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Does this really matter though since covid has dealt a rather heavy blow to Pathfinder society? Since we aren't allowed to set restrictions on "in person" sessions and online play is really nothing compared to in person, a decent amount of people are refusing to play somewhat altogether.

Can we get an update that allows VOs to set conditions on in person play, such as proof of having the covid vaccine, so that we can safely start doing in person official pfs again? My entire state has essentially shut down their society play because of covid. Nobody really likes to play online. In comparison to in person, it really sucks.

We've all invested a lot of money and time into the local playing area, but nobody wants to go play without proof of vaccines, but apparently we aren't allowed to gatekeep anti vaxxers out? (I know this sounds harsh, but so is potentially killing someone or causing them long term damage due to their personal choices)

We literally started discussion of closing down weekly society play for our entire state semi permanently today. For over a decade the group has been playing pfs almost every week (except on major holiday weekends) and now they're going to shut it down because we can't keep the anti vaxxers out due to paizo ruling? Nobody wants to play with the risk that someone brings an active covid in, unless they all have the vaccine.

Robert Hetherington wrote:

Don't forget you could then assign Plaguestone and all Age of Ashes to that character and be... 8+7 = level 15

adding age of ashes is a bit unfair tho because thats an ap and takes a LOT of time that not everyone, especially society people, can/want to afford, and you dont need plaguestone to have a level 8 character. there's enough content currently. there's enough content to technically be 8.2.75 (8 levels, 2 scenarios, 3/4 quests. 1 quest away from level 9, technically, if you did some 1-4s or 3-6s but not enough for a full level. probably not a great idea to do tho cuz level 8/9 quest? lol)

but definitely not enough repeatables, and theyre not all that different between all their "variable options" either. like Tarnbreakers trail is just something like "here is your hand of 3 options, youre gonna use all 3 of them no matter what, but in what order?" (exaggeration, but not too much). if they were more like 1e half light path and tome of righteous repose then theyd definitely be more interesting. but any replayables is better than none at least. they can still be entertaining-ish on the 10th play if youre creative enough with your character

tho im sure almost nobody actually has only 1 character since there are replayables. i know a lot of people would rather have 1 really high character and then a bunch of low levels. this way when things like this happen, theyll have something to do until the new high tier stuff eventually comes out.

and i guess you could technically have 2 characters at max level. 1 from playing, 1 from gming heh

It says first 7-10 wont be out until June. do you really mean june 2021? that is AWFULLY far away, and people are already reaching level 8, almost level 9. Granted, thats only with a SINGLE PC, its their -1 and with the free rebuild and all the stuff released since the start, especailyl the APG, -1s suddenly have a lot more interest again as they can use all this new content without really any cost.

At my lodge at least, we have literally an entire table, maybe slightly more, of level 8 pcs, almost level 9, but most of us did use some playtest points. HOWEVER i did go through all the current scenarios and counted. If you played every scenario, and always played your -1 on the lowest scenarios, they could theoretically be level 8 almost 9 from scenarios alone. If they played it in a matter of reaching level 5 doing 1-4s before moving onto 3-6s and staying here until level 7, then the 5-8s. Doing it in this way (and odds are not a whole lot of people did this i suppose) people would already be up there at max levels or close. I did not count quests though. But there are no 5-8 quests so that's fine, doesnt really impact the planning.

Still, that's a long time?

i would like to think being allowed to write down some things you did during a scenario and have the GM sign the little stories as real occurrences that may give you different benefits during future scenarios up to GM would be nice

like in certain scenario, an npc asks you • “Explorers and adventurers like to talk about their great achievements, I find. But not so often
do they tell tales of their mistakes. Will you share with me a time you failed?”

and it would be awesome if we could write things like this down, whether good or bad, and be allowed to reference them for future benefit, with the limitation that we dont write down anything that really requires a certain difficulty of skill check, and that the benefit may not actually be much of a benefit. maybe just a little intriguing conversation during mission prep or something, idk im not really a story writer or developer

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Robert Hetherington wrote:

Fun story from an interactive, contains spoilers for Siege of the Diamond City.

