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Ephemeral GameMaster

Welcome to the new game thread! Feel right at home, my players. We can get started as soon as you have your characters completed.

I will warn you now, after reading some reviews and glancing through the future AP books, we will probably deviate from the modules pretty significantly if they don't head in a direction we need to go. I will strive to keep the heart of the AP in mind, but I may feel the need to run some things differently. As stated in our previous game, I will most likely award alternate rewards for moments of adventuring off script, so you can continue to awesomize your characters without "outleveling" a particular section.

I am excited we will be able to keep Treppa and add Mahorfeus to the new group, and I promise I will finish up the Fatigue rules. Any more suggestions for the RC rewards table are always considered, as well as any PF source material you think may be of use (i.e. 3rd party monster templates, suggestions for jungle adventuring, etc.)

Game on!

Awwwwyeaaahhh. Sorry my character is in the title homies.

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You were named after the dog?

Hidden Army, that's an interesting name. I'm probably going for Harriet "Harry" Taylor (although the surname is liable to change).

She will definitely be a human (drunken) monk.

Background Bullet Points:

  • Something bad happened in past. (meaning she likes to drink to try and assuage the nightmares)
  • She was going to be married off young to a rich merchant.
  • Thus Harry ran off to Sea, as part of a privateer crew.
  • Meets up with her Sensai, a drunken Tian monk, who had left his homeland.
  • Harriet always suspected him of being a ninja or spy, but he was too clever.
  • Her sensai vanishes but she takes over his role upon the vessel.
  • She gets into trouble in the Shackles, and misses her ship.
  • Taking this as a good idea to visit the Mwangi expanse looking for some fruits to turn into alcohol.

  • Male Dwarf Alchemist 1 | 13/13 hp

    Dotting with the crunch for my alchemist. He can do both melee and ranged, but chances are I'll be investing feats in his mutagen fighting.

    I'll probably bounce around with the discoveries.

    Background is in my head at the moment.

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    Swaying into the room, her body as lithe as a panther she looks to the group. "Grog anyone?" she lifts her bottle to her lips and savours the sharp alcohol.

    Harri is going all panther style and rushing forward.

    You sure you don't mean cougar style?

    Dark Archive

    "I'm younger than you, Mr Brewer. You're just lucky, I don't bite."


    Dark Archive

    Aye, I believe Harri Wingrove is ready to set sail. After her ship sailed from The Shackles she managed to get a temporary job aboard the Jenivere.

    Working amongst the sails and helping the bowswain, she is gregarious and enjoys the hard work aboard the vessel. Once they get to the Mwangi cities; there's the hope that she can buy some of the sweet mango liquers.

    Ephemeral GameMaster

    Single question: Normal or Hard Mode?

    If you choose hard mode, I don't want whining about how the game starts off. =P

    This is an actual suggestion in the AP, not just a pinvendor hardass GM thing. (-_^)

    Dark Archive

    Usually I'd like it hard :P
    But probably normal? Although we do have some potential healing.
    And I'll be led by those with more experience in these matters.

    That is in D&D matters and 3.5Ed specifically...

    Ephemeral GameMaster

    For clarification, this is in regards to ingenuity and player critical thinking. Not in relation to enemies.

    Are we talking, "Rocks Fall Everyone Dies" hard, or "Hey Guys, This Is Fun!" hard?

    Ephemeral GameMaster

    Hard mode = Players using their wits to do what they must and not relying on deus ex machina that would probably be cleverly disguised as "coincidence".

    Ephemeral GameMaster

    It has been brought to my attention this AP was probably written with an expected 6 party group. How would you like to handle this? We already know that your characters are starting with more and exciting stats, plus the Roleplay Credit system can be used to be better than normal.

    Would you want me to throw in a more proactively helpful NPC or even a GMPC? I have an idea in mind actually.

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    Alrighty, I don't mind the idea of 'hard mode' if it's a pro-active puzzle solving idea.

