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Does this take a while to up date or something? I haven't had a delay with any other downloads in the past.


Is it assumed that in the beginner box anyone can dual wield without issue? I know there are several "minis" depicted with a weapon in each hand, but I saw no dual wield rules or feats.

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I always enjoyed the brief trips into Si-Fi that modules like Temple of the Frog, Expedition to the Barrier Peaks, and a few others provided back in the old days.

Additionally, I often incorporated parts of the 1st ed Gamma World modules Famine in Fargo, and Legion of Gold, (the sub-aquatic laboratory, unearthed by the looming eruption offered an alternative method of fleeing the Island of the Slave Lords)into my campaigns over the years. The beauty of the Si-fi sojourns was that the tech equipment was all powered by non rechargeable power sources and thus had charges, and thus I never felt unbalanced the game. But I never knew a player who didn't enjoy blasting an android with a Mark VII blaster from time to time.

I personally would like to see the odd si-fi alien observation station/crashed space ship/rogue androids appear in the Pathfinder world.


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Is it just me or has the quality of the minis crashed and burned?

Is there a web page for the Iconic characters?
If not, there should be.

It would be nice if it included:

1) The stat blocks (the little card format from the back of the modules would be fine) for each Iconic at each level.

2) Information on how the Iconics interact with each other. I know at least one of the Iconics is evil. How does that work with the rest of them?

3) This would also be a great place for art featuring the Iconics.

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Is it not? Do I need to order it separately?

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Based on the size of the Library of Dust (110ft) the whole city based on the maps on page 36 and page 50, the whole city is only about 2,000 feet across. Not that it was supposed to be Myth Drannor, but that is a very small area for an unban battlefield.

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Should Pathfinder 14 be costing me, a "Superscriber", $19.07 as a pre-order?

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I Pre-ordered the Pathfinder H/C back in March and was billed for it at that time. I recieved that copy, but then I guess because I am a Pathfinder Chronicles subscriber, recieven and was billed for another copy. I really don't need the second copy, and if I had known that it would be included in my Pathfinder Chronicles subscription, I wouldn't have pre ordered it. What can I do? Should I ship one copy back to you for a refund?

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A lot of the suggestions I see on these boards scream 4ed. Remember the goal of the Pathfinder RPG is to keep all the existing 3.5 materials playable without spending time to retro fit them.

Pathfinger RPG should be 3.75, not pre 4ed.

That being said, I trust the Paizo staff to seperate the wheat from the chaff and provide us with a fantastic game that keeps 3.5 alive.

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Has there been any thought into creating an "Oriental Adventures" portion of the Pathfinder 3.75 game?

I think a clash of cultures Current Pathfinder/Oriental Pathfinder where the PCs could play either side, or a mix of both would make for an interesting and innovative AP.

An example as to how an adventure could be played by either side would be the recruitment of an ally by either side, or the removal of a rival/traitor from your side = removing an enemy leader if played from the other side. A dungeon delve could be played as finding the secret way into an enemy city from one side, or clearing the secret excape route from the city if played from the other side.
PCs could even become double agents.

This would also allow Paizo to release a Oriental Adventures line if they so desired.

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Just checking on the status of this order.

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How about a interactive world map with "Push-pins" marking the sites of the various Pathfinder modules and adventures. Something that you could run your mouse over and it would "highlight" Bloodcove or Clydwell Keep and annotate D3 or whatever so you could tell what adventure/module takes place there. Perhaps for something like River of Darkness, the "Highlight" would pull up the adventure route map with the name of the module and the level range.

This would really make it nice for DMs who have no idea where the Worldwound is.

It would also make it easier to see where the adventure locals are so as to be able to better link adventures to a rational geographic flow.

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Maybe I missed, but is there somewhere that the iconic characters are statted out at each level so as to make a nice rogues' gallery of pregenerated characters?

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OK, first, what is the difference between Skilled as a Human (not sure what "proficient in one extra skill" means), and Adaptability as a Half Elf? Both seem to allow a non-class skill to become a class skill.

Is the extra feat a human gets worth the Low light vision, Keen senses, elven immunities, elf blood, weapon proficiency and extra language a Half Elf gets?

Seems that the scales tilts to the half-elf.

Thrilled about not going 4e.
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I'm very impressed by the production quality of the Pathfinder book, but the angular interior artwork leaves something to be desired. I just don't care for the strande blocky illustrations. The illustration of the Goblin Warchanter was a bit cartoony bit ok, and I do like the art of the goblin mounted on the goblin dog on page 14, but the illustrations of Aldren Foxglove, Shalelu Andosans (nice "poision elves" ears...grrr) and especially Tsuto Kaijitsu are just plain bad. And I know she's going demonic and all, but what is with the 2x4s sticking out of Nualia's hips?

Not as bad as the art for Wil Save, but close :-(

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I'm a little thrown off by the placement of creatures in D1 level 1.

What path did the kobolds in area 1 use to get from area 17 to area 1? The cube is blocking the route that the kids are taking.

Nothing has eaten the shocker lizards yet? What do they eat?

Why did the one kid backtrack on their escape route to the crypts when the halfling and girl decided to hold the fort in room 12? (Unless he realized that the cube was blocking the exit from 12 in which case room 12 is not a good position since the kobolds can get to the kid in the crypts without having to fight the girl and the halfling)

How did the kids get through the area 16 (I think...don't have the map with me at the moment) where the kobold dissidents are meeting?

Why haven't the Ghouls (who have a freshly killed Kobold) left their room?

The way I can best figure it, maybe the slave kobolds went through room 12 to get to room 1. The cube was in 13 sensed the kobold slaves passage and started to follow them. The Kids escape and head to room 12. They are trapped from going further by the cube (which is still chasing the kobold slaves?) The girl and halfling hold 12, while the one kid heads into the crypts to try to find another way out with the girl and the halfling being a distraction rather than trying to escape as well? I can't remember where the slow kid ends up...I don't have my hard copy with me at the moment, I was planning to check out the e-copy, but can't download it yet... The kobolds emerge from the well, and go off hunting for the kids. one group heads for 12, others check the ghoul room and one gets grabbed, so the rest retreat and have their revolution meeting)...and the party enters the area...

All this could easily take place in 10-20 rounds. This makes the dungeon potentially a very dynamic place.

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Playtesting the PATHFINDER Adventure that Wolfgang Baur wrote, #4 in the series I believe, I can only say that it is fantastic. The encounters are exciting and seeing just his glimpse of the campaign world made me want to start a whole new campaign.

Also, as a player in Greg Vaughan game, I can attest to his creativity and writing skill and knowledge of the DM perspective (as if the previous offerings by these two great writers don't speak for themselves)...and maybe I can get a sneak peak from him too ;-)

Frankly, I buy items written by these authors, and several other Paizo regulars as a matter of course since they have already proved their skills over and over.

With a line up of: Jacobs, Pett, Logue, Baur, Greer and Vaughan, you can't go wrong. Throw in art by Wayne Reynolds and I’m in gamer heaven.

For me, the fact that both the adventures (which were in DUNGEON, to which I subscribed) and the extra DM info (which were in DRAGON, to which I did not subscribe) are now in a single product PATHFINDER is like my dream come true. Heck even if DUNGEON and DRAGON were going to be available, I'd be subscribing to PATHFINDER if it were available. I can't imagine a better gaming resource.

Stunned by the cancellation of DUNGEON and DRAGON, I'm now reveling in the coming of PATHFINDER.

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OK, the Isle of Dread was ravaged by a Savage Tide, very long ago...a couple hundred years at least...(I don't have the magazine with the exact date with me at this time). And there are still Olman huts on the beaches, "...canoes rotting in the tides"? Even a lift built by "...Olmans who recently attempted to settle along this stretch of coastline..."

Are these structures from some recent attempt by the island natives to settle the region? I had thought that the Olmans were pretty much wiped out as a culture long, long, long ago. Perhaps the ruins found along the cliff path are from the current natives of the island and not Olman, unless the current natives are Olman decedents.

Having lived in equatorial jungle, I can say that no structure not made out of stone is going to last much more than maybe a year or two in the best situations, and I can't see rotting canoes still bobbing in the tides, especially after the storm, unless they came from the current natives on the island.

Can somebody refresh my memory? Are the current natives on the island 1) Olman? and 2) new arrivals or the decedents of the few Olman who survived the savage tide?

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Maybe remove the red floor markings that denote the locations of traps from the non labeled maps (I realize that they are not really removable like the text is, so maybe not put them on the maps as non-text color areas).

