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Neurophage wrote:
Rallaster wrote:
I highly recommend the Anima: Beyond Fantasy RPG by Fantasy Flight Games
There's a caveat here. Anima was originally in Spanish, and FFG's budget for translating it amounted to the change between the couch cushions. No human translator ever actually touched Anima. The whole thing was machine-translated. The books aren't unreadable, but there's a lot of phrasing ambiguity. You definitely want someone who knows the game already with you if you want to play Anima.

Hahaha if you only knew, the Spanish version of Anima is just as bad... Sadly... :'(

But thanks for stating that. It is a very important point with Anima

I highly recommend the Anima: Beyond Fantasy RPG by Fantasy Flight Games

Here's a new base class, courtesy of A.R.M.R Studios.
A warrior that can wield a two-handed weapon in one hand and that can sacrifice his own health to deal grievous wounds upon the opposition.

The Vindicator

Any suggestions and constructive criticisms are always welcome! :D

New free monster, courtesy of A.R.M.R Studios! A flying undead monstrocity that uses its multiple spinal cords to attack!
Introducing, the Spinal Lasher.

Acronymphomaniac wrote:
OP delivered! Folks, check it out!

Hope you enjoy your new pdf containing two new dwarven societies, traits, feats and even a new hybrid class!

Only 2 PDFs! Act soon before you're left out!

Drejk wrote:

BTW: There is an error in A.R.M.R Stuidos link.

>Here would be the correct one, I think<

Ah! Thanks a lot for that clarification.

And which one is the 3pp section?


Hah nevermind, I see it was moved, thank a lot!

Only 3 more free downloads to go!

I was looking for a way to share this contest, but I guess the off-topic forum would be the best place?

Anyway, A.R.M.R Studios along side Wayward Rogues Publishing are holding a contest, and giving away a free pdf of their brand new book, Cultures of Celmae - Dwarfs. A book that even contains a new hybrid class!

Follow this link for the contest rules.

Arachnofiend wrote:
artists accepting free as a good rate only makes it more difficult for all artists to find for-pay work.

Honestly, the same goes for any line of freelancing work, be it photography and even game designers.

kemmotar_veon wrote:
I'm trying to see your blog but it seems to be down

The link from the first post seems to be broken.

Try here

great ideas! I'll be working with these later on, I'll be sure to credit you in my blog. Thanks :)

Hey everyone, I got around to rework the class a bit, it uses Wisdom instead of Intelligence for various class features. Now there's more than one type of guiding shade.

And more importantly, the class was renamed to Crusader.

LazarX wrote:

I was expecting a class where your skin changes into orange rocks.

Hahahaha that sounds fun!

To answer these questions:

@Joynt Jezebel: The Thingomancer gains Eschew Materials at level 2.

@Inlaa: Yeah that was a typo, it's fixed now. And no the weapon they pull out is just normal iron, or whatever would be proper for the setting

Thanks so much for checking out the class! :)

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Ever wanted to have some power over rod of wonders? What about deck of many things? Have you ever longed for a thingamajig!?

Well now's your chance! Apply now to The Thingomancer prestige class and make your dreams a reality!

Bandw2 wrote:

what damage does arcane assault do? precision? the same type as the weapon? does it count as magic for overcoming damage reduction?

Armored mage gives bonuses for wearing heavy armor, yet armor proficiency isn't a bonus feat the bloodline provides nor do you gain proficiency from the bloodline in anyway. so this ability requires 3 feats to become useful.

Bolster Enhancements isn't that great at 15th level when you should be using a belt of strength or head band of charisma, which do not stack with those spells.

It's just untyped bonus damage. I did add a line explaining that it counts as a magical attack for the purpose of overcoming DR/Magic. Thank you! :)

And if you re-read the bloodline arcana you'll see that they get proficiency with heavy armor.

And I totally forgot to add something else to Bolster Enhancements, it also works for any enhancement bonus cast on a item you wield... Let me fix that...

Here's the Warmage Bloodline. A bloodline specialized in martial combat. Enjoy!


