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Hit Points: 5 / 5 Fort +0 Reflex +2 Will +4 Initiative +2 AC: 13 Touch: 12 Flat-Footed: 11


Neutral Good


Chakacoatl: The Serpent of Life, He Who Sheds Death


Common, Draconic


Prophet of a Forgotten God

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Some day, Chakacoatl, some day...

About Álmos

Casting Tradition: Scales of the Ancients
Drawbacks: Focus Casting, Magical Signs(ethereal, harmless serpents), Somatic Casting, Verbal Casting
Sphere Specific Drawbacks: Slow Recovery(), Unnatural Remedy(ethereal snakes bite)(Ranged Healing)
Boons: Easy Focus(move action to concentrate),

Kids against the Runelords:
Almos' Answers
- How would you describe yourself in a single sentence?
“I like to learn things and work hard when someone asks for my help.”

- How did you end up in Sandpoint? Born here, moved here...?
“Oh, that's easy. My dad was a caravan owner and last year we were headed this way to get supplies and sell stuff when this evil horse with dragon wings attacked us! If it wasn't for my friend I wouldn't have escaped.”

- Who do you live with? Family, foster parents, siblings...?
“The nice Ameiko lady is letting me stay at her inn as long as I do chores. It's just dishes and sweeping and stuff, but I get a cot and a nice blanket.”

- What do you want to do when you grow up?
“I'm going to build a temple so I can really be a priest.”

- Who is your best friend?
“Do you mean mortal best friend? I don't really know, I guess...”

- What is your favorite scary tale?
“That would have to be The Singing Bone. It's got killing and a massive beast and a punishment for when you tell big lies.”

- Who is the most awesome person ever, and why is she Shalelu Andosana?
“She's the one that found me wandering around in the wild after that evil horse killed everyone else. If she hadn't brought me here I'd probably be dead, and so would Chakacoatl. Well, he'd be dead again, I guess.”

Chakacoatl's Answers
- How would you describe yourself in a single sentence?
“A fallen deity attempting to regain glory long since lost.”

- How did you end up in Sandpoint? Born here, moved here...?
“I have bonded what little energy I have left with young Almos. He is my only priest now.”

- Who do you live with? Family, foster parents, siblings...?
“The boy and I stay at the Rusty Dragon Inn. My presence appears to keep rowdier patrons less eager to stir trouble.”

- What do you want to do when you grow up?
“When I regain my full power I will be a complete deity again.”

- Who is your best friend?

[i]- What is your favorite scary tale?
“It has been too long since I'd heard any story to be able to pick one.”

- Who is the most awesome person ever, and why is she Shalelu Andosana?
“Without her the second life I gave Almos would have been squandered, and I with it. I owe her a debt.”

GP: 3
SP: 7
CP: 8

The Serpent, The Temple, and The Traveler:
Álmos dreamed of one day joining the God Callers of his Sarkosis heritage even as his homeland's destruction made the young boy and his family move further and further away from his homeland and, because of the temples and priests of the lands they traveled through, his own beliefs.

It was the brief stint through Sargava that inadvertently revived Álmos' memories and his passion for what he knew to be his destiny. The caravan his father was helping guard was attacked by a vicious group of jungle orcs. While they were eventually ran off, Álmos had grown too scared to just hide and ran off into the jungle to escape. While he bears the shame to this day, if he hadn't he never would've met Professor Lorrimor.

He'd fallen down into a strange pit that lead to a temple that, in all honesty, scared him to death. Effigies of reptilian deities long gone filled the crumbling halls, and Álmos feared every breeze for they sounded like the statues themselves were hissing at him. So he started running, terrified, and eventually crashed into the -then much younger- professor.. Once the older man managed to calm the boy down, Álmos explained how he'd gotten into the temple as they walked.

Then Álmos heard a much louder hissing sound, and once again hid. From behind an effigy he watched a rotted hydra sneaking up on the Professor. Deciding he was tired of running, he climbed up and began pushing the statue over with all his might, just barely managing to crush the undead creature under the stone before it struck the professor. The hissing grew louder in Álmos' mind, and he blacked out.

When he woke up he was back with his parents and believed it all to be a strange dream until he saw the note of thanks from Lorrimor. He fell asleep again smiling, knowing the shame of running away had eased some... and found his mind taking him back to the temple.

Only this time it looked different. It looked... beautiful. Whole. There were no cracks or gouges, no vines or roots tearing away at the spaces between the stone. Even the statues were clean and looked as if freshly carved. Without knowing why, Álmos walked back into the temple where he met an old deity he'd saved as surely as he had Professor Lorrimor....


Chakacoatl was a minor deity of life and rebirth thousands of years ago. His divinity started to come to an end when a rival engineered an attack on his temple, wiping out his worshipers and trapping him inside as a mockery of what he once was. As the years passed the curse of Undeath took hold, rotting away his flesh in unimaginable pain, driving him to madness and the slaughter of others just to ease the eternal torture.

It wasn't until a young boy pushed over one of the temples many crumbling statues and destroyed the walking corpse he'd become that Chakacoatl was finally freed from his curse. Sadly, he no longer had a physical form. But the boy... The boy had untapped power the deity reached for eagerly, using it to reform the boy and give him a new chance at life in exchange for returning the favor.