I can see the play in a game where the maps are projected (as we do), or enlarged and used as tiles:

Player: "Um, why are these squares on the floor red?"
DM: "Oh, they are not. Just ignore that".
Player: "My character moves through the area, not stepping in any of the red squares I'm ignoring" ;-)

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Richard Pett asked me to post this (after my hijacking of the Styles Secquel thread). Some of the events portraied here were based on things that were not included in the published adventure, so may seen different for those familiar with the published version.

These were the notes that I sent Richard to let him know how play went, as such some of it is notes on play and some is comments on things that came up during play.

The Party is:

Lady Varin Female Human Paladin (Heironeous) 15 we played this as a tension point, she had an invitation, but was an immediate target of B’Kruss and his gang. (this should have probably immediately called for the more advanced trailing party of “Watchers”)
Agrij Agranni Male Dwarf Cleric (War/Strength) 12/ Fighter 3
Ryn of Briarwood Female Half-elf Ranger 9/Rouge 6
Jyncks Female Wizard (evoker) 15
Brother Jharo Male Human Monk 15
Mellyoun Male Gnome Rogue 10/Bard 5

The party shows up at the gate and shows their invitations to gain entrance, the Paladin boldly bearing her heraldry and mounted on her Warhorse.

As they come in they witness the hanging, and ask some questions. They then go to see the hide out and discover the whole block demolished. While they are observing the rubble and getting the understanding of the excessive force used, B’Kruss and his band arrive.

They immediately start to harass the Paladin about her horse and that she must think herself a good rider.
B’Kruss: “Nice looking horse you got there, think you can ride? Everyone knows that Hobgoblins are the best riders around”
Lady Varin: “Really, I’ve never met a Hobgoblin that could sit a horse”
B’Kruss: “Horses, bla! To wussy a creature. Only good for a little girl like your self. Any one of my band can ride better than you and we are ready to prove it.”
“Name the route”
B’Kruss: “Not so fast girly. We want to have a nice fair race don’t we? So we’ll use our mounts. Come with us to the barracks stables and we’ll mount up”

So the party goes to the stables and are presented with the Dire Bores.

B’Kruss: “Hell lassy, since we picked the type of mount, you may pick which magnificent beast each of us will ride.”
Lady Varin: “You want me to ride Bacon? I eat these things”
B’Kruss: “Aye, What better mount than one you can eat if you get hungry. Now select a mount unless you are scared like all those of your order.”
Lady Varin: “Fine.” She uses her +8 Animal Handle to try to select a mount and can’t tell any difference in the mounts. She selects one at random and happens to pick the less aggressive one (Lucky Break). She then selects another one at random for Gugh.

Jynicks secretly casts Cats Grace on Lady Varin.

And the race is on… (Maybe a bit more in the realm of modifiers could be added to this section to make it a bit more exciting. Bonuses for whipping each others boars, knocking stuff in the way which may require additional Handle animal checks, avoiding bystanders that reduce the die roll by -1, or maybe +1d4 if you find a clear path, etc…)

With the 3 opposed rolls, Gugh is at +16, the Paladin is at +13(+2 for Cats Grace).

Roll 1:
Lady Varin gets 11 +15 ride -2 for being careful for 24
Gugh gets 7 +16 ride for 23

Roll 2:
Lady Varin gets 17 +15 ride -2 for being careful for 31
Gugh gets 10 +16 for 26

Roll 3:
Lady Varin gets 13 +15 ride -2 for being careful for 26
Gugh gets 12 +16 for 28

And Lady Varin wins!

The Hobgoblins are in a rage, but can’t do anything. They leave growling things about “Beginner’s luck and cheating b*$%~, Lame Boar” The losing Boar is slaughtered and dragged back to the barracks. One of the Hobgoblins is assigned to take the party to their tavern.

The party quickly leaves the area and moves back to their tavern/inn. The hobgoblin bursts in the foor and yells at the tavern keeper “Put thses Guests of the Prince up. They are paid for!” The Hobgoblin then leaves in a huff. Lady Varin asks the tavern keeper if he has truly been paid for their lodging. The man weakly insists that he has been, but she insists that he take a 200 gold gem from her to cover “Anything else that might come up”. The party then leaves their mundane belongings in the inn.

They then swing back by the destroyed city block to gather some information.

Ryn catches sight of the party’s watcher and manages to slip up on the man and cleanly knock him out. She then stays with the prisoner while the rest of the party moves on following clues and heads into the shanty area. While the party chases don the leads on Resem Gulg and Damsk, Ryn waits until the watcher regains consciousness (which actually takes a couple hours.

When the Watcher awakes he finds the half-elven woman sitting on his chest pinning his arms by his side. She has a dagger at his throat.
Ryn: “Why are you following us? Who do you work for?”
Watcher: “Prince Zeech wanted me to make sure his guests were not in danger and wanted me to follow you to see that no harm came to you.”
Ryn: “I don’t believe you.”
Watcher: “Aye lass, and I’m think’n that you maybe a looking for a bit of fun. Maybe if you be undo’n my cod piece we can be a gett’n around to what you are really after”.
Ryn knocks him on the head again and leaves him unconscious in a sheltered area of the rubble. She then returns back to the inn to wait for her friends to return.

The party returns to the Inn with the information gathered from Damsk, and early the next morning they go down to the docks get a boat, (which Jyncks casts ‘Shrink’…or maybe it was ‘Item’ on, and pockets) they then (having learned when the causeway will be available because of low tide and thus timed their departure for that time) head out to the island via the exposed causeway.

As they arrive at the island they begin looking for the graves and Agrij falls in a grave and gets jumped by 6 worms. And the gas begins to leak out…

(This should have a growing area off effect each round until it covers the island. What happens if the gas is exposed to flame before round four…as you will see happened with my party?)

A rope is dropped for Agrij who climbs out and Lady Varin casts cure disease on him killing the worms. Then Brother Jharo uses his Flaming Sling and fires a bullet into the worm (and gas) filled grave.

(I had the grave instantly ignite with a blowtorch like gout of flame like those at a refinery burning off the waste gas).

The party then sees this flame slowly expanding and rush around the island looking for the graves. And then the island explodes. (20d6 for 72 points of damage) All the PCs survive the blast damage (the Wizard only because she had a Major Ring of Fire resistance, her Ref +11 and 68 Hp would have meant that she would have died), but Mellyoun, Lady Varin and Ryn fail their saves for massive damage and are killed.

With the fire out, the remainder of the party finds the graves and digs up the corpses (wondering why there are corpses instead of ash as you would expect from someone who was burned at the stake) They then gather their two dead friends and pile in the unshrunk boat and try to paddle back to shore…and no one has any sailor skill, (and even if they did, a 15th level character would only have 19 ranks if they had been maxing them out, and in this campaign there is no reason for any character to have any ranks in profession sailor. So, a DC40 is impossible to make unless a character has max ranks in sailor, and some sort of synergy bonus, and rolls a 20)

So they get stuck in the mud and have to wait for the next tide for the causeway to become visible again. At which point they walk back to town with the five corpses.

Sneaking back into the Inn they use Agrij’s Rod of Life to resurrect Mellyoun, Lady Varin and Ryn. They then rest the night and start the next day with the questioning of the other corpses via ‘Speak with Dead’. From this they learn of The Church of Blessed Deliverance and head there post haste…followed by the improved watchers.

When Lady Varin goes downstairs for breakfast, she finds the Inn keeper in ill shape, he has obviously been accosted. One eye is swollen shut, and dry blood crusts several new cuts on his face. One arm is in a sling.

Lady Varin: “Good Lord man, What happened to you?”
Inn Keeper: “ Nothing Ma lad…”
Inn keeper’s Wife: “You are what happened to Him!”
Inn Keeper: “Suush woman!”
Inn Keeper’s Wife: “You give him a gem with all that flair and show. He got mugged first time he steppe…”
Lady Varin: “Well, take this gem to make up fo…”
Inn Keeper’s Wife: “You’ve helped us quite enough! Leave us alone”
Inn Keeper: “DAMN WOMAN BACK TO THE KITCHEN!” Then in a loud voice that can be heard by anyone who may be observing the scene “I cannot and will not accept this gift my lady. Please be about your day”.

As the watchers watch, the party moves into the church and discovers Rhorsk entombed in the wall. While working to free him they deduce that he must be undead, so as soon as there is an opening and Rhorsk holds out his hand and says “Hello I’m Rhorsk. Nice to me…” he is vaporized by Lady Varin who turns undead (roll of like 19) so Rhorsk is totally dusted…and so is any chance of the party following up on this lead. Which is something the party quickly picks up on. (Here I was generous and had them find scrawling pictures that Rhorsk had carved into the wall. I closed my eyes and drew a man wrestling lions with a well behind him…And the players laughed at my art and had no idea what it was supposed to be…So, I had one of them decioher script and with a roll of 15 they were able to make out the picture for what it was supposed to be).

