Good News Everyone!

Fri, Jul 31, 2015 at 06:20 AM Pacific

Pathfinder Society HQ is happy to report the following from Thursday night!

Liz Courts
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You monsters!

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Can someone please elaborate on the story behind this? Think it could be interesting.

It seems to be a Futurama reference. Though I assume someone's character was actually swallowed whole.

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*pulls out envelope labeled "contents of space wasp stomach"*

Here are your new career chips!

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No one is familiar with a "It has been X days since we've had a workplace injury" signs?

I took this picture.

We were 9th level at the battle interactive last night, playing high tier.

We ran across a monstrously large creature that could clearly swallow whole. We commented that we'd never had someone swallowed in a PFS game.

Sure enough our Paladin got swallowed immediately afterwards.

Playing the special tonight, the same Paladin has been swallowed twice more. We're now tracking how many hours since the last swallowing.

It's not 2319! but the picture made me LOL.

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