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Well it sounds like you two have quite the compatible backstory going. I for myself see Saladar as a man completely devoid of anything interesting externally. You point at him even at level 20 and say "that is an adventurer" people will laugh you out of town with how unheroic Saladar's stance is.

He is a fun character to play knowing and having experienced death in a way that has left him almost desensitized to life especially having his first true love being the murderer.

Playing as a rogue/Brawler a backstory with other rogue gestalts seems doable as either a former member of his street gang in youth or him as a reformed criminal lecturing and trying to guide people from that path.

Sorin Jasidin wrote:
Sorin studied at Bluecrater Academy. If that's the same Academy Benny went to, they could have met there.

Yep, Benny went to Bluecrater. Even took the campaign trait. Having them be schoolmates sounds like a good idea.

They are also both scholarship students who probably would have been looked down upon by others, Sorin for his family's disgrace, Benny for his lowborn origins. And they may have been interested in similar fields of study; Bards and Illusionists have a good amount of overlap, so it makes sense they would have taken some of the same classes.

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I'm just gonna go with what the backstorygave me. He's the son of a knight, eager to follow in his father's foot steps. He is pretty confident in himself, but at times may find that he is rather unhappy with his current predicament and would rather follow a diferent career path in life. One that wouldn't require the use of abilities he himself view disasteful, but shall uphold them in the name of his fathe's honor.

So, for the soft close, I've had around 4 years of experience with pathfinder and less than a year of experience with fantasy grounds.

Now, what do I want from this game? For me to make more use of called shots.

I like simon's Lions of Lantern Street.

And if anyone wants to work on a story catch with Roahk, feel free to work with me on it.

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-In regards to your alignment restrictions: Generally, the recruitment phase is when you would weed out anyone who'd play CN as "lolrandom", and it's more sensible in my eyes to discipline or remove any players who are disrupting the party dynamic than place arbitrary restrictions that you only guess will curb that sort of play. -
Rather than “stealth reject” that kind of play, which good players can sometimes partake in because it can be fun in the right kind of game, I’d rather put it out front that I’m not looking for that for this campaign. It wouldn’t be very fair or honest of me to say those alignments are allowed and then turn away people because they chose to go that route. On the other hand, saying no right off the bat lets the potential players know in short-hand the kinds of attitudes towards things I’m looking for in player characters.

-I've looked over the page regarding the backstory roll, and there are so many things there that I can't possibly fathomed being forced onto me. For example, if I want to play an Oracle, I won't be allowed to choose a Mystery, meaning the entire thematic concept that I would build the character around has been randomly thrust upon me.-
Good point about the Oracle Background there. That one chart is very restrictive on concept. Of course, as Gestalt characters, you’re choosing between two charts, and I have given you the option of rerolling, so the rules I’ve set forth do not force you to accept the roll on the Oracle Chart. However, should someone choose to play an Oracle, I will allow them to choose a result on that table OR accept the roll on their other class (and of course reroll is still an option.).

-And what about the segment on romantic relationships? What if I intended to play as a celibate, or simply aromantic character, as I have numerous times before? I'd only have a 10% chance to get that result, and frankly, even hinting at romance tends to make me uncomfortable.-
I honestly don’t see, with the exception of “current lover”, how the rolls on romance would prevent you from playing a chaste or aromatic character.
-Also, what about classes that don't have a backstory table? If I were to play, say, an Occult class, what would I roll for? You haven't explicitly banned them, so there's no way of knowing.-
Sure, there’s a way of knowing. You ask and I respond. Given that several people have already rolled with classes not on the list, and that halfof the Gestalt must be a class with a list, it seems some people have even figured out a way.
But the question is an important one, and my answer may affect those who have chosen to use the system I set. For Hybrid Classes, you may use either of the “core” classes that compose the hybrid. For Occult and Intrigue classes, you may use whatever table you feel is closest to the class you choose. If you cannot determine this on your own, PM me and I’ll help you out.

-This game really does sound like something I'd enjoy, but there are just too many variables, and I'm intimidated.-

I recommend you give it a try with the way it is set up. If it blocks your creativity too much, you can always withdraw your interest. Sometimes what happens when the dice fly becomes something magically unexpected and expands the horizons of your playing style. Sometimes playstyles are incompatible and it’s better to seek other engagements for your imagination. Only you can decide for yourself which camp this game is going to fall into.

