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Check out the promotional video!

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Wait... Why hasn't this thread been closed yet?

I thought the playtest was over.

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Ithsay the Unseen wrote:

I've had a couple of DMs let me utilize the nastiness within this tome; haven't had enough time-in-campaign to actually build a pain farm.

If you're clever, you can use quite a lot of it without bringing the smiting of herodom down on your head... impatience seems to be the hallmark of lots of evil folk, though, so ymmv.

It isn't for everybody; when I refer to it as "nastiness," well... it is. Some groups won't want to explore the verges of Really Evil Stuff. A couple of groups I've played with did, and we had a blast.

Sadly my experience is that the people I play with, simply don't know how to play evil. However I love using its prestige classes against players as well, a really unpleasant surprise for them.

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The Book of Vile Darkness was the first TTRPG book I ever bought, I had good times and more good times with it. A GM once let me use feats and other things from it on a character, and I've used many of those monsters against my players.

I did a video review of the book on my YT channel if anyone is interested.

What are all your experiences with that book?

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Malwing wrote:

Review is up. You can see it and more over on my blog.

I've said this before but if you compile these classes (or at least the classes I've read thoroughly so far) I would add more options to them. Their chassis aren't bad but I think these classes can easily be much more interesting with some options and I for one would gladly pay money to see that.

Oh wow! Thank you!

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Hail adventurers! Time for another giveaway!

This time if for 4 copies of Wayward Rogues Publishing's Mysterium Magnus.
A book containing necromantic options for occultists!

Here are the rules:
1- Be subscribed or subscribe to the ARMR Studios YouTube channel if you haven't already
2- Share the video
3- Like the video
4- Leave a comment letting us know why you like Lovecraftian Horror and/or the Cthulhu Mythos.

You all have until Monday November 23rd to participate, then 4 lucky winners shall be chosen randomly!

Catch the video here!

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Malwing wrote:

I posted on youtube;"I have a recurring homebrew horror setting that has a recurring NPC that the players have not killed yet within three campaigns. He's never really a big bad but served many big bads. He has his own mini. Originally he was an alchemist but I had to do a lot of things because no one has actually caught him he's been gaining levels and templates during the in game centuries he's existed. He uses alchemy to preserve is own life and create hosts out of corpses for masters beyond the physical realm. If the Vivisectionist can adequately bring that NPC to life in his next appearance, I'd like to use this product."

I'd make it a bit special too because nobody has encountered him enough to compel me to generate a backstory for him, or even a name. Players don't even know his face. He's been simply known as 'The Alchemist', a man in a plague doctor's mask and a black coat. The little known about him is that for centuries he's been extending his own life by culling failing body parts with that of victims leaving a distinct mark. He's assisted a number of evils trying to rule the realm but always in the shadows never speaking. His ultimate goals and purpose is unknown. I'd give him a backstory inspired by the Vivisectionist and maybe make him the actual big bad for once.

That's flipping amazing! PM me your e-mail through YouTube or through the Paizo forums and I'll send you the free download link!

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Malwing wrote:

Well so far I did 1-3.

I was curious about it when I saw it on DriveThruRPG but didn't have a reason to buy it so I wouldn't mind a copy.

Go do #4 so you can get your copy!

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Metal Sonic wrote:
I want be a Vivesectionist to tear apart the enemies! :D

PM me your e-mail so you can get your free copy!

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Ready to play one of the evilest and vilest classes in the Pathfinder RPG?

The Vivisectionist is a class created by Wayward Rogues Publishing, and you can now own a free copy of this PDF entering in ARMR Studios' giveaway!

We're giving away 4 copies of this PDF to the first 4 people to:
1- Subscribe to the ARMR Studios YouTube channel if you haven't already
2- Share the video
3- Like the video
4- Leave a comment letting us know how would a Vivisectionist terrorize your campaign, or how could it possibly save it?

You can find the video here!

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Here we go! A new shorter, better, more action packed video!

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Yeah, trust me I know, for some reason they video borked to all hell, I gotta re-record that.

But thanks for pointing it out though :)

recently may of my videos have been doing that -_-

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Here's some info on the combat system of Project Blood Souls.

Enjoy! :)

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Hail! I've been working on a Dark Souls inspired TTRPG to be released completely FREE, March of next year.

