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This page serves only for discussing mechanics and testing concepts. This is by no means a campaign.

Human Bachelor of Science 4 / Grad Student 5

So... did you want a rematch where I don't use invisibility? Or is Shanalotte still alive?

I'm still alive I think, albeit for only 1 more round at best (I'd keep coming back via regeneration as well, but that's hardly relevant in this case). Even so, I don't have much I can do in one round.

I can hit you with a couple of fireballs, but I doubt 10d6 is enough to kill you. I suppose I'll have to concede the match.

We can go again, I don't mind if you keep using invisibility.

Human Bachelor of Science 4 / Grad Student 5

Err, did you have some sort of DR? Because I did a total of ~300 damage.

(Also, yeah, I figure coup de graces probably overcome regeneration)

No, but I have a small secondary HP pool and an auto breath of life. My effective hp is right around 330-340, at least for 1 round.

It doesn't matter in this case though, since you can just keep smashing me next round.

Coup de Grace v Regeneration; I'm not sure. Regeneration does say that I can't die unless it stops functioning. However, that's not relevant here since I'm not gonna drag this out while I try and regen 2 hp a round and you keep killing me again.

Anywho, I'll roll a new initiative for a second match. Do you want to swap maps or keep the forest?

Human Bachelor of Science 4 / Grad Student 5

I'm fine with either map.

Regeneration can "regrow lost limbs" but I don't know of anything about decapitation. Also, I believe it usually has a type that stops it (for evil outsiders it's usually regeneration/good), and I'm not sure if a +5 weapon overrides that or not.

I think that's more the realm of a GM to decide. I will say, however, that coup de grace bypassing regeneration makes a lot of bestiary creatures way easier to kill.

Human Bachelor of Science 4 / Grad Student 5

Really? Below -20 health or so, most things with regeneration are gone. There is nothing except the Tarrasque with regeneration that cannot be overcome by a specific damage type, and that isn't listed as normal regen, so there's definitely some sort of weakness to buyable regen (though it might be /epic or something).

"Attack forms that don’t deal hit point damage are not healed by regeneration. Regeneration also does not restore hit points lost from starvation, thirst, or suffocation."

I'd assume that the "save or die" party of a coup de grace isn't shrugged off by regen. But even if it is, I can deal strength damage at will, resulting in eventual paralysis of an outsider; and suffocation is how I've dealt with mythic trolls in the past (drag the thing to the nearest river while the paladin keeps jabbing it in the neck, then sit on it until it drowns)

My regen didn't come with a bypass type.

I meant more that coup de grace allows one to kill regen creatures without needing to use the bypass weapon. Obviously suffocation is a different matter, as it is specifically mentioned in the regen description.

But it doesn't matter here. We aren't testing whether or not regeneration works.

Human Bachelor of Science 4 / Grad Student 5

Nope! (And I've got Regeneration 5, anyway... though mine is easier to overcome)

"Certain attack forms, typically fire and acid, cause a creature’s regeneration to stop functioning on the round following the attack."

Which implies to me that there's *some* sort of bypass for all regen unless specified. That's the DM's call, though, and I'd assume something suitably rare if you're spending FP on it.

Human Bachelor of Science 4 / Grad Student 5

Oh... Mage's Tattoo actually gives me +1 vs SR for illusion spells only (which I cast). Is your SR 24, or 25?

24, I didn't check my sheet before posting. Sorry!

Does attacker or defender win in this game?

Human Bachelor of Science 4 / Grad Student 5

No idea. Let's say you shrug it off, though, and keep this going.

Alright, did lots of stuff here. I don't know what your AC is but man do I hope some of this connects, I invested a lot of resources in this round.

Human Bachelor of Science 4 / Grad Student 5

Oh. You can view my alias if you want (here); in the first fight, I went with "I know your AC, but my character will still spend a round testing it, so that works out. Time to see what you rolled (but my AC is pretty low)...

My attack bonus and rolls both sucked. I'm not optimistic.

Human Bachelor of Science 4 / Grad Student 5

Well, I'm not going to give up on spell casting just *yet...*

Yeah, a DC 24 concentration check isn't much.

Male GM 1

*Grabs some popcorn* o wo~

Human Bachelor of Science 4 / Grad Student 5

Well... I *do* have +22 to concentration. If I wanted to use a Limited Wish, I'd have a DC of 29, and that might be a little tetchier.