In any case, I appreciate you having enough interest to provide feedback and engage with me regarding your concerns.

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Oh shoot I forgot the other part. Well hello, I'm Nenkota. I have been playing TTTRPGS and PBP for little over a year now. I have never used Fantasy Grounds at all.

I just want a fun game with a good GM and group of players whom will stick on to this hopefully until the end of the AP.

The Lion one sounds really good.

I'll work with anyone that wants to work with me.

NenkotaMoon wrote:

I'll work with anyone that wants to work with me.

I'd be happy to work with you.

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Alright, PM me with details.

Bob Reilly wrote:
Playing as a rogue/Brawler a backstory with other rogue gestalts seems doable as either a former member of his street gang in youth or him as a reformed criminal lecturing and trying to guide people from that path.

Actually Bob, if you wouldn't mind (and GM Reckless wouldn't mind) for the lord in Saladar's backstory to be Ankhin Taskerhill, he and Sorin could get a decent connection right off the bat. They would both be working for the same House.

overlord_laharl wrote:

Yep, Benny went to Bluecrater. Even took the campaign trait. Having them be schoolmates sounds like a good idea.

They are also both scholarship students who probably would have been looked down upon by others, Sorin for his family's disgrace, Benny for his lowborn origins. And they may have been interested in similar fields of study; Bards and Illusionists have a good amount of overlap, so it makes sense they would have taken some of the same classes.

Excellent! Sorin remains relatively friendly and humble despite his undeserved "superstar" status. He's too conscious of his lineage to be arrogant about it. I'll play that part of him low-key. I also based his entire character on Alexander Hamilton, so Benny could be the equivalent of Aaron Burr (except the part about killing him.)

Roahk wrote:
And if anyone wants to work on a story catch with Roahk, feel free to work with me on it.

I noticed that Roahk spends much of his time in taverns. Sorin frequents The Coy Nixie. He surveys and manages Lord Taskerhill's mines, but he is not experienced with the outdoors. If he is able to find out about or talk with Roahk, he would certainly have offered Roahk a job; likely related to finding new mines or charting and cartography.

NenkotaMoon wrote:
I'll work with anyone that wants to work with me.

I'd love to, NenkotaMoon! I don't have any ideas at the moment, but your connection to Roahk can get our characters closer if Roahk's connection to me works out.

Those are just some ideas. I don't mean for my character to be at the center of everything, and feel free to turn down any of these. Just brainstorming possibilities. :)

I'm happy to know people like "Lions of Lantern Street"

Alright, I'm giving it a try, mostly because I have a cool idea for an Unchained Rogue//Elemental Ascetic Kineticist. I'm assuming the Monk table is appropriate for that archetype, since it's basically a monk/kineticist hybrid.

Step One- Homeland, Family, Childhood
Human Homeland: 1d100 ⇒ 25 Town or village
Human Parents: 1d100 ⇒ 18 Both alive
Human Siblings: 1d100 ⇒ 95 None
Circumstance of Birth: 1d100 ⇒ 14 Poor
Parents’ Profession: 2d20 ⇒ (19, 10) = 29 Entertainers
Major Childhood Event: 1d100 ⇒ 88 Nothing, ordinary

Step Two-Adolescence and Training
Monk Background: 1d100 ⇒ 62 Secret Student
Influential Associate: 1d100 ⇒ 40 Liege Lord
Romantic Relationships: 1d20 ⇒ 8 Several Significant Relationships

If possible, I'll probably just gloss over the relationships when I write the backstory. Also, having looked at the campaign traits, does Wyrm Blooded absolutely require that it be a black dragon? It seems cool, but I can't make a kineticist that deals acid damage, so it wouldn't fit.

Sorin Jasidin wrote:

Roahk wrote:
And if anyone wants to work on a story catch with Roahk, feel free to work with me on it.

I noticed that Roahk spends much of his time in taverns. Sorin frequents The Coy Nixie. He surveys and manages Lord Taskerhill's mines, but he is not experienced with the outdoors. If he is able to find out about or talk with Roahk, he would certainly have offered Roahk a job; likely related to finding new mines or charting and cartography.

Sounds quite like something Roahk would be happy to do.