So with improved watchers in tow, they begin to try to find a statue of Lord Zeech fighting Lions (I’m not sure if the statue was there 10 years ago, but that was the only way I could come up with on the moment to get the party back on track). They eventually find the statue then set about searching for a well, of which there is not one in sight. This had them puzzled until they noticed the corner stone bearing a date 10 years ago on one of the buildings behind the statue.

Lady Varin approached the building and knocked on its stout wooden door. A small window opened in the door and a old female inquired what business visitors had at the Leper house. Lady Varin asks to come in, but is refused, she then says. “It would be such a shame to have come all this way to make a donation to this most worthy charity and not be able to look in on all the good it is doing”. (38 Diplomacy check)

Woman: “A donation you say? Well I guess it could not hurt to let a generous donor…”
Lady Varin: “And my entourage…”
Woman: “and her entourage enter and have a look about. Please come on in.”

The heroes enter, and Lady Varin hands over a 500gp gem to the Woman running the house. “If I like what I see, there will be more, May we have a moment alone?”
The Lepers are all ushered into the dining room as the party begins to look around. (unfortunately they have no means to find the one particular portion of the uniformly stone floor under which the trap door to the well lay)

The Watchers continue to observe the building, but make no move as of yet.

(I threw the players a bone, but there should be some way for them to find the particular portion of the floor that needs to be removed to access the trapdoor)

Finding a trapdoor under a portion of the floor, the party uses rope and descends into an open well shaft. They emerge at the bottom of the shaft in a hemispherical room with smooth walls, and no apparent exits other than the shaft overhead. Knocking around the walls, they find an area that sounds hollow and manage to bust through that area.

Beyond, the corridor leads to the broad opening of the Well – this corridor has a large amount of rope tossed around.

As the party enters this area, the rope suddenly rises up and collates into a roughly humanoid shape.

Surprise Round:

Hangman Golem Rises

Round 1:

Brother Jharo Attacks and misses 3 times
Mellyoun Plays his harp to Inspire Courage then moves and provokes an AoO gets hit for 22 and is Grappled
Lady Varin Misses
Hangman Golem Hits Ryn twice for 23, 23 Grapples her.
Agrij Agranni Double move
Jyncks Tries a ‘Magic Missile’ but fails because of Magic Imunity
Ryn of Briarwood Manages to break the Grapple

Round 2:

Brother Jharo Attacks with his Kammas and hits, but fails to overcome DR
Mellyoun Tries to escape the Grapple but fails
Lady Varin Hits but only 4 points over the DR
Hangman Golem Constricts on Mellyoun for 27, and misses Lady Varin
Agrij Agranni Heals Ryn for 36
Jyncks Tries a Maximized ‘Scorching ray’ which fails because of Magic Immunity (Gets a 34 on a knowledge Arcana check and remembers something about this creature’s magic immunity and fire vulnerability)
Ryn of Briarwood Tumbles out of range fires an arrow and misses

Round 3:

Brother Jharo Tumbles back and attacks with his Flaming Sling…and misses
Mellyoun Tries to escape but fails
Lady Varin Misses twice, but hits once for 10 points over DR
Hangman Golem Hits Lady Varin for 16 but fails to grapple constricts on Mellyoun for 15
Agrij Agranni Casts ‘Stone Skin’
Jyncks Throws some Alchemist Fire, but misses
Ryn of Briarwood Fires four arrows three of which hit but don’t overcome DR

Round 4:

Brother Jharo Hits with a flaming sling stone from his flaming sling…for 1 point of fire damage
Mellyoun Manages to break the Grapple
Lady Varin Hits Golem, but for only 1 point over DR
Hangman Golem Makes it’s Whirl Wind Attack Hitting Mellyoun for 15, Lady Varin for 16, and Agrij for 12
Agrij Agranni Casts ‘Enlarge’ on Lady Varin
Jyncks Casts ‘Truestrike’ and Readies a second vial of Alchemist Fire
Ryn of Briarwood Fires 4 arrows, 3 miss, but one beats DR for 5 points.

Round 5:

Brother Jharo Hits with his fire sling ammo for 3 points
Mellyoun Tumbles back out of combat
Lady Varin Drops her shield and attacks (now enlarged hitting 3 times for 9/10/5 points of damage
Hangman Golem Hits Agrij for 30 and grapples him, misses lady Varin
Agrij Agranni Tries to escape the grapple but fails
Jyncks Hits Golem…and Agrij with Alchemist Fire for 6
Ryn of Briarwood Hits with three arrows for 1/4/1 over DR

Round 6:

Brother Jharo Hits with his flaming ammo for 1
Mellyoun holds for Jynck
Lady Varin Hits once for 4 points over DR
Hangman Golem Constricts on Dwarf for 14 and lashes Dwarf for 23
Agrij Agranni Fails to escape
Jyncks Hits Golem and Agrij with Alchemist Fire for 5+4 for previous round
Mellyoun Hits Golem and Agrij with Alchemist Fire for 6
Ryn of Briarwood Hits with one arrow for 5 over DR

Round 7:

Brother Jharo Tumbles and punches the burning Golem for 2 over DR
Lady Varin Hits twice for 6/8 points over DR
Hangman Golem Constricts on Dwarf for 19 and misses Jharo
Agrij Agranni Escapes and hits for 4 over DR
Jyncks Hits Golem and Agrij with Alchemist Fire for 4+4 for previous round
Mellyoun Alchemist Fire from previous round does 5 and kills the Golem
Ryn of Briarwood Does an elven victory dance.

The Party who are very beat up then finds the real well at the end of the passage and decides to spend the day healing to and regaining spells before moving to investigate it further.

The Watchers outside surround the building and watch for the party to emerge…(I could have been mean and had them enter the Leper house and seal up the hole, or had the house torn down sealing the party inside, but I’m not sure if this party would have been able to get out of that in time for the party…but it sure would have been a surprise, and an even bigger surprise for the prince, if they managed to get out, when they appeared at the party)

The next morning, the party began to examine the well via rope and a couple levitate spells. As they reached the bottom, they were attacked by the Demon Flesh Golem, which hit Lady Varin for 15 and Agrij for 68. The party made a quick retreat back up to the top of the well.

Following another high Knowledge Arcana roll by Jyncks, she tells them that it is a Demon Flesh Golem, and that most of her spells will prove useless against it. However, a ‘Dispel Evil’ spell may vanquish the beast. Both the Agrij and Lady Varin prepare as many of these as they can, and they go back down the well. The get pretty heavily pummeled (The Golem never missed with its +22 attacks) but they eventually managed to affect the Golem with the spell and send it back to whatever plane it came from.

(I’m sure someone in the party would have found the Scythe a high search check. Had they taken 20 they could have made a DC 42 search…without aiding other.)

This is where we concluded the playtest game having played for 6 hours and it was getting very late.

I then gave them a quick run through of the party and got their initial responses to the situations which transpire there. These (and some dice) I used to write up the following portion of the playtest

Chapter 3

Learning traits – each person has a list of 3 outstanding traits for the heroes to discover over the course of the meal – to enable them more easily to discover who is friend and who is foe – each trait is discovered in the order it is written upon a successful Sense Motive or Diplomacy check (DC 25)( only the Paladin had the Diplomacy skill, with 20 ranks) – a check involves roughly an hours conversation. The outcome of learning who to trust and who not to will have a bearing on the final adventure in the Age of Worms adventure path – Dawn of a New Age.

Upon arrival, heroes are asked to hand over any weapons (including wands, staves and rods) and given a warning – the Palace is protected by the Ravenous of Sorcerous Minds (Party didn’t fall for it)

The Giving of Gifts

The other guests begin to approach and greet the Prince, each giving him a gift. One of the rouges manages to get the gist of the value of the gifts 5,000 Gold.
All the players, un prepared for this hand over a random magical item, (their only possessions that they have with them of anywhere near that value) -1 Authority Point. (Per character?)

Immediately after the gift giving – servants appear with chairs for each person and beg them to be seated.

The Fabler appears again and blows his strange horn. ‘My masters’ he says – we beg you to enjoy our little tale – ‘tis a small thing we penned ourselves, and is a tale of menace, revenge, lust and death which we have called – The Harlequinade Mortificatio.’ The Fabler moves back, and as he does servants arrange a small stage with a backdrop of a town street at night – a wooden moon wafts over the scene, and suddenly, a host of skeletons appear – dressed as clowns – two take to the stage as the other stand by – the play of the dead begins...

