The Celestial, the Infernal, and the UnCharismatic

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~ Bleakwood Falls was like any other frontier town, quiet and reserved one day and bustling with activity the next. It was soon to be a booming mining town, silver to be exact, as the miners returned with cartloads of ore each passing day. Today was a quiet day, until they wandered into town--six strangers with various backgrounds and motives: a former medic from the War, an ex-corporate ‘problem-solver’ on the run, a Society member on a mission to seek out the dreaded Black Abbot, a wet-behind-the-ears Deputy of the Silver Star, a gunman seeking adventure, and an eccentric inventor seeking to test his inventions. They were only passing through, stopping at the local saloon to rest and grab a drink. Whatever troubles they may have avoided in their past seem to have caught up to them here. ~


The Dusty Silver Saloon certainly seemed to live up to its namesake. Loose boards creaked as folk walked around the main room, competing against the mediocre ditty played on the piano. A burly orgeth bartender stood behind the bar cleaning glasses with a rag and spit below a sign warning "No Weapons Allowed!" in Common. The air was full of dust blown in through the doors each time someone walked in. The atmosphere was sullen, with the only sound of excitement emanating from one of the rooms upstairs as a saloon girl entertained a patron. Other saloon girls either stood bored by the piano or flirted with the other patrons in hopes of earning a little extra coin. In addition to the six of you, there are four other patrons in this fine establishment. Three are playing poker on a table in the center of the room, while the other two sit at the bar nursing swill that the saloon tries to pass for whiskey.

Please let me know where you are positioned in the saloon common room and describe what you are doing. You can be sitting at the bar, playing poker with the three, or even flirting with a saloon girl.

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Relik is standing near the door. Having recently delt with a few bandits, he looks around. Outlaws. They could be anywere. Anyone.

Rex clears his throat and lowers his hat. He surveys the room. He recognizes no one, and decided that it might be best total to some one. He goes and sits at the bar, and talks to a saloon girl.

Howdy ma'm. I'm deputy Relik Toli. Came in to the town recently. I had a bad encounter with bandits, you see. One got me eye, he points at his eye patch,And one got me ride, killed it stone dead. Could you tell me more of the town perhaps? Any interesting features? Any interesting people? Any need for the law in some parts? Any jobs need to be done? Any adventures even?

Relik will ocationaly look around while he talks, looking for anyone who could be trouble.

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Grace calmly lurks in a corner, no one had as of yet tried to remove her from her shotgun... The templar tabard probably has something to do with it...

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Cogs ties his horse off at a watering trough and enters the saloon. He frowns at the sign, deciding that the oversized iron wrench at his side was a tool, not a weapon, and his other mechanical contrivances were esoteric enough not to cause alarm.

He nods at the other patrons and greets the bartender in Orcish, ordering a black coffee, his drink of choice, and a big bowl of stew. He muses, "I saw a piano that could play itself in Emberstone. I could probably fix that up to do something similar." He starts mentally making a list of parts he might need, absently talking to himself.


Vera sits with her back to the outside wall, making a show of fiddling with her hairpins and hat. As she does, her eyes scann the room for threats. Her recent encounters with Bantorain's thugs had her on edge, even though she'd ditched the package. At least I got cleaned up after las' night, zough zee water was too cold. Satisfied that none of the saloon's patrons were a threat, she allows her eyes to wander to the saloon girls, where they lingered for a moment before being drawn to the man talking to them. And 'oo is 'e?

Her hand drifts slowly up to the revolver tucked under her right arm, settling down as it becomes clear that the lawman isn't after her. Some of her previous jobs hadn't been She then takes in the woman in the corner, appraising her and taking note of the shotgun before standing. Vera takes a few quick steps to the bar, climbing onto a stool and sitting beside the newest patron, a dwarf. "Oh? I must admit, I am curious. 'Ow, sir, would you go about doing zat? I am Vera, and your name eez?" Before the dwarf can say his name, she continues. "I waz working for Oderick, zee gun manufacturer, but I am, 'ow you say, looking for work. Not unlike zee lawman 'ere, no?"

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After coming into town after walking for gods know how long. Dellmen was in the middle of an internal debate with himself…

mmm if I go and get something to eat now I could still see about taking a bath later, but then again I haven’t had a decent bath in a few weeks and I wouldn’t want to offend others with my Bo…. Ug!!

