The Celestial, the Infernal, and the UnCharismatic

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Just a note on the campaign, I will be using the Reputation and Fame rules, as well as possibly a rule system where all classes gain a Class Bonus to AC every 5 levels (+1 at 5, +2 at 10, etc.). This bonus does not stack with armor bonuses. I can't remember where I saw that system before.

Inquisitor Igorovich:

Inquisitor Igorovich is a fifty year old Casvanian man who has been sent to the Territories to hunt down the Black Abbot. The reasons for this appointment are many but boil down to three facts.

1: Igorovich personally revealed one of the greatest and foulest secrets of Casvania, the Vampire Count. Not only did Igorovich reveal this menace but he also ended it, slamming the stake through the Count's heart personally.

2: Igorovich's reputation is well known even in the Territories, it's a well known fact that the leader of the Silverstars Allendra Margreve isn't particularly fond of the Templars. The only reason she hasn't ejected them from the Territories is the fact that they have made themselves too useful (and the fact that the Darkwatch is a bunch of amateurs). Igorovich however is something that has to be capable of earning her respect by Society reckoning, how can a renowned Vampire Slayer not be able to earn her respect?

3: Igorovich has the right level of militancy (LN Inquisitor 12, follows the Eastern Saint Vortain) combined with a sixth sense for conspiracy and danger. These traits make him the perfect choice for rooting out the Black Abbot, where he points the Templars will strike. There shall be no mercy for the Black Abbot.

Question GM will you be using the honor system ( for the various factions such as the Silverstars and Templars?

I was planning on using the Prestige system for organizations.

So, a little info about the organizations and their visibility amongst the population of the Territories.

Silver Star:
Members of the Silver Stars get a badge denoting their station (deputy at start), and are usually referred to by their rank. For instance, Relik would be called Deputy by those that do not know his name, and Deputy Toli by the rest save for his closest friends. Anyone can be deputized (must be done by a Sheriff or higher rank). These deputies are only a temporary measure and are most often done for a posse. Unless the deputized individual submits an application to the local chapter office (Sheriff's Office), the temporary 'commission' lasts only until the dissolution of the posse or what ever pre-determined condition is met as stated by the deputizing official. Members of the Silver Star are expected to wear their badge, as it helps in the projection of the law. Temporary deputies are issued a bronze version of the Deputy Star, and if they apply for membership and are approved, this bronze star is replaced with a silver star. Players who choose the Silver Star Deputy/Initiate trait are considered members and they receive a Silver Star deputy badge.

Divinity Church:
Members of the Divinity Church are easily identified by either their priestly robes, or the Holy Symbol of the Creator (open to suggestions, I really do stink at coming up with holy symbols for deities).

@Viluki: What, if any, does a member of the Occult Society display to show their membership.

Also, I like the idea that the leader of the Silver Stars and the Inquisitor might not like each other personally, but they have a professional respect for each other's capabilities.

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I'm not quite following the aims of the Occult Society. They train magic users so they are not a danger? Are those magic users put to use, say rooting out supernatural threats?

Possible holy symbols could be an eye, or just a quartered circle representing the world, or a sun, or a tree representing life.

The Occult Society as a whole exists to train magic users, ensure the safety of all members and generally keep things nice and orderly for members everywhere.

The Society is divide into several factions (think like Pathfinder Society), my character for instance is part of the Inquisition (the Templars are the militant branch of the Inquisition) which has the job of ensuring that new magic users are found, trained and guarded.

They are also responsible for removing various threats to the Society and to a lesser extent the world, hunting down demons is perfectly within their purview. However you don't have to be a demon to get their attention, if your a meddling archangel they will pay you a visit... With Unholy weapons and the like.

@GM the primary identifier of an Occult Society member in the papers they carry (at least in the Territories), a Templar like my character is clearly identified by the unique red and white tabard.

It's basically an organization that protects mostly occult class 'magic users' from prosecution, but also has their own ulterior motives. Many in the Territories do not like them due to their actions in the Old Countries. Occult Society members in the Territories try to stamp out signs of demonic or otherworldly occurrences.
They are no more effective at it than the Darkwatch. Most knowledge they provide about the capabilities of other organizations are propaganda and indoctrination.

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Sounds like how the Aes Sedai in the Wheel of Time books try to bring all channelers to be part of their organization (and hunt down the dangerous ones (men)).