However, it's my wish to add some cool illustrations to the PDF to make the book look more appealing and professional.

Here's where you can help, head over to the IndieGoGo campaign and help out however you can, even if it's just to share the link, it would be highly appreciated!

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Hail everyone, if you'd like to learn more about this class before you download it, make sure to check out it's showcase video where I talk about the class and how it came to be!

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ObsessiveCompulsiveWolf wrote:
Pretty sure RMR Studio should be ARMR Studio.

I can confirm that to be true. Also, thank you all so much for including my classes here. It's highly appreciated.

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Session 6

A giant ape fell, two drow almost died in a brothel, and Jack made a deal with a dark being.

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Session 5

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Plant monsters are underrated in my honest opinion. Good that something like this is getting made.

Sent in my two pitches. Hope they are up toy our standards :)

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And here's part 2 of the review!

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I actually made a video with my thoughts on the whole new D&D Movie

In short... Imma watch it, I'm sure it's going to be bad anyways...

Unless they bring Damodar back! :D

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I decided to do something different for this campaign I'm running.

I'm recapping every session in video form and posting to YouTube.

It has been a boon for my players, specially those that can't make it.


Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

I'll keep updating with more videos as the campaign continues.

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For those unsure of whether to download or not, consider viewing this video were I talk about all the options presented in the video.

Enjoy! And if you liked the video, remember to like, comment, and subscribe!

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Hail players! A couple of months ago I started a Webshow where I make vlogs about gaming and also review Table Top Role Playing Games.

This month I reviewed a classic. The Red Steel Box Set

That is the first part of the two part review. Please enjoy and leave any constructive criticism you desire.

If you enjoyed, like comment, and subscribe!

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ARMR Studios would gladly be a part of this. While I am working on two different Pathfinder compatible campaign settings, one uses its own level progression table, and its own rules for eliminating magic items from character progression. The other is a setting where magic simply does not exist with its own varied rule set.

However, I am available for classes, encounters, monsters, magic items, archetypes, etc.

Oh, I am also available to promote the kickstarter through my webshow in YouTube

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Lycanphoenix wrote:
Once you have released a few more PDFs, you should consider bundling them all together into a single organized document. I would also suggest making multiple versions with identical content but different prices, that way customers may choose to donate every once-in-a-while.

I had thought of the bundle before. Thanks for the reminder though! :)

That second suggestion though, I had never though about that! It's an amazing idea. Thanks! I'm definitely doing that! :D

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Aleron wrote:
Not bad for a first attempt. Like the FF 'dragoon' feel of the class. The formatting in places is a bit off so you might want to work more on that for next time. Overall pretty solid, though, and can't beat the price point.

Hey! Thanks so much for the feed back, I will definitely keep this in mind and implement it in my next PDFs!

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Liz Courts wrote:
Also shiny and free (and welcome ARMR Studios)!

Thank you!

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I had a LOT to say about all this in my webshow, both for the first playtest and for the second playtest .

And honestly, it boils down to, why play a class that does things other classes do. It feels like this was banking on the rising popularity on the vigilantes, thanks to shows like Arrow and Daredevil.

This whole double persona thing could have been fixed as a feat tree.

Or better yet, as a play style, where everyone in the party gets a vigilante persona that is tied to their class features and a social persona with its own powers, essential, playing two classes, but not combining them, you would just get to pick which one you are using at the time. And a 10, 5, and even 1 minute delay to complete the transformation completely obliterates any pacing the session might have been having.

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And here are my thoughts on the second part of the playtest.

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Well, I read over the whole Vigilante class and wrote up a couple and ran some mock battle with it.

So I made a video review about the class.

I took the class apart feature by feature and even gave in my two cents about how it could be improved:
Scrap this class completely and turn Dual Personalities into a feat tree

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Changing Man wrote:

Oh man. and I just bought this yesterday...

But I can say, this is all kinds of awesome!

I am glad you are enjoying it! :D

If you liked it a lot, remember to write a review! And spread the word!

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Greetings! Wayward Rogues Publishing , along side ARMR Studios are giving away 5 PDFs containing Wayward Rogues Publishing new book Cultures of Celmae: Briranor

Just view this video and follow it's 3 simple instructions! Act fast though! Only the first five people to comment get the free PDF!