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So, I just love when PbP games die... /sarcasm

Anyways. Who is still here? Perhaps we can start over and invite some new players? Or shall we attempt to continue this game with some new players? Ideas?

Should have said 'How can you *not* know about them?'

Tython is pretty well known by all Jedi and most members of the Republic as the current home of the Jedi Council. The Je'daii, not so much. Stuff is still being learned about the past of the Jedi since Tython was rediscovered before the war.

Jedi Academy Training Manual has the Iron Knights (which is what I'm basing her off of for game purposes).

Here is what Cyrosia's head looks like. I used Wildstar's Mechari race for her.

After sobbing for a few minutes and realizing the futility in it, the droid looks up and regards the three of you. After a short time of silence, the droid wraps the cloak about itself and stands up, giving you all a brief look at the craftsmanship and detail of this mystery droid.

The droid stands roughly 1.75 meters tall. Its face has soft features that are clearly feminine in design. In the back of the droid's head are rough blue-green crystals shaped to be like short, spiky hair. Its body is lithe and also clearly feminine in design. In its chest is a large fist-sized crystal of similar color to its 'hair' and a smaller one embedded in each of the droid's palms. The droid's metallic body has a soft blue tinge to it.

The droid slowly looks up again at Kal and Viggis. Seeing that they are moving in a non-threatening manner, it reaches for the offered cloak. It stops, however, when it sees its outstretched metallic hand.
The droid examines its hand and arm for a moment before following it's arm down toward its body. Upon seeing the metallic body, the droid buries its face in its hands and begins to let out what sounds like a the equivalent of sobbing.

Zag, when you enter you see the droid 'crying' with Kal and Viggis standing near.

Inside the transport:
Kal -The droid peeks its head from behind its arms and looks at you for moment and looks as though it is about to accept the cloak. From your peripheral vision you see Viggis enter the transport with his blaster drawn. When it notices Viggis enter, it cowers and covers itself again.

Viggis - Entering the transport, you see that the crate has been opened and is now empty, with Kal holding his Jedi cloak in front of him and slowly approaching a strange droid huddled in the corner.

Your work on the hyperdrive doesn't seem to be progressing very well. You have stopped the leak, but you are pretty sure that the hyperdrive may need more replacement parts to be repaired to a safe standard. Unfortunately, these parts are ones you don't think may be readily available.

I'll also put up a link to a picture of what the droid's face looks like in a little bit.

Heh, doh.

I had to tone down the Force Slam (hence the reduced damage). The original damage dealt exactly 19... >.< Didn't want to kill him outright!


The droid doesn’t resemble any particular being. It just has features that make it appear feminine.

As your hand draws near the large crystal in the droid’s chest you pause for a moment, sensing an almost familiar feeling. Touching the crystal, you can feel a warm pulsing sensation emanating from it, both through the Force and your fingertips. It feels almost as if this crystal was… a heart.

Suddenly the droid’s eyes activate and stare right into yours. Before you can react you hear a loud, piercing scream emanating from the droid’s vocabulator. A powerful wave of Force energy throws you backward into the bulkhead, dropping you prone to the floor. When you look up, the droid is huddled in the far corner of the hold as if it were trying to cover itself up for modesty.

Use the Force - Weakened Force Slam: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (11) + 8 = 19
Use the Force - Weakened Force Slam: 2d6 ⇒ (4, 4) = 8

Change to the description of the droid's 'hair'. ~~ The back of the droid's head has a rough crystal, same color as the ones in its chest and hands, that looks like short, spiky hair.

Zag and Viggis:

As you work on the damage, you hear a loud, mechanical scream and a thud from inside the transport.

I’ll let you Take 10 on that Use the Force check, since you have plenty of time.

With the guidance of the Force, you input the correct sequence into the console. As you complete it, you hear an affirmative ‘beep’ and then a hiss as the seal opens and equalizes pressure between the outside air and the inside of the crate. The soft blue-green glow briefly flares in brightness before dying down as the lid of the crate automatically opens.

After your eyes adjust, you find yourself looking at the soft, metallic curves of an obviously feminine model of unknown type of droid. Its face seems almost humanoid, and it appears to have centimeter-thick metallic cables on its head where a humanoid’s hair would be. Your eyes slowly examine the droid, taking note of every intricate detail made to this obviously well-crafted droid.

