Paizomon: Pokémon Tabletop United Kingmaker

Game Master Maeve Agreste

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Hello, and welcome to my ambitious endeavor.
My name is Maeve, and I am currently in the process of converting the Kingmaker adventure path into the Pokémon Tabletop United rules system in order to bring one of my favorite APs to the Pokemon world. This will be a high fantasy Pokémon adventure, completely redesigned while retaining all of the fun and political intrigue of Kingmaker. This will be a play-by-post game consisting of 4 players, and I currently do not have a deadline in mind for character submissions. No doubt you must have a lot of questions, but please read on.

I will be retaining the locations and names of the Golarion setting while stripping away the parts that are unnecessary to a Pokémon-oriented adventure, such as races and deities. Expect to be sent by Restov into the Greenbelt to wrest control of the lands from bandits as you explore a world full of Pokémon alongside your companions and forge a kingdom of your own. There will be fantasy analogs for the technology common to the Pokémon universe.

You can download the latest official version of PTU here.
This game will use the PTU Core Rulebook and Pokédex as well as the Game of Throhs supplement. Additional content may be available upon request if I deem it fits the setting.

Please use a copy of this character sheet to submit your character. Do not create an alias for this character, you can do that when the game begins.

The Quick Character Creation steps can be found on page 18 of the Core Rulebook. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the rules system if you intend to create a character and apply. I can offer some help if you need it via PM, but try your best to learn for yourself first.

Character Creation
You will begin as a level 1 trainer with a level 5 starter Pokémon and p5000 starting money. If you have crafting features/edges, you may spend this money on precrafted items. Your starter Pokemon should be the first Pokemon in a two or three stage evolutionary line, and should not be a particularly rare species of Pokemon except for standard starters. You may want to ask if a certain Pokemon is okay as a starter before you go building, as some options can upset early game balance. You may choose the nature and ability of your starter.

Oh man, this would be so cool. I hope the game gets off the ground and I would like to be a part of it.

I notice you have no posts on the forum though, do you have experience with play by post? GMing one can be a big job, often bigger than people expect.

Thanks! I don't have any play by post experience, but I do have experience as an in-person and VTT GM. I've just been lurking the forums since I joined.

Ooooh. Very interested

I've run across PTA before, but never PTU, regardless I'm extremely interested and currently perusing the PDF. That character sheet is mind boggling gigantic, the seeming weight of this game is a bit daunting, but I'm excited to give it a try.

As Gypsy said. Its massive. But im very eager to try this. Quick gander at the book:
Think hex maniac. And i want to know if i can start with a gastly? =^^=

I was gonna ask for a Gastly! As a Ninja Boy though, no matter, you asked first, haha

The Exchange

Dotting for interest but I need to wait till I get home, unzip the file...then I can start reading :(

Dotting for interest, either as an ace trainer or breeder with a cubone if that's alright.

Just got familiar with the rules myself as a friend of mine started GM-ing a tabletop a few months ago.

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I'm very interested. Never played a Pokémon Tabletop game, but I really like Pokémon and I've always wanted to try Kingmaker. I'll read the rules later today.

Thanks for all the interest! Yeah, the character sheet is a bit daunting, but it is thorough enough to include all the information we could possibly need across the course of the adventure, and the autofill will be of great help. I might suggest building your character on the editable PDF character sheet included in the zip file, then translating it to the spreadsheet character sheet.

Unfortunately, Gastly (and other ghost types for that matter) make poor starters, as many early moves are Normal type. I'll also add that Steel types also make poor starters, as their defenses make them nearly impregneble for the early game.

Will have a look then, maybe then go for dark, like hound hour, but later go with ghost. dark/ghost

will see. Will try to read through the book properly tonight

Dotting this very strongly! I'll get up a character as soon as I can. Planning to make a pokemon breeder.

Are Cubones okay Maeve? Else I might have to look for a more appropriate one.

I did not even know this was a thing. I'll have to wait until I get home to download and read the rules, but count me as interested! This looks fascinating! Heck, I might just watch if I don't get in!

Cubone wouldn't be a bad choice if it wasn't for its lack of offensive starter moves. I imagine you wouldn't want Struggle to be its only damaging move.

With that in mind, I will add that everyone may choose an Egg Move for their starter, as long as the chosen move isn"t obscenely powerful for such a low level.

Hmmm. Psy type trainer. Starter: Raltz?

The Exchange

I'll pass. Read the stuff, don't think its my thing. Sorry, but guess its different strokes for different folks.

Hmm... right, must've missed that one earlier. How about Double Kick or Rock Slide for a cubone.