** spoiler omitted **...

and that's the kind of thing i was talking about a while ago in this posts comments. it's not the boons that matter, its the actual story. everything in this story that kept the players desperate and thinking and trying to figure out what to do, and then their reaction to the low tier player and how "ecstatic" everyone was as you said, are the important part that people should be paying attention to. not the silly useless boons on chronicles that just end up getting hoarded "because i might need this someday!" and then never actually used and frequently forgotten. While all the players at those 2 tables may remember this, nobody else really will, and they may not care too much (and some may even doubt such an incredibly unlikely story)

in 2e, my wizard has, on 3 occasions, saved the team from the threat of tpk with an AMAZINGLY lucky gust of wind after the bad guys got a lot of lucky crits and our team getting a lot of unlucky bad rolls. Was a tpk guaranteed? not guaranteed. did we all think it was going to happen? certainly thought so. was this amazing situation that got me "player of the game" (little fun locale thing explained below) recorded on the chronicle? no because it's "not a boon and therefore not important" is how a lot of people in these comments are coming across as. Again, most of these chronicle boons just end up getting lost, or more likely entirely forgotten, and a lot of them are only cute for 6 seconds (hahaha) with a chance of failing to do anything (if they ever actually did anything to begin with). (certain scenario and i cant figure out how to make a spoiler thing) giving my dad a floating dull aeon stone via a lottery system that he glued googly eyes on and called it his Oread characters grandma and gave my cleric a permanently bubbling scarf. both fun yes, really fun, but also ENTIRELY forgotten and ignored 95% of the time and mechanically useless 100% of the time

the story is infinitely more important than a boon that you dont know youre getting and often doesnt work with the character you got it on. in 2e i almost got a firework bomb formula via chronicle on my ranger instead of my alchemist (ended up playing on my alchemist after thinking about it) and it's not a repeatable. sure i could use a boon with a cost to transfer it, but that still has a cost "and i might need those points someday when i need them most!" (and the boon is actually kinda lackluster anyway. most people would call it useless for an alchemist because it does considerably lower damage)

youll almost always get more joy out of the story about your (example, but my true story) bounty hunter ranger who finds a bolas during a situation, ends up fighting a certain creature, creature fails a certain check and you are now recreating the infamous lion king cliff scene, and then that ranger hits that creature with the bolas and trips them off the ledge, jokingly using an intimidate action as it falls to say "long live the king". You couldnt possibly convince me that being the creator pc and narrator of this story is less important than getting a "special", extremely situational, one time use only, not guaranteed to actually work, in general average boon. (because this is how a lot of 1e boons were. so many.)

It's stories like that that players treasure more than just about any boon that would show up on a chronicle because you can share that story with people who know NOTHING about pathfinder whatsoever with minimal effort to convert it to a way theyd understand, but the boons you could get on chronicles dont give you the same opportunity or satisfaction. The stories you get from playing are the gifts that keep on giving. The boons are not.

(explanation for player of the game. at our local area, the person who did the most amazing thing in a scenario, agreed on by a majority vote of the table, gets 3 dollars store credit with a little hand made wooden token made by a guys wife for the location (the store credit was not the token creators idea, the store came up with this for pathfinder society players as a thanks for always coming to the store to do it instead of elsewhere, the lady did this just cuz a hobby), one to each table, every sunday)

(sorry for the rambling, dont take offense anyone, im not mad or anything, maybe a little excited because i can use true stories as examples, and because generally my entire state,including heavy congoers who would gm most/all the slots to get those sweet boons, agrees that acp is better. most people here that went to the big cons specifically to try to get boons, like a leshy boon or a catfolk boon, or any boon really because literally everyone knew that gming at cons were the ONLY way to get fancy boons and everyone else was just SOL, would passively be planning on it literally all year long to make sure they had the time off from work, the money saved up, and the plans made to have transportation and lodging at the usually out of state cons (gencon and origins mostly as those are the biggest nearby pathfinder involved cons)

it was all settled. thank you.