The OS is part of the church--does the church have paladins, clerics, etc. outside of the OS?

No the Occult Society isn't part of the church... Although it does have Inquisitors from the Eastern Divinity in it's ranks.

Any others interested? There's still time. I'll be closing down recruitment tomorrow at midnight EST.

Popping in to let you know Vera is still interested. As far as building fluff goes, I'd rather not get involved in creating any major organizations, but I'd be happy to create some smaller businesses and such for you over the weekend, if you still need them then. I've been busy with work this week.

Businesses are fine. Perhaps some clothier, jeweler or watchmaker companies. Magick item companies too.
I've been busy too. 12 hr shifts all week.

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Im still in

Definitely in. Had to leave some of the numbers (like saves) unfinished, without access to Will purchase the necessary books if I am selected. Not sure about the mount yet, I *LOVE* the idea of the riding bird but I'm not sure it fits the cantankerous dwarf prospector/inventor, so I might just get a mule. Although I could play up the eccentric angle.

An alternative would be if you let me take some type of giant (Large) bighorn sheep that the local dwarves have started using.


Or a bull. You know... like Mondo. Maybe punch out a horse.

Magic Item Producers:

(Note: I’m trying to write three different vendors, each with their own flavor and presumed clientele. Please change the price modifications and what they change as needed.

Note Two: I imagine this world as one where most reasonably-sized companies would have a private paramilitary force of some kind at their disposal. If that’s not the case, so be it.)

Manufacturer Name: Armitage/Lamar
Specialization: Armitage produces magically-enhanced jewelry, watches, and other intricate items, often incorporating silver and well-cut precious stones. Lamar focuses on clothing, cloaks, dusters, and other commonly-purchased items. The two recently merged to become one of the most influential magic item producers in the Territories.
Best Known For: Armitage is best known for the Forever Live line, high-end jewelry with various defensive-minded enhancements, designed to look beautiful and feel safe. (+10% price, tend to be higher-end and count as jewelry when trying to dress the part) Lamar focuses on the common man, and its items don’t cost more than the usual price for such an item, but there’s a brief period of insurance in case of failure or destruction.

Manufacturer Name: Ormiga Cartel
Specialization: Magical solutions to material problems (Slogan)
Best Known For: The Ormiga Cartel has a reputation for ruthlessly using price-gouging and thuggery to crush potential competitors. Their products tend to be cheap, but impose a failure percentage (like misfire) (-20% price, +misfire on 1 or 2). Many of their items use brass or bronze, poorly-set minor gems, and glass in place of precious stones.
(Note: The Ormiga Cartel was already seen in the Interest thread, but this is a more thought-out version.

Manufacturer Name: Lydon House
Specialization: Old World Flare
Best Known For: Gaudy, ostentatious broaches, necklaces, and bracelets. These items are obviously magical, and tend to be targets for thieves and bandits. They often have unadvertised effects, usually beneficial to the wearer. (+10% price, roll 1d20. On 1, minor negative effect item, on 18-20, minor positive effect (0-level-spell equivalent), on 2-17, nothing special)

The Templar district:

When the Pact was signed the Silverstar gave the poorest district of Emberstone to the Templars as a place to setup their base of operations in the Territories. This was intended to hobble the Templars, forcing them to contend with the legions of ravenous poor within the district and keeping them from doing their job, thereby giving the Silverstar a reason to expel them.

Unfortunately the Silverstar seemed to forget that the Occult Society isn't just a magical organization, the Society has a finger in every pie. This includes finance (they control the Golden Temple, a massive chain of banks in the Old World, lots of cash). The Templars offered fifty gold coins to ever citizen in the district if they would move out, the entire district was cleared in a fortnight.

Then the Occult Society moved in, legions upon legions of new old country immigrants poured in to fill the "Templar District". Funded by generous, not for profit loans from the Golden Temple the Templar district is fast becoming a high end part of Emberstone with significant political power, as while an Occult Society member cannot hold office he can vote...

Notable Landmarks.

The Eastern Cathedral: This spiraling, enormous Cathedral is a masterpiece of Casvanian architecture. It is the seat of the eastern Divinity not just within Emberstone but within the entirety of the Territories. In addition to being the seat of the Eastern Divinity it is also a massive hospital, with a capacity for over five hundred patients and some of the best old country doctors, nurses and priests.

