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Customer Service

July 2019 New Releases, Subscriptions, & Gen Con Pickup

June 2019 New Releases & Subscription Shipping Thread

Missing card

delete my account

Order 7942152 - Wrong Sidecar Adventure

Gen Con 2019 Subscription / Pathfinder 2.0 Pick Up

transferring characters from one account to another

Starting Pathfinder 2e Subscriptions

Order 7945192

Pawns: Enemy Encounters pdf

Order 4620707 - 2e products only please

Order 7940382

missing card from Mummy's Mask: Adventure Deck 6

Subscriptions starting with Pathfinder 2e

remove backorders and ship rest of order

Missing cards in Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Core Set

Order 7863340

Subscription Cancelation

How do you cancel subscriptions?

Order 7761228

Cancel Subscriptions -- Goodbye Paizo :'(

Could you cancel my campaign setting and companion subscriptions?

Missing PACG Core Set + Curse of the Crimson Throne Promo cards

Order 7928986

Chancel Subscription please

Order # 7917003

Unable to access the After Action Report Form

AP Subscription cancellation

High shipping cost

Yet another Subscription Cancellation

Please Remove item from Sidecart

2nd Edition Pre-Order GENCON Pickup?

Cancel Subscription

Customer Service Closed from 1:15pm- 3pm

Cancel Subscription

Card missing in PAGC core set

Cant see Preorders

Digital Content not available for subscription

Please remove Pathfinder GM screen from sidecart

Order 7906140

Please cancel my subscriptions

Subscription tweaking

PACG Promo Cards

Customer Service Closed from 1:30pm- 3:30pm

Please cancel my subscription

Is it possible to transfer store credit from one user to another?

Start subs with PF2

Please remove the item from my sidecart

status of order # 7921009

Order 7922827

Goblins are out in full force with the site bugs

Order 7889563

GenCon Pickup?

Order 7799570

My active Subscriptions and Second Edition materials?

Order 7745135

My Subscriptions

question about predordering 2.0

Active PFS Number?

Problems paying with new cards

Organized Play Vouchers and Subscriptions

Deluxe Subscription Replacement?

Order 7940743

Order 5119452

Order 7764244

Order 7735511

Adventure Path Subscription - Second Edition

Paizo Order #7896856

Fixing my payment method

Forest Highland Expansion

Missing Bonus Bestiary from My Downloads

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game promo cards

2nd Edition Subscription Help

Order 7932976 - subscription start book woes

2e sub help

Paizo Store Checkout Issues

Been a fun ride - please cancel subscriptions

New Adventure Path Subscription

Damaged Cards in PACG Core Set Replacement?

Put subscriptions on hold for a bit.

Canceling Subscriptions

Canceling subscriptions

Order# 7669841 => Order# 7919968. Did I successfully move my order from sidecart to "ship as soon as possible"?

Order 7883073

Need Help Removing 1E Titles from World Guide Subscription

CS closing early 6 / 14

Pathinder 2E Accessories subscription

Order Something or other.

Please can i only recieve age of ashes

Paizo Order # 7811919

2E Supscription Error

Cancel Pathfinder subscriptions

Order 7861043- not turned up

Order missing from My Orders

Cancel Sub

Parental Consent for Son's account

Subscription Management

Order 7900799

SO# 7864091; Temporary Suspension Inquiry- Haunted Jester

Cancelling One Subscription

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