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Wei Ji the Learner wrote:

The Last Bite chronicle was... underwhelming and a horrific end to a very cool Special that was incredibly stressful yet fun.

Please, Organized Play, step away from the 'grind/MMORPG' concept and go back to the flavour-full Boons that made Organized Play awesome instead of a bland boring tabletop WoW/AL clone.

Please. Have the Chronicles tell a full story, rather than being a receipt of participation. What is a Report of Exploration and Cooperation without... a Report? Or the Exploration?

ah yes, the system that the majority of people disliked so they made a new system more widely available to the majority of players, where anyone can be a catfolk with a little effort instead of only rich people who "buy" a boon through donations

the old system where only a HANDFUL of people could get anything cool. and that handful consisted of people with money to spend and time to waste because getting to the location of said boons cost a lot of money, time, and effort because you had to be a GM (for a lot of the cool race boons), which means you dont actually play the game, and players ended up also not getting said boons except an even smaller handful via raffles.

theyve already explained themselves over the new system. while some people will get the short stick, an overwhelming majority of players WORLD WIDE will benefit heavily. Sure it requires a LITTLE "grind" but they are also releasing a lot more replayable scenarios, and while they may grow somewhat boring after a few goes, it does not take much effort to get the acp for a boon compared to most "grind/mmorpg" systems. Remember, you are supposed to be playing a game for the experience, not a destination. You wont be showing people your chronicle, you will be telling them the story personally because everyone has a sliiiightly different experience.

WoW as your example, actually requires dedicated playing at a certain time, every week, for MONTHS. and mostly only on that specific day or 2, during specific times, usually the afternoon

Society play you can do anywhere, anytime, as much as you want. no "once a week" timegates like your example of WoW (admittedly im using the video game mmorpg WoW, not whatever table top version exists)

and more importantly this works exceedingly well in retrospect of the corona virus. i doubt they expected this to happen. this virus will likely be going on into the next year and the system will be exceedingly useful for that very situation and moving foward

Plus, if you give away boons on all the scenarios, then you wont really sell books, which means less money to paizo and lower quality Society in general.

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ooo, interesting


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February 2021 we will bring ancestries: Lizardfolk, androids, geniekin, kitsune, sprites, and more!

lizardfolk already exist right? from lost omens character guide?

actually can i just can i just cancel my subscription? seeing as others are finding more than a few typos and mistakes, i'll just get the pdf and maybe the book later. plus since ive had 3 weeks to think about it while i wait for it to ship even though people have had it for 3 weeks, odds are nobody is really even using physical copies of books anywhere because of the covid thing.

the apg has been sitting in my sidecart for almost 3 weeks now from subscription. i subbed specifically for the book. can you start sending it so that it gets here before the end of august. it's only 3 days away and not even sending yet. it's probably going to take all month to get here.

i just want it to get in the mail already since it'll take a while. i play exclusively society so it'll be a while before i even get to use it anyway. Please :D

It is now March. Time to release the Acp system so we can use those sweet ancestries right?

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i wish i could start playing my lizardfolk so he can start meeting all these lizzies showing up in scenarios. i definitely have more than enough points by now ):

Hah space squids


you don't have to keep track of everything. It's insane to think thats necessary. Just ask your player how they do something you don't understand and do it in a simple manner? I know at my location in 1e, our VC would just go "OK and how do you do that" after someone says something weird and it gets explained real fast and everyone moves on. I knew someone that built a swashbuckler with like 2 or 3 other classes and a dozen items that let them do other things.

