Pathfinder Costume Contest: Sheila Heidmarch

Sat, Aug 17, 2013 at 07:47 AM Pacific

Check out Helene as Sheila Heidmarch from the first issue of Shattered Star!

James Sutter
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That's pretty darn good.

Silver Crusade

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I got to tell two of my future Shattered Star players "Hey, here's your boss" when she appeared. :D

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This is my wife, Helene... She worked very hard on this in addition to all the work we've been doing in preparation for our move out of country. She is a great GM and I'm a lucky guy. We actually met at GenCon in 2009.

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shiela heidmarch if you tell me one more time that you have a 'simple task' for me in your 'distinct, breathy voice' and it turns out to be like fighting a lich that is riding a zombie dragon that is on another even larger zombie dragon that has like a rail gun on it

then I am going to be so mad at you

Oh, I forgot to mention... she made the tiara, wayfinder pin, necklace and buttons from some kind of clay you can bake into solid form- I can't recall the name of it.

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Would that be Sculpey ?

Sovereign Court

I know this Sheila and she is awesome! This is a great costume, Helene - nice work!

Lantern Lodge

Awesome costume Helene! Miss my Florida folk even more! T.T

Liberty's Edge

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Very impressive. Only she's smiling. Shouldn't see be looking down on all of us imperiously? :)

The Exchange

That's a great costume! looks awesome!

Thanks again ... :) yes - Sheila should be scowling. I know I miss the Florida folk too (now that we're in NZ). And I tried to do the "breathy voice" but got all choked up.

Sovereign Court

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Love it. Great effort.


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