Sorin seeing as the lord is nondescript in my backstory working under the lord Taskerhill would be an easy task for story purposes. Being a wealthier lord in the operations of mines over say simple farmland I feel that would give him opportune fortune for Saladar's ressurection after the horrible tragedy of death by his first love's hands. Being so plain stick in the mud boring Saladar with a small style of living would enjoy simple things over grand luxuries. That being taken into account as a person of Omen much discussion and interest could be fostered between Sorin and an almost apathetic Saladar who seeks to do right simply to entertain himself.

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Will be adding notes soon. Really looking forward to this game.

Up to soft close, if someone wants to change choices such as classes, etc. I'll gladly allow (only affects 1 of the history rolls- changes what you have to choose between.) I say this because we have some duplications and some gaps in "party roles"- but no one has to change anything, you'd just have to decide how you want to deal with any issues stemming from such a "lack". Plus we may get more applicants who may or may not fill these "gaps"

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so far...
NenkotaMoon Artix Pavel half-elf cavalier-ranger
Overlord_laharl Ben Rice human rogue -wizard
Simon Dragonar Sorin Jasidin human bard-rogue
Pokeapache Beyla Rodric human brawler-paladin
Bob Reilly Saladar Bach human brawler-rogue
Lokiel Roahk half-orc gunslinger-ranger
Newbonomicon ?? human kineticist-rogue
Vhok ?? human gunsling-??

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yeah there is a definite lack in party healing capacity. Bard can do a tiny bit but later on in levels the power creep will be pretty bad. Having someone who can AOE heal channel effectively is pretty nice

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I guess I'll take the initiative and go cleric. Let me research the lore a bit.

Sorin is quite flexible, and he can easily replace Rogue with Life Oracle. I initially didn't go Bard/Oracle because of concern over excessive Cheese. I will gladly do so to fill any party role however; in truth he is still not particularly optimized and every stat is based on his actual character. I believe Life Oracle is appropriate, as his Goddess (Wee Jas) has domain over Life and Death. Additionally, "Legalistic" fits him perfectly, and his connection to Surabar Spellmason means he is intrinsically linked to fiends.

Here is my proposed revision of Sorin to Bard/Oracle (To aid party healing):

Sorin Jasidin Bard/Oracle:
Sorin Jasidin
Male human bard (archivist) 1/oracle (enlightened philosopher) 1/gestalt 1 (Pathfinder RPG Advanced Player's Guide 42, 80, Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Magic 58)
LG Medium humanoid (human)
Hero Points 1
Init +4; Senses Perception +5
AC 16, touch 12, flat-footed 14 (+4 armor, +2 Dex)
hp 10 (1d8+2)
Fort +2, Ref +4, Will +2; Fear +2, Death Effects +2, Confusion +2, Insanity +2
Speed 30 ft.
Melee cold iron dagger +2 (1d4+1/19-20) or
light mace +2 (1d6+1) or
rapier +2 (1d6+1/18-20)
Ranged shortbow +2 (1d6/ラ3)
Special Attacks bardic performance 7 rounds/day (countersong, distraction, fascinate [DC 13], naturalist), channel positive energy 4/day (DC 13, 1d6)
Bard (Archivist) Spells Known (CL 1st; concentration +4)
1st (2/day)・cure light wounds, grease
0 (at will)・daze (DC 13), detect magic, light, read magic
Oracle (Enlightened Philosopher) Spells Known (CL 1st; concentration +4)
1st (4/day)・bless, cure light wounds, remove fear
0 (at will)・create water, guidance, mending, stabilize
Mystery Life
Str 13, Dex 15, Con 14, Int 16, Wis 10, Cha 17
Base Atk +0; CMB +1; CMD 13
Feats Selective Channeling, True Love, Weapon Finesse
Traits reactionary, scion of surabar, seeker
Skills Diplomacy +7, Knowledge (arcana) +8, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +8, Knowledge (local) +8, Knowledge (nature) +8, Knowledge (planes) +8, Knowledge (religion) +8, Perception +5, Perform (oratory) +7, Sense Motive +6, Spellcraft +7
Languages Celestial, Common, Giant, Infernal
SQ bardic knowledge +1, hero points, oracle's curse (legalistic), revelation (channel), vow to self
Combat Gear acid; Other Gear lamellar leather[UC], arrows (20), cold iron dagger, light mace, rapier, shortbow, bandolier[UE], bedroll, blanket[APG], canteen[UE], charcoal stick (2), flint and steel, masterwork backpack[APG], parchment (15), silk rope (50 ft.), spell component pouch, trail rations, wooden holy symbol of Wee Jas, 35 gp, 4 sp
Tracked Resources
Acid - 0/1
Arrows - 0/20
Bardic Performance (standard action, 7 rounds/day) - 0/7
Cold Iron Dagger - 0/1
Oracle/Oracle/Oracle Channel Positive Energy 1d6 (4/day, DC 13) (Su) - 0/4
Trail rations - 0/1
Vow to Self (1/day) - 0/1
Special Abilities
Bardic Knowledge +1 (Ex) Add +1 to all knowledge skill checks.
Bardic Performance (standard action, 7 rounds/day) Your performances can create magical effects.
Hero Points Hero Points can be spent at any time to grant a variety of bonuses.
Legalistic The shackles of Hell impose savage consequences should you violate a covenant, but also imbue you with remarkable guile. Whenever you break your word (either purposefully or unintentionally), you become sickened for 24 hours or until you meet your ob
Oracle/Oracle/Oracle Channel Positive Energy 1d6 (4/day, DC 13) (Su) Positive energy heals the living and harms the undead; negative has the reverse effect.
Selective Channeling Exclude targets from the area of your Channel Energy.
Vow to Self (1/day) +4 morale bonus to one role to keep a promise.