After grabbing and shaking his head from his internal strife he opened his eyes to see the odd looks he was getting for passersby’s. Straightening up he strolled forward with the only protest coming from his stomach. Ok food it is first I’ll just grab a quick bite then get cleaned up.

Finding a suitable place he politely patted down his duster off before heading inside. Seeing the rowdiness of the place his eyes found the no weapons sign. Sighing he heads to the bartender and with a slight smile says.

Greetings sir, where can I check my weapons?

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Relik, not really paying much attention, hears the Halfling mention a lawman and looks over. Excuse me dear, He says to the sallon girl, If there are any jobs, please tell me, but right now...Looks like I may have found another person looking for work. Can't leae them out you know?

Relik aproaches the halfling and the dwarf. Howdy, Folks, how are ye? My name is Relik. What are your names? He notices the woman in the corner and the man asking about checking his guns. You sir, and you ma'm, could you come here as well? I have a proposision.

He then looks back to the halfling and the Dwarf. If you are looking for work and well I think we could work together, He calls the saloon girl he was talking to over, So miss, He asks, do you know of any jobs for me and my friends

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Cogs smiles at the halfling. "Howdy miss, people call me Cogs. Cogs Gundarson. I'm looking for a bit of work myself. As for the piano, you just need a power source, standard boiler should do, mechanical couplings for all the keys, and a brass cylinder with the notes punched into it." He does a bit of mental calculation. "Of course, it's probably cheaper to just pay that guy."

Cogs turns his attention to the lawman and gives his name. "Why not, it's worth a listen."

The bartender warily eyes the newcomers, whom interestingly all arrived within moments of each other. He regards the old combat surgeon in a deep, guttural voice mixed with the local dialect.

"Ain't no one gonna take yer guns, Doc. Tha sign's there t' warn ya not to use 'em in here. Ol' Gutrender here will see t' that." As if to make a point, the burly bartender hefted a rather large orgeth gatter up and onto the bar, breaking a few shot glasses under its massive weight. If he had intended or even noticed, he did not show it.

"As fer work, ya might be findin' somethin' o'er at tha Post Office. They 'ave a job posting there. Tha local Marshal's place has a bounty board if'n that's yer style."

The bartender then looks at the dwarf inventor, eyebrow raised in skepticism. "Don't be peddlin' yer mechanowhatsit junk 'ere, ya bearded gnome," he says, using the derogatory term for dwarves in the region, "We ain't got no use fer that stuff 'ere. Take it back t' tha city."

Yes, gnomes do not exist as a race in this world, but the word is used derogatorily sometimes.


"Ah, meester Cogz, eet eez a pleasure to meet you. Zee kind of job I am looking for eez not about zee money. I am...bored. Yes, bored is zee right word! Zis town 'as not proven exciting, and Vera is one for zee excitement."

Vera glances around the room at the others once again, trying to give the lawman her best curtsy and nearly falling off the high stool she's perched on. "Oop! 'Ello, Relik. I am Vera, 'alfling in zee service of, not anymore. I, 'ow you say, retired? I suppose I could 'ave need of friends. We should, per'aps, check zee board zat zee bartender mentioned, no?"

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Looking nervously at the rather large gun but still trying to keep his composure.

Ah I see. ‘Aheam’ Well in that case I would like to order some food. How about a whisky in water, and what do you have that’s good for a quick bite?

After getting my order

Ah thank you kindly sir. slides payment for the meal and harmony to you

After paying for whatever order I get I’ll be sipping my drink looking at the people in the bar not looking for anything in particular just people watching. If make eye contact with anybody I give them a smile and nod.

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Great idea Vera. The Marshal must need help. Relik grins. The three of us, and maybe these two could join us. wonder if there is anyone else.

He aproaches the one who ordered a meal.
Howdy, I'm Relik. Me and me friends Relik gestures to Vera and Cogs Are gonna try and find some jobs, most likely from the bounty board. Would you like to join us?

After hearing his answer, Relik will go and ask the same to the woman in the corner.

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Cogs shrugs conciliatorily, "OK, suit yourself." He looks with interest at the gathering group and figures they look like people with an array of skills. "Seein' as how my gold detector still has some kinks in it, I could use a job or two."

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Grace warily eyes Relik and especially the badge that he wears...

Do you stand against the Black Abbot Silverstar?