As you continue to examine the droid your eyes are drawn to its chest where a large blue-green crystal seems to be encased in some kind of housing embedded in the droid’s chest, which is also where the glow is emanating. You also note that the palms of the droid’s hands have smaller versions of this crystal. They look like they could be similar to lightsaber crystals, but you can’t tell for sure without further examination.

Zag and Viggis:

You’re work on the damage is going slowly. You aren’t making much progress beyond stopping the leak, but you also aren’t causing any mishaps.

The only visual damage you can see on the transport is scorched paint and panels. The engines look to be in decent condition. The transport’s shields seem to have absorbed a majority of the damage from the explosion. As you make your way around the transport to examine more, you discover that the hyperdrive has a cracked conduit and is slowly leaking some kind of fluid, most likely coolant.

You don’t see much more than what was already described, the only thing new being a small herbivore emerging from the tree line and grazing on some foliage.

As you fall into a deep Force Trance, you start to see images that you can barely make out. You catch glimpses of strange smooth skinned amphibian-like humanoids that had tall craniums along with eyes that protruded from each side of their heads on short stalks and sense feelings of intense pain, fear, and malice. More images appear and disappear rapidly, too fast for you to make them out clearly. Suddenly the images stop and focus on the face of an attractive human female with a face full of anguish. She looks at you, pleading with her eyes. ”Help me…” she whispers before fading into blackness.
You suddenly wake up, your heart racing and your body covered in sweat. It feels as though hours have passed, but clearly has only been a few minutes. The unknown woman’s words echo in your mind, and something draws your attention to the glowing crate beside you.

As the ramp opens a gust of air rushes into the vessel and replaces the stuffy recycled air with the hot, humid coastal air. The sound of waves can be heard from a short distance away.

Zag & Viggis:
As you exit the ship, you are greeted by a breathtaking sight commonly seen on most vacation worlds. The sky is almost cloud-free, with the nearby rocky shore breaking a crystal-clear blue-green water. The sand beneath your feet is soft yet firm, and as you look around you can see odd-looking crustaceans scurry about. To the northeast, past the rocks that surround this clearing, is the tree line of blue-leafed trees. Although this could very well be any vacation planet you may have visit before, everything living you have seen seems completely foreign to you.

You sit there quietly meditating in the hold, bathed in the soft blue-green glow emitting from the crate. The ocean’s waves provide constant soothing sounds that somehow seem to send you into a deeper Force Trance.
Take a few turns break, allowing the others to explore and take a few actions before you can continue.

I messaged both Relik and Grace, and no response. :-/

Oddly, the aura emanating from the crate does not give off any indication of either Light or Dark side energy...

The crate is roughly 2 meters long by 1 meter wide and shaped somewhat like a coffin. It is made of some strange metal and looks very old. On the side is a control panel with no markings on any of the buttons. On top of the crate near one end is a plasteel window that is the source of the strange light infusing the room.


As you try to look into the glowing window, you think you see something but can't make out what is inside. The glow is too strong for your eyes and it prevents you from looking for too long. What was it that you saw? It almost looked like... a face...

@ Kal:

You sense something... odd... about this crate. The imprint on the Force that it resonates is unlike anything you've ever experienced. The only thing you can think of to describe this feeling is the phenomenon known as a 'vergence in the Force'.

@ Zagulo:

As you fly around, you find a stretch of beach with a large enough clearing to land the transport(a majority of the other coastline you've seen is too rocky). It is relatively close to the treeline yet still offers a modicum of strategic value in case of an emergency.

I'm still up for continuing, just been real busy lately. :-/
Also, I haven't heard anything from Grace's character. I'll PM him/her and see if they are still interested. If not, maybe Grace falls from the ledge of the canyon and breaks her neck? :-P

Also need to PM Relik.

Sorry, been busy. Also, was hoping Grace would post. We need to figure out where to go from here if she doesn't return.

On a side note, Westbound was funded!

Seeing as how Irak/SoulDragon hasn't posted lately, I'll just continue the game without. I'm sure we can all figure out something Irak can do, or he can just be taking the recent events a little hard.

