[SFS] GM Bigrin's Table 3 - Dreaming of the Future

Game Master bigrin42

Combat maps

I am running a Fast Play run of Tier 1-2 of 1-16 Dreaming of the Future for some RL friends. I need up to 3 people to help fill out the table.

I am looking for fun players who can provide quality posts 1-2 times per day, who are able to use Roll20 or Google slides for maps, and who are ready for a roller coaster of posting, because we want to be done by PAX (Dec 6).

As of right now, we have an ace pilot soldier, a ace pilot technomancer, and a bounty hunter solarian.

We plan on starting by Sunday, to get going as fast as possible.

Second Seekers (Jadnura)

I'd be happy to bring this vesk mercenary solarian 4, although it may be Monday before I can upload his stats.

I have played this scenario a good number of times previously, so I don't anticipate being at the forefront of the decision making (although this PC likes to make his opinions known!)


This skittermander priest of Sarenrae Mystic just finished up my Gameday adventure and is ready to be extremely helpful on another mission!

Prefer Google Slides. Used roll20 once, but not for pbp.


I have this android operative, and I believe he meets the criteria. (Level 2)

Okay, the gameplay and discussion threads are up. We're starting today folks!

Dawnfriend and Deathsong - You have 24 hours to post in the Discussion or Gameplay threads before I find replacements.


I dotted in yesterday, but don't see any posts except your first one.

I asked for a lot of info in the Discussion thread.


Ok. Will get on it during my lunch break.

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