You just need people to get good at explaining things quickly and easily for the scenario and you can talk and text about the intricacies later

Gary Bush wrote:
Azymondiaz wrote:
Also in pf1 A TON of options are just entirely blocked from society. A metric ton. Literally like half of all content was blocked from society play (rough guess, additional resources was rrreeeaaalllyyyy long with "not legal not legal not legal" and I'm probably slightly wrong on this but not by much) and luckily that didn't carry over to 2e. In 1e like half of the current heritages and ancestry feats and most of the archetypes from current books would have entirely been blocked from society without a boon.

Do you GM? Asking because I see nt stars/novas next to your name.

How can a GM even begin to have an understanding if EVERY POSSIBLE THING was allowed in PS1??? No Way. I seriously doubt a home game GM allows everything. It is too much for a GM to keep track of. And there are some combinations that prove to be too powerful. So those options have been make "not legal". With what is allowed there is already builds that are encounter stoppers!!

At GenCon, I saw a high level inquisitor archer take down the final boss at the end of the special on the first round where he acted first. Perfectly legal build. So we went on to another encounter with the brother of the boss. The other ranger archer took down the boss on his turn, first round. Again a legal build.

There needs to be limits, if nothing else for the sanity of the GM!!

I like the limits. They provide balance for the GM and for the players.

If you don't like the limits of Society play, your welcome to play a home game. But please don't tear down the game that I really like.

funny enough, contrary to your comment, someone else says 90% of content IS legal in pf1 lol. But pf1 was an entirely different game where building your character to be a 1man army was VERY easy, and now in 2e it is much less so with how EVERYTHING scales and how bad guys can cheat on being built

Woo 200th comment. So many rambling comments lol

Bob Jonquet wrote:
Azymondiaz wrote:
maybe they'll still get boons in person" yknow like free raffle prizes and such

We are generally moving away from this practice. I can see a future where there is no paperwork changing hands. All reporting is done online. All rewards are distributed online. If all the programs were integrated into the AcP program, something that would be relatively easy to do once they fix the source code, we could eliminate all paper boons. Record of your boon purchases would be maintained on your account and could if an audit was to occur, be shown digitally or at the player's discretion printed.

Azymondiaz wrote:
Literally like half of all content was blocked
I seriously doubt it. It sounds like you are speculating, and any attempt I would have to refute your estimate would also be speculating, but we did do an unofficial count back around season five and found that (IIRC) something like 90% of published content was legal for OP. That may of changed over time, but many of us would say its no where near 50% blocked.

Well they did say they were probably wrong. In defense, all of the important content wasn't legal unless you went to a convention for a boon. Buying the book meant nothing unless you had the exceedingly rare boons that were convention gain only. A large amount of content wasn't ACTUALLY legal to everyone unless you somehow got the rare-mostly-convention-only boons.

If you count content locked behind boons as being not legal, like races and all their related stuff and archetypes, and don't count the many many tiny items that almost never actually saw real play and the giant items that also don't see play because society rarely goes above 12 (which is pretty subjective in all situations) then there was significantly more than 10% of not legal content because the majority of society players don't have and most likely won't have easy access to it. I seem to remember a whole lot of "not legal unless you have a boon" stuff in additional resources as well. Which meant "not legal unless you got lucky gming a convention and got what you wanted instead of some random stuff that doesn't interest you"

But also there is a lot of high level content, and society play just so rarely does that content. Almost mostly convention special events are the few times you see it or society games taken home and spread out once a week over a month.

So it's probably much more than 10% realistically in terms of "does this TRULY get used enough to justify it as being legal, or does this truly exist as legal when it's 15th and up level content that is nearly nonexistent in society"

I apologize for rambling, I'm probably fairly wrong about this stuff too. I only started around the end of season 8 and remember seeing a lot of stuff as boon locked, not legal, or basically out of reach by level

I don't see how battle medicine wouldn't require at least touching them, and probably a free hand. Medicine requires touching and a hand right? Battle medicine has the manipulate trait

You must physically manipulate an item or make gestures to use an action with this trait. Creatures without a suitable appendage can’t perform actions with this trait. Manipulate actions often trigger reactions

This sounds like it implies you need a free-is hand, cuz if it's currently wielding a weapon, that's not exactly a suitable appendage to slap a bandaid on someone. Treat wounds specifies adjacent ally and I'd feel stopping someone from bleeding out requires some pretty strong physical contact, probably with not your hand that's holding a dagger. Nearly all of the "manipulate trait" actions HEAVILY imply you have a rather unobstructed hand with fingers ready to do complex finger motions. And frankly, how does a single action, even if it has a cool down of 1 day, or 1 hour with feats, translate to so much healing?

