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***Aid Token #7***

Passing To: Passing To: GM BlazeJ

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Thanks for the catch, Numbat.

***Aid Token #7***

Passing To: Passing To: shaventalz

Boost: Burst of Healing
Boosted By: The acolytes of the Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment


shaventalz is hosting this special on Myth Weavers. Can someone contact this GM for me and give them the Aid Token?

My Subtier 1-2: Hao Jin Cataclysm table has

One spot left!

First person to post in that thread with their character information is in.

I just got my scenarios. Thanks Paizo!

Wood is just a bad Earth. The powers are too similar but Wood has more restrictions.
Just choose Earth instead and flavor it it as vines/brambles/thorns.

Eeek, I'm behind! Time to make my character, quick!

I'll go for a sorcerer, then. Probably divine or primal in nature. I want to see how sorcerers with different spell lists work.

Oh yes, I'm here. (What level do we start at? 1?)

The current character ideas I have are:

1) Feyblooded Sorcerer

2) Fighter who wishes he was a bard

3) Hippie Atheist Storm Druid

Honestly, I don't see enough core games on here.

chadius wrote:

Hello there, CORE players between levels 3-7!

Would you like to play the Mysteries Under Moonlight duology with GM Chadius as your GM?
CLICK HERE and sign up. I'll roll a lottery if a few days, or sooner if the table fills up quickly.

Here are the product descriptions for both games:

I've selected the characters and sent them PMs. If they don't respond I'll look again to get more characters.

Thank you for the interest, everyone.

Hello there, CORE players between levels 3-7!

Would you like to play the Mysteries Under Moonlight duology with GM Chadius as your GM?
CLICK HERE and sign up. I'll roll a lottery if a few days, or sooner if the table fills up quickly.

Here are the product descriptions for both games:

Abaddar is watching closely.
All spoilers will be punished.

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Keep us informed.

Death to resonance

***Token #3***
Passing Aid Token to: GM Worg
Current Boosts: Allied Offensive

Have fun, everyone.

***Token #2***
Passing Aid Token to: GM Lorenzo
Current Boosts: None

Good luck, everyone.

I chose a gem (I think it's a geode) as my avatar because it sticks out from the humanoid avatars and it's a shiny object.

My casual avatar is a cube, because at some point you gotta roll it.

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I will post either:
- the product "back of the book" description of the scenario (It's public information, no spoilers there)
- I'll drop the players into a meeting room and say the Venture-Captain is running late
- I'll give some kind of "movie trailer" using random NPCs describing what they see (riskiest, I don't want to spoil anything)

I got one of my non 10-99 scenarios today.

Another call for a game I'm GMing during Outpost:

10-7: Mysteries Under Moonlight, Part 2

This will ONLY run part 2. I may run part 1 after Outpost if there's enough interest. We only have 2 PCs so far, so there's plenty of room for more level 3-7 characters.

Click here and go to Line 80 to sign up.


Yup, that makes sense to me. I'll let the player know. Thanks for the response!


Question: Are we allowed to have 7 PCs sign up for a single game, or do we stay at 6 max? Someone messaged me to ask if he could join one of my games as #7.

This is what I get for misreading my calendar: the all day event is NEXT Saturday, not the upcoming one. Sounds like it's taken care of.

I have an all day seminar on Saturday EST so I'll be super busy.

Here's a page that lists all of the legal resources for PFS. You can take a look through here to see if your class is not legal.

Out of the classes you can play, Summoners are not legal for play. You can play Unchained Summoners, though.

I'd love to try out Doomsday Dawn. I GMed the first game and had a blast.

Hmm, I can't create a new alias on this website - it redirects me to the forums. Anyone else having that problem?

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Since 2nd Ed isn't actually out yet, there won't be as much interest as 1st ed. There was a lot of activity when the playtest started.

Also, the updates came way too fast for PbP format. I've had a game where the rulebook updated 3 times and we had to decide whether to stick to the old version or update our characters mid game. Updates have slowed down though.

I heard your summons from the Cottonseed lodge. I've had a druid concept in my head, I might make her a reality.

Alternatively I have a level 5 cleric with a dash of monk. I might bump her up to level 10 for this.

Hi everyone. I was invited here, but I don't have anyone above level 4 available. Either I run out of tier, or I can grab a pregen.

I am interested in playing a Druid. Haven't decided on the race yet.
I am bust on my final exams though, so I won't be ready until next week.

I used to be able to Bold and OOC at the same time, Like this. but on profile pages, OOC is no longer applies, So it's like I bolded the text. One of the site updates broke it. Which is a shame, as it helped me subdivide my character sheet and increase readability.

If you know CSS and you have an ad blocker, look for

header#nav-wrapper #lower-nav-row ul.main-menu:before

It only shows up on browsers with small width. I needed to block it because it made the site really hard to read.