    As for NPC/GMPC that could be useful and work well (I'm certain you can do it amazingly). And/Or maybe, full HP per level.... although that may just be me hating to roll.

    Personally, and this is just me, I'd like to avoid having to rely on a GMPC if at all possible. I know it's not the intention, but having someone play on both sides just feels weird from my past experience.

    I do think our character power could prove sufficient, though that won't count for much with the action economy taken into account.

    I dunno, I'm on the fence with this one. :P

    Ephemeral GameMaster

    Not to disappoint you, Mahorfeus, but this AP lends itself very well to getting assistance from NPCs from time to time. You'll understand why after we get going assuming you are not already hip to the basic plot of Souls for Smuggler's Shiv.

    I will try not to make you "reliant" anyone but yourselves. The previous game's Grub was meant to be a rather helpful NPC without intruding. You may notice he did not attack at all during the combat in the courtyard of Oleg's Trading Post. That's kind of the idea I have in mind. But it's your call. I am not inclined to recruit too much more unless someone has a very strong recommendation for a reliable person.

    Dark Archive

    Yeah, I think a supporting NPC can be quite useful. Especially with the oblique actions that our Super-GM seems to take, having someone to order against them could be useful. (Like holding the horses so that they do not bolt)

    NPCs are something else entirely. If they're not trying to kill you, then they could very well be there to help you. That's all by design. I just feel that a GMPC has other implications. Is it all semantics? Maybe.

    At any rate, if 'hard mode' is encouraging us to think more, then I'm alright with that. I suppose that's different from going out of your way to kill us.

    Dark Archive

    Or going out of your way to torture us. :P

    Do you need some more fixed background & description from me...?

    I'm good with hard mode for problem-solving as well, as long as there's nothing that causes us to be completely stymied if we all miss one Perception roll or something.

    I tend to like GMPC's, so :P Mahorfeus. But NPC's are fine if we need assistance. Somebody who has a thread named after them could always take Leadership when it's available. Hint.

    I agree 100% with MahorfeusseussesZstein.

    GMPCs are different from NPCs and can be a bit weird at times. This is the difference between Arielle (a GMPC) and say Oleg. Oleg could've helped us in the fight a bit, but he's not a full on character with his own specific goals and backstory that will be a part of our game. I felt Arielle had a storyline that even though I had no real interest in was supposed to be big and important. That takes away from the importance of the PCs I feel. The way you used Grub was more NPCish and that was swell.

    I'm SO down for hard mode it's not wven funny.

    Ephemeral GameMaster

    I could have gambled on ODV's votes and I would be a thousandaire right now. Ha!

    "Hard" mode would actually resemble the way we have started off some of our old WFRP games, ODV. Don't spill the beans! =P

    The funny thing about Arielle was that her story ended up becoming all magical and strange because Drachenfels wanted there to be a very strong reason Corinne would want to protect her. So Arielle's backstory got much darker and filled with enemies than it would have been. I really like the Arielle stroy. Maybe one day I will get to use it. As is, she could never be a real PC, her backstory and the way it would (potentially) interfere with the PCs would be difficult to relinquish to someone else's control. I might trust you, Treppa, or Drachenfels with it as a GM, but as I don't expect it to happen any time soon, I will just have to maybe use her in cameos every now and again.

    Can't wait

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    This is gonna be a ton of fun.

    Male Gnome Wizard/1 Init +4; Senses low-light vision; Perception +3

    4d6 - 3 ⇒ (3, 6, 5, 6) - 3 = 17
    4d6 - 2 ⇒ (2, 5, 5, 5) - 2 = 15
    4d6 - 2 ⇒ (2, 3, 3, 2) - 2 = 8
    4d6 - 1 ⇒ (6, 6, 1, 6) - 1 = 18
    4d6 - 1 ⇒ (3, 1, 6, 5) - 1 = 14
    4d6 - 3 ⇒ (4, 5, 6, 3) - 3 = 15

    And behold! Gnome Wizard Markesh Brodinger is born!