I'll post an update shortly.

The navicomputer cannot discern the planet's identity nor can it verify your location in the known galaxy. Making your way down to the planet, the scans show that the scattered islands are covered in dense flora that would prove difficult to land the transport in.

As you continue to search for a viable landing spot, a loud thud is heard in the cargo hold, emanating from the crate that is now strangely glowing with the same light that enveloped the transport during the odd hyperspace jump.

Through everyone's efforts, the lights turn on as power returns to the transport. A blinking light on the pilot's console indicates that the hyperdrive is inoperable. The only way to possibly repair the hyperdrive is to look at it after landing.

As the power returns, Zagulo activates the sensors and discerns their readings. According to the report, the planet below seems to have a breathable atmosphere. No ships or otherwise can be detected in the space surrounding the transport. The planet also does not show up in any of the transport's databanks.

I of course would love to continue. I've been dealing with the move the past few weeks though. I'll try to post sometime tonight or tomorrow though to get the game moving. In the meantime... Attendance Check!

Roughly twenty minutes pass before the four bandits come close enough to hear conversation.

"I'm tellin' ya... I saw someone comin' this way!" said one of them, a burly man riding a horse. He was sporting a large beard and was wearing simple clothing common among those around these parts. He seemed to be armed with two heavy revolvers, currently holstered on his hips.

Beside him rode a male elgatos, his short fur the color of sand. He wore a traditional sombrero and poncho, and resting across his lap was a rather large shotgun, possibly one of orgeth-make. He rode silently as he scanned the surrounding area, searching for any sign of the individuals his companion supposedly saw.

The third bandit was another human. He had dark, unkempt hair and a rough, scarred face. In one hand he held a military carbine, his other resting on the horn of his saddle. "Shut up, Prag. Ain't no one been this way anytime soon. We need t' hurry if James an th' Mistress want their toy back.”

The “toy” referred to sat on a horse behind them, tethered to the third bandit’s saddle by a rope. She was an attractive and lithe plains elf with coppery skin. Her hair was black, and she wore simple clothing consisting of a short, tan animal skin top and loincloth, all accented with teal beads and feathers. Her face, shoulders and abdomen were decorated with intricate designs in teal paint. Her hands were bound tightly behind her back, while a green sash was being used to gag her.

The Sith fighters continue to fire upon the transport, which is slowly increasing the gap between the prey and the hunters. Suddenly there is a bright flash from behind as the Corusca Star turns into a large ball of blue-greenish light.

The explosion's blast envelopes the Sith warship and quickly obliterates it in a mere moment. The blast continues to expand, quickly catching up with the transport and trailing Sith fighters. In the blink of an eye, the two enemy fighters disappear into the strange blue-green energy as it closes in on your transport .

Suddenly, the stars around the transport elongate as the ship starts entering hyperspace. Unfortunately, the strange blue-green energy from the explosion catches up to the transport just as it enters hyperspace, reacting to the massive energy surge that the hyperspace engine produces. Arcs of energy the same color as the explosion jump across the transport's hull. The elongated stars distort and then begin to swirl around the transport.

Everyone inside is knocked to the deck as massive turbulence rocks the transport. A blue-green light begins to permeate through the vessel as the space around the transport glows brightly and everything begins to move in slow-motion.

Outside, the 'walls' of the hyperspace tunnel seem to coalesce into a fluid wall. The transport is bounced around hurdling through this tunnel. Then, just as quickly as everything began, the vessel is ejected from this strange hyperspace and thrown into an unfamiliar space-scape.

Outside the viewports a large terrestrial planet can be seen. It's surface is covered in massive oceans of bright blue. Island chains of various sizes can be seen sporadically throughout the vast oceans. A wide ring of ice and rock surrounds the planet. The planet has no moons, but a bright yellow sun can be seen off in the distance.

The transport you are in is currently sitting dead in space. All power beyond basic life support is down. The strange blue-green glow that encompassed the vessel before has now completely dissipated, save for a soft glow coming from viewports in a large crate in the cargo hold.

Seriously!? *sighs forking over moneys*

Pure Steam Campaign Setting: Westbound

We should do another accountability check.