Hero Lab and the Hero Lab logo are Registered Trademarks of LWD Technology, Inc. Free download at http://www.wolflair.com
Pathfinder® and associated marks and logos are trademarks of Paizo Inc.®, and are used under license.

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Add I'll have a Battle Cleric.

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Hmm a bard oracle. "what do you know sorin?" sorin: "I KNOW EVERYTHIIIING" heh. My comment was merely a casual observation. I do hope others play what they will enjoy and not feel gangpressed into a healer role.

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It actually works a bit better than anticipated. By going down the Glory and Good Domains of Pelor (Seranrae), I think I will be more beneficial to what I sort of want.

Bob Reilly wrote:
Hmm a bard oracle. "what do you know sorin?" sorin: "I KNOW EVERYTHIIIING" heh. My comment was merely a casual observation. I do hope others play what they will enjoy and not feel gangpressed into a healer role.

No problem at all, Bob. I'm glad to make changes that will be positive for the group (assuming I'm even selected).

Thank you for reminding me of something, actually; I just remembered that Bardic Knowledge lets me roll untrained. I will update my character sheet later with all his knowledges. They won't scale well without ranks, but the class bonus combined with his Intelligence should hit simple DCs.

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Yeah What I love about Saladar, he will always max out ranks in disable device but when he hits level 5 and can bypass DR he will always prefer to simple break locks by hitting them. like reading the instructions for something then never referring to them again. Saladar is the personification of the boring NPC. Immensely strong and capable in battle you wouldnt ever guess it as he will always focus on the most simple and mundane things in life.Easy going he is not without faults with a complete distaste for being resurrected. He was literally ripped out of heaven by force and that has made him bitter but willing to do the right thing to earn his place there once more.

Almost finished mechanically. Just need to write the backstory using what the generator gave me.

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Things are looking pretty good, keep up the excellent work, folks. I'm fine with using any of the name NPCs in the player's guide as part of your background- if it ties you to the campaign/setting in a meaningful way, I'm all for it!

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As a hard close requirement besides npc sample roleplay. I am keen on using the free teamspeak provided by fantasy grounds. it allows for audio whispers, sub channels, and good customization Also I think Lions of Lantern street by consensus is the party name. "we take PRIDE in being the MANE force of the cauldron" heh

I still need to put in the character sheet into this Alias, but here's a summary of Beyla, including her personality and background.

Pretty much anyone who lived in the poorer part of town or had trouble with the law at any point could have the chance to have met Miss Beyla, she stands out by being gentler than most of the town guard while also being stricter-- good luck ever bribing her, anyway.

Beyla grew up poor so she might have friends in low places at some point, but she was a town guard for the past seven years up until this last year; she's recently given that up to become a paladin of the church.

Beyla Rodric
Human (Female)
Lawful Good
Paladin of St. Cuthbert (Sacred Shield)
Brawler (Shield Champion)
Traits: Town Guard, Cultivated, Civilized

Beyla is a charitable young woman with a strong fighting spirit. She has a bit of self-doubt at times but constantly pushes herself and others to do better, often hiding any fears behind a tough, confident exterior. She believes in the good of this world, and knows that many people who commit unlawful deeds do so out of a lack of hope. She aims to protect the people of Cauldron no matter who they are or their past, determined to show that those less fortunate simply need someone to protect them from dispair. In general, she believes that laws are in place to protect and help her fellow citizens, and if the laws do not, she works to change them.