VOTOZ wrote:
*loads anti-Core rounds into weapon system*

you seem to know how to have a fun game lol

NECR0G1ANT wrote:

@Wei Ji the Learner, if you refuse to participate in PFS2 unless you can immediately start play with an Uncommon ancestry, you'll be waiting a long time. In fact, you won't ever play unless transferable AcP is implemented or tengu are declared Common.

Is playing as another ancestry really worse than not playing PFS at all? I guess you could just GM until you get enough ACP.

I agree. I absolutely LOVE reptiles and magic and was really hoping lizardfolk would be immediately available (or Kobolds, instead of lame goblins) and have int as their base stat. None of this was what I wanted. So what did I do? I worked with what I had, which was only core, and made a few funny pcs based on interesting things, like characters from books I'm reading or something that makes me smile enough. So I played games, now I'm running games, and saving up those sweet sweet points and when lizardfolk is buy able you can bet a lizardfolk Druid is nearly the only thing I'm playing for a while.

I also have a friend that played almost exclusively tengu in 1e and he was the same. "I don't wanna do anything pf2 until tengu are legal" well, that's a long way away. "I think lizardfolk will be an acceptable substitute until tengu come out" well they still, sadly, cost points. "well I guess I'll start Gming or playing a substitute until I can play my substitute until tengu are a thing."

Its kinda funny, but he was also like, the only starfinder gm at our store since 2e came out for most of the time, and starfinder was a big hit at our store for like 6 months, but 1 table monopolized it so everyone else was sorta like "well, since Pf2 is coming out I guess I'll just give up on trying to do starfinder since nobody wants to play anymore since the main group kinda quit for Pf2 as well and nobody really wants to do starfinder now"

Long rambling short, playing a substitute race might not be as fun, but at least it WILL get you to the race you want. Unless you just do a bunch of gming, which will make it faster.

Personally tengu should be common and free. With them being widely available in 1e for like 3 years, they should be common. They're basically just fluffy halflings really lol. It couldn't possibly be THAT bad to make a few new races free and common, especially when they're essentially reskinned core races.

And to be fair, promise my last thing, we are all humans in real life. This is a fantasy game. Sometimes people just wanna play as something that doesn't look like a human. To REALLY fantasize about something foreign and alien-like that they can pretend to be. To REALLY escape bland humanity. Almost everyone does at some point. Even if it's only slightly so (like a gnome or elf or lizard or goblin (why would anyone wanna do this for a disgusting goblin tho, personal rhetorical joke, do not answer))

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Donald wrote:
Davor Firetusk wrote:
I'm not sure what wasn't clear in the sample explanation for the Hobgoblins. Races aren't 'locked' it's not a video game. Lore driven decisions make the campaign interesting.

So I can play a Hobgoblin without a boon in PFS?

The "uncommoness" is artificial. If you have a party of six Iruxi, those six are the only know Iruxi in the Pathfinder Society plus any NPCs met along the way. Gen Con special events are the only time more than six Society members are together. The can be 2000 people in the world playing Hobgoblins, and it will not effect any other game going on.

Not in society. OUTSIDE of society yes, as long as you own the content.

(the rest of this is not specifically for you, I just don't want to make a 2nd post)

It sounds like people are upset that the races cost too much and compared to gming at a con, sort of yes, it gets you enough points for half of a "chose your boon" which when you remember you get to chose whatever you want and you earned half of it, that's not that bad.

