PBP Game Day 7: 9-03 On the Border of War

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Brevoy may seem a united country, but its noble houses are ever on the brink of warfare while King Noleski Surtova struggles to keep the peace and prove his legitimacy. A neutral township's baron has died, and the loyalists of several houses have rekindled old rivalries while maneuvering for their respective lords to control the region. As the noble houses maneuver armies nearby in the name of "peacekeeping," the teeters on the precipice of war. Hostilities could spell the end of a famous ruin that the Society is yet to document, and Pathfinders must travel into the powder keg region to delay hostilities long enough to salvage and study the site. For the truly ambitious, it may be possible to avert the war altogether, but canny nobles are as likely to see the PCs as pawns as mediators.


This module will be run as part of the Pathfinder PBP Game Day 7.

Because this is part of an official event, certain rules will apply, most notably: The game play thread will open on 13 August 2018, and we must finish by 30 September 2018. This should be plenty of time, but I will require that each player post at least once every 24 hours most of the time. If life gets in the way, let me know, and I can be flexible, but don't just go missing without informing us.

I reserve the right to skip your turn in combat if you go missing for too long (you will enter delay), or determine your action within reason if it is critical to the party's survival or the rest of the party agrees you should (again this will only happen if you disappear for an extended period of time). Declaring actions (or several alternative actions to be taken under different circumstances) is perfectly acceptable.


Please sign up by posting the following information:

Player's name:
PFS number:

Please also post the following information before we commence:

Starting XP:
Starting gold:
Starting Fame:
Starting Prestige:
Chronicle number for this chronicle:

Player's name: Helikon
Character Name: Dailung
PFS number: 50731-7
Faction: Libertys edge
Race: Kitsune
Class: Swashbuckler 9

Scarab Sages

Player: Kyle "Worg" H
Character: Deep Tofu
PFS #: 220424-13
Faction: The Concordance
Race: Aquatic Elf
Class: Herb Witch 7
Starting XP: 18
Starting gold: 271.5
Starting Fame: 26
Starting Prestige: 16
Purchases: +2 Singing Trident*, Cold Iron Trident, +1 Bracers of Armor, Lesser Extend Metamagic Rod, Headband of Vast Intelligence +2 ,Cackling Hag's Blouse, Belt of Constitution +2, Aquarium BallFor Blue Ring Octopus Familiar
Prestige Purchases: Wand of Mage Armor (31 Charges)2PP, Wand of Infernal Healing (31 Charges)2PP, Wand of Cure Light Wounds (32 Charges)2PP, Restful Pathfinder's Lounge Membership2PP, Wayfinder2PP

Chronicle number for this chronicle: 9 I played through Daughters of Fury at level 3, and 1 part of Gallows of Madness at level 1
Normal Progression

*It is a trident that says things my character does in a Sing-Song voice. The singing has no actual combat effects, though I do utilize it for some fun roleplay and as enchanted it to be a +2 Trident. For more information, consult this chronicle.

Chronicle with the Singing. SPOILERS:

9-14 Down the Verdant Path

Any chronicles needed of me to prove for any reason I can provide :D

Player's name: Fiddlersgreen
PFS number: 40919 - ??? (have 3 characters potentially)
Faction: Depends on character
Race: Kitsune, Dhampir of Catfolk
Class: Paladin, Oracle or Nekomancer (level to be confirmed closer to game date)

My paladin may need to be allocated to play Solstice Scar C if I don't get a GM slot, otherwise he might be my choice for the game.

Mate, could you make a game thread so we can dot in for notifications? Cheers. =D

Grand Lodge

Gameplay thread now open for dots

Silver Crusade

I'm interested.

Player's name: supervillan
Character name: Tooth and Claw
PFS number: 75577-5
Faction: sov court
Race: Tengu
Class: Hunter (divine verminous) 9

Currently level 7, but will be level 9 by gameday assuming he survives.

Silver Crusade

Interested, GM!

Player's name: Yours is mined
PFS number: 69095-4
Faction: Silver Crusade
Race: Human
Class: Champion of Irori 9 (cleric 1 /monk 3 /paladin 2 /CoI 3 PrC)

Grand Lodge

Helikon - swashbuckler 9
Kyle Worg - Witch 7
Fiddlersgreen - (not yet decided)
Supervillain - Hunter 9 (if he survives?)
Yours is mined - 'Monk' 9

We are likely to be in the higher subtier.
There is room for 1 more player.

Silver Crusade

Tooth & Claw should be fine, but has four missions to complete before this one. The first of these is in a couple of weeks, the rest will be at PaizoCon UK on July 20-22. I'll let you know if anything goes wrong!

Grand Lodge

I would like to join.

Player: Greymore
Character: Serres "Fade" Vahl
PFS#: 133512-12
Faction: Dark Archive
Class: telekineticist 8 (expanded element is electricity)

Grand Lodge

Starting XP: 22
Starting gold: 1190
Starting Fame: 36
Starting Prestige: 25
Purchases: None yet
Chronicle number for this chronicle: 16

Grand Lodge

That's 6 players for a full table.
Subsequent sign ups will be on a waitlist.

Grand Lodge

Some minor adjustments,to my numbers from before. Also gained a level and I am now lvl 9.

Starting XP: 25
Starting gold: 10515.85
Starting Fame: 42
Starting Prestige: 29
Purchases: Will get back to you.
Chronicle number for this chronicle: 20

The Exchange

Player's name: Fiddlersgreen
PFS number: 40919-28
Faction: The Exchange
Race: Catfolk
Class: Nekomancer!

Starting XP: 12 (Slow track pls)
Starting gold: 8652.75
Starting Fame: 23
Starting Prestige: 1
Purchases: Maybe later?
Chronicle number for this chronicle: 24

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