It is run by Priestess Elena (NG cleric 10) and in addition to it's missionary and medical services also provides relocation and assistance to families of novices (often these families will be targeted by hateful neighbors once the novice has left with the Templars).

Templar HQ: The Templar HQ is an entirely new construction designed to look like a massive mansion (while being a fortress for all intents and purposes). It is also the residence of Lord Commander Hector (LN Cavalier 18, Order of the Staff).

Do you like GM?

Here's a bunch of ideas I came up with, unpolished. If there are certain things you like I can put them in a more finished form.



A long cliff that separates the high plains from the lowlands. A large open elevator has been constructed by a band of dwarves, and may be used for a fee.

Cloud Mesa
This towering rock can be reached by a long spiral staircase winding around the mesa, of unknown origin.

The Deadlands
This parched valley is avoid by natives and settlers alike, although parts of it are used by bandit gangs as hideouts. Travelers' tales report sightings of both skeletal creatures and ghostly spirits. It is said that those who die here will return as restless spirits.

This elven settlement is a fertile mist-filled valley, thanks to a combination of geography and elven magic. Visiting outsiders are welcome in small groups, but parties are searched. Corn and vegetables are grown here in abundance.

Canon Grande (Canyon of Tears)
This is the largest canyon in the territories, if not the world. The floor is as much as a mile below the surface, and it is rumored to be populated by monstrous animals. Due to the low elevation, the climate is much cooler and it is densely forested. Access is available by a few twisting tracks, but many prospectors and explorers have become lost trying to get in and out.

Mining Consortium

These elven rangers patrol the elves' ancestral lands to prevent incursion by settlers.

Special Materials
Brimstone. Alchemical component. Make tracer bullets, or adds fire/acid damage?

Moonsilver. Glows in moonlight. Counts as alchemical silver.

something that stops bullets
Firecloth, a material made from a fibrous mineral that can be woven into a cloth, and is completely fireproof. [Actually asbestos.]

Used in galvanic inventions.

Shocklizard hide
Conducts electricity along the surface but insulates the inner surface. Can be used to fashion armor, as leather, but gives -1 ACP and +5 electric resistance. Gloves fashioned of this material give +5 electric resistance to electricity-based traps that target the hands.


Spirit animals
Some animals in the territories come in a pure white coloration. These are sacred to the plains elves and other natives. Some hunters among the settlers, however, see these as trophy animals. Killing one is seen as a hostile act by most natives.
White/ghost template...
Same as celestial, also, seeing one grants a +1 to one skill check that day (after the result is revealed) to good/neutral characters.
Neutral/evil characters can get a benefit from killing one, or from their hide?

These animals are hunted for food and are herded by the elgatos.

These large mountain-dwelling sheep are sure-footed and are favored as mounts by prospecting dwarves.

These animals are commonly used as mounts and beasts of burden. While slow, they are sure-footed.

Screecher Bird
This Small vulture preys on dead or dying creatures. When feeding, they will use their sonic attack to defend against other creatures.
Bite 1d4
Screech: sonic attack 1d8 sonic damage, 15' cone.
Special: The screecher bird threatens a 10' area with its screech.

A thorny bramble that often trips

Shiverfruit tree
This scrubby tree grows in densely packed stands. It produces a nourishing fruit resembling a knobby lemon. During the spring and summer, when the tree is brushed by a creature, it releases a cloud of pollen. Effect. 1d2 Con damage. Sneezing for 1d6 rounds (staggered). Fort save DC 12 negates.

Deaththorn cactus (?)
Spines of this cactus carry the blackthorn poison. They can be used to tip arrows (DC X check) or the poison can be harvested and used for other purposes (DC X). Failing the DC does 1d4 damage plus poison. It loses potency after 24 hours.
Poison. Effect . 1d2 Dex damage. Duration 2 rounds. Cure DC 14 Fort.

X Gloves. These tough but supple leather gloves give a +2 bonus to harvesting blackthorn poison and provide +2 protection (save or ac?) vs. traps that target the hands.

Coyote. A legendary trickster figure of the elves and kitsune. CN. Domains: artifice, fire, trickery, travel, weather.

Saint Rabiah
A human settler who lived among the elves for several years, teaching them about the Creator. Though only a few were converted, she was admired by the elves for her humble spirit.

