GM 7thGate's Tapestry's Trial

Game Master 7thGate

A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 7-11.

Remembered as the Ruby Phoenix, the legendary sorcerer Hao Jin disappeared without a trace centuries ago never to be seen since. The Pathfinder Society has spent much of the past decade exploring her vast museum demiplane, yet in recent years the demiplane's very existence has begun to unravel, threatening to cast its contents into the void. The Society's leaders believe that only Hao Jin herself might be able to repair her creation, and a new lead at last reveals where she had gone: the realm of perfect law, Axis. As elite agents, the PCs must track her down and convince her to save the tapestry demiplane and all of the creatures that live there.

Welcome everyone! One slot is reserved for Mustaparta, and the rest will be chosen based on tier, party composition and prior scenarios played related to the Hao Jin Tapestry.

Dark Archive

Thanks GM! Its almost two years since last time I played with this character.

Player Name: Mustaparta
Character Name: Mörök
PFS ID#: 192672-3
Faction: Dark Archive
Race/Class: Half-orc/Bloodrager, cavalier
Progression (Slow/Normal): Normal
Day Job: Profession (farmer): 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (20) + 5 = 25

Grand Lodge

I would like to take part - I have been interested in this scenario for a long time because of the plot. I have Paladin 8, but right now he's in the game. When is the launch planned?

It will depend to some extent on how fast we get people in recruitment. I could start early next week at the earliest.

Grand Lodge

Ok, then I will write here when I see that the current game is coming to an end. If I manage to take part, it will be great. If not, then it's not bad either - the current game in season 0 is beautiful in its old-school way... Thanks.)

Sovereign Court

Looking to join. No Hao Jin Tapestry scenarios for this character.

Player Name: Ed Birnbryer
Character Name: Senator Lorian Therian, Marquis of Urfa-Halij, Ambassador of Taldor, called "Lorian the Peacemaker"
PFS #: 66136-13.
Faction: Sovereign Court
Race/Class:Half-elf Battleherald 4 (Vigilante (Avenger) 2/Cav 1/Bard (Arcane Duelist) 1/Rgr (Guildbreaker) 1)
Track: Normal
PP-21 Fame-48
Gold 24,000.5
Day job (Caravan vanity) Diplomacy: 1d20 + 33 ⇒ (13) + 33 = 46

Liberty's Edge

Pai here has just finished a mission with a *super scary* conclusion, and would love to do anything--*anything*-- to keep busy and not think about it. Another Hao Jin mission? Sure! Easy peasy! Piece of cake!

She's done #3-21: The Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment and #10-00: The Hao Jin Cataclysm.

Player Name: Warah
Character Name: Pai Shecks
PFS ID#: 289224-1
Faction: Liberty's Edge
Race/Class: Gnome Kineticist
Progression (Slow/Normal): Normal
Day Job: Profession (Artisan): 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (9) + 7 = 16

Sovereign Court

Player Name: Thralleon
Character Name: Sujit Von Maur
PFS ID#: 146509-13
Faction: Sovereign Court
Race/Class: Hf-elf Fighter
Progression (Slow/Normal): Normal
Day Job: None

Sovereign Court

Sukit just hit 11 after finishing Rats of Round Mountain 1 & 2.

Looks like we have 4 at least, so can form a table. I'm going to give 2 more days to see if there are any other interested people, then look to get started on Thursday.

Grand Lodge

I have interest I playing with my level 7 Dragon Disciple, don't believe I've played any haojin tapestry games.
Character: Vrothum
Society #:29609-3
Faction: Grand Lodge
Race/Class: Tiefling Bloodrager 5/ Dragon Disciple 2
Progression: Normal
Day Job: None

I'm having some problems with loss of heat at home, and won't be able to get this up tonight. Things should be fixed tomorrow, and I'll look to get this going then.

Silver Crusade

Yikes! Not sure where you live, but where I'm from no heat is bad news! Hope you get it fixed take care of yourself, and be safe!

It was not awesome (I'm in the US NorthEast), but I have a fireplace that still worked. Its usually ornamental/for fun, but between that and the insulation upgrades when I bought the house, it was enough to get enough heat in to keep things livable. Went to bed early last night and huddled under a pile of blankets though, since the heat didn't make it upstairs very well.

All good now, repair guy came and got everything nice and toasty this morning :).

Liberty's Edge

Thank goodness for the quick response! Brr!

And the Game is up!

Pai Shecks

Go ahead and post into discussion and gameplay with an introductory post when ready.

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