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Monday, November 2, 2015

Over the past 8 years, Pathfinder Society Organized Play has grown into a worldwide community. The phenomenal growth is testament to the hard work and support put in at all levels of the campaign. In fact, it's grown so large that I am adding two more categories of volunteers: Regional Venture-Coordinators (RVC) and Venture Agents (VA). These two new tiers serve to facilitate communication across the globe, and recognize the individuals who support Pathfinder Society with their efforts coordinating games.

Regional Venture-Coordinators, under the guidance of the Organized Play Coordinator, supervise a large section of the world, and will support Venture-Captains and Venture-Lieutenants in their duties. The other new rank, Venture-Agent, is responsible for organizing regularly scheduled activities at a specific venue, and will report to the Venture-Captains or Lieutenants of the area where the location is located.

If you are interested in volunteering for Pathfinder Society Organized Play, we are continually recruiting! Check this page to see more information on requirements and how to apply (this page has been updated today to outline all of the new duties of each volunteer category).

Without further ado, let me introduce the new Regional Venture-Coordinators!

Art Lobdell—RVC Northeast
Art started in the Pathfinder Society at Gen Con 2007. From there, he immediately began organizing conventions and spread PFS to the greater NY area - Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York. After being appointed VC in October 2010, he concentrated on recruiting VCs from Maine to Washington, D.C., leaving him to focus on New York City and surrounding areas. Art received the 5th Campaign Coin, making him Pathfinder Society #705, at Origins. Says Art, "I ran Midnight Mauler as a special so many times I have run it from memory 3 times or more."
Dan Simons—RVC Mid-Atlantic
Dan started playing PFS at Gen Con 2009 and then in the local Pathfinder Society group in Washington, DC. He became the first Venture-Captain of the greater Washington, DC/Northern Virginia/Southern Maryland area in October 2011. When he moved near Baltimore, MD in 2012, he was appointed as the first Venture-Captain for that region. In less than a year, he moved back down to Alexandria, VA and became the VC of Washington, DC again, a post he has held for the past 2.5 years. Dan was awarded my Campaign Coin at PaizoCon 2015, and has attended numerous Gen Cons and PaizoCons, as well as PaizoCon UK in 2014.
Del Collins—RVC Southeast
Del joined the ranks of Venture-Captain in October 2011. His region stretched from South Carolina, through Eastern Georgia, Eastern Tennessee, Central/Western North Carolina. Over the years, Del trained many GMs and convention organizers. He supports Pathfinder Society at Gen Con with vans full of volunteers. He received his Campaign Coin and became Pathfinder # 722.
Bob Jonquet—RVC Great Lakes
Bob joined the Pathfinder Society during its initial stages when all we had was a Beta rule set and roughly half a dozen tables at GenCon. He was instrumental in the early growth of the Chicagoland area received a promotion to Venture-Captain in April of 2011. He has since relocated to Central Illinois, where he continues to promote local play, organize regional events, and mentor new Venture-Officers. Bob is one of the original five-star GMs, and has been invaluable in helping to organize some of our largest events including PaizoCon and GenCon. He was awarded a Campaign Service Coin in 2014.
Jason Roeder—RVC Midwest
Jason became a Venture-Captain in January of 2011, and received my fifth star in June 2011. He was the Pathfinder Society's second five star GM, narrowly beating Kyle Baird to it! He received a Campaign Service Coin on August 1st, 2015. In describing himself, Jason writes, "I am a guy that just really likes games. My favorite happens to be Pathfinder, so I play it a lot". You may have seen him at conventions—he's the overweight guy with a beard. If you walk up to him at any time, ever (even if you catch him at work) and ask him to play a scenario, he will drop whatever he is doing to join in. Jason enjoys movies, long walks on the beach, and terrifying players by running whatever monstrosity Richard Pett has authored recently.
Todd Morgan—RVC Northwest
Todd is familiar to PaizoCon attendees as the man in charge. He became a Venture-Captain in 2011. Moving from Iowa to Nebraska, he continued to support Pathfinder Society. His hard work and dedication to the Pathfinder Society was recognized at Gen Con 2014, where he received a Campaign Coin at Gen Con 2014. The past two years, he has been co-lead of Gen Con. Todd is full of tales and is happy to share them over a beer or two.
Eric Brittain—RVC Southwest
Eric became a Venture-Captain with the first set of 13 back in October 2010. At PaizoCon 2011, he was voted best GM at the Grand Melee. Eric also contributed to the Grand Melee by writing two of the encounters for this event. At PaizoCon 2013 Eric was awarded my campaign service award, becoming Pathfinder Society #707. Says Eric, "This is very appropriate because upside down it spells out LOL." Most recently, Eric's activities include being the Venture-Captain of San Diego, playing 6 home games and 1 play by post game all using the Pathfinder rule set.
Auke Teeninga—RVC AEE (Africa-Eastern Eurasia)
Auke played his first PFS games at GenCon UK 2008 and after two years of flying to foreign conventions to play the game, he decided to set up local play in the Netherlands in 2010. It could be coincidence, but a month after his request for support, the Venture Captain program was announced. He was appointed one of the first thirteen Venture Captains and has made it a habit to meet up with other Pathfinder players from all across the globe. So if you are ever in the Netherlands, send him an email and he'll try to set up a game for you!
Dave Harrison—RVC WEME (Western Eurasia-Middle East)
Dave is a Welshman, not an Englishman, who started GMing Pathfinder Society games when Organized Play was set up in 2008. He convinced enough people to help him create PaizoCon UK in 2009 and it has grown into an international convention. He was selected to be one of the original 13 Venture-Captains in October 2010. As a UK Venture Captain, he has brought Pathfinder Society gaming to various events and encouraged others to take up venture officer roles for England, Scotland and Ireland. Paizo, Inc. recognized Dave as a Volunteer of the Year 2013-14. He continues to GM Pathfinder as often as possible at conventions and also enjoys terrifying GMs by signing up at the last minute to play Pathfinder Society games.
Stephen White—RVC Asia-Pacific
Stephen is a proud gaymer involved with RPGs since the early 80s. I first GMed Pathfinder at Free RPG Day in June 2007, and started supporting Pathfinder Society in Season 0 as he traveled Melbourne's con circuit. He GMed at GenConOz the year Jason Bulmahn visited Brisbane to launch the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook and when GenConOz cancelled the following year at short notice, I co-organized the first PaizoConOz with Venture-Captain-Sydney Al Rigg. Stephen is one of the 13 original Venture-Captains appointed in October 2010, one of the earliest 5-Star GMs, and in March 2013 became the third recipient of the Campaign Service Coin. Stephen jokes, "Many local players joke that I had been demoted from VC Australia to VC Melbourne with the appointment of VCs in other States, but under their capable stewardship, you'd be unlucky to visit an Australian city and not find somewhere you could enjoy a game of PFS. In the meantime, I believe I've once again inherited the largest geographic PFS region with the inclusion of New Zealand, Singapore, India, East Asia and Hawaii. I'm looking forward to working with VCs in the Asia-Pacific Region, and will of course be campaigning tirelessly for more PFS excursions into Tian Xia, Vudra and... Sarusan!"

