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There she is ;)

Helaman here again... if a cleric is needed, I offer old forgotten character, my Doomguide of Kelemvor. He's embraced the martial side of 'destroy the undead', using war instead death domain to reflect this.

Background and Personality: custom altered Acolyte (Doomguide - Skills changed to Insight and Investigation, changed languages to Proficiency Undertaker Tools and Herbalism Kit)

Traits: I trust that my deity will guide my actions, I have faith that if I work hard, things will go well. (Lawful) and I’m haunted by memories of my bloody past. I can’t get the images of violence out of my mind.
Ideal: Destroy the undead and those who create them!!!
Bond: I owe my life to the priest who took me in when my parents died.
Flaw: Once I pick a goal, I become obsessed with it to the detriment of everything else in my life.

Personality: The only thing that stops Evendur from being a fanatic is his beaten down personality. Everyone that he's ever looked up to or loved has been taken from him. Taken from him by necromancy. But they can't take his faith! No, Kelemvor will guide and direct any that place themselves in his hand! Necromancers and the undead MUST be hunted down and destroyed!

Unfortunately Evendur finds it hard to relate to others and has had to work hard on his social skills to offset his natural lack of ability in that area. He understands the mission of the ministry to care for the dying, and to ensure that proper funerary rites are carried out, indeed that was part of what he did during his tenure as squire to his adoptive father but he yearns for action, to take the fight to his mortal enemies.

His somewhat pessimistic outlook on life ("Trust me, it can always get worse") has led to his adopted nickname 'Grim'. Given that it came from his peers at a Monastery of Kelemvor that is saying a lot.

Evendur stands a decent 5'10" in height and is hard muscled but lean. He wears his hair long with braids on each side of his face. He is tanned from his travels and long hours in the practice yard. He favours the greys and dull browns typically used by the Doombringers in his clothing apart from a silver badge pinned to his cloak that bears the emblem of Kelemvor. While his general appearance is somewhat dour and beaten, the badge shines as something that is constantly cared for. He looks as though he rarely smiles and on those occasions its almost as if the smile needs to be dragged into place. His expression looks haunted and depressed, even if consciously he is not.

This is scranfords avatar. I’ll put up a bullet point background tonight. If chosen I’ll update the avatar.

I may change her to the drow but kinda like the tiefling as well.

Mylivanni Backstory:

* Mylivanni's elven parents ran a popular flower shop in Baldur's Gate. It was burned to the ground when she was an infant. A young soldier in the employee of the Flaming Fist was investigating the arson (Never proven???) and found the infant Elven child. He kept her, and along with his sister, and they raised her. She worshiped her father, and tried to be just like him.

* As she got older the Flaming Fist tried to keep her from combat. In secret she trained with any willing, but they were hesitant to put her in harms way, so usually left her out of any dangerous situations.

* She had a fascination with books and adventure, so to keep her young mind active she was charged with building a small library at Wyverns Rock.

* As her abilities became more apparent she was assigned to guard the Flaming Fist ambassador to Chult, so spent much time between Baldur's Gate and Port Nyanzaru.

* She made friends... with Coran the elven rogue / dashing stranger, and spent time with him when possible... though she never understood his relationship and friendship with Xan.

* She had just returned to BG from her last duty in Chult, and was in the Cliffside Cemetery laying flowers on her families graves when news reached her to report immediately to the fortress at Wyvern's Rock for an emergency. She is on her way.

Alright, lets get started with this party of 6:

Mylivanni - High Elf Eknight (scranford)
Donal - Human Champion (Aesh)
Gorn - Human Barbarian Chef (Atlas2112)
Malaric - Halfling Rogue/Sorc (Jubal)
Tiberius - Dragonborn Sorc (rorek55)
Evendur - Human War cleric (Helaman)

Check in at discussion, we will polish off some party connections and get started soon.

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