We-Be-Halflings: Ringtail's Council of Thieves

Game Master Ringtail

Chapter 1/2: Every hero has an origin story, and ours are no different. What tragic events inspired their rise to greatness?

Current Characters

Dizzy Whistle

Male Halfling Commoner / Lvl 1 / Cavalier Lvl 1

played by DarkestHeart (94 posts)
Trinia Sabor
Lupi Rhatwell

played by Halflingtime (258 posts)
Liberty's Edge Lyle "SkyCaller" Highhill

played by Dragonborn3 (111 posts)
Keyra Palin
Neichka Nezranova

Female Halfling Ninja 1

played by Waltz (5 posts)
Doll, Soulbound
Sophone Tilfaen

Female Halfling Commoner 1

played by Gordon the Whale (18 posts)

Current NPCs


Brony Vegetarian Book Worm 1 / Gambler 13 / Zombie Slayer 6
(2,455 posts)