The play is performed in silence (apart from guests applauding) – the entire cast are bone creatures (see BoVD) – actors who offended the Prince and yet perform on after their appalling deaths. These bone creatures will make another two appearances during the day. The entire play is a curious affair, however, anyone making a perform (acting) check DC 30 (which the Bard didn’t even have) will follow the whole plot – the bone creatures are acting out their own deaths – betrayed by the prince, who watches idly on, oblivious of the plot, bored perhaps... (0 Authority Points)

During the play servants flutter around with wine and lightly roasted almond biscuits of exquisite taste. At the plays end the curious actors bow and everyone applauds, the Ominous Fabler appears, now dressed as a scarecrow with a hares skull where his head should be. He leads guests across the grounds to the next event, cart-wheeling as he does so and singing a song about boiling sparrows.

The Feast

A huge gong sounds at the end of the Bowling game to signal the feast is ready – night falls as the group enters the palace and are led to the Great Banqueting Hall. The general layout of the palace is described under the backdrop section of this edition of Dungeon magazine.

The Great Banqueting Hall

When the heroes first step into the chamber read the following description:

You enter a massive cylindrical chamber that rises through the centre of the palace. A huge round table of polished mahogany dominates the room, which is decked with portraits and landscapes of great quality – most of the pictures are of Zeech himself, although the enigmatic Lashonna – a white haired pale woman dominates one portrait – her eyes seem to follow you as you enter. A vast stained glass window covers the roof – depicting angels at play - closer inspection reveals them to be Erinyes. A circle of severed heads sit on iron pikes some 20’ above the chamber – they surround the room.

The Appreciative Heads

The heads are no mere mortal decapitants: they have been pressed back from death and into the dark service of Zeech to serve as raisers of his sprits. All seventy heads cheer and encourage everything Zeech says, in their strange and sonorous voices, which somehow call without the help of lungs.

Pray be seated

The Fabler will ask the guests to be seated – a dazzling array of cutlery is laid before the group – including ten sorts of spoons. Anyone making a Diplomacy check (DC 25) will know how to eat and can pass on details to their fellows – anyone who fails in this most basic courtesy will have offended the prince. This roll should be made once by each PC – they know it or they don’t.

If the party can’t see Lady Varin and follower her lead the following takes place.

Lady Varin makes her roll (she’s the only one with any ranks in Diplomacy)
Agrij Agranni Fails, (no ranks in Diplomacy), Offends the Prince and gets Poisoned (Fort: +18 Vs Poison, he fails and will take 5 Con, followed by another failure and secondary damage for 9 Con, leaving him at 2 Con)
Ryn of Briarwood Fails, (no ranks in Diplomacy), Offends the Prince and gets Poisoned (Fort: +10 Vs Poison, she fails and will take 9 Con, followed by another failure and secondary damage for 7 Con, Killing her)
Jyncks Fails, (no ranks in Diplomacy), Offends the Prince and gets Poisoned (Fort: +10 Vs Poison, she fails and will take 6 Con, followed by another failure and secondary damage for 5 Con, leaving her at 3 Con)
Brother Jharo Fails, (no ranks in Diplomacy), Offends the Prince and gets Poisoned but never knows it because he is immune to poison.
Mellyoun Fails, (no ranks in Diplomacy), Offends the Prince and gets Poisoned (Fort:+ 6 Vs Poison, he fails and will take 6 Con, followed by another failure and secondary damage for 6 Con, leaving him at 2 Con)

Lady Varin is poisoned just for being a paladin of Heironeous which is sure to offend the prince.

Lady Varin Fails (no ranks in Bluff), Offends the Prince and gets Poisoned (Fort: +16 Vs Poison, he fails and will take 6 Con, followed by another failure and secondary damage for 14 Con, leaving her at 6 Con)

The heroes are split up around the table and seated next to various guests who they continue to learn about.

As the last guest is seated there is a distant fanfare and Lashonna enters the Great Banqueting Hall. Everyone rises from their seats – she is dazzlingly beautiful – alabaster skin and long white hair set back in a tiara of black diamonds. Everyone in the rooms feels her gaze settling upon them. Lashonna will sit next to Brother Jharo (who has a since motive +14 and gathers that Lashona is plying him for more info about the partys motives. He tries to answer her questions as simply and uninformidly as possible while turning the conversation to Bucknard and his travels.

Lashonna knows of the fate of Bucknard, and if the heroes discuss the matter with her she will say that she will talk to them at the end of the feast.

Lashonna eats and drinks nothing throughout the meal – and merely watches, and questions…

The Feast

First Course – the Feast of Worms…

Zeech stands, and silence falls upon the banquet hall. ‘My dear friends-’ he says and as he does, the decapitated heads in the chamber echo the word ‘friends’ in a ghoulish tone. ‘-I bid you enjoy the feast, eat and drink your fill in my humble abode.’ He claps his hands and, as he does, the Great Doors swing open and a trio of manticores move in, to the ghoulish hoorahs of the heads. You make to stand and clutch at where your weapons were before realising that these are no wild beasts - the fire is gone from their eyes – their wings have been cruelly severed, and the once proud and ferocious barbs of their long tails have been brutally removed. They each carry great platters of silver on their back, and a host of distorted servants enter behind them.

Each person is given a small covered silver salver, and when all have been so served the Fabler stands and tells the group that there is a tradition in this land – once a pilgrim came to Redhand – he had not eaten for many weeks, and he fell upon the moors to die. As he did he saw a worm emerge from the ground – the worm was a gift from the gods that he should live – and he devoured it. In Redhand it has always been the tradition to start a celebration of thanks with such a feast. He will remove his own platter lid to reveal a 4” long green worm – alive – on the silver plate.

Everyone eats the worms even though they are not sure what they are.

Lady Barin is served a poisoned worm.

Lady Varin gets Poisoned (Fort: +16 Vs Poison,she fails and will take 5 Con, followed by another failure and secondary damage for 10 Con, Killing her is she was previously poisoned or leaving her at 1 Con)

Tell us a tale…

After the course the Prince commands the Fabler to tell the tale of the talking severed head of the bard of Bodly Marshes – one of his favourites, and which the Appreciative Heads play a large part in. At its end ask if any others have a similar tale to tell.

Mellyoun has neither Oratory or Sing, just Preform String instrument so does not join in. 0 Authority Points.

Second Course – four and twenty blackbirds…

This time a single Manticore enters, with an enormous pie upon its back on a silver dish of great size. Pastry beaks of birds cover the pie, and as everyone watches, the crust is opened and 24 blackbirds emerge, flying around the room in terror.

The pie itself is also blackbird, but cooked within lairs of delicately sugared and almond pastry which tastes surprisingly good. As the pie is served, huge tureens of vegetables are brought in by the servants, as well as plentiful supplies of a locally produced spiced white wine called Redhand Resinwint.

Lady Varin is served poisoned pie and vegetables. She can only save with a roll of a naturea 20, so it is assumed that the poison will kill her after the month incubation period.

Let us hear a song, or someone who can play a merry tune…

The dead players (from the earlier play) emerge with lutes and horns - the players with horns have now had leather bellows fixed in their chests and these are pumped by other bone creatures to give breath to the players. One plays a horn of vast size – which stretches some 20’ upwards and has its own scaffold to hold it up. A miserable cacophony is struck, a mournful – almost inhuman dirge that sinks the spirits.

The party listens in silence.

At the end the prince challenges anyone to play the 20’ Redhand Great Horn – the Fabler will try, but give way to others.

Mellyoun tries but fails.

Third Course – the fruits of the earth, the beasts of the lands, the fish of the sea – all things are ours to feast upon…

Tojbasarrirge – a curious dish involving the cooking of a whole tojanda, stuffed with two boned basilisks, stuffed with boned arrowhawk, stuffed with boned stirge who each have a trio of olives in their mouths.

A huge platter is slung between two manticores – upon it is a great turtle shell – halved, within which is a descending mass of forms of meat – a Tojbasarrige – a recipe the prince himself thought up.

The meal is foul – it is tough and undercooked, however, so foul is it that bluffs are required to get away with eating the meal without gagging.