@Rednal: After this fight, we could conceivably spin off multiple threads (or keep fights spoilered). Maybe even run a tournament! I want to see all the "ultimate stealth" and "ultimate perception" builds face off, and I'd probably be interested in fighting both, since I went for reasonable amounts of senses and hiding.

Meanwhile, Shanalotte probably would have wrecked me in the first battle if it wasn't for my heavy use of combat maneuvers to lower her FF AC to something hittable.

After this fight I'll probably hold back and let you two duke it out. Lady of Laughter is near the higher tier of power among the submissions so I'm glad I'm holding my own a little better this time around.

Thunderbeard, where did your character end up after your movement? 40ft directly above your token?

Male GM 1

As a GM, I would generally rule that Undetectable (the Legendary Item power) beats Perception. XD That's sort of what it's there for, though Sariel can't make use of it the way a rogue can.

Personally, I encourage using spoilers - perhaps naming each fight something distinct to make keeping track of it easier.

Human Bachelor of Science 4 / Grad Student 5

Err, I can fly to an arbitrary height—so 40 feet above the top of your vertical reach (which I assume puts me 60' above the ground).

@Rednal: It doesn't work vs. glitterdust. It says it blocks all detection *spells*, so I'd personally rule that it doesn't foil blindsense (since if it did, my at-will greater invisibility would be too broken)

Male GM 1

Specifically, the text is "This grants its bonded user the ability to become utterly undetectable while invisible. While invisible and in physical contact with this item, the bonded creature can't be detected or scryed by any method."

I generally figure that it does beat most senses (which is indeed broken - in one game where a stealthy player grabbed Undetectable, I specifically forbid taking Greater Invisibility through any method exactly because it's too powerful of a combo), but Glitterdust remains stupidly great for countering it. XD I would also expect bad guys to have a Symbol of Revealing or something of that nature. Undetectable isn't perfect, just really, really good against anyone not prepared for fighting invisible foes.

I don't feel guilty because Sariel is good at sneaking in and out of places - but isn't the type to abuse that in combat except for escaping. It's mostly a non-combat ability for me.

I won't be posting again for a few hours. If you two want to start up your own thing with spoilers or whatever, go for it. Thunderbeard knows where the maps are (if you need them).

Human Bachelor of Science 4 / Grad Student 5

@Cronossus: You have Lesser Time Stop, not actual Time Stop.

@Rednal: 3.5 also had "bag of flour," which is lacking in 3.5, though Create Water can do the poor man's version. I'd rule against supernatural blindsight, but not Ex, and not stealth. Also, your "I hide by possessing something" doesn't do much against True Seeing.

So, for the future of Fallen Fight Club—would people prefer several different threads, or a single thread (possibly splitting at a certain number of games)? I'll add another tab on the pre-campaign spreadsheet.

I think that we could do either.

If everyone is okay with waiting their turn (I am), then we could set up a rotation, and just use this thread.

If not, we could split it into several threads, named by the Fallen participating.

Either works for me.

Human Bachelor of Science 4 / Grad Student 5

Don't see any reason why "waiting their turn" has to be an issue, if there's more than 4 people interested.

Male GM 1

Well, I think I'm about ready to test Sariel. I had... a few ideas for things I can do. XD

Ongoing effects:
Clinically insane. Mind twisted and bent, not broken(at least not literally), x/y Mythic Power
Sorcerer(Dreamspun)20 /Oracle(Dark Tapestry)20 / Archmage/Hierophant 10 | Deity of Shinyness and Stuff

We could also have a total free for all,
where the thread becomes a brawl.

Superpowered tristalts left and right,
in the forest, they will fight

I want a third class for this fun,
or else, I'll hide and then I run...

Human Bachelor of Science 4 / Grad Student 5

Yeah, Yin, that wouldn't end well; people would gang up and it would get messy.

Male GM 1

I'm not really intending to compete, per se - I have no intention of doing PVP in the actual game (if chosen), and really just want a chance to practice with the character a bit. XD Enemies generally don't have the same strategies as players anyway.

Actually doing a few tweaks on Azrielan (thinking of throwing some Warlord in), and then moving into college tomorrow, so probably won't get around to this until Monday, maybe later.

And yeah, free-for-all is a terrible, terrible idea.

fluid fey-touched Dreamlord

@thunderbird...messy? Messy is fun, thunderbird.

@Rednal, neither did I intend PvP. But I do realize I'm quite...ineffective against Constructs. Something I need to remedy, too.

@bigrig...terrible? Terrible is fun, bigrig!

Also, it was not a serious suggestion because it would be very...chaotic :)

These rolls are killing me...