I would also like to recognize the GMs that have earned their 5th star since Gen Con 2015. To qualify as a 5-Star GM, you have to run 150 games, including 10 specials and 50 different scenarios, and run a game observed by a Venture-Officer. It takes many hours to achieve and shows dedication to Pathfinder Society Organized Play. Many congratulations to the following GMs!

Zak Glade
Jeff Stop
David Higaki
Mike Bohlman
Nicholas Fees-Baumeister
Allen Wilkins
Troy Schnack
Sean Hans
Michael Meunier
Steve Preston
Michael "MJ" Johnson

Markus Hyytinen
Kolby Sample
Robert Pepka
James Becker
Jonathan Nollan
David Brainard
Jason Schimmel
Jon-Enee Merriex
Dave Baker
Andrew Roberts

Walter Helgason
Gary Norton
James Anderson
Roy Rydbeck
Jason Rosauer
Jason Schaaf
Matthew Smith
Jason Liswood
Jack Brown
Bryan Martin

If your name is not on the list and should be, email me at

Until next time, may your dice roll high and remember to Explore, Report, Cooperate!

Tonya Woldridge
Organized Play Coordinator

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The Exchange

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Congratulations all of you!!!

Thea Peters wrote:
Congratulations all of you!!!

Here here!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

So...I do have to ask since this is not the first that this has happened.

What's the difference between Great Lakes and Midwest? ;)

Grand Lodge

Congrats to all the RVC's!

Dark Archive 5/5

congrats to all!!

Sovereign Court 5/5 Venture-Captain, California—Los Angeles aka Neume

Congarats to all! And Hail to our new lord and chief Eric Brittain!

5/5 5/5 Venture-Lieutenant, California—San Diego aka RAdeMorris

Congratulations all!

Shadow Lodge

Tonya - this is a big one. Thanks for making this happen.

Liberty's Edge 4/5 Venture-Agent, Indiana—Hammond

This is significant. VAs can definitely be of service in very busy areas where Venture Lieutenants and Venture Captains are busy. Plus they might be a good source of future officers.

Similarly, Regional Venture Captains can coordinate across state lines. I live in Northwest Indiana, and PFS players can easily make it to several different states.

Perhaps we could have a map of all the territories?

Shadow Lodge RPG Superstar 2013 Top 16

Many congratulations to the RVCs! I'm sure they'll do a great job. It shows how much PFS has grown that they're needed.

(Could we call them Venture-Colonels?)

The Exchange

Congratulations to all the new 5 stars.

The Exchange 4/5 Venture-Captain, California—Inland Empire aka Aetolius

Congratulations--long may they serve!

Grand Lodge

Congrats to all the new 5 stars. Long may you shine!

Silver Crusade 5/5 5/55/5

Tonya -- I think the VA concept is great. It gives recognition to those who do so much for the community who aren't VCs or VLs, per se.

Community & Digital Content Director

Removed a post and the responses to it. This sort of feedback is best handled through email (you can contact Tonya at, not our public forums.

Also, congratulations everyone!