Now sure, you don't actually get a full race boon, but you also don't get something you don't want. I GMed at origins once and got a leshy boon. Did not really care for it. Basically a wasted boon. No offense to anyone or leshy, but at that point 2e was confirmed to happen and 1e was going to end, and I already had literally almost a dozen characters, most of which weren't even level 10 or up. I also really like reptiles and leshy was just a neutral thing, so it just wasn't for my tastes. But my friend also GMed origins and he completely ROCKED a leshineticist. He dove into that and rode it all the way through eyes of the 10. Good for him.

But now, if I GMed at origins, assuming most or all of my slots went off, which I probably wouldn't do a whole lot, but probably would play a few times, I would earn a decent amount of acp. Even if it's not enough for a current race boon, at least I don't end up with another boon I DON'T want.

And I can save those points for a future boon rotation. Potentially saving up for a new super amazing boon that, at the time they come out, nobody will have the points for yet and I will. What if they made a conjoined aasimar tiefling. Like you get all the best parts all the time. And the cost was like 200 points or something. Also maybe only 1 purchase ever (until they change it later) and most people are like "damn it, now I wish I didn't buy that hobgoblin and leshy" but then next week it's game time and I roll up with one. That'd be amazing. It'd be beyond a simple convention boon and super rare. In the end it would have been worth it. Personally I'm only buying an Iruxi. Then I'm saving up for a tiefling AND tengu (or something else. But I'm adding tiefling to whatever) and together those will be expensive. But by the time those come out for society, I'll have saved up the points for it. This is just an example. Probably won't happen, but you can imagine. What if they put a single mythic tier in as a reward with restriction that you can never gain more than that single mythic tier and must be a certain level and it would be Hella expensive. Maybe the benefit from that could be something like, once per scenario you can regain all your spell slots of a single spell level, or all your hp, temporarily max your focus points at 3 if you only have a pool of 1. See? Sounds awesome. The possibilities are nearly limitless for this system.

And that's sort of how it is now. We don't see long term goal. We don't see what will happen later. Some of the boons may suck, some may be like "Im not sure I personally want it but I'm sure it'll become useful to some". And then someday some REALLY amazing things will come out and people will want them, and some people will have decided to save up the bonus points from cons and such (and there will probably be some paper boons, not quite as good as ancestry boons but still good.) and they'll be having the last laugh. They'll be changing things as things go and they'll probably try to get the best balance they possibly can.

Paizo is thinking big picture with this achievement point system. All we can do is learn to accept that they probably know more about what they're doing than we do. And that they'll do things well enough to satisfy the majority. There will always be some who aren't happy, but that's humans. There's no pleasing everyone.

First World Bard wrote:
Christian Dragos wrote:
A bit difficult to read with Reward Name & Description on the bottom of each section.
The table rendered poorly for me on my mobile device as well. The table looks fine on my laptop, though.

Turn auto rotate screen on and then turn it to landscape. It looks normal

Tarnel wrote:
We in the pathfinder society are the early adopters, champions of the game if we get the new stuff first we promote the hell out of it.

society players are the last to get everything and cant promote anything because they cant use over half the content in game, and what they can use takes months to get permission to use lol, which is kind of backwards since others claim society only exists to advertise.

medtec28 wrote:
Nefreet wrote:
medtec28 wrote:
we all want the work done, and I’m sure campaign leadership wants it done almost as much as we do

This little dig is absolutely unwarranted.

We're the ones who *want* it done. For us, it's a luxury.

Paizo employees *need* it done. For them, it's a paycheck.

As others have pointed out, they don’t NEED to sanction anything at all. But that wasn’t the point of my post, and I do believe that was understood.

warning long post, not meant to be a rant. just personal experience with playing at different society locations through out the entire state and multiple cons.

are you sure they dont NEED to do it? others have said society only exists to advertise their stuff so people can buy it and take it home to play home games.

well a lot of people ONLY have time for society on a set schedule before they decide to do home games, maybe once a week or even less frequently. At least with society they have better chances of being able to play while a homegame could have to wait extended periods of time due to life getting in the way. i know someone who's been in a homegame for 2 years and theyre barely at level 5 because there's almost always something coming up for at least 1 person. And while some people may try to argue that it isnt the case, and if the multiple pathfinder society discords growing rapidly in the past years and gaining more society support even boons for online cons and multiple online cons means anything, then yes society is a major part of the game.

