GM Sappy's Rise of the Runelords - Little Heroes Table 1 (Inactive)

Game Master Sapiens

Sandpoint Battle

Kendra Deverin: the Mayor is a smart, cold woman who highly values business and prosperity, and has managed to get the Sandpoint Mercantile League in good standing with other Varisian trade guilds.
Belor Hemlock: the first Shoanti sheriff of Sandpoint got his position after defeating Chopper.
Titus Scarnetti: the baron of the lumber industry in Sandpoint, Titus is an unpleasant, conservative man holding to outdated Chelish traditions.
Ethram Valdemar: the old noble is the only original member of the Sandpoint Mercantile League who's still alive, although his persistent cough seems to be trying to fix this. His family controls the shipbuilding industry in Sandpoint.
Lonjiku Kaijitsu: a glassmaker and owner of the Sandpoint Glassworks, possibly the most successful business in the town, Lonjiku is a descendant of an exiled family from Minkai. He has a short temper.
Ameiko Kaijitsu: daughter of Lonjiku, owner of the Rusty Dragon Inn and a former adventurer, Ameiko is also an excellent musician, always ready to share stories of her travels.
Shalelu Andosana: bounty hunter, survivalist and mercenary, Shalelu is a friend of Ameiko and regularly stays at the Rusty Dragon Inn. She keeps watch on any dangerous creatures that may move towards Sandpoint and the surrounding farms.
Jubrayl Vishki: a young, roguish man, Jubrayl is already suspected of being important in the local group of Sczarni, although no proof has yet been found against him.

Sandpoint Chapel: dedicated to Desna, this chapel is managed by the beloved Ezakien Tobyn, who lives there together with his beautiful adopted daughter, Nualia.
Sandpoint Theater: one of the most impressive in western Varisia, the theater is owned and financed by the flamboyant Cyrdak Drokkus, who fled from Magnimar for reasons never disclosed.
General Store: operated by Ven Vinder, doting father of your friend Shayliss and her sister Katrine, this general store has a bit of everything.
The Hagfish: owned by a one-legged man named Jargie Quinn, the Hagfish is a tavern popular among fishermen and gamblers. Tall tales are a favorite pastime here.
The Rusty Dragon: Sandpoint's oldest inn, the Rusty Dragon serves spicy, exotic food from all over the world, based on reciper Ameiko and her friend Sandru Vhiski found during their adventures.
Fatman's Feedbag: this seedy tavern is a notorious hanging place for Jubrayl, who's the owner, and the local scoundrels.