GM Rapscallion's Skull and Shackles

Game Master Nayr Trebrot

Tales of piracy, power struggles, and treachery on the high seas. Are there any that can turn their fallen luck to real pirate gold?

Campaign Log
4711 AR:
16th of Desnus, Wealday - PC's begin with a night of relaxation at The Formerly Maid; it seems to end...poorly...
17th of Desnus - PC's awaken to the Wormwood, and their new lives as sailors; go through a day of work, meet Sandara, get back rapier and formulae book
18th of Desnus - PC's awaken at first bell, but are waylaid by thugs. They hold their own, but their enemies remain abundant.
19th of Desnus - A day of work, a bit of gambling, and some new friends; count Owlbear, Fishguts, Grok, Rosie, and Tilly among them now...a fine start to a crew!
20th of Desnus - Rats in the Bilges!
21st of Desnus - An encounter with Owlbear turns into a foodfight
22nd of Desnus - 24th of Desnus - Days at sea; talking up the crew
25th of Desnus - A storm and heroics bring much of the crew together
26th of Desnus - Repairs from the storm
27th of Desnus - Crab run to the reef; reefclaws for dinner!
28th - 30th of Desnus - Life aboard the ship
1st of Sarenith - Riaris Krine's boarding school

Daily life on the ship

Each PC can normally take two ship actions each day – one during the day and one at night. A PC can also attempt to take up to two additional ship actions during the middle watch in the dead of the night, but to do so the PC must make a successful Con check (DC10 +4/extra ship action taken), or be fatigued the next day.
Daytime ship actions:
Work Diligently (+4 bonus on any one check for a job’s daily task)
Influence (attempt to influence a single NPC)
Sneak (explore one area of the ship; can make 1 check with no chance of detection)
Shop (visit the quartermaster’s store; get a -2 to your daily task check)
Shirk (take -2 to your daily task and take time exploring one area of the ship. Take 10 on a Perc check or other skill check, but run the risk of getting caught)
Nighttime ship actions:
Sleep (go to bed early and sleep through the night to automatically recover from fatigue)
Gamble (Play or gamble on a game of chance or pirate entertainment)
Entertain (Make one perform check to entertain the crew)
Influence (Attempt to influence a single NPC)
Sneak (take time exploring one area of the ship. The PC can take 20 on a single perception check or other skill check, but must make a check to avoid being discovered)
Steal (attempt to open a locked door or locker. The PC must make a check to avoid being discovered)

Influencing an NPC - Using a ship action to attempt to change an NPC's attitude towards a PC can be done using Bluff (to pretend to be friendly), Diplomacy (to be genuine), or Intimidate (to frighten an NPC into submission.) The PC can only attempt one check per day against the given NPC. A DC15 Diplomacy check to gather information or DC15 Sense motive check can be used to identify any characteristics that influence the NPC's thinking.