"And 'oo eez zis "Black Abbot"? 'e eez not someone I 'ave 'eard of een my work, but per'aps 'e could be an opportunity? Per'aps 'e eez a chance for me to relieve some of my boredom. Yes, I will 'elp you wiz your "Black Abbot" problem. I am Vera Lyngriff, problem solver and 'elpful person to 'ave around! And you are?" Vera follows the lawman over to Grace's table and throws an exaggerated bow at the templar.

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After getting his meal (I just going to assume its bread with some cold cut’s)

Ah man this is going to be soooo good

And just when he was in the middle of his first savory bite, is when some stranger introduces himself with some job offer.
Caught off guard from the introduction Brandon starts choking on the bite he just took. Panicked he quickly grabs his drink and gulps it down.

Gasping for air and ponding on his chest he recovers quickly, and with a panicked look he checks behind him in hopes there was someone behind him that this sheriff Relik was it? was talking too.
Finding nobody Brandon points to himself and says Were… were you talking to me?!

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Hahahaha, of course my friend. Relik states to the eating man.

Ma'am, I have no idea who this black abbot is, but if he is an outlaw, then he will go down. Relik states happily.

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@Vera I am Grace, Templar Initiate.

Grace's tone while seemingly calm is underlaid with a tone of hatred whenever the "Abbot" is mentioned.

The Black Abbot is more then just an outlaw, he is a leader of rogue congregations, in direct defiance of the laws set forth in the reformation. He has led and instigated purges against the occult, the laws of the Society are clear: he and everyone who follows him must be put to the sword.

The generous bounty on the Abbot's head is not the only reward, those who slay him shall be looked upon favorably by the Occult Society and services not available anywhere else will be made available to them.

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I will help bring him to justice

Class Lvl 2| HP 21/21 | AC 14, FF 12, Touch 12 | F +7, R +5, W +0 | Init +2 | Per +5

It is not that simple... I would advise hunting down any rogue congregations first... I would be willing to hazard a guess that one might well lurk in this town, virtually abandoned and remote. A good place to hole up.

Male Human Chaplin 2 | HP 17 | AC15, FF 11, Touch 14 | F 5, R 1, W 4 (+3 vs Enc)| Init +1 | Per +6

well I'm not sure if I'm the guy your looking for.
Never been in a fight before. Well I have been in the
front lines but my work mostly came to me from the
fighting. You know to patch holes and Hack limbs that
sort of thing

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Then you are just the guy we are looking for

With everyone in accord, the newly formed group of companions left the Dusty Silver Saloon and arrived at the Marshal's Office. As you approach the Office, a weathered human stepped out to greet you. He wore a large gray drifter's hat, steel shod boots, and a long gray duster with a Marshal's Badge pinned to the collar. His face was weathered and wrinkled from constant exposure to the sun, yet his large, bushy mustache was his most distinguishing mark.

"Howdy, folks," he greeted in a warm yet stern voice. The name's Clayt, Marshal Clayt to y'all. I'm the local Lawbringer in this here town. Now, I can tell y'all are new here, so let me give ya a rundown." He paused just long enough to spit to side on the ground. "First, no firearm use inside the town, to include legal duels and whatnot. If ya want to duel someone, we have a nice little spot just outside of town that's fairly popular with the locals. They call it 'Dead Man's Dare' or somethin'. If ya discharge yer firearms in town, I'll have to confiscate them and lock ya up for the night in the jail. You'll get yer firearms back the next day... after I escort ya out of town that is."

He paused to spit again.

"Second, we got ourselves a nice little silver mine here, and that attracts all sorts of attention, to include the not-so-savory type. I hope y'all aren't of that persuasion. Thievin' ain't looked at too kindly around here."

"That's about it really. If ya break any Federal Laws or cause a ruckus in town, y'all be dealin' with me. If not, well then, enjoy yer stay. Now, what can I do fer ya?"

As he finished, he spit once again on the ground beside him.

Class Lvl 2| HP 21/21 | AC 14, FF 12, Touch 12 | F +7, R +5, W +0 | Init +2 | Per +5

Grace's tone is both neutral and harsh, she is clearly laying down the law and won't tolerate any "interpretations" of it by the marshal...