GarnathFrostmantle wrote:

You don't need to require a jump check for leaping charge, but something that has jump and leaping in the description and title should have some sort of description as to how I am jumping. You don't have to require a jump check.

I like it so far, but the description is missing a bit. Something needs to be done different, change the name, or require at least jumping off something to get momentum for the charge

If he has the flavor of jumping over enemies and striking down from above, but I don't see the relative mechanics through out the class.

To me, as a player, just saying he jumps to make a leaping strike, doesn't do a visual.... unless we are talking about Achilles from the movie Troy. That's a leaping charge. Even at that, I have to "jump" around the opponent.

Now leaping attack is a decent visual and the wording is okay. However, I think again the words are a little loose for my taste. By threaten, does that mean only adjacent?
Can it be combined as an attack of opportunity if a feat is created?

Does leaping attack provoke?

(not trying to gang up on your class, just fundamental questions I have)

Leap Attack does not provoke.

And I like the idea of making a feat for it to be combined with an attack of opportunity...

But I'll see what I can do with the wording...

Thanks again for all the feedback :)

Also, d8's since you can only use Leaping Charge during a charge, so it has more restricted use. And d8's for leap attack because it gets much less dice. So it's mostly a thing of balance.

Basically that's what it is a more powerful charge, he still needs to move at least 10 feet to do it properly. And the main reason I didn't place a minimum required jump distance was because I didn't want to add a jump check before the attack.

And a d8 because it balances better with the stereotypical two weapon rogues dealing d6's after every attack.

Considering you have to be threatening, not that high.

And for the latter, not that high either.

Oceanshieldwolf wrote:

* I don't understand the difference between leaping charge and leap attack:

So the first is on a Charge (with concomitant post charge/leap AC penalty), the second is a regular attack against a threatened foe, but both are full round actions?

* Is there a height restriction for either Leap Attack or Leaping Charge?

Thanks for letting me know about the typo.

The class' name was changed to Zephyrus.
Basically that's the difference between leaping charge and leap attack.
And when you mean height restriction, do you mean weather or not the zephyrus could attack a flying opponent flying over head?

Oceanshieldwolf wrote:
[threadjack]@Rallaster: Also, I see on your blog you are working on a Berzerker monk/barbarian hybrid class that gets extra attacks in a berserk rage. If you're looking for more ideas, I'm happy to gift you a copy (either here or thru Drivethru) of the Savage Alternate Class for monks and barbarians dubbed " the monk/barbarian-class the ACG should have delivered, but didn't." by endzeitgeist in his 5 star review…[/threadjack]

Oh wow that sounds very interesting!

And here's the latest re-write of the class!

Thanks to everyone for their amazing support!

Thanks a lot for the feedback! Will modify accordingly.

zadda2597 wrote:
It says the page can't be found. :(

Fixed! Try here!

Bumping because I edited the class further today.
I defined better how the shadowstrike works, edited the shadowcraftpool, the cost of the shadowmancies and even added a new feat.

Like I said, there's probably a myriad of Binder conversions :P
I'll loom into it if you look into mine :3

There's probably been a myriad of Binder conversions, here's mine!

Anyone else though that this was a super fun class?

Might I interest anyone in a few no magic game rules I designed?

I also have rules for a game without +1, +2 etc. items, while still keeping magic classes around, wondrous items around and keeping the martial classes relevant.

These have been playtested and played very well!

EltonJ wrote:

Hey, Liz, thanks for the thread. But how about something in reverse?

If something like that is ever done let me know! I owe a few jobs to this thread already.

Here's a monster I designed a bit ago, basically a young woman that hides a monstrous spider under her back.

Arachne CR 5

LMPjr007 wrote:

OK Here I go...

Publisher Name:LPJ Design looking for a freelance writer for our upcoming bestiary for our campaign setting, NeoExodus: A House Divided.
Project Length: Each Monster write-up will be 500 to 1,000 words
Pay Rate: 0.01/edited word
Additional details: Those with monster creation & building experience and writers who have been published are encouraged to apply. Please submit samples of work with initial email.
Respond by: February 7th, 2015

I sent you an e-mail with a sample of my work.