Lady Varin Fails (no ranks in Bluff), Offends the Prince and gets Poisoned (and is already walking dead)
Agrij Agranni Fails (no ranks in Bluff), Offends the Prince and gets Poisoned (Fort: +18 Vs Poison, he fails and will take 7 Con, followed by another failure and secondary damage for 8 Con, which kills him if he was previously poisoned, or leaves him at 1 Con)
Ryn of Briarwood Fails, (Bluff +12), Offends the Prince and gets Poisoned (Fort: +10 Vs Poison, she fails and will take 10 Con, followed by another failure and secondary damage for 5 Con, Killing her…if she isn’t already dead from a previous poisoning)
Jyncks Fails, (no ranks in Bluff), Offends the Prince and gets Poisoned (Fort: +10 Vs Poison, she fails and will take 9 Con, followed by another failure and secondary damage for 6 Con, Killing her whether she had been previously poisoned or not)
Brother Jharo Fails, (no ranks in Bluff), Offends the Prince and gets Poisoned but never knows it because he is immune to poison.
Mellyoun Fails, (no ranks in Bluff), Offends the Prince and gets Poisoned (Fort:+ 6 Vs Poison, he fails and will take 6 Con, followed by another failure and secondary damage for 4 Con, Killing him if he had been previously poisoned, or leaving him at 4 Con)

Let the Fabler bring his puppets to life…

Lashonna will suggest to the prince that the Fabler go and fetch his puppets – she feels that this audience will appreciate the skill of someone pretending to be others, she will ensure that the PCs hear this and will use her sense motive to see if it gets a reaction (oppose the PCs bluff to remain calm).

The Fabler will return, dressed as a large black crow and will ‘enact the boiling of Master Edwinstone Froop using my skin-shedding puppets…’. The puppeteering is gruesome, but skilful, and at its end Lashonna will rise and ask if there are any with the skill of hand to utilise the complex puppets.

(No one has Preform Comedy or puppets)
0 Authority Points

Fourth Course – Purple Worm Young in aspic and honey…

Huge covered tureens are brought out – and these have a curious purple jelly within. The Fabler will say that Purple Worms are common throughout Redhand, and the tribesmen of old learnt of a way of cooking them in Aspic so that the poison is boiled out – but the recipe has to be precise – miss the correct time by one second, and painful death will result.

The Fabler will whisper that someone should eat the dish first – and points to Lady Varin

All eyes watch the meal being eaten by Lady Varin, whose dish is poisoned, but that doesn't really matter.

The meat is tough and poor but edible, and during its serving trays with peacocks in full pride are served, along with iced C’rosch – a strong local spirit

The talk will be directed by Kilraven to tales of boldness and heroics – he will tell of despatching Reyhu orcs on behalf of the prince. Others will join in – B’Kruss in particular, and an impromptu bragging contest begins.

Ryn (with Bluff +12 and 15th level) wins with a score of 42, By telling about how Lady Varin slew a dozen Paladins of Hextor with her arms tied behind her back. +2 Authority Points

Lady Varin is served poisoned peacock meat.

Fifth Course – The Sweet…

The smell of cloves and honey and cinnamon wafts through as a single Manticore enters with a cake of incredible size nearly eight feet tall – it is designed like the Ziggurat but crowned with a marzipan figure of Zeech surrounded by light and with angels wings.

Everyone applauds loudly, but as they do the cake begins to fall apart… The cake is merely unbalancing, however, the symbolism is not lost on the guests – and Kilraven and Vulras in particular:

Maybe a party member with sense Motive noticed this, but only Ryn has Bluff and she didn’t try to return the thought.

The hate in Zeech’s eyes is palpable, however, the Fabler makes light of the fall – saying that the cake is not made of cement and stone and iron – and that he will eat it all if no one else will. Everyone of course eats the cake – but Zeech does so in brooding silence – remaining so for the remainder of the feast.

Lady Varin boldly toasts "May your evil kingdom last as long as that cake"!

Lady Varin's cake is poisoned.

Let us conclude our merriment with a dance with the dead… The Fabler commands that he and any obvious bards (who have shown their mettle as musicians) strike up a tune whilst the guests dance. The bone creatures re-emerge – dressed in finery and a dance begins – with the dead as partners. Zeech does not join in.

Lady Varin objects and is served a poisoned drink. We didn't even bother to roll because she is so full of poison at this point that it really doesn't matter any more.

Use the dance to conclude events – partners are switched and changed and the time for plain talking comes under the covering noise of the musicians – allow people to speak plainly – B’Kruss – if he has been driven over the edge (q.v.) will openly warn the heroes that this dance will be the last thing they enjoy – Lashonna may comment upon any secrets she has discovered and feels she can share – as do Vulras and Kilraven, characters show their true colours.

Concluding the Feast and the Adventure

Zeech will leave in silence – applauded of course by his fellow guests as he makes his way to his quarters – other guests are led away to their carriages and taken back to their lodgings.

Lashonna will agree to meet the heroes again in a few nights time – they have piqued her interest with their antics at the feast and she will offer to bring them a dozen pages of Bucknard’s journal as a good will gesture. She will say that she will meet them at the summit of the Great Ziggurat in three nights time to talk to them about the future – there is much to discuss. These events are described in the next instalment of the Age of Worms Adventure Path – The Library of Last Resort.

Note,the poison was different in the playtest.


Redhand Ikrus: Type: Ingest DC 35. Initial Damage* 2d6 Con; Secondary Damage 2D6 Con. Price 3,500gp. DC to create the poison is 35.

* The onset time for initial damage is 1 month, secondary follows the standard time afterwards.
This insidious odourless poison onsets by begging a frightfully swift rotting off the victims flesh – during which he loses the initial Con, as the skin sloughs away the secondary damage begins. If a character dies in such a way he immediately rises as a bone creature (BoVD) and can only be restored to life by a miracle or wish spell.

ASEO out

I was fortunate enough to be able to playtest "A Gathering of Winds" Wolfgang Baur and James Jacobs have granted me permission to post the notes from that playtest for anyone who is interested in reading them.

Before I post them though I would like to make a few things clear.

1. Being a Playtest, this thread will contain MAJOR SPOILERS. Major what?

2. The adventure was playtested with the following characters:

Huckabee Leafbitter Male Dwarf Fighter 5/Bard 6
"Huckabee" Detenticled Carrion Crawler which served as a mount for the above Huckabee...(This one was Greg Vaughn's fault)
Shelly Villerns Female Gnoll (reincarnated) Commoner1/Fighter 1/Cleric 10 (Madness & Random currently mysticism)
Sarah Marholdt Female Human Commoner1/Warmage 11
“Raven” Male Human Ninja (Legend of the Samurai version) 11
Marcus Bowman: Male Human Warrior 1/Fighter 4/Order of the Bow Initiate 7

These characters had not played any of the other AoW adventures since at the time we playtested this I believe that only "The Whispering Cairn" was available, thus their magical items most likly varry from those that characters having completed the previous 5 adventures may have. That being said, comming from the Free City (of Greyhawk) it is possible that the characters sold and purchased varied items and may very well be entering this adventure with unique inventories.

3. Being a pre-publication playtest, several differences maye be apparent between these notes and the adventure as published.

4. These were the notes more or less how they were forwarded to Wolfgang Baur. They are not meant to be as much as a narritive story as they are to provide him a play-by-play acount of the playing of the adventure. Part of the reason for this is so that he could determine if the encounters or the dice were the major factors in a given area. (There were instances of both).

5. I'll try to put the comments I had as a DM to the author in Itallics when they occur.

Hopefully you will find this interesting and entertaining.

Oh yes,


ASEO out

In several of the Dragonlance novels, the characters play a game that is set on scales and they play their pieces until the scale tips to the other players side. It had pieces of different weifhts and beings that were used to play a sort of war game on the tipping board...

Anyone know if there was ever such a game, or rules for such a game published?

Anyone know what I'm talking about?

ASEO out

This campaign will expant to various parties, and add in sessions for Playtests, Game Days and times when all my players could not make it to a session. I have tried to keep all the action somewhat linked into the same campaign world. What I hope come out in various chapters are several entertwining stories and characters in a living world. I will post the sessions as they were played, so there will be times where tha action switches parties in mid adventure.

We'll see how this plays out.

...Or if anyone actually reads it ;-)

ASEO out

With the death of the ruler of Redhand, the PCs may become the new leaders of the region. Is this Cannon, and if so as of what GH date? I know that there are some LG adventures that still deal with the leader that is soon to be replaced in AoW.

In any future GH adventure/Gazeteer, will Redhand be ruled by NPCs that completed AoW in the cannon world?

ASEO out

Anybody interested in joining a roughly bi-weekly game that runs from 2PM-~8PM every other Saturday?

For an Iiea of play in my game please check out my "The Other Side" Campaign Journal in the Campaign Journal sestion.