Ugh, sorry for the long absence of posts. Been really busy with work and getting ready for a move so I haven't had time to sit down and post an update. Hopefully I can get a chance this weekend. I don't want this (or any) of my games to end.
That being said, could everyone please check in so I can see if you all are still interested.

Ugh, sorry for the long absence of posts. Been really busy with work and getting ready for a move so I haven't had time to sit down and post an update. Hopefully I can get a chance this weekend. I don't want this (or any) of my games to end.
That being said, could everyone please check in so I can see if you all are still interested.

The bandits behind you are far enough away that you can all take 20 to hide (pretty sure you can figure out how to hide in 2 minutes).
Here are the results for purposes of opposed Perception checks (using your dice results from your rolls):

Grace: 31 | Vera: 38 | Cogs: 23 | Brandon: 34 | Relik (waiting on his response)

As the transport picks up speed from Zagulo's skilled piloting, the distance between the transport and the remaining two Sith Fighters began to grow. They were still hot on your tail though, firing their lasers in hopes of disabling your ship. Unfortunately, attempts to recharge the shield continue to fail.

Sith Fighter 1 - Laser Cannon: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (9) + 4 = 13 - MISS
Sith Fighter 1 - Damage: 3d10 ⇒ (9, 5, 4) = 18 x2 = 36

Sith Fighter 2 - Laser Cannon: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (7) + 4 = 11 - MISS
Sith Fighter 2 - Damage: 3d10 ⇒ (3, 2, 5) = 10 x2 = 36

Sorry for the delay

There are few outcroppings of rocks in this area, although ahead it looks as though there may be a small, narrow canyon or ravine that may prove to be more useful for an ambush. The small canyon has sheer rock walls that extend twenty to thirty feet up on the sides. The ground you tread on, consisting of rough dirt and sparse foliage and bushes, is wide enough for two horses to fit abreast, but not much else.

After forging ahead and searching for a few minutes, you find a bend in the canyon that allows ample room to hide the mounts, as well as a path leading up to the top of the canyon. The tops of the canyon walls have numerous rocks and crevices that provide plenty of cover.

Had to look it up (didn't know about that feat before), but yes, since you rolled a 25 and it beats the 24 from one of the attacks, you negate it. The other ship hit still though, so HP 120 and SR 30 are where your ship is at. Also, nice shot Viggis. I was going to make you roll the damage to be sure, but it's not often you get a Crit like that, and I'm all for 'thematic' events.

Forgot about DR so no damage to hp. Shields are still down the right amount though.

Although the blaster fire did not injure the Sith, it did cause enough of a distraction to break their concentration and release the ship. With the boosted power to the engines the ship rocketed out of the cargo bay faster than it would normally have flown, temporarily overriding the inertial dampeners and throwing everyone back into their seats.

Out in space, the damage to the Corusca Star could clearly be seen. Fires erupted all over the corvette as Sith fighters buzz around it like angry bees. Three of the enemy fighters break off from the main force to pursue you and begin to open fire.

Sith Fighter 1 - Laser Cannon: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (1) + 4 = 5 - MISS
Sith Fighter 1 - Damage: 3d10 ⇒ (10, 6, 1) = 17 x2 = 36

Sith Fighter 2 - Laser Cannon: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (20) + 4 = 24 - HIT
Sith Fighter 2 - Damage: 3d10 ⇒ (9, 1, 9) = 19 x2 = 38
3 damage to hp, SR reduced to 30.
Sith Fighter 3 - Laser Cannon: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (11) + 4 = 15 - HIT
Sith Fighter 3 - Damage: 3d10 ⇒ (4, 8, 10) = 22 x2 = 44
9 damage to hp, SR reduced to 25.

Shuttle Remaining HP - 108; SR 25

Minimum safe distance from the explosion is five kilometers, with the safest distance being 15.

I'll allow it.

The shuttle isn't designed for long-term use. Think of it as an armed private jet (and NOT Air Force One). Since you guys haven't really gotten a chance to look at the shuttle, I'll describe it more once you guys can take a breather and actually look at it.

I want to run a poll with you guys. Of the SWTOR ships, which would you prefer as a group?

Badlands with sparse forest. Almost pine barrens.