Wouldnt making more things available for society, so that more people play and see these things, mean more publicity so more people would be more inclined to buy things and play at home, as others have decided arbitrarily is the main player base, even though supposedly society is how they advertise. How can they advertise their content when their main advertising venue is excruciatingly slowly updated? Wouldn't more content in society mean more ACTUAL advertisement for their actual content instead of only a fraction of the stuff?

Example, almost nobody wants to pay 25/35 dollars, OR MORE because of shipping, for something that ends up not being what they expected because the little they know about it from their advertising, which is society play and/or cons (which also means society play since most games ran at cons ARE society play, because societys gimmick is play with anyone anywhere). A lot of people have stopped buying and/or playing 1e because it's no longer society supported and will take what feels like forever to get the AR updated. BTW 1e is still waiting on updates to their AR, and with 2e out now, chances arent great that people will be more likely to jump into that ugly moshpit of power creep or buy more stuff for it.

Almost all pathfinder/dnd players have specific interests when they play. According to reddit, a lot of people are hesitant to buy and/or play because what theyre interested in doesnt exist yet and/or isnt sanctioned for play.

I have a friend that doesnt want to play until tengu come out, homegames or society, but may like lizardfolk as a holdover. One friend doesnt really want to play until blight druids return because he plays almost exclusively druidic characters, but may play a little bit of regular druid just because druids DO exist, however he will buy less and play less because there is no blight druid, his 1st pc of 1e. Another one is happily looking over things and theorycrafting and playing because gnomes do exist, his favorite race. Another is waiting to make his next character because after finding out leshys were in the next book, he wants to remake his leshykineticist in society because of a leshy boon he got a while ago. While he understands he cant play a kineticist he mostly just wants to play his leshy named Berry Healthy because it makes him happy. Another is waiting to buy stuff because he loves reptiles and wants to play a nagaji/lizardfolk like character but only plays society. One just doesnt play at all anymore because he cant make super OP characters that roll ALL the d6s or because he cant just entirely obliterate everything in his path, and as an aasimar. I could probably go on and on with this list of people that. I've heard of a few that hate 2e just because it exists and all the choices and OP options of 1e (and OPness of 1e in general) is gone. This list could go on and has gone on for too long already, i apologize.

Point is, society is probably bigger than most people think. It is certainly much larger than it used to be. My local stores that i try to play at every sunday and even a restaurant that we play at every other saturday that supports board games has actually recently gained more people to play than they can even sit!

Again i apologize for the long post. But ever since the admittedly difficult admission into pathfinder (because let's be honest, if youve never played roleplayihng board games before, it's extremely difficult to start up), the game has LITERALLY changed my life, and i do want the best for it. My opinion is probably a little greedy though does have the best interest in my state's society play.

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To be fair, you'd think they would be getting their act together a little bit more with the new edition. With the 2e core essentially being mostly the same as 1e core in terms of races and classes, and 1e having been out for over 10 years, maybe some people are a little bit sick and tired of playing the same things in core/mostly core after 10 years, or any amount of years really.

Maybe there are some non core things that are already released that they really really really like and if those were core or already legal (cuz maybe they understand paizo takes a little to update additional resources, but starfinder was pretty fast on some of their AR updates) you probably wouldnt see a peep out of them.