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OK at the end of chapter 1 the heroes should have the four children. Then the Boholder shows up to take one of the kids back to the same place that the PCs plan on taking him...or at least should be taking him. Also, the PCs don't get the full reward if they don't return all four kids, but all four kids eventually end up back at the orphanage. So, do the PCs get credit for that?

Can the PC convince the Beholder that they are going to return all four kids to the orphanage?

Also, why make his presence known, and hint at the value of the boy, when he could have his minion check in on the auction invisibily, and then track the kids to a place more appropriate of a "rescue" without leaving witnesses?

If he discovered that the PCs were returning the kids to the orphanage, he would not have to act at all.

ASEO out

Why do the Lizardfolk attacking the keep not use ladders to reach the second floor?

Area 7 of the lizard lair mentions "A Large lizardfolk wearing armor..." Is this meant as big compaired to other medium sized creatures, but still medium sized, or is the size for Kotabas (which is listed and Medium) wrong and should be large?

ASEO out

I've always been a big fan of tactical maps. Thanks for the poster tactical map of the ground floor of Blackwall Keep.

Keep up the great work. I hope that there are more tactical maps of primary encounter areas in the future.

One question about the normal garrison of 30 soldiers...22 including the commander are dead, 3 and the Warmage have been captured, 4 are unconscious...leaving 14 in able condition? I know my math isn't the greatest... ;-)

ASEO out

How is DUNGEON doing?

Is readership increasing/decreasing/reamining steady?

What are the readership estimates?

How are the sales numbers on The Shackled City hard cover?

Is it likley that you will also do a hard cover for the Age of Worms?

ASEO out

The Red Hand of Doom

by James Jacobs with Richard Baker

An exciting super-adventure that pits heroes agains an army bent on domination.

Rampaging hobgoblins and their allies threaten to destroy the realm and all who stand before them. Characters who dare confront the horde soon discover that these particular hobgoblins worship Tiamat, the evil queen of dragons, and eventually come face-to-face with her draconic minions.
This 128-page adventure features a new format easily used by Dungeon Masters. The Red Hand of Doom includes encounters designed for use with the D&D miniatures game.

128 page softcover, $24.95

This you James Jacobs?

If so, care to share any additional details, like level range and that sort of thing?

ASEO out

From the SRD...

Whirlwind (Su)
A djinni can transform itself into a whirlwind once every 10 minutes and remain in that form for up to 7 rounds. In this form, it can move through the air or along a surface at its fly speed.(60 ft Perfect)
The whirlwind is 5 feet wide at the base, up to 30 feet wide at the top and up to 50 feet tall. The djinni controls the exact height, but it must be at least 10 feet.
A djinni’s movement while in whirlwind form does not provoke attacks of opportunity, even if the djinni enters the space another creature occupies. Another creature might be caught in the whirlwind if it touches or enters the whirlwind, or if the djinni moves into or through the creature’s space.
Creatures one or more size categories smaller than the djinni might take damage when caught in the whirlwind and be lifted into the air. An affected creature must succeed on a DC 20 Reflex save when it comes into contact with the whirlwind or take 3d6 points of damage. It must also succeed on a second DC 20 Reflex save or be picked up bodily and held suspended in the powerful winds,{/B] automatically taking 1d8 points of damage each round. [B]A creature with a fly speed is allowed a DC 20 Reflex save each round to escape the whirlwind. The creature still takes damage but can leave if the save is successful. The save DC is Strength-based and includes a +3 racial adjustment.
Creatures trapped in the whirlwind cannot move except to go where the djinni carries them or to escape the whirlwind. Creatures caught in the whirlwind can otherwise act normally, but must make a Concentration check (DC 15 + spell level) to cast a spell. Creatures caught in the whirlwind take a -4 penalty to Dexterity and a -2 penalty on attack rolls. The djinni can have only as many trapped inside a whirlwind at one time as will fit inside the whirlwind’s volume.
The djinni can eject any carried creatures whenever it wishes, depositing them wherever the whirlwind happens to be.
If the whirlwind’s base touches the ground, it creates a swirling cloud of debris. This cloud is centered on the djinni and has a diameter equal to half the whirlwind’s height. The cloud obscures all vision, including darkvision, beyond 5 feet. Creatures 5 feet away have concealment, while those farther away have total concealment.
Those caught in the cloud must succeed on a Concentration check (DC 15 + spell level) to cast a spell.
A djinni in whirlwind form cannot make melee attacks and does not threaten the area around it.

Question 1: It says that creatures witha Fly speed may escape the Whirlwind with a save roll...Does this mean that non flying creatures can not escape?

Question 2: If the whirlwind moves into a PCs square, the PC must save vs damage, and save vs being picked up. If the PC gets picked up, then the Whirlwind can eject the PC "Whenever" it wants. Does the PC just get spun out of the Whirlwind and left in the last square the Whirlwind left, or the square it is in?

Question 3: Can the Whirlwind eject the PC from a height so that the PC takes falling damage based on the height of the Whirlwind?

Question 4: If a PC is ejected from the Whirlwind in the same turn that the Whirlwind picked up the PC, can the Whirlwind (Perfect fly 60 ft) re-enter the PCs square and force them to make the two saves again? Possibbly picking them up and ejecting them again?

Question 5: If A whirlwind is killed, do the PCs it was carring fall for damage?

ASEO out

Is there an archives area where some old threads can be reviewed? If so where/how do you get to it?

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Transplanted to it's proper place from the DM questions about Whispering Cair thread...

Warning …This is a Rant, but I think there are some good questions in her as well.

I love that D&D 3.5 is a mini's game. I really like using miniatures in my games. For PCs I tend to use the huge variety of Reaper Minis, primarily because they are top quality, fairly low cost, and easy to customize to fit any PC that has entered my game so far. This includes a halfling that wields two flails.

I like many of the D&D miniature (DDM) creatures, especially the clasic D&D monsters that are unavailable from other sources.

The random packaging frigg'n kills me.

Squid wrote:

ASEO, I had the chance to talk to at legnth to the head of DDM, and I hate to say this, but the cost you would pay would be equal or greater than the cost of a quality Reaper minature. You see, the end cost doesn't end coming straight from the production cost, it comes mostly from the packaging.

For DDM to be available as singles, like most other miniatures, Wizards would have to pay large amounts of money to come up with the numerous packaging designs... the cost/benefit analysis shows that to make the mini, paint it, (remember, hand painted, mostly) pack it, and ship it, the cost that the consumer pays is greater than the cost of an unpainted mini, by a fairly large margin... we're talking dollars, not cents.


Damn! Oh well, I guess I'll stick with Reaper minis except where I find the DDM singles for a reasonable price for the size, not for the "rarity" of the mini. Too bad other companies can’t make minis of some of the D&D monsters. Reaper has tried a work around. They have their four tentacaled four legged "Phase Cat" instead of a Displacer Beast and Vulture Demon instead of Vrock. Things like Orcs, Goblins, zombies, skeletons, Dragons and PCs are easy to get from a variety of companies. It is the Abbolith, Xorn, Carrion Crawler, Grey Render, and Slaads that are common in D&D adventures that I can't find figures for, or have to pay exorbitant prices for "because they are Rare" and some lucky shmo ended up with 6 of them.

Most of the DDM figures are poorly painted anyway, though they seem to be getting better, and the larger ones tend to be pretty well done. Still, I usually end up re-painting the ones I get. Maybe they could sell them unpainted for those who want to paint them themselves. This could cut cost, but the Randomness would still be a problem.

Another thought would be to sell DM packs (all monsters) and player packs (all PC). Now you’ll get the issue of “where would we put a Drow?”. I’d say monster. “Half Dragon” Monster. “Half Orc” PC.

I just get frustrated with the concept that I’d like to use D&D miniatures to enhance my D&D game, but can’t reliably get the creatures I would like with out either buying random boxes until I get the right ones. Which has three negatives: 1) all the extra unwanted miniatures that Sure I could sell on ebay if I wanted to take the time (which I don’t). 2) I may buy 100 boxes of random miniatures and never get that frigg’n Beholder. 3) I may end up spending $50 to finally end up getting the Beholder or, maybe not ever get one.

I have to applaud my local game store. They open like 10 boxes of minis from each set that is released, and sell the mini’s by size. First come first serve. I have picked up several minis in this manner and am very pleased. I did have to laugh though, In the last 10 boxes they ended up with 14 Killer frogs, 9 of which have sold so far. Hell, I bought 2, but I sure as hell don’t need 14 of the things.

I would think that if the DDM were sold in just the individual plastic bags then the packaging cost would go down. Sure the crappy minis (like that Bullywog Thug) wouldn’t sell well. (so quit making them).