You make good pace along through the rough terrain along game paths, led expertly by Vera and Brandon. Eventually the sun begins to hang low in the sky to the west and the shadows grow long among the rocks. You encounter little beyond the occasional coyote or jackalope, but all the wildlife you encounter rushes away upon seeing you.

Relik and Brandon:
You catch glimpses of four individuals shadowing you as you near the location on the map. They are still a long ways off, but you are confident you're being followed.

Same as Relik and Brandon, but you can clearly see the green sashes they are wearing. They don't seem to have actually noticed you yet, so they are possibly just following your tracks.

The assault shuttle shudders as it's repulsorlifts power up, lifting the vessel from the deck. As Zagulo expertly maneuvers the craft towards the cargo bay's doors, a loud explosion rocks the cargo bay and shakes the assault shuttle. Looking through the viewports you see that the door you entered the cargo bay from has been blown outward, leaving a lone figure standing in the entryway wielding a vicious red lightsaber.

The figure's face is hidden beneath an ornate Sith Warmask and clothed in dark, shadowy robes. As your shuttle approaches the magnetic field separating the cargo bay from the vacuum of space, the figure raises a hand and lifts the battered doors from the ground and launches them towards the shuttle. The craft's shields flash as they deflect the thrown objects.

The figure then deactivates the lightsaber and brings up both hands. Suddenly, the assault shuttle stops moving and shudders as the Sith uses the Force to stop it from moving.

As the Sith figure holds the shuttle at bay, the ship’s comm activates and the Captain’s voice can be heard. ”Shuttle Adveri, this is Captain Galathar. You need to get out of here. Empire forces have overrun the vessel. We are going to try and cover your escape using the Valdirik Protocol, but you need to leave… NOW! You have two minutes before we initiate the Protocol. May the Force be with you! Captain Galathar out.”

The Valdirik Protocol is a last-ditch action used to cover the escape of smaller fleeing vessels using the larger vessel a a distraction by overloading the core of the larger vessel, hopefully eliminating as much of the enemy force as possible or causing enough disarray to cover the fleeing vessel.

Same as a Lambda-class with an extra gun.

Roll Survival and Perception checks please.

@ Kal:
As you close your eyes and open your senses to the Force, you can feel a strong Dark Side presence emanating from the corridor you were just in. This feeling is dwarfed, however, by the familiar presence of your Master and Irak’s as well. You can sense them on the opposite end of the ship, along with an equally powerful Dark Side presence. When you sense these three, your Master's voice calls to you in your head. Go, Kal. Finish the mission, and guide your companions. May the Force be with you!

@ Zagulo:
Divulge as much of this as you choose. Outpost Thesh is in the Velekat Quadrant. It’s a hidden base where the Republic performs experiments and research on various technologies. This is all the information your clearance level gives you.

Amid a hail of blaster-fire, the trooper turned to follow you into the cargo bay...only to be struck from behind by a well-aimed bolt of incandescent energy. As the enemy troopers advanced down the hall, you seal the door and make your way to the waiting transport.

The cargo bay is not as large as you may have imagined it to be, being somewhat smaller and discreet than the primary docking hangars. A quick look reveals that this hangar, and the bay doors leading to space, were not an original design feature of the vessel. In the middle of the hangar resides the aforementioned transport.

It appears to be a heavily modified Rendaran-class assault shuttle with a dorsal-mounted twin laser canon being the most noticeable difference.

Before you can admire the ship for too long, a hissing sound becomes increasingly loud. Turning around, you notice the blade of a red lightsaber cutting through the cargo bay door you had closed only moments before.

I'll post an update in the morning when I can get to my laptop. Posting on my phone right now.

Didn't see what your original action was, so it's all good.

As you make your way down the corridor, a loud explosion erupts behind you. Looking back, you see the Republic troopers slumped against the hallway intersection. Empire troops soon round the corner and begin to fire at you.

Ahead of you are the doors to the cargo bay. Two Republic troopers stand there, weapons ready, and motion for you to hurry into the cargo bay. As you rush to the doorway, a blaster bolt strikes one of the troopers in the head, dropping him to the ground. Looking behind again, you can see four Empire troopers, their armor shining black and red, take positions and start to open fire.

This part is more thematic than real combat. There's no Initiative to be rolled, so just post what you guys would like.

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