The Wormwood

wall of text:
Upper Deck:
Foredeck - 30' above the main deck
Poop deck - 15' above the main deck; used by Captain Harrigan and Mister Plugg
Main Deck:
Officer's quarters
Armory - This tiny chamber is crammed with chests and neatly ordered weapon racks. It's secured with a lock, but you can see through the mech door a cache of arms and armor - clubs, crossbows, cutlasses, javelins, shortspears, grappling hooks with rope, and six large chests
Laboratory (Peppery's...whatever that means...)
Captain's Cabin
Captain's Girl's quarters
Captain's Storage
Middle Deck:
Middle Hold - This is the ship's main cargo hold; it's mostly empty - save for 14 pigs...some caged and some free. In the forward section, a flight of wooden stairs climbs up to the officer's quarters, while a second set descends into the lower hold. Louly's friend, Owlbear is chained to the foremast...he looks at you with interest, but says nothing. Another flight of stairs in the aft section next to the galley leads up to what you presume to be the captain's quarters, but it's common knowledge among the crew that the door is trapped. Stored near the mainmast in this room are two light ballistas, a disassembled light catapult, and 12 barrels of what look to be oil
Quartermaster and Cook's Cabin
Quartermaster's Store
Lower Deck:
Lower Hold and Crew berths - The crew berths take up the entirety of the Lower Hold. Sixteen pillars support the deck above; it looks like the hammocks are tied off between these pillars and the walls at night. A trap door just behind the mainmast opens down into the bilges. Two hammocks that appear a bit newer than others are strung between the foremast and the stairs that lead up to the middle hold. On the ground near the hammocks are lockers that look to be no more than small chests, stood upright. Eighteen of these chests are currently locked; there are another 22 empty chests packed against the walls, unused.
Well...bilges - The bilges are a foul, damp place with thick cobwebs above and dark, brackish water below. The stink is pervasive, seeming to ooze up out of the opening with its own purpose. A ladder leads down into the murk, through which lie a number of discarded crates and boxes packed with straw, among other debris. Six sets of manacles are fixed to the bulkheads in the forward portion of the deck, one of them occupied by an unfortunate young man, whose slumped posture either indicates slumber or defeat...maybe both.

People and places
The Formerly Maid - drinking establishment in Port Peril
Mister Plugg - Wormwood's first mate
Captain Barnabas Harrigan - Captain of the Wormwood
Master Scourge - Wormwood's Botswain and Master of arms
Ambrose "Fishguts" Kroop - Wormwood's Drunken Cook (Helpful)
Cut-throat Grok - half-orc woman, Wormwood's Quartermaster - superstitious (Helpful)- tensed
Rosie Cusswell - Female Halfling (Helpful) - tensed
Sandara Quinn - Fetching Woman in the tricorne hat, Cleric of Besmara (Helpful)
Crimson Cogsward (Helpful)
Conchobhar Shortstone - Gnomish man in the foppish hat (helpful)
Peppery Longfarthing -the ships sailing master, sorceror
Riaris Krine - the master gunner; hateful one.
Stitchman - ship's surgeon
Caulky - Captain's cabin girl (helpful)
Owlbear Hartshorn - Plugg's brute (Helpful)
Barefoot Samms Toppin - female human; never wears shoes (Helpful)
Giffer Tibbs - one-eyed female gnome
Jack Scrimshaw - human young lad talented at carving scrimshaw (Helpful)
"Ratline" Rattsberger - male halfling, rat-faced, missing fingers - tensed (Helpful)
Tilly Bracket - female human; tough joker who liker her rum (Helpful)
"Badger" Medlar - female half elf; older; shaves her gray hair into stripes
Shivikah - human Mwangi woman; ex-slaver
Aretta Bansion - female human; bad tempered ex-harlot with big ears - tensed
Fipps Chumlett - male human; fat bully with a shaved head; shared the lash with Gregor
Jaundiced Jape - male half orc; greedy mute - tensed
Maheem - big Rahadoumi man with a scowl
Slippery Syl Lonegan - female human; seems unstable
Tam "Narwhal" Tate - male dwarf; ugly nose; seems to laugh with Scourge quite a bit - tensed
Jakes Magpie - DECEASED
Kipper - male human; gunner's mate
Patch Patchsalt - female rogue; boatswain's mate

Friendly - A friendly NPC can provide a +2 bonus on any single job task skill check made by a PC
Helpful - A helpful NPC can provide a +2 bonus on any single job task skill made by a PC, and also a +2 bonus on checks to infuence other NPC's, or on checks for pirate games or entertainment. Helpful NpC's also lend money or equipment at times

Booty found in the Bilges:
Vial of what looks like clear water
One tanglefoot bag
Two tindertwigs
Suit of leather armor
12 SP
21 GP
Finely crafted handaxe
3 heavy maces

Character Creation

20 point buy, average gold, 2 traits (1 campaign)

Gregor Arcadis


Bosun Moon


Bendrauss Seaborn


Louly a'Maris


Karn Lathern








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