It all reminds me of a story. A guy owns a grocery store. He gets a shipments of Figs in. One of the bags of figs is all rotten. He then takes one good fig out of every bag, and adds one rotten fig to each bag, butting the removed good figs in a bag with the last of the rotten figs. Then he sells all the figs. When a person gets a rotten fig in their bag, they figure that “hey, it is just one rotten fig, it is bound to happen” and they don’t mind to much. Meanwhile, the store owner has sold all his figs, including all the rotten ones.

Quit selling rotten figs by packaging them with the good ones. Sell the good ones openly for what they are and people will buy them. I’d pay $5 for the beholder figure. If it were sold individually. I’d pay $8 for one of the Huge minis, even though I’ve seen the Bullette and Treant selling for $4. Set standard pricing by size, and cut the rarity cr@p. What is the purpose in making limited quantities of any particular miniature, especially if it is a particularly popular model, except to create the false hope that a consumer might get one of these in a box that they buy, and when they don’t, that they might keep buying until they get it. I guess it is just a gamer’s lottery.

I could see small minis for $1-2
Medium for $2-4
Large for $4-6
Huge for $6-8

Being poorly painted (though paint quality is improving, and the paint quality I guess is purely subjective based on the buyer’s painting ability and time that they are willing to invest) does not to me justify a plastic mini costing more than a quality metal mini (say something from the Reaper catalogue…and I know that if you really look, you can find a bum mini or two in the Reaper stuff, but I’m not looking at the rare exceptions here.) Who is painting these things anyway? Someone in a China, who is probably not making much for doing it.

Last thing for now: Why do the medium minis have a 1 inch base, and the huge minis have a 3 inch base, yet the large minis have a 1.5 inch base not a 2 inch base, and I think the small ones have a ¾ inch , not ½ inch base?

ASEO out

There are several catagories where DUNGEON has been nominated for an ENNie.
Go to:


and vote.


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Is there somewhere that there is more info on this struggle? Was it a Law vs. Chaos war, wher good and evil were sometimes alligned along the law/chaos lines, or was it a fight between Chaotic evil and lawful good/neutral?

I know that the background lies in the Rod of Seven Parts background. Is that product a decent cannon source document?

ASEO out

OK, I know that the first adventure "The Whispering Cairn" is for first level characters. And they should be pretty close to 3rd level when they finish it.

"The Three Faces of Evil" picks up next, and PCs should be about 5th level by the time they are done.

Now, I don't have any idea on 3-5, but episode 6 is for 11th level characters, so I'm guessing that episode 3 takes characterd from 5-7, episode 4 from 7-9, and episode 5 from 9-11.

What is the complete expected progression through the campaign?

Looking through the first two adventures, I've compiled a list of the magical items that the party is likley to end up with. Now, I'll hold off on posting that at this time, but I was wondering what people think of the level of magical items, and what type of magical items people would like to see more or less of in future adventures in the series?

I know that personnaly I'm a fan of misc. magic items like Robes of Patches and other unique items that provide roleplaying capabilities, or spark the player into creative use of the item.

Also, what level magical armor/weapon/ability enhancment item do you see as appropriate for a character of say 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, 15th, 18th and 20th level?


ASEO out

I'm reading through this adventure and have some questions.

1. How many cultists are in the temple of Hextor room #3. I'm guessing 9 by the CR and EL.

2. Many of the numbers are off when referencing the different rooms. In room #5, it mentions cultists and guards from area 2 and 3. should this be 3 and 4, or will the skeletons in 2 retreat back to 5 to open the door. In 5 it also mentions that when the retreating guards pass 4 they open the door. I'm pretty sure that the 4 mentioned here should be 5. Additionally, in area 7 it mentions the guards in area 5. There are no guards in area 5. Should this be 6 instead? This problem continues in the Temple Organization sidebar.

3. The commoner cultists are listed as having daggers and longspears. By the DMG a Commoner is only proficient in 1 simple weapon. So which do they take the penalty in?

4. in area 9…It seems strange that something like a pearl of power, something that any of the three priests in the temple of Hextor could use would be locked up in a vault. Can each priest use the pearl once each day? Or can it only give one caster, one spell, back per day. The CSRD isn’t clear. I could see the two priests in area 8 getting this item. Then Kendra using it to cast a second ‘Protection from Good’ on Garras, then Garras using it to cast and extra ‘Bless’ on Kendra if the time allowed. Or Garras using it first and Kendra then taking it for that extra ‘Bane’ or ‘Fear’.
...How are people playing Pearls of Power in their games?

ASEO out

In my game I reciently used the Shifter Race from Eberron as a Template and applied it to a Half-Orc.

The base creature losed 2 CHA, but when they shift they get the benifits of the shifter type they take.

So far it has worked well. It is like a mini Were-creature.

Has anyone else tried this?


ASEO out

Ok, I hate to be one to start a thread like this, but I'm curious...

What are people's favorite Necromancer Prestige classes in the following categories?

1. Arcane
2. Divine
3. Best for creating legions of undead followers

Please include comments and source document for the Prestige Classes.

ASEO out


First, I’d like to say that I’m enjoying reading this adventure and hope to start a party on this AP in the near future. I did have some questions about the adventure so far.

1. Who are the new characters in the illustrations?

2. What is the clue given by the broken hand on the sarcophagus? (Turn three clicks to the right?)

3. While under “The Tunnels” it mentions that the red lantern is in area #20, in area #20 I found no mention of the lantern.

4. What is the Mad Slasher doing with the Beetles?

5. Where did the builders live while they were building their living areas? (Outside in tents probably) Why spend the extra time to build worker living areas instead of just building the tomb?

6. Area #19 is noted as being completely submerged. If the stairs from #18 descend at a 1:1 rate, then the floor of #19 is 10ft below #18. If all areas have a 20ft ceiling, and the water starts halfway down the stairs, then the water in areas #19-22 should be only 5ft deep with 15ft of air above. Is this correct?

7. 8 beds for workers, 30ft x 40ft shower area?

8. Why doesn’t the Water elemental in the shower area interact with (attack with slam) the Ghoul in area #20.

9. How many spheres are fired at each target on the beam each round. Is there a way to make them have a chance to knock the characters off the beam (DC10+ damage done each round DEX or Balance check)

10. Why won’t ‘Knock’ open the catch on the door in area #23? Or maybe some other spell, Maybe ‘Unseen Servant’ (I can’t remember if they can pass through walls, or be cast out of line of sight.)

Sorry, I have to get back to reading the rest of the adventure. Great stuff.

ASEO out


ASEO out

This was a campaign that I ran from 99-02. It began in 2ed and then transitioned to 3.0

Basically it is a 2nd edition, no skills and powers, Character kits are discouraged, use PHB, DMG type game. I allow all races to mutli class or dual class at any time within reason. There are no race class restrictions, but a Dwarven mage will have some problems. Stats are rolled 4d6 re roll 1s, 7 times and take the best 6 and arrange them, as you want. Characters start at 1st level. Humans get a +1 to any one stat. Mages get bonus spells like priests do based on their INT. I don't use alignments, characters are judged by their actions. We use miniatures extensively. I encourage role-playing, problem solving and combat. I work hard to ensure that everyone is having fun and allow the campaign to move in the playing style that the players prefer (roll-playing, problem solving and combat). I hate power gamers and munchkins and am careful to not allow magic to over power the game. I also work to keep a single PC from becoming dominant.

----NIGHT 1------

Currently the party is made up of:
Darius Male elf Ranger level 1
Morak son of DaK Male dwarf Fighter/Priest level 1/1
Shendar Male elf Mage/Thief level 1/1

The game takes place in a world of my creating. The basic premise is that there were two kingdoms that were at war over 1000 years ago. Kingdom A unleashed a plague/curse on kingdom B that resulted in the death of all the humans and demi humans in kingdom B. The plague however started to spread toward kingdom A. The mages from Kingdom A cast a powerful spell in the one mountain pass that separated the two kingdoms to stop the plague from entering kingdom A. This spell halted the plague, but also caused a 100 to 40 ft wide canyon rift to form in the valley effectively separating the two kingdoms.
The plague/curse is believed to be about to expire so pioneers, explorers, and adventurers are flocking to the valley in anticipation of the plague's expiration. It is believed that there will be land for the taking, cities full of the treasures of the dead, dwarven mines to be reclaimed, mages lore to be rediscovered and who knows what else. The party has come to the rift valley in search of adventure when the plague expires.