    Str: 15 - 2 = 13
    Dex: 17
    Con: 14 + 2 = 16
    Int: 18
    Wis: 8
    Cha: 15 + 2 = 17

    Markesh, you filthy little cheat!

    Dark Archive

    Oooh, a gnome! They're always be good for the playing of games, whilst we sup our rum.

    Is he an illustionist? :p

    Male Gnome Wizard/1 Init +4; Senses low-light vision; Perception +3

    Not all. That might actually be useful. =P

    I took several alternate racial traits via ARG. This guy is going to be a scholarly chap.

    Dark Archive

    Well I reet like don't know owt. All my skills are in the physical world and spotting stuff.

    And I guess Treppa's ceric will have few skills. So it's down to our arcane force to help. :)

    Init +1; Perception +8 (darkvision 60); HP 10/10; RC 3

    Velia is ready to conquer the Mwangi.

    Yes, she looks like an elf.

    I do need to finish up spells and backstory, but didn't want you guys waiting any longer than need be.

    It's cool, still waiting on me to finish my stuff haha

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    Ephemeral GameMaster

    I am going to try and get the initial post up soon. I just need to see everyone's statblocks and inventories to handle some logistics.

    I do need to ask for some info to be adjusted though before I even start looking:

    • One, I need to know what equipment your PCs would be physically carrying on their person at any given moment. As you are on a ship, it is your decision to decide what you would be carrying around, what you would be keeping in your cabin footlocker, and what you may have chosen to be placed in the hold or cargo areas for the duration of the trip. Also, if you have any specific valuables that you would want in the Captain's Safe or Quartermaster's Locker. If at anytime you want to change this, you MUST post your new personal inventory. Otherwise the "Hard Mode" pugwampi will laugh at you and point at whatever your last personal inventory post was. This will not be permanent, but it will be important as long as you are aboard the ship.

    • Every PC is allowed to wear ONE weapon upon their person. There are some rolls for concealed weapons if you want to be sneaky, but you may not deem it wise to make yourself suspicious. All other weapons either need to be locked in the Duty Locker with the other weapons or secured in your footlocker or the hold (in case any of you are bringing a ballista. =P)

    • No one has any rations. Delete them from your sheet, sell them back, use the gold for something else. You have been on this ship for days and days and weeks and months. Anything you brought would not be edible, or you have already eaten it. If you absolutely must have some, or have it stored in a pocket dimension or whatever, there will be some rolls when you disembark to determine if it is still edible or if it has grown a speckled mushroom that tries to stuff itself into your face.

    Any questions?

    Dark Archive

    Harriet has a small dagger upon her belt, it's her "eating dagger" basically a ceremonial weapon - that since she's allowed to carry a weapon she has. Using it for eating, cutting the ropes and other sailing duties.

    Upon her belt she has a small money-pouch and a flask of liquid.

    In her foot-locker she has her backpack, sling, waterskin.

    I'm quite enthused for this HARD MODE HAHAHA!

    Does anyone know how to multiply your dice roll? Fuggit I can do it myself!

    Rolling starting coin!: 5d6 ⇒ (4, 6, 4, 6, 4) = 24 x 10 +300 = 540gp! Time to spend it!

    Ephemeral GameMaster

    What the...? Starting coin? On what planet is this happening?

    Where is this formula coming from? Gunslingers get that much?

    EDIT: Okay the 5d6 * 10 is vetted. What's the 300 from?

    From the trait: Get the Cargo Through.

    It assumes you're on the Jenivere working to get something across. Gives you an extra three hundo! Honestly if you don't think it'll work (I took it mostly for good starting gold and it assumes you boarded at Magnimar and have been on the entire trip) I can swap it for something else. I just liked it as Korvosa taking the job to fund his expedition as soon as he gets to Mwangi.