I'd be willing to change pokemon to something else though, I've always liked Psyduck as well.

@Seth86: Ralts is an excellent starter!

@Just a Mort: That's understandable, thanks for the consideration!

@Rocan: Double Kick would work, but Rock Slide would be too strong. Psyduck also works as a starter.

Raltz it is then. will work on a psi-theme then

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Do you think a Commander with a Treecko makes sense for my first time ever playing?

To my extreme frustration my PDF viewer is acting up, I'll try to find the readable versions online, but I may have to withdraw due to technical difficulties, which would make me cry.

Edit: I've found the Pokedex, it's coming together

Wow, a lot to digest in this. I've got read through the character creation chapter, and think I know what to do to make a Trainer. I'll learn a new system, if nothing else.

OOh! Dotting. I've wanted to try this system out for a while.

...How out of place would a focus on fossil pokemon be here (tech level, etc) since I know Kingmaker involves a fair amount of mining?

This should be fun. Can I have a Rhyhorn as a starter?

I'm gonna go really old-school and go with my favorite pokemon as a kid for my starter: Bulbasaur!

Also, when are you going to be choosing a party and closing recruitment? And how many are you looking for?

... dotdotdotdotdotdotdotdotdotdotdotdotdotdotdotdotdotdotdotdotdotdotdotdotdot dotdotdotdotdotdot

@TheSuperDodo: That sounds good! Check out some other classes to mix with it too. PTU is very much a multiclass system.

@Thunderbeard: That would be fine! Most of the tech common to Pokemon can (and will) be replicated via magic/alchemy.

@The Warlord: I forgot to mention Rock types alongside Steel; due to their typing and the Normal-heavy early movesets, Rock types are just too defensively superior in the early game to be good starters.

@Phillip0614: That information is in my initial post. I am looking for 4 players, and there is currently no set deadline.

Maeve, would you consider allowing the Underdog class?

Sweet! So a paleontologist who seeks to revive fossil pokemon would be... a necromancer? I can work with that.

Since all fossil pokemon are rock-type, would Swinub or Yanma be a decent starter? Or alternately, Axew? (Not sure if a dragon starter is OP, but the Haxorus family is less rare/powerful than other 3-stage dragons has a similar stat total to a charizard, and it's based on an Ankylosaurus)

Not a problem, was just looking to make a Rider and a Rhyhorn looks cool for a mount.

I don't know if a Nidoran (M) could be available?

Going to try taskmaster route, just figuring if breeder or mentor is also a decent pick.

Are we going to do any fighting or it will be mostly pokemon vs. pokemon?

You know, that would be something very important for me to find out, given I was kind of going a Swordlord-style route, and was thinking of using the Skirmisher class (although I didn't see a single sword in the gear section). I may have to switch things up if we aren't going to necessarily be fighting alongside our Pokémon.

@FedoraFerret: There is already support for Underdog Pokemon via Poke Edges. You can check those out on page 204 of the Core Rulebook.

@Thunderbeard: Yanma, Swinub, and Axew are all decent starters.

@The Warlord: Nidoran works. There will be both Pokemon and trainer combat, especially regarding more unsavory types of enemies. There is also nothing stopping you from participating against wild Pokemon. However, this will still retain the lighthearted nature of Pokemon. You won't be murdering bandits so much as roughing them up and running them off.

So I will make space for a combat like class >< or it's going to hurt lol

I think Poison Ace and Rogue might work, so many choices blasted pokemon clases and not sure what other people will try to get.

@Warlord: Rider is a pretty decent option if you can get your guys big enough. And don't forget, you can add classes later. (I'll probably go Rock Ace despite not starting with a rock guy).

* * *

I realized Yanma isn't ideal, because I could evolve it at level 5. So... either Swinub or Axew, might wait a bit and see if anyone else wants to focus on dragons (since there's a fossil dragon in Tyrantrum, but also an ice fossil in Aurorus, I might think about which one of those I eventually want).

* * *

Also: I'm planning to go Mentor-Researcher (Paleontologist, Caretaker) with my starting classes. Mentor and Caretaker especially should help other people in the team a lot when we get to higher levels, by doing Move Tutoring. Basically, party role should involve improving, rebalancing, and teaching moves to other people's pokemon to help them reach their full potential.

Not sure which Mentor Lessons will be the most valuable, but currently thinking the ability to change Natures and Abilities (I could swap one of these out for the ability to grant PokéEdges, but that doesn't feel as in-character).

Yeah, rider might be fun as a later on class, just trying to pin down my main 2 classes.

