is 14 (+2 mod)
Lance wielded 2H is 2d6 + 3 base damage
Rhino Hide magic armor adds 2d6 to a charge
+1 magic weapon on the lance adds +1 damage
Vicious enchantment on weapon adds 2d6 damage
Spirited Charge triples my lance damage on a charge
Max power attack at level 8+ adds 9 damage
Vital strike adds weapon damage again to damage
Improved Vital Strike adds weapon damage again to damage

Assuming all of these work together (which I believe they do), how much damage does my character do on a mounted charge with the lance? I understand how doubled doubles and tripled doubles, etc work (you add instead of multiply)--I just don't know the order of applying the different layers of damage bonuses. I should also point out that in reading the CRB, none of these bonuses indicate a type (circumstance, trait, etc). They are all unidentified types of damage.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.