GM Warhawk wrote:
Just a note on the campaign, I will be using the Reputation and Fame rules, as well as possibly a rule system where all classes gain a Class Bonus to AC every 5 levels (+1 at 5, +2 at 10, etc.). This bonus does not stack with armor bonuses. I can't remember where I saw that system before.

The Pure Steam book has a set of rules like this on Pg.60 where you get a Class AC bonus if your not wearing armor.

That's where I saw it!! Thanks.
I'll review everything later when I get more time.

Hey Viluki, how about an entire city and/or territory under society control. One of the northeastern territories north of Emberstone.
Love all the ideas though.
Alzo, perhaps riding birds are a more docile breed of axebeak.

Wouldn't mind that one bit... Although the Templars would likely still have some official presence in Emberstone (e.g a mansion).

The Hallows:

The Hallows are a territory that no one else has dared to touch, it is said that the land is cursed and ravaged and even the elves refuse to venture near it.

The Occult Society however realized that the Hallows were the perfect territory for them, so long as they could survive the Hallows themselves they need not fear outside invasion. No one would be insane enough to march against a fortified settlement built deep within the Hallows.

The Occult Society had already probed the Hallows with several scouting missions and established the settlement of New Augustgrad.

New Augustgrad:

Size: Large Town
Population: 4500
Alignment: LN
Government: Autocracy (Lord Commander Hector)
Qualities: Insular & Holy Site
Disadvantages: Cursed

New Augustgrad is the headquarters of the Occult Society within the Territories, founded within the accursed Hallows this place is legendary amongst the Territories. Where every other attempt has failed to merely explore the Hallows the Society has successfully colonized.

New Augustgrad is two miles long and is encircled by a massive set of stone walls which are filled with Occult power. These walls are true examples of Old Country engineering at their finest, they stand twenty feet tall and are thick. They bristle with cannons and machine guns manned by Templars. The walls form a circle around the small (half a mile long and wide) Lake Eerie, the only source of freshwater in the hallows.

The residents themselves live within the walls and their houses encircle but do not intrude upon the shores of the lake.

Notable Landmarks.

The Eastern Cathedral: This spiraling, enormous Cathedral is a masterpiece of Casvanian architecture. It is the seat of the eastern Divinity within the entirety of the Territories. In addition to being the seat of the Eastern Divinity it is also a massive hospital, with a capacity for over three hundred patients and some of the best old country doctors, nurses and priests.

It is run by Priestess Elena (NG cleric 10) and in addition to it's missionary and medical services also provides relocation and assistance to families of novices (often these families will be targeted by hateful neighbors once the novice has left with the Templars).

The Skull Gate: This massive ten feet tall gate features a giant skull (a prominent symbol of the Speakers of the Dead) that leers out from the gate upon all who would enter. This is not just decoration but a potent defense capable of casting the fear spell with a range of over a 100 feet and a save dc of 25.

Do you like it GM?

I do, Viluki. I can picture some imposing Gothic city in the middle of a grey wasteland of dying or dead gnarled trees. Crows would be one of the most abundant wildlife I would assume.

Only a few hours left for recruitment. We only have six recruits at the moment. Will be a tough decision if I only pick 5.

also appearance


Standing before you is a woman, her hair is short and jet black. Her face is hardened yet strangely elegant with high cheekbones. Her eyes are a storm gray, she wears a set of clothing that is most evidently old country, dull white/gray trousers and a white and red tabard. She wears a hooded white cloak over her shoulders and has a shotgun in her bony hands.

Is recruitment closed now, then? Good luck to all!

And here. We. Go.

So, recruitment is over, and I have 6 applicants... Ouch. Well, this will be a tough decision if I'm only selecting 5 people.

Still need a name for this game.. heh. "The Celestial, the Infernal, and the UnCharismatic" is good, but seems a little too long.

Honestly, I would just use it. It's a good title, and anyone referring to the title will just use the movie's title instead, it'll self-shorten.

EDIT: I haven't calculated wealth/equipment, because I hate doing it. I will if I'm selected.