Just like before, sickened for each hit that lands.

Human Bachelor of Science 4 / Grad Student 5

So... I'm really beginning to see how useful versatility is in a game like this (and if I make it into the campaign, I've got more spells and abilities than I'll ever be able to use, so it's nice to be able to test them out now). Shanalotte, you've been working with higher attack bonus, AC, and spell resistance, but I've got no reason to fight fair, and when I turn things around my damage output is pretty massive thanks to the ridiculousness that is unchained monk flurries.

Male GM 1

I know, right? XD Versatility really is the most valuable trait in a strong character - a lesson I learned from the tristalt games I'm currently running, which have the added challenge of being solo campaigns with nobody else to rely on.

Remember that my shield is magical; +5. So that's another 10 hardness and 50 HP according to the page on damaging objects.

Human Bachelor of Science 4 / Grad Student 5

Oh, whoops. So it's not actually very damaged.

fluid fey-touched Dreamlord
thunderbeard wrote:
...thanks to the ridiculousness that is unchained monk flurries.

So utterly true... ^_^ I never pushed my to-hit up as high as you did, but it's still ridiculous, forcing 7 save-or-dies against flatfooted AC.

But may I inquire how you are triggering your Medusa's Wrath? Because obviously, Shanalotte is not really flat-footed, you just attack against her AC without Dexterity...and I see her neither dazed, flat-footed, paralyzed, staggered, stunned, or unconscious...

Human Bachelor of Science 4 / Grad Student 5

Oh! I assumed an enemy denied dex-to-ac counted as flat-footed. Does it not?

Honestly, I can daze pretty trivially, but I didn't want to do that because it felt too cheap. (Also, I originally was going to go with Shatter Defenses to give flat-footed, but decided not to as it was general power bloat)

We can ignore my medusa attacks, then, if that's how it works.

Also, Mordred—my to-hit bonus isn't higher than most of the others proposed, I just have lots of tricks to lower AC.

fluid fey-touched Dreamlord

Honestly, I was surprised myself, but the only references I found to "Flat-Footed" where in regards to the start of combat, on the SRD. As in, before you act.

My own Medusa Strikes only trigger if the Paralyze gets through, but in that case they are a non-issue because you're dead anyway ^_^(and yes, the paralyze affects everything thats not a dread lich regardless of immunity)

Male GM 1

As I recall, Flat-Footed is only before the character acts for the first time, and occasionally against special powers that let you face it. Sariel, for example, has a martial maneuver that lets her treat a foe as if they were flat-footed.

Denying Dexterity is different than making someone flat-footed, and mostly involves stuff like being invisible.

fluid fey-touched Dreamlord

Well, I trust that making touch attacks against targets denied their dex bonus will be enough to hit them, because my own to-hit is pretty abysmal ^_^

Human Bachelor of Science 4 / Grad Student 5

Shatter Defenses, Catch Off-Guard, the Seven-Branched sword, and possibly Spin Kick all make someone flat-footed.

Originally I had all four of these, but got rid of all but catch off-guard when I thought they were redundant. I'm honestly not sure if Medusa's wrath is useful enough to be worth those things, since I am trying to de-optimize, but they're powerful options.

@Mordred: Have fun with Uncanny Dodge!

Yeah, it's one of the few combos you can pull of with a monk with stunning fist (if you can actually get the DC high enough).

Here's to hoping Thunderbeard bungles his sweet monk saves!

Human Bachelor of Science 4 / Grad Student 5

Don't forget my SR 22!

I haven't rolled the damage for detonate yet, it doesn't go off till next round. Firefall doesn't allow SR from what I read.

fluid fey-touched Dreamlord
thunderbeard wrote:
@Mordred: Have fun with Uncanny Dodge!

Hey, that is Improved Uncanny Dodge I have, and I will have fun with it, TYVM ^_^

Actually, I'm using Feinting Flurry, so Uncanny Dodge on Enemies should not be a problem ^_^

Human Bachelor of Science 4 / Grad Student 5

@Johnnycat: If you add a few more (duplicate?) maps to the campaign, we can run this thread in several spoilered "arenas."

I think I was challenging Sariel to a fight next? Also, I created a tab on the spreadsheet for Fallen Fight Club; feel free to change anything that I've added there so far.

EDIT: Oh boy, I'm an idiot. Forgot I had Displacement up for that entire fight! So I'm guessing a few of Shanalotte's attacks would have missed. Not enough to keep me from getting hurt real bad, but probably enough to keep the match from hinging on a single die roll.

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