Kids on Bikes: Something Stranger This Way Comes

Game Master Meetch

The Burbs, with another reference that I don't want to spoil for you just yet. So we'll go with "The Burbs +"

The crunch of leaves under your bike tires, the smells of cinnamon and hearty soups wafting from kitchen doors, light jackets you keep leaving behind at school. Halloween is over and fall is in full swing. If homework is all done, you’re allowed to play outside until the street lights come on (which is happening earlier and earlier every night.) On the edge of town, vast and brightly colored tents popped up seemingly over night, fliers for “The Carnival of Eartly Delights” pasted on every wall and telephone pole in town. Your parents are too busy to take you, but the calliope is practically irresistible. Will tonight be the night you and your friends slip out and visit the circus?

Let’s not pull punches: Kids on Bikes is Stranger Things the RPG. Coming soon to Kickstarter, the developers graciously offer a free ashcan preview.

There are pregenerated characters in the PDF. First come, first served for Tropes. Limit of five players.

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Dibs on loner weirdo!

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Pretty interested in this. I think I'll put together something for The Scout.

I have an interest in the Brilliant Mathelete. >.>

Liberty's Edge

Heck yeah, I can be the Funny Sidekick!

I’ll leave the thread up for the final slot for the rest of the day. In the meantime, make an alias and fill out your stats in the profile, plus the contents of your backpack. I’ll open a discussion thread soon for you to answer your trope-specific questions, discuss town rumors and define your relationships.

I would be interested in playing the bully.

Ok! That’s five. I’m closing recruiting now. Go ahead and make your aliases. I’ll open discussion now!

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