    Ephemeral GameMaster

    Okay. Just double checking you cheating gold hoarder. :P

    Since that's the trait you went with, I know what you're delivering. We'll discuss in sekrits!!

    Delicious sekrits!

    cleric gold: 4d6 ⇒ (5, 6, 5, 2) = 18*10+200=380 gp

    200 from Boarded in Cheliax.

    Init +1; Perception +8 (darkvision 60); HP 10/10; RC 3

    I'm finally done, having updated my information for the third time now. It went bye-bye the first two.

    On my person, I have clothing, a belt pouch with holy water, spell component pouch, holy symbol, and battle aspergillum (which Google wants to correct to 'superglue'). I do not have superglue.

    The equipment is listed by location in my stats area. Do you want it here for a timestamped record as well?

    Male Dwarf Alchemist 1 | 13/13 hp

    On his person:

    Rumbur always always always keeps his formula book under his belt, as he is not keen on letting others steal his years of research. Granted, he is always sure to keep an ink bottle and pen on his person to take notes, just in case he comes across something that could potentially be fermented and turned into booze. An alchemist is only as good as his notes, after all.

    He is always sure to keep his trusty battleaxe Kegsplitter on his person, lest the ship he's on runs into pirates or sea monsters. Alternative names include Hangover Cure, Alchemist's Kindness and Revengeancer, depending on angry or drunk Rumbur is.

    He prepares one extract of cure light wounds on a daily basis and carries it around the ship in his belt pouch, for mostly the same reasons as he does his axe.

    In his footlocker:

    Rumbur generally keeps his alchemy equipment in his locker, as he does not brew outside of his cabin. Unfortunately, the components for his bombs, extracts, and mutagens are included in it.

    The rest of his stuff is in there as well.

    Also, Rumbur will take his chances with the sentient fungi.

    Ephemeral GameMaster

    @Velia: A time stamp would be good in case you update or change what you are holding.

    @Rumbar: Excellent decision. The Garden of the Black Gate clerics will be pleased. Not to mention their oracles, witches, and magi. X-P

    Dark Archive

    I just went for some average gold for me. I can roll if you wish?

    Gold: 1d6 ⇒ 2 x 10 = 20. Time to loose that silk rope.

    Init +1; Perception +8 (darkvision 60); HP 10/10; RC 3

    On person:

    Explorer's outfit, case (map), map of Mwangi (in case), belt pouch, holy water (in pouch), holy symbol, spell component pouch, battle aspergillum

    Does the captain require that all weapons be locked in the duty locker? If so,

    Duty Locker:

    Sickle, Dagger, Crossbow w/30 bolts.

    Otherwise, they will be in my cabin footlocker along with the rest of this stuff.
    In Cabin Footlocker:

    Chain shirt, backpack, bedroll, flint and steel, oil (1 pt), rope, 50' silk, sack (empty), signal whistle, soap (1 lb), whetstone, waterskin. Tools: artisan's tools (common), healer's kit, leeching kit, midwife's kit, spell component pouch.

    In Captain's Safe:

    Antidote kit, because it's incredibly expensive.

    On person:
    Belt pouch filled with 10 paper cartridges and 10 extra bullets.
    Powder horn filled with 10 doses of gunpowder
    Clothes on his back.

    Cabin Footlocker:
    Gunsmith kit
    100 bullets
    Padded Armor
    A blank wizard's spell book jammed full with extra loose papers
    Ink & pens
    A receipt for what Quinn has stored in the Captain's safe and Hold.

    Powder Keg.

    Captain's Safe:
    Sack with 330 gold pieces

    Ephemeral GameMaster

    No other weapons, Korvosa? What happens if that powder gets wet? (-_^)

    Ephemeral GameMaster

    The opening post is always the hardest...

    I have started and stopped a couple of times now. I promise its coming. It has to be epic! So, I am working on it.

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