I am Grace, Templar Initiate. I have been sent by Inquisitor Igorovich to investigate this town for any signs of the rogue congregations and their master the Black Abbot. As a Templar and member of the Occult Society my powers are perfectly legal within the territories, as per the Compact.

I do not expect your assistance in my investigation, any attempt however to interfere with my investigation will not be tolerated by me or the Templar Order.

intimidate1d20 + 8 ⇒ (20) + 8 = 28

Male Human Chaplin 2 | HP 17 | AC15, FF 11, Touch 14 | F 5, R 1, W 4 (+3 vs Enc)| Init +1 | Per +6

takes a step away from the "Templar"

with wide concerned eyes Looks at grace the looks at the Marshal... Looks at grace again and the Marshal again.

opens his mouth to say some thing but quickly snaps his mouth shut


Vera's jaw drops, and she steps in front of the angry-sounding templar. "Do not worry about 'er, she seemed angry when we met in zee saloon too, but I warmed 'er up. Will warm 'er up. Maybe. My name eez Vera, and I 'ave to say, zis town 'as not proven much for zee excitement. Do you 'ave any work zat might be int'resting in zis town?" She offers her hand, held out in a supremely ladylike way, before ruining the effect by tripping on the stairs up to the boardwalk. As she quickly dusts off her dress, she pauses, continuing. "Or per'aps a lead on zis "Black Abbot" my new friend 'ere seems interested in? Zat would be 'elpful as well!"

Marshal Clayt eyes the young Templar with stern, cold eyes for a few moments before speaking, his voice stern and clearly not any way intimidated by the Templar's bravado.

"Now, Miss Grace, I know yer type... Wet behind the ears, never been outside of the relative safety of the city or yer enclaves, wavin' yer papers and bloviatin' about yer Compact like it's a shield that'll protect ya from harm, or the law even. But let me tell you somethin', 'Templar'..."

He pauses to spit.

"There are things out here that don't give a horse's ass about yer 'Compact' or yer 'Society,' they'll kill ya just as dead. That 'Compact' of yers don't make ya above the law. If ya really knew yer 'Compact,' ya would know that it only treats the use of yer magic in the same regards as a firearm. In this town, if ya damage property or kill someone with it, yer still breakin' the law."

He pauses to spit once again.

"Now, I'm givin' ya a fair bit of advice here, Miss Grace. Don't be shoutin' and hollerin' about yer Compact like yer some high 'n mighty noble from back east. Things are rough out here in the Territories, and a lot of people don't like yer type fer starts. A little common courtesy can git a lot farther than intimidation."

He spits yet again, and his demeanor eases a little as well before he continues speaking. He is clearly more educated than his demeanor and talk would indicate.

"Now, as fer yer 'Black Abbott,' we haven't heard anythin' about him or is gang around this town anytime recent. We usually have run-ins with the Maverick Brotherhood--a bunch of lowlifes and bandits that ride under an outlaw named Jimmy James. He banded them t'gether and made himself a nice little gang; robbin' trains, stagecoaches, and even some prospectors lookin' fer silver up in the hills. They ain't broke any laws in town here, and that's as far as my jurisdiction goes unfortunately."

He spits again, clearly irritated about his lack of jurisdiction outside of town and bureaucracy. Suddenly, he looks at you all and his eyes light up. A wide smile can barely be seen under his bushy mustache.

"I got an idea. How 'bout ya go and 'investigate' James and his gang fer me. He's holed up somewhere in these parts, we just haven't had the opportunity or authority to find him. But the six of ya can. Ya can tell members of the Brotherhood by their green sashes they wear about their waist or neck. They're pretty brazen about who they are. There's most likely one or two millin' about town now as we speak. James's got a 2000 dollar bounty on his head, Dead or Alive. I'll pay ya 15 dollars fer each green sash ya bring me as well. Do this fer me, and I'll look fer any leads I can about the Black Abbott. And remember, no firearm use, that includes boomer and charmer spells, are allowed inside the town. We got a deal?"

He spits one last time and then stands there, waiting for a response.

When people refer to spells as 'boomer' spells, they are referring to offensive spells, usually evocation school. Charmer spells are spells that belong in the enchantment school.

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Howdy Marshal. I'm Deputy Relik. This Jimmy James, well The law will bring him down sir

Class Lvl 2| HP 21/21 | AC 14, FF 12, Touch 12 | F +7, R +5, W +0 | Init +2 | Per +5

Grace's takes the advise of her mentor and uses some black humor to break the silence after the marshal speaks... Her tone is both serious and yet wry, hinting that behind that cold, harsh exterior might exist some form of levity...