Hi Lynn.
you can read about Core gaming here and read the CORE FAQ here. But basically you must make your character using only the Core rulebook (and a few online documents.) You can choose other options from chronicles as long as you have the book (even if it's not core), but you'll have to complete those scenarios.

The Cosmic Captive games will be held on PbP, on this forum and few other websites.

Level 5 PC in tier 3-4: It depends on the level range of the game you're trying to play. If it's a tier 3-7 game, then it has two subtiers: 3-4 and 6-7. You fit right in the middle, so you CAN play the game, but you'll receive out of tier gold (the average gold reward between those subtiers.)

I hope that helps!

You may want to start GMing with a single scenario you've played before, so you don't have to worry too much about new content. If you've GMed in real life, it's even better to pick that one.

For example, a lot of people have played and GMed The Confirmation. You could try to recruit GMs to play in your game and feel free to ask for feedback in the discussion thread.

I suggest you start with one scenario. Don't start off with multipart scenarios or modules, and definitely don't begin with an Adventure Path. I didn't understand the preparation behind GMing until I tried, and I'm glad I started easy.

Sounds like you have enough PCs. Good thing, too. My level 5 character is nowhere close.

As long as people are ok with it, I'll bring in Enora the arcanist.

Bad news: My only level 5-6 PC is tied up in Gameday Part 1 games and probably won't make it.

My closest option is a level 4 PC with 10 XP. I can put him to 11 after the special ends but that's not close enough.

Pregens are at levels 1, 4, 7, and 10 so none of them are in range. If I can't use a level 7 pregen I'll have to drop out. Ugh.

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Start with Wizard with 16 Strength (or Dex.)
Get Fighter Dedication at level 2.
Get the Magical Striker feat at level 4.
Cast True Strike and use the Magical Striker feat to enhance your weapon.

At least that's what I've heard. I'll be playtesting Monks with Cleric Dedication to see if I can recreate my Sacred Fist idea.

Hi everyone. It sounds like you need more PCs. I can make a Ranger or a Sorcerer. Looks like we have a sorc already, so I'll make my Ranger.

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CLW wands always felt like a problem with PFS, where you get 2 Prestige Points after your first adventure that can be spent on the wand. I'm in 3 Adventure Paths (Kingmaker, Giantslayer, Hell's Rebels) and we've never had easy access to a wand.

Why not make wands cost more Prestige in PFS?

If you do allow monks mystics, I'd love to try it out. I have a human monk mystic who will become a cleric of Calistria as soon as I get a chance to multiclass. I mean, pick up archetype class feats.

It's one of those things where I can't give good advice until I get to experience the system firsthand. Too many theoreticals are going around right now.

I will mention it's hard to min max a single skill. It's also impossible to bomb most skill checks, since at worst you start at a [level - 2] bonus.

Heightening spells work differently than in 1E, since you need to prepare or memorize the heightened version. At first I didn't understand it but now I realized they just wrapped the higher level spells into the basic spell, so my bard doesn't have to learn Charm Person, Charm Monster AND Mass Charm Person.

If your thread includes a color like Red or Green, the thread text will appear that color. I'm guessing a lot of your threads have a "GM Red Box" in there.

Paizo is aware of the issue and will fix it soon (TM)

Okay, I'm going to go with a human bard for this game. He's a hammy nobleman and investigator.

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Another example of a red text page.

In paizo-0418.min.css, the ".red" class is applying the color red to most of the text. The thread also has "Red" in the title.

Oh, I see what's going on. Near the top, the name of the thread is in the <main> class. So in the thread I linked, for example, the main class attribute is:

The page name is used as the class wrote:

<main class="ctf online campaigns - the red arm of absalom - ongoing campaign-ctf subtier">

It contains the word "red" so the CSS applies the styling for the "red" class, which turns the text red.

I already heard another thread had the word "green" in it and that's why all of the text is green.

I don't know what's generating that class for the <main> element but it shouldn't be there.

You set the expectations clearly and you've pmed them. It's very important to maintain posting rates in PbP. Nothing hurts more than watching your more active PCs lose interest because the game isn't moving.

1) Put the absent PCs on autopilot. Let the other PCs suggest how to use them, or just automatically control them after say 2 days of no posting. Ask them for botting instructions so you know what they're doing.

2) If this is PFS, you're only screwed for this scenario. If this is a long term game, I think you need to boot those players and start recruiting replacements. Either way, you need to put them on your "nope" list and move on.

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If you don't mind using a command line, you can also use pdfimages to extract all of the images from a pdf file. This is what I did before I got an Adobe subscription for one of my classes.

DavisESQ, this website intentionally adds spaces to very long links (like your Races and Classes links) unless you put them in a url tag. So if you remove the slash from the starting url tag:


You get a clickable link to .

I've updated your links, here:





Egil Firehair wrote:


Custom Order

Hang In There
Mounted Tradition
Seasoned Archivist/Taldan Courtier

PM Sent.

A mysterious cube lies on the table.

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