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I already sent all 20 of mine! So exited :D

Charender wrote:

The only thing that doesn't really make sense is the DR 10/magic. I can't think of a good reason a creature like this would have that, but otherwise, looks good.

Beyond that, you need to add rules for a pack of sharks to have a special sharknado group attack so you can get a bad movie reference in the mix.

Hahaha, thanks a lot for the feedback...

Pardon me but, can we post homebrew monsters here as well?

If so, here's a sky shark, a CR 11 flying creature with a shark's head, four claws, and a pincer tail.

So I made a witch archetype that gives the witch a spellbook that eventually gains various innate abilities, like devouring other spellbooks or witch familiars to gain spells.

Let me know what you guys think of The Occult Scholar, and if there's anything that I should change/modify to make it better.

Amanuensis wrote:

The full-BAB-classes should have: +20/+15/+10/+5 at 20th level.

The medium-BAB-classes should have: +14/+9/+4 at 19th level and +15/+10/+5 at 20th level.

Compare them to the existing classes and you'll know what I mean.

Ah! I saw, thanks a bunch!

Writing and editing on a mobile device isn't as easy as I thought :3

Amanuensis wrote:

That being sad, I think many of these would make interesting archetypes.

By the way, you got the iterative attacks wrong (in all cases).

Thank you, I'll jot all of that down.

Also, iterative attacks?

Cyrad wrote:
This is another plus with making archetypes or talents over whole classes. With an archetype, you don't need as much testing. I test my classes by making NPCs with them.

That something I do as well whenever I get to run a game, I playtest my classes against my PCs

Cyrad wrote:
I'm not ridiculing you. I'm recommending starting small and utilize the existing design spaces as much as possible. Actually, have you considered entering into the RPG Superstar competition? The forums there can really help you build up your design skills. They have mine.

I uploaded a design two days ago actually. And believe it or not I take notes on almost EVERYTHING people suggest on my classes and I fix accordingly and the people in these forums have helped me a LOT with my writing. And I am VERY thankful for that. Sadly my gaming group is just me and 2 other friends so we have small games and I rarely get to play test my stuff.

@Cyrad: Everybody starts somewhere.

@Ciaran: Duly noted and am working on all that right now, thank you for the feedback.

@Lich Bard: Thanks for the heads up, I fixed it. And I'll be sure to read on that.

@Cyrad: The fighter basically only has 4 class features... Feats, Bravery, Weapon Training and Armor Training...

@LazarX: It wouldn't kill you to read it before making assumptions from the name... Sephyrus, sounds like zephyr? Also, its based on the name of a greek god Zephyrus. God of wind.

Here's a new class I just designed, loosely inspired on the Dragoon from the Final Fantasy franchise.

The Sephyrus!

Oceanshieldwolf wrote:
@Rallaster - haven't had a chance to look at your shadowclass. If you follow my link you'll see it's from a previous poster's shadowclass thread - there might be some stuff you can borrow/draw further inspiration from. Honest. ;p

Thanks! I'll be sure to give it a looksee!

Gave the class a HUGE overhaul.

Anyone care to give me honest constructive criticism?

Something like the Concordant Killer from 3.5's Monster Manual IV

A True Nutral outsider that can detect all alignments, has protection from all alignments and I forget what other abilities it had... I remember it looked cool and was CR 19

Oceanshieldwolf wrote:
Just because Paizo/someone else did it doesn't mean it bears repeating. Sure. But you didn't just ask. You asked for assistance. Folk provided advice.

And I'm open to suggestions, all names on the poll were given to me by friends or people from the forums.

Also, a trick a lot of writers use is to repeat the writing style of other authors so they can develop their own writing style and polish themselves. That's what I repeat what other successful publishers have done.

I have no problem whatsoever making a new poll, but I need actual example of names.

You mean real world names like the Knights of Charlemagne, also known as Paladins? What about Inquisitor and all the bad stuff the name brings with itself? Barbarians? Witches and Druids also have some negative historic connotations.

It's just the name for a class for a table top role playing game...

I updated the blog with it's own poll. Thank you all in advance!

Every vote helps!

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