The Party approached the Inn at 5 Points, an Inn one day's travel to the valley of the rift canyon. As they approach the Inn they notice all sorts of pioneers, settlers, adventurers Etc. gathering at the Inn. Since it is early evening the party enters the Inn to gather information and get some food. They hear several rumors about "the other side" and learn that the Inn has no rooms available. Shendar ran a few con jobs and gathered some money for the party since they were basically broke. Morak and Darius settled down at the bar and began to gather rumors.
As the evening progressed, Shendar began to work the crowd picking pockets. Darius subtly attempted to open a closed door at the end of the bar only to find it locked. Shendar then proceeded to insult a few patrons (in an attempt to have some fun???) A general bar melee ensued with Shendar trying hard to avoid combat and loot those knocked out. Morak jumped the bar and entered the kitchen only to find that the chef was an Ogre. The Ogre proceeded to bat Morak around the kitchen. Meanwhile, Darius decided to attempt to open the locked door (Rolled a 1) and completely destroyed the door only to find himself face to face with a cabal of 13 wizards robed in black, sitting around a table. Quickly excusing himself, Darius went back through the door as the mages magically reconstructed it with iron reinforcing and chains as well as multiple locks.
Having heard there was a fight going on a group of dwarves decided to enter the bar making the way impassible for those who were attempting to exit. Shendar jumps the bar, witnesses the Ogre swatting around Morak and decides to intervene by shouting "Hey, There is an Ogre back here who is pissing in the beer to dilute it!" This takes place just as there is one of those awkward silences that happen in conversation occurring in the bar fight (CHA check, 1 rolled). The newcomer dwarves seem overly upset by this, having quaffed several pints each earlier in the evening. They proceed over the bar and into the kitchen where they witness the Ogre chef deftly b@$#@-slapping Morak around.
The bar tender and his bar maids beat a hasty retreat in the face of overwhelming customer dissatisfaction, grab the Ogre's attention (which is a good thing for Morak) and head out the back door and flee into the woods. Into the Inn then enters a very respected and probably very powerful Paladin to calm the local uprising and restore order. The Paladin sees Darius and tells him to get everybody out of the kitchen. Shendar continues to loot any bodies he encounters until his actions are checked by the watchful eye of the Paladin. Darius decides to check for some loot and kicks in a door in the kitchen (rolls a 1 on open doors) and the door splinters reveling the living quarters of the Inn staff. Hearing the crash the Paladin looks into the kitchen to find Darius standing with his foot through the door and a sheepish look on his face. Darius is ordered back into the main room.
The Paladin kicks everybody out of the bar and the party decides to set up camp, heal their wounds, and look over their loot. While sitting in their tent Shendar opens up a small spell book he looted from an unconscious mage only to set off a ‘Fire Trap’ destroying the book and burning a large hole in the tent.
The next morning the party is one of the first to head up the trail to the valley of the rift canyon. About noon they come across a wagon that they had seen head up the path the night before. The occupants are dead and the Wagon had been looted. Darius tracks the attackers to a small cave. Shendar moves into position to backstab a lone sentry who is heading for the latrine. Failing miserably in his attack attempt, he is forced to fall the bandit with a ‘Sleep’ spell. Shendar then dresses in the bandit's clothes and attempts to draw the remaining bandits out of the cave. The bandits and the party are at a standoff until Shendar bluffs them out by claiming he is going to fireball the cave. The bandits surrender and the party escorts them to the Paladin back at the Inn.

I'll post a session or so every couple of days If there is any interest.

Feel free to leave comments if you'd like.

ASEO out

I was wondering if this adventure path will have built in contingency plans to cover the probable likelihood of character death that may occur.

What I'm talking about is:

Will there be a known temple where PCs may be raised/resurrected/and the like?

Will there be opportunities to cross paths with NPCs for the specific purpose of bringing dead characters back to life?

Does the adventure path cater to dead characters returning to life, or is it better to bring in new characters to replace the old?

Nothing puts a chink in a DM's plan like an unexpected character death. And even the expected deaths can stall a campaign.

It might be interesting to have a side adventure that gives characters (in any game/campaign) the opportunity to do something that will allow them to return an companion to life. If this were something scaleable over a wide level range, then you could definitely use it as a contingency plan when ever you needed it without breaking the whole campaign.

ASEO out

As a longtime D&D player, I have been witness to several D&D adventures that involve space Ailens, or at least their machines.

Old timers may recall Temple of the Frog, Expedition to the Barrier Peaks, and I think All that Glitters...or maybe it was one of the X modules...It has been a while.

Back in the day I discovered that 1st Edition D&D and 1st edition Gamma World were easily transposable, and have since used GW1 Legion of Gold in a variety of campaigns including presenting the Sub-Aquatic Lab as an alternative means of leaving the island in A$ Dungeons of the Slave Lords.

I have always enjoyed offering an adventure or two where the party finds them selves figuring out the workings of futuristic equipment and weapons and doing battle with Robots/androids and perhapse picking up a mutation or two along the way.

These si-fi adventures have not been without their lessons learned.

1. All future weapons and equipment chould have charges and not be easily recharged less they leave the futuristic adventure and end up in your fantasy world. I currently have a character in my campaign in possession of two Mark V blasters. He is at -4 to use them until he takes an exotic weapon feat. Each gun can fire 5 shoots and the only place he can recharge them is at least two weeks travel away, and may not still be functioning. While the Blasters do around 3d6 damage (per the Omega World mini game back in a DUNGEON/ POLYHEDRON) they do allow me to send a few meaner creatures at the party of currently 4th and 5th level characters. And if Future weapons or devices are going to ruin a climatic encounter, they can always just not work. Maybe their warrenty just expited or something.

2. Players often die or blow themselves up in a fantasy turned future session. I've found this particularry true of the Sub-aquatic lab from GW1. A speargun with explosive speard (like 10d6 damage) have killed a number of PCs who are just testing one by fireing into a near by object. To remedy this, I have the androids the party is fighting in the lab take the dead PC and put them in vejuvination vats that bring the PCs back to life...sometimes with an artificial heart or limb. One player in a particulary self destructive party coined the phrase "Back to the vats" which has become the players' plea whenever faced by a TPK.

3. Don't over do Si-fi in D&D. It is D&D after all and if your players wanted to play Gamma World, ot Star Frontiers, then they would be rather than playing D&D.

I've noticed that 'The Reverse Dungeon" has a Barrier beak device in it, and I thought that was cool. Personally, I'd like to see the ocassional Si-fi interlude in a DUNGEON adventure. As apposed to a past Si-fi actor ;-) Since Greyhawk has an existing connection with star travlers, I don't think adding mini si-fi links is off key.

Anyone else interested in this?


ASEO out

I've been playing with taking the maps from the supplements and using just paint and Word, cutting them and enlarging them to combat tile scale and printing them out.

My questions are as follows:

1. Can copies of these maps be provided without area numbers, traps, or secret doors marked so that they may be made into combat tiles for people who are inclined to do so?

2. Anybody know how to simply enlarge these maps and keep a level of clarity to them? I'm talking about using PC software that comes with the PC, not specialized photo editing stuff.

ASEO out

1. How deep is the water in 26?

2. How deep is the water in 27?

By the map, I would think that everything South of the number 24 would be around 10 feet based on the depth of the water by the dam. That being said, if the northern 5ft of 23 is under less that a foot of water, and the Dam is nearlt 10ft deep, I think it would be fair to say that the water depth increases by one foot per/5ft travled to the south in the Dungeon.


3. What are in the chests in 21? Was this room opened by the Fingers, or had it been previously opened?

4. Do the Fingers actually all have skull tatoos as pictured on their foreheads?

5. If they go unencountered for long enough, do the Fingers engage the occupants of 14, or move on?

Nice adventure. This is another one that I'll definately drop some hooks for to see if the players bite.

ASEO out

Were anybody's players actually surprised that a guy with the name Orbius turned out to be a beholder. I think that this might have had that "I can't believe we missed that clue" effect for newer players, but my players were talking about killing him (when they got powerful enough) after the first mention of his name.

Player 1: "Lord Orbius Val bla bla...? You're kidding right? This guy is a Beholder"
Player 2: "Yep"
Player 3: "You know he's going to set us up?"
Player 2: "Yep"
Player 4: "Let's kill him as sonn as we are powerfull enough."
Player 2: "Yep"

ASEO out

In an editorial once there was a promice made that past adventures would be updated. Now I'm sure that that promice was made before the enormity of the task was truely understood.

With that being said, Erik, Is there any official effort to update the past adventures?

If not, is there somewhere that fans/past authors could update adventures and post them on the site?

ASEO out

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