I was thinking taskmaster, but people always relate it as "bad guy" kind of thing, but I usually let the pokemon get injured in combat, and be a "tough" trainer and combined with (Apothecary), but since we will see combat I might have to spend something to get one of the fighter classes so I can at least defend myself, but also be useful to the party.

Hmm. You could go for a mixed combat class (to later get beefed up by Rider), like Musician or Hunter.

Update: The Pokédex actually lists each pokemon's "mountable" score. (This does not represent whether it *can* be a mount, but it's the number of pokemon that can easily ride it without penalty). Nidoking is Ridable 1, making it a good combat mount.

Other gen 1 good mounts:
Rapidash (obviously) is Ridable 2, and Ponyta is Ridable 1, being a ridable starter (when it gains a few levels, at least).
Rhyhorn is Ridable 1, but you'd have to catch one.

Other decent mounts (if you're interested in post-gen 1):
Gogoat (grass goat) is Ridable 2, but its base form Skiddo is also Ridable 1, making it a decent mount.
Metagross (steel-psychic robot, maybe a Numerian pokemon?) is Ridable 2, and it's mid-evolved form Metang is Ridable 1, making a decent mount mid-game.
Zebstrika (a lightning zebra) and its pre-evolution Blitzle are, like Ponyta, ideal mount pokemon
Pretty much every large legendary is ridable.

* * *

Should we also propose "Kingdom Roles" for the settlement we're building?

Pathfinder Rulebook Subscriber

Dotting for interest. I've floated around the boards for a while and wanted to play something, but I've never really done PbP before

I find it strange to see Nidoking as Mountable, considering it's a bipedal pokemon, so it would just be weird.

I think I will be a witchdoctor type(hex+ Researcher with healing), "Tyrant" Taskmaster/Roughneck/Type Ace Poison, or Martial Trickster/rogue/type ace poison

Just not sure yet.

Probably for the same reason you can surf on a nidoking...

A cautious dot for interest, probably won't have anything up 'til Monday.

Okay! I'm through the rules, and I think I can help people figure out how to make concepts work if there is a request for that.

(Decided on yanma after all; it feels the most "prehistoric," and should be fine as long as I don't tutor it Ancientpower. Is Silver Wind an okay egg move? It's his weakest special egg move, and would be his only learnset STAB until like level 40 or tutoring)

Ill take you up on offer
Psi character with Ralts

You'll want to make sure you pick a nature that works well with whether you'd prefer a Gallade or Gardevoir (since both are very mono-attack type, I'd recommend Jolly/Adamant for Gallade or Modest/Timid for Gardevoir, unless you're interested in bulking up physical defense or HP.

Building a sweeper out of either of those is hard because of their massive SpDef investments. A -SpDef +Speed nature would change that, but only if you care about a fast and fragile pokemon; otherwise, know that you've got something weak to physical attacks but strong against special ones, and switch it in accordingly.

*Note that a nature hurting Ralts's SpAtk could make it hard to level until you get to Gallade, so -SpDef nature becomes a more attractive option in that case.

Trace is an awesome but unpredictable ability; if you're going for Gallade, though, Synchronize is the clear better basic ability choice.

I don't see any must-haves on Ralts's egg move list; Shadow Sneak is awesome for Gallade, and either could have a lot of fun with Will-o-Wisp (a neat, though not super-rare, move whose utility is pretty constant at any level, and will reduce the ability of physical attackers to hurt you).

* * *

On the trainer side, I'd pick at least one active or passive support class (there's a lot of ways to go—psychic type ace might be an option). But you could also consider planning on breeding your starting Ralts to get a second one, if you just like the family a whole lot.

Meanwhile, I'm having a lot of trouble deciding between Compoundeyes and Speed Boost for Yanma... one means insane accuracy, but the other means insane evasion. :/

Don't know much of Pokemon except some episodes I watched a long time ago, but I like the idea. I'll give that huge book a read and try to come up with something at the weekend.

Keep in mind there are other ways to contribute to combat as a trainer aside from attacking alongside your Pokemon. There are plenty of support roles that can help both in and out of combat without getting in the fray yourself, and focusing on Pokemon training means your stronger Pokemon can make up for your lack of presence in battle. It is good to be able to defend yourself, but don't feel painted into a corner.

@Thunderbeard: Silver Wind works.

Oh my! A million times yes. After I get some sleep.I apparently have a lot of reading to do. This sounds awesome!

For a starting Pokemon I'm leaning towards Chimchar - he's got good speed and decent attack, which should pair well with Skirmisher.

Maeve, if I wanted a sword-type weapon, how would you suggest we handle it?

Dotting just to watch. I've seen the PTU rules before, and will be curious to see how they play in practice.

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