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I have 2 more spots open in the Solstice Scar B special. Everyone in the party is a low charisma fighter type, so a face or skill monkey will be appreciated.

Please post your level 1-2 Stndard (NOT CORE) character here and I'll contact the lucky winners in about 2 days.

Silver Crusade

I can work up my bard for this! I'll submit the character tonight after work.

The Exchange

Kitsune rogue here, level 1.

Silver Crusade

And, the bard has been updated!

Scarab Sages

Hello! I would love to join! See backstory and character sheet in the profile. Zaarah is just finishing her confirmation with Janira in the next days and is ready when this starts! ;-) Thanks!!

See here for a taste of her an RP situation.

Scarab Sages

Sorry, but I think my current game will not end before May 7. Better to leave this for someone who definitely is available. Have fun!

Thanks for checking in, Zaarah. Good luck on your next game.

Astolfo and Karu Yoshioka, please CLICK HERE and put your character information into the discussion thread.

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