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Our story starts in a tavern.

No, wait. That's not right.

Our story actually starts at my place of work. My wife sent me a text saying a friend is looking to start playing D&D and would like to know if I want to DM. Always up for a game, I said, "Of course. Do you have a time in mind?"

"How about when you get home?" she said.

"Yeah, sure. I'll come up with something on my way home." We were getting ready to close at this point, so I immediately start going through what kind of adventure I could come up with off the top of my head and what stats would be easy to either look up or make up. Since we have a new player, I decide that we need to start at first level and I know most of the early bestiary low level threats by heart.

So I get home and assist in character generation. We decide on playing PF1, and I'm going to take it slow. Core Rulebook only at this point in time. My wife is a gnome druid named Bree. The friend is a halfling rogue named Sera. Both are chaotic neutral, and neither care about alignment in the slightest. I bring in an NPC Fighter and a Sorcerer from the NPC Codex to round out the party. At this point, I'm going to use the character names to talk about the players.

Now, the campaign proper starts in a tavern. Nice and simple, right? The characters are relative strangers from a small town. They know each other by name and reputation, but they aren't really more than acquaintances at this point. Bringing them all together is a new help wanted poster. A traveling merchant had his caravan suffer a kobold attack and many of his goods were taken. The most prized of the stolen wares is a group of large, black stones. He is willing to pay the party 100gp each in return for stones.

"Eggs," interrupts Sera. "You said eggs that time not stones. Does that mean the merchant slipped up in the conversation too? Was he really transporting some kind of large animal eggs?"

Apparently, my narration skills have gotten rusty from only playing on PBP for a few years and in a fit of crossed wires I had told the party what they were actually going to retrieve instead of what they were only supposed to retrieve, and now it's time to roll with the punches. The players have decided that their quest giver can't really be trusted, and they start grilling him for information on what kind of eggs he we was transporting, the prices of the eggs, how long until they hatch, typical questions. They learn that the eggs are black dragon eggs. They are very valuable and were going to be sold in a black market in the closest city. The players at first think that maybe they should just take the eggs to sell themselves, but quickly realize that they don't have the right contacts, and will take the gold offered. Well, Sera does. Bree has decided that she wants one as a pet and starts making a checklist of things she would potentially need to make a baby dragon not want to eat her upon seeing her, I'm not giving her any help with that, by the way, her list is all her own guesswork.
The conversation with the merchant ends with them getting assistance from his personal guard for the raid on the kobold den and some weak poisons.

Cool. Looking forward to more.

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