I have only one question, do you prefer your bandits fried or charred?

diplomacy1d20 + 2 ⇒ (13) + 2 = 15

Dwarf Steamwright 2 | HP 17/17 | AC 14, FF 12, Touch 12 | F 2, R 2, W 4 | Init +2 | Per +7

Cogs frowns at the announcement about guns. "Does that include scientific research?"

He tries to wipe the dust off his face with a sooty glove, leaving it dirtier than it started.
"I'll take yer offer. I don't like these ruffians preyin' on honest folks. Are there any certain spots they like to hit? We could go fer a ride and see if they show themselves."

Male Human Chaplin 2 | HP 17 | AC15, FF 11, Touch 14 | F 5, R 1, W 4 (+3 vs Enc)| Init +1 | Per +6

Looking down at his pointer fingers while poking the ends together
Sigh*I guess were doing this uh. I’m not much in a fight but I do have a duty to make sure you all come home safe…

On his face it seems like he made a decision

…I guess you can count on me to be there

Marshal Clayt let's out a deep chuckle at Grace's comment.
"Well, I only asked fer the sashes of the riff-raff, but as fer James, I need t' be able t' identify him if ya want that bounty."

Class Lvl 2| HP 21/21 | AC 14, FF 12, Touch 12 | F +7, R +5, W +0 | Init +2 | Per +5

His head I take it will do?

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These folks here sir, says Relik concerned about his new friends, will do their best to follow the law I hope.

Dwarf Steamwright 2 | HP 17/17 | AC 14, FF 12, Touch 12 | F 2, R 2, W 4 | Init +2 | Per +7

"I can't speak for everyone, but I am a law-abiding citizen and will help bring these outlaws to justice."


"Good sir Relik, I promise zat you will never catch me breaking zee law. Why, zee very thought of it eez 'orrible to think about." Vera looks at Relik somberly, ruining the effect with a quick wink from each eye. "As foe zee bandits, I suppose zey will serve as a diversion for me."

Marshal Clayt looks at the group and then spits on the ground next to him.

"Tell ya what... if ya bring back James alive, I'll toss in an extra 2000 dollars and some confiscated goods I've collected as Town Marshal. I'd love t' see that scumbag hang. Here, take these..." he says as fishes his hand into his pocket. He pulls out a handful of bronze deputy badges and tosses them to each of you, save for Relik.
"Come back 'ere after ya get some information outta those Brotherhood boys and I'll have ya some proper documentation fer bein' deputized and an officially sanctioned posse. I'll git ya some rides fer those that don't have one also."

Class Lvl 2| HP 21/21 | AC 14, FF 12, Touch 12 | F +7, R +5, W +0 | Init +2 | Per +5

Grace's voice and tone are serious, this is not some whet behind the ear recruit who joined up for the fun of it... This is a true believer, a true zealot.

I am templar first and foremost, my duty is clear. I will abide by the laws of settlements I may find myself in... Provided of course that those settlements are obeying the Compact, if I find that a mob is preparing to burn a child alive because she manifested occult power I will proceed to teach that mob compassion...

Grace completes her words in a serious yet deadpan tone...

I will need many bullets.

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Good. This criminal will face justice. Relik says
Ohh god... Can we actually take this guy Alive. I don't want to say it, but I really am broke.

Male Human Chaplin 2 | HP 17 | AC15, FF 11, Touch 14 | F 5, R 1, W 4 (+3 vs Enc)| Init +1 | Per +6

Pats himself down like he's checking for something

I have everything I own on me, so I can go when you all are ready

And I'll do my best to make sure that this Jessie? jack?!, James JAMES!
right right... I'll make sure that this James lives long enough to face justice

Dwarf Steamwright 2 | HP 17/17 | AC 14, FF 12, Touch 12 | F 2, R 2, W 4 | Init +2 | Per +7

"You have my...wrench!" Cogs hoists his hefty gearspanner.

Marshal Clayt hands Deputy Relik a copy of the bounty page with a crude drawing of James before heading back into his office, leaving the group with a few options.

You can:
- Try and track down James using only your skills and wits.
- You can ask around town for hints and clues.
- Or you can find the Brotherhood members and get information from them.