Liberty's Edge

Heh. Congratulations to our Ten new leaders. :)

Dark Archive 4/5 5/5

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Congratulations to all ten of our new RVCs, and to our newest 5 star GMs. It's people like you who make this organized play campaign amazing!

Dark Archive 4/5

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Congratulations to the new 5 star GMs, and the Decem- our new RVCs! ;)

Venture-Lieutenant, Washington—Seattle aka zeroth_hour

I really like the Venture-Agent category; it may not be much, but even a title for the dedication to run a game every week is good, especially if they're not ready for or don't want the responsibility of a specific region.

Sovereign Court

Pathfinder Adventure, Adventure Path, Companion, Maps Subscriber; Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber

Great Lakes?!? Bob, you got Toronto! Right on one of the lakes.

And you may be the closest to Ottawa. (Or it might be Art, but I'm calling it you.)

Oh, how Tonya suckered you.

Congrats to all!


Grand Lodge 4/5 Venture-Captain, California—Sacramento aka FLite

Did the Get Involved page get reverted?

I looked at it this afternoon and it had duty statements for all 4 ranks. I just went back to look at it for more details on how to apply, and now it just has a PDF link describing VCs.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

With all due respect, who's Todd Morgan?

The Exchange

FLite wrote:

Did the Get Involved page get reverted?

I looked at it this afternoon and it had duty statements for all 4 ranks. I just went back to look at it for more details on how to apply, and now it just has a PDF link describing VCs.

Try clearing your cache then go to it. I'm seeing everything.

Dark Archive 5/5 Regional Venture-Coordinator, Florida—Tampa aka Dominick

Glad to see Dave Brainard. Great GM from back in LG time.

Grand Lodge 4/5 Venture-Captain, California—Sacramento aka FLite

Weird. It's back to how it was earlier today, with all 4 statements. It can't be a cache glitch, as I had the new page earlier. I would guess something on the site glitched and delivered an earlier version of the page.

Shadow Lodge 5/5

Congratulations to all the new RVC's and all the 5 - star GM's...

Shadow Lodge 5/5 5/55/55/55/5 Venture-Captain, Indiana—Southern aka CanisDirus

Congratulations to all!

Shadow Lodge 5/5

FLite wrote:

Weird. It's back to how it was earlier today, with all 4 statements. It can't be a cache glitch, as I had the new page earlier. I would guess something on the site glitched and delivered an earlier version of the page.

In the website forum someone mentioned that they included a couple of lines twice in the duties. They were probably fixing it and had the old page showing when you saw it.

Dark Archive 5/5 5/55/5 Regional Venture-Coordinator, Upper Midwest aka Silbeg

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Testing to see if the fifth star has shown up... I guess it is official now!!!

Congrats to all those that have made it since Gen Con with me!!!

EDIT: I see 5 stars up there!!!!

Scarab Sages 3/5 Venture-Agent

Congratulations to you all!

Silver Crusade 5/5

Woot! Congrats to Todd and the rest of our benevolent overlords!

Edit: And to our newest batch of five-stars!

Liberty's Edge 5/5

Congrats everyone!


Fox McAllister wrote:
With all due respect, who's Todd Morgan?

When you meet him, it will be one of those "Oh yeah!" moments, because he's been working long hours for HQ at PaizoCon & GenCon for some time now - you've probably seen him several times. He has most recently been VC in Omaha, but Todd gets around.

RPG Superstar 2011 Top 4 aka Jatori

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Auke, now you have to visit Cape Town. :)

4/5 5/5

Congrats to all the new 5 stars! And congrats to the RC's!

Liberty's Edge

Congrats to all! :-)

Paizo Employee 5/5 Organized Play Coordinator

Tarma wrote:

So...I do have to ask since this is not the first that this has happened.

What's the difference between Great Lakes and Midwest? ;)

One is on the right, the other on the left!

Of course, it is all relative to where you are from and how you look at the world.

I am working on finalizing regional borders and then will post the list, so that people can see where their location falls.

Dark Archive

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Hmm, the Decemvirate is revealed by name. Clearly Shadow Lodge is back.

Silver Crusade 5/5 5/55/5 Venture-Captain, Germany—Bavaria

Congratulations to everybody.


Congratulations all, especially to Jack Brown. Table 150 was quite the experience. Love the Minneapolis crowd!

Liberty's Edge 5/5 Venture-Lieutenant, Maryland— Baltimore aka Qstor

Congratulations to all!

Was there PFS at GenCon in 2007? Didn't season 0 start in 2008? Just curious

Grand Lodge 5/5 Regional Venture-Coordinator, Baltic

Qstor wrote:
Was there PFS at GenCon in 2007? Didn't season 0 start in 2008? Just curious

2008 is the correct starting year. Some small mistakes are present in the current texts.
Grand Lodge

Congrats all.

Liberty's Edge 3/5 5/5 Venture-Captain, Nebraska—Omaha

Congrats to all and thank you in advance for all the work that you have done for us, the players, and will do in the future for the game.

Without your efforts, this game would not be nearly as fun!

The Exchange 5/5 5/5 Venture-Captain, Iceland

Congrats to all of you !

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