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Dust Devils
Dust and Lead
Guns of the Desert
Legends of the Territories
Tales from the Territories

Pegasus Gulch (or Goblin Junction, or Hippogriff Canyon, or Kobold Saloon, or some juxtaposition of fantasy and western names)

The First Frontier

I've been coming up with names of the Territories. I have a few, but I need names for the territories Gunsmoke and Riversend are capitals for. Also need a name for the northern wooded/tundra region (Canada). Any ideas?
So far I have:

  • Eastwoods (south-easternmost Territory, Emberstone is the Capitol)
  • The Hallows (northeast of Eastwoods)
  • Farplains (largest Territory, in the center of all others)
  • Westhaven (northwestern Territory)
  • Roughlands (name pending, southwestern Territory)
  • Las Tierras de Nuestra Gente (home to the Elgatos, south of Roughlands)
  • and The Westerlands (barren wasteland west of the whole region)

I've been fairly busy lately, I'll be mulling over whom to accept into the game. I would really prefer 5 people, unless some of you can convince me the benefits of all 6 applicants. ;-)

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Well 6 people means that you can up the challenge and make things more intense for us

I would say that if the six characters are close enough together in your mind that you can't pick one to cut easily, you should just run with all of them. That's just how I feel about it, though.

Well, does make for an interesting group. Two are gunslingers multiclassed with something else, one is a gunslinger/paladin hybrid, one is a chaplain (healer), one is a kineticist (the occult classes seem like they fit perfectly), and the other is a dwarf steamwright.

Grand Lodge

Gunslinger/paladin hybrid with a shotgun. And you are right It will make for a very interesting group.

It could be great for RP.

Fun times =^^=

Well, 6 players it is then. I need everyone to do something for me though. Create an alias (if you haven't already) and check in on the Discussion forum. Also, be sure the info in the Classes/Levels section of your profile is set up as follows:
Class Lvl | HP #/# | AC#, FF #, Touch # | F #, R #, W # | Init +# | Per +#

Also, please use the template from the first page for the 'About' section of the profile.

Heard you speaking of saints. I'll just leave this here.

St. Teresa of the Stones:
Patroness of Inspiration, Prophecy, Perception, Secrets, The Addicted, The Poor, Prostitutes...

Saint Teresa of the Stones was a seeress, in a time and place when and where such was unwelcome, and unhealthy. To fill her eyes and ears against the whispered words and visions of the Gods, Teresa turned to herbs and alchemy, and in the way of such things, found herself less important to herself than her next vial. Trading in flesh for the costs of the powders, tormented by the diminished, but unended otherworldly whispers, Teresa soon ran afoul of local powers. Some whores trade in secrets, some more than in flesh, and suspicion grows when one knows, unbidden, things untold. Surely, it was said, she must trade for those secrets. Surely, she must tell what she knows. Truely (or at least, it is part of her canon...) she never did. She had no need to trade for secrets, the Gods tormented her with them, unasked, unwished-for, unending. But suspicions grew. Everyone has secrets, and many thought her in possession of theirs. And eventually, some were worth killing for.

A poor whore, a single mother, a taster of poisons, rumoured a lesbian, a thief, a blackmailer... One night, a crowd grew, whispers turned to shouts, and stones flew. The pain drove the veil of the drugs off her mind, and her seeress' powers carried every shout, heard every whisper, read in every stone the story of the hand that cast it. And she found she could not hate them, in their fear, their confusion, striking out, making what change they could, using what power they had, in their own hopelessness. She did not cry out to them to stop, but to continue, and as she saw more fragments of the pains around her, as more stones brought her pain, and death, and insight, she had her final Revelation. She finally roared out, to the Gods themselves, "You Court! Up in the Sky! You Court, up in the clouds! Is there something you forgot to tell me?! Tell me! Tell me! TELL ME!!" And a final stone fell. And Teresa died.

The hate of the crowd vanished, replaced with sorrow, and guilt, and regret. One there remembered Teresa had called for stones, and more were brought, and her body covered. Her story, of her forgiveness of her killers, of the kindnesses remembered after her death, of her grace amid her own degradation, spread slowly at first, but caught like fire among famined leaves. When a ruler ordered the stones that had been piled over her, now a huge mound, moved, and her body hidden, no body was found, and her legend grew. Witches, Oracles, and yes, fakirs and charlatans, began to speak of her as a Patroness, and then, as a Power. Is there truth to the rumour that Clerics have found Power in prayer to her, now?

Saint Teresa of the Stones was inspired by Joan Osbourne's song, 'Saint Teresa'

Every stone a story, like a rosary...

Will do so when i get back. But i might be back late home. So it might only happen tomorrow

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