I know someone who literally wont touch 2e until Tengus come out and that's only because there's no playable panda race so tengus became their go-to ONLY race. Tengus wont be out until at least next gen con, and probably another few months after that before they become legal, so that really sucks because he's an amazing roleplayer, and theyre just sick of core too. Theyve been playing a human for 30 years irl, give them a break for not wanting to play essentially lord of the rings, because that's sort of what core is. And of all the new races they could have brought in, they chose goblins...the dumbest and most annoying of races to bring to society. I've heard a lot of people preferring kobolds instead lol. At least kobolds can be reasoned into society. There's the sewer dragons of absolam...the high profile kobold scenario of society where kobolds actually do good work, unlike goblins, until paizo just retcons everything. But i digress, things could have been handled way better.

i was actually gonna have a giant edit to agree with them and some other things, but then paizos website broke on submit edit, so that explains, in itself, how society is. it's broken lol

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lol yup figures. we're probably going to have to wait for a literal christmas miracle or new years present for any new legal stuff in society. 1e is still waiting on content apparently so might as well just play whatever in society (within reason) until paizo decides to put any effort into updating their online guide then rebuild if decisions ever get made.

with only 2 repeatable scenarios and only core being legal on top of no evil stuff in society (which isnt even fun cuz its society anyway) might as well enjoy the stuff you buy until they say otherwise. not like they can really track what race, archeype, or spells you use.

until stuff starts getting added to the additional resources, might as well play whatever your gm allows as if youre doing society home games and dont travel.

Seems strong at first glance, but I'm sure it also has downsides we dont know of yet

I and quite a few GMs in my local area would also like to know, as this would mean I have to change this feat taken at level 7, if it doesn't mean we get "summon or eidolon can deliver touch spells" then it's just another mostly useless feat

Also like, nowhere in Google can I find an answer and almost nobody anywhere talks about this feat.

I like the idea of what ive heard of it. but I can not for the life of me find it in the book (I got a pdf)

I would think atmosphere yes because you end up absorbing it through contact

I would like to think inhaled wouldn't work because obvious

but who knows with paizo

people are trying to do full round spell casting while having things such as a heavy weapon taking up all their arms

you wont believe how crazy the people on facebook get over these vague details, thinking they can become a literal in game deity simply because things aren't worded correctly

now maybe you DONT need free hands to do spell casting because paizo wanted to make it easier, maybe you do. it isn't stated either way and people are getting into trolling wars over it

it's also stated that this is not pathfinder, so they should have been absolutely clear about things like this. Just because spellcasting no longer has components, doesn't mean it doesn't use a hand

in almost every single picture in the core rule book where a character is using magic, they are using their hands and making odd hand gestures/hand signs

it also says we need to concentrate. now since it wasn't clear about it, and all the art involves it, for all we know we do need a free hand and to concentrate on doing the right hand motions

using 2 hands to hold onto say, a big machine gun of sorts, and then somehow making those hand gestures while still holding onto it to do something like use spellcasting as part of their full action to load the gun with magic and shoot it, all without any class feature of anything that would allow them

I'm talking about society by the way

I understand what you mean now by detonators aren't used up and their description in the book

we can only set up a single grenade per detonator!

I don't know, but I'm sure I could come up with something and that there are probably many many MANY people that would love to tell you what you want to hear

the rigged grenades with a detonator would be an expensive concept though

grenade launchers on the other hand, generally explode on impact, more or less, which is to say that is fairly volatile

I and quite a few others at my local store, at least 10 people, would also like to know

one guy specifically wants to build his character around having token spell to always have a grenade floating near him and then telekinetic projectile it right in the middle of a group of baddies (at least for low level)

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can an official give an answer on to whether or not spellcasting requires a free hand in general?

it's never specified it doesn't, but at the same time it doesn't specify it does

example. it says spellcasting is basically entirely obvious, and all the spellcasters in the book show that they are using their FREE hands, but nothing specifies otherwise anywhere and people are freaking out trying to abuse it in ways that might not be intended

people are trying to use 2 handed heavy weapons, or any combination of weapons that fill all their hands, and then just cast spells because they think they can

and I feel this needs to be added to the FAQ that it SPECIFICALLY does or does not, none of this vague bs