Class Lvl 2| HP 21/21 | AC 14, FF 12, Touch 12 | F +7, R +5, W +0 | Init +2 | Per +5

The best way to learn the enemy's location would be to target his own men, first however we should uncover what we can from this town. Our best bet would be to tag along on a trade caravan along a route that the Brotherhood is known to frequent.

Dwarf Steamwright 2 | HP 17/17 | AC 14, FF 12, Touch 12 | F 2, R 2, W 4 | Init +2 | Per +7

"Maybe that barkeep knows somethin'. He seems like a law abidin' fella."

I'm up for asking around, although Cogs doesn't have many useful skills in that department.


Vera listens to Cogs as he talks about the barkeep. "Ah yes, sir Coggles, zee barkeep could be zee right person to be talking to. I will go zere and see what 'e may know about zese Brother'ood people and zis Jimmy man."

She heads back over to the bar, once again casting a quick glance at the saloon girls. Instead of talking to them, however, she goes straight back tot eh bar, climbing a chair and addressing the barkeep. "Exce-oose me, sir! You seem like zee kind of man who is, 'ow you say, knowledgeable? Yes, knowledgeable! Knowledgeable about zee area. I 'ave been 'ired by zee Marshall across zee way. Do you know anything about zee Brother'ood? We are looking for zeir 'ideout so zat we can bring zem in."

Diplomancy: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (18) + 6 = 24
Vera 'as zee skills!

Male Human Chaplin 2 | HP 17 | AC15, FF 11, Touch 14 | F 5, R 1, W 4 (+3 vs Enc)| Init +1 | Per +6

Follows Vera to the bar

Or perhaps where they do there usual robbing

Diplomacy*: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (11) + 9 = 20
* w/Gather information bonus

The orgeth bartender eyes everyone warily as they reenter his saloon. His counter-top is clean again, minus the few scratches and nicks from when he dropped his large weapon onto it. Not a trace of broken glass can be seen at this time. He listens to Vera and Brandon's questioning, his face showing no change. After a moment, he looks towards the saloon girls whom are entertaining customers and gives them a nod.

The saloon girls giggle and whisper into their customer's ears, then one by one take them up to the rooms above. After a few moments, the only ones in the common room are the barkeep, the piano-player, and the five of you.

Once he was sure that no one was listening, the bartender placed an elbow on the counter-top as he leaned in close.

"Dem Brotherhood boys 'ave been a real pain these last few months. They come in 'ere and act like they own tha place every night," he says in a hushed tone before continuing, "Roughed up one o' my girls a few nights ago. Said she didn't give them what they payed fer. She's been o'er at tha local Doc's place since. Ain't no one been brave 'nough t' go against em. What makes me think that ya'll be any diff'rent?" he asks, looking at each of you. He seems truly concerned about the injured saloon girl, yet is skeptical of your intentions or convictions on the matter of the Brotherhood.


"Eet appears zat you do not trust me, meester. Zat eez a mistake. I am a problem solver. Solving problems eez what I do, and zis Brother'ood gang eez clearly a problem. Eet eez clear zat you 'ave more information zen you 'ave given me, but if you will not 'elp me to 'elp your town, per'aps I will find an alternative source of information. Just remember, I will remember your refusal to 'elp yourself, your town, and your poor saloon girl." Vera gets up from her barstool, hopping down to the floor, and makes as if to leave the tavern. She looks back over her shoulder. I hope this works, I don't really have any other leads.

Bluff: 1d20 + 6 + 1d6 ⇒ (20) + 6 + (4) = 30 (1d6 Inspiration)

1/2 Inspiration Points used, hopefully a 30 is good enough to convince him I intend to find someone else to talk to. Trying to force him into giving up information.

Male Human Chaplin 2 | HP 17 | AC15, FF 11, Touch 14 | F 5, R 1, W 4 (+3 vs Enc)| Init +1 | Per +6

mmm I sorry to hear that one of your girls got hurt. If you wish I can use my medical training to help heal her wounds. free of charge of course.

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Male Human Hallowed Gunman 2 | HP 19/19 | AC16, FF 14, Touch 13 | F +7, R +6, W +5 | Init +3 | Per +8

Relik stand by the group saying nothing but watching the area.
Perception : 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (18) + 8 = 26

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