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Round 2:
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Yup the poll was addressed to the existing group, which is six strong. So, unless any of them chooses not to vote, you should expect 6 votes.

Was taking a look at Discussion - as far as combat goes, I believe:

- Eli is a melee character;
- Ridley is a melee character
- Alrik is a melee character
- Hound is a melee character
- Ogrim is a melee character
- Quetzal is a ranged character

So... I guess that is quite self explanatory, no more melee is needed, which means bottom line, my paladin would be overkill.

This doesn't mean at all that we can't play as a dynamic scouting duo Fraust - might actually make some sense ;)

That's an excellent point!

So are we decided? Is it time for GAMEPLAY???

so recruitment's closed?

Looks that way AZ. Maybe stay tuned in case anyone backs out? I have found that can happen sometimes with PbP.

Quetzal, people are still tweaking fluff and crunch. I need just a bit of time myself too.

We're close though. I'm excited!

Damn. Haven't been paying attention to the proper portion of this group. My vote's on AT, so there's 4 without DM tiebreaker. Also, I don't know if I mentioned it or not (too lazy to go double check) but as long as Eli makes it up to 6+ he'll be taking levels of Shadowdancer prestige. You're not afraid of the dark, are you? :)

Last time I ran Rappan Athuk at home we had a shadowdancer, he did really well. He had a whirlwind attack build and it worked out a lot better then the boards always say it does.

This is the first time I've played a melee ranger or a shadowdancer, so we'll see how well I live up to that hahaha

Fort that knowledge DC:
Knowledge(Local): 1d20 ⇒ 18

and rumor
Rumor: 1d100 ⇒ 84

I haven't checked with the group yet if they want the seat filled or not, but there has been a PC death so recruitment may now be open for one PC.

I think they could use a gish-type or divine character.

Here is the campaign journal of one character, to summarize what happened so far:

Hound wrote:

The various characters arrived by gate or [Keelboat] to Zelkor's Ferry and of course promptly met at the inn. A fop and his group entered along with some followers of Hecate and insults flew before arms were drawn. Hound was put to sleep(non fatal kind) by a wizard and one of the Hecates was struck down, making a half-orc named Krull to both feel joy and worry that he has a chance to free his captive friend/love interest.

The paladin almost did a whoopsy by striking down a helpless foe but fortunately, things turned out ok.

Raziel Drakan wrote:

I'll go for the role of treasurer for the time being - if I get overwhelmed I'll let you know.

As for the seventh seat, what do we have at the moment? Lets see:

Raziel - Arcane/Skill
Hound - DPR/Frontliner/Melee
Quetzalcoatl Sacredwing - Ranged DPR
Ogrim - Divine/Frontliner/Melee
Eli - DPR/Skill/Frontliner/Melee
Ridley - Arcane/Skill

That about breaks it down correctly?

The only thing we seem to be missing is a FULL Arcane caster perhaps? Or perhaps we don't even need anything at all? We can always give it a shot.

DM Grimmy wrote:

Well I thought a gish-type would be better then a a full arcane so as to complement rather then overshadow Raziel and Ridley in that department.

If full arcane, sorceror would be better then Wizard, won't be more then one spell level ahead.

Another good choice is backup divine though, the publisher does recommend this.

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Dotting - considering a half-elf druid.

**Also hiding so that the other players I have been with in other campaigns don't see me.**

Silver Crusade

I read you entire adventure so far including the part where the paldin took 38...yikes! Love to try as I have never done play by post unless you count the tomb of boroors that i'm running

Wow you run Tomb of Boroors that is the whole reason I got into PbP! lol

Sovereign Court

Don't laugh man, It ain't easy dealing with those maniacs

Yamakah, look here.

Tirion, when your done hiding and have your avatar ready, go over to the discussion tab.

I have a feeling you're getting voted on the island.

Still looking at submissions because the whole group has not weighed in yet.

Druid sounds ok

Tirion is making an avatar for the druid he's submitting tonite or in the morning. Seems like that's what most of the group wants which is a happy coincidence.

I think that makes a majority vote, Tirion Jordhar is in with his half-elf druid. Recruitment closed.

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Height: 2d8 ⇒ (6, 7) = 13
Age: 3d6 ⇒ (1, 5, 3) = 9

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HP: 1d8 ⇒ 5

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