The Celestial, the Infernal, and the UnCharismatic

Game Master Warhawk7

Welcome to the Territories, where guns, steam, and magic clash in an untamed frontier. From the smoke-filed industrial cities such as Emberstone and Gunsmoke to the desolate waste of the Westerlands, adventure and peril awaits around every turn.

Stagecoaches, bandits, train robberies, attacks from plains elves--these are the ways of life. The further out west you go, the further from civilization you will be.

It is roughly ten years since the Theology War that nearly split the region in two. It was a war that spilled over from the many political and theological intrigues from across the sea to the East. The two primary factions, the Divinity Church and the Occult Society, came to an uneasy truce at the behest and mediation of the respected Order of the Silver Star. This resulted in Occult Society settling down in the deadly Hallows Territory that encompassed nearly the entire northeast region. New laws were laid out, and the Compact was once again begrudgingly honored by both sides. Now, the Order of the Silver Star once again keeps the peace, while organizations like the Darkwatch recruit folk to fight the spreading dangers from the Westerlands.

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Notable Personae

Player Characters
Vera Lyngriff - female tenderfoot halfling pistolero/sleuth
Cogs Gundarson - male brey dwarf steamwright
Grace - female human kineticist
Brandon Dellman - male human chaplain
Relik Toli - male human hallowed gunman (paladin)


Marshal Clayt - male human - Town Marshal of Bleakwood Falls
Kadjok - male orgeth - Barkeep/Owner of the Dusty Silver Saloon
Naya - female human - Saloon girl at the Dusty SIlver Saloon
Dek - male human - Young member of the Maverick Brotherhood

Current Bounty:
Jimmy James: 2000 dollars Dead or Alive
Maverick Brotherhood Sashes: 15 dollars each