Beyla's fighting style is primarily with a shield, though she carries a light mace and her God's holy symbol at all times as well. She prefers to be defensive and try to talk her way out of a fight, followed by subduing those who cannot be reasoned with. When it comes to humaniods, she would much rather have someone have the chance to face redemption and justice, rather than dealing out the punishments herself.

Beyla has spent most of her life making connections with those in poverty because they are familiar to her, but is rather intimidated by those of higher stature than the local town guard. She had very little idea of how to deal with nobles, though she is slowly but surely learning how she can make Cauldron better for everyone. Beyla spends a lot of her time reaching out to others, and is uncomfortable when completely alone.

Born in Cauldron, Beyla Rodric was the daughter of one of the rare men who tried to build a life as a sailor and fisherman upon Cauldron's famous volcanic lake. Most certainly involved in other devious and sketchy affairs, Mr. Rodric was only saved from infamy by being rather inconsequential.

Beyla's mother took care of her and her younger brother, doing her best to keep them out of trouble. While they lived in the slums, for the most part they were better off than most. Begging and thievery was something that became common place to Beyla, and although she never resorted to it herself, having grown up around it has given her a sense of understanding and humbleness.

When filth fever hit Cauldron, her mother and younger brother fell deathly ill. Disease ran rampant, and took the life of her mother. Desperate, Beyla took to the Church of St. Cuthbert in hope of a cure. Many more than her family were affected, but an oracle who claimed to be of the Church offered her a chance at hope. That night, she went home and prayed to St. Cuthbert and made a solemn promise: that she would give her life to Cauldron if it meant saving her brother.

At the tender age of fourteen, Beyla joined the town guard. Her father had left her and her brother to fend for themselves with the death of her mother, but Beyla was determined to become something more. She learned how to fight and defend herself and managed to bring enough home to feed her brother and stay in their mother's home. It was better than the Orphanage, now that the plague had torn apart so many families. Her brother, through what she was sure was a miracle, survived.

Over the next few years, Beyla lived the life of a town guard but kept her heart where she had grown up. Her brother joined her, and began living in the town guard barracks proper. (It was here that she found love and lost it on more than one occasion, as it turns out, most town guards are lackluster in more ways than one.)

Where she could afford it, she spared her extra money to the hungry eyes of children in the streets. She attended church when she could, and just as often visited the oracle who spoke of destinies to her. As skeptical as she might have been to the idea she was important, when her divine calling came, she couldn't turn away.

She was twenty when she left the town guard (with much apologizing to Terseon Skellerang-- truly, she enjoyed being apart of the watch-- and her brother suggesting she should get the church to back the town guard on raising taxes to fund the watch) and joined Alek Tercival as a Paladin of St. Cuthbert. She began working at the Church, where she can keep her weapon on her belt and instead hold her shield a bit closer to her chest.

The only thing I've really left off here is what exactly her divine calling thing is about, namely because I feel a bit silly saying "and then an angel came and said Hey so, St. Cuthbert has deemed you worth of being a paladin" and all that, so... I'll just leave it up to the imagination if that's alright. :)

I wanted to have Beyla only just start to be a paladin so there could be a building mentor relationship with Sir Alek, because I think that'd be great. I'm also interested in the Flood Festival, and I'd think it'd be a great step to getting Beyla to be more of a recognized Paladin to have her take part in controlling the water during the heavy rains. I'd also love interactions (both good and bad) with the town guard, because I feel like with a party looking like 90% half-rogues we might have that.

I'd also love Beyla to get around to experiencing other religions and learning more about stuff outside of her comfort zone in general.

Adventuring Company Name: another vote for lion's... :3c They fit in well with my character's theme and everyone else seems to like them too!

As for my experience with pathfinder and fantasy grounds, I've been playing Pathfinder since the Beta and I love Fantasy Grounds to death. I wouldn't mind giving teamspeak a shot, I also quite like Discord since it doesn't require a download and has multiple channels and whatnot as well.

I'd also be fine with just text, though speech usually makes communication a lot faster and easier.

Excellent back story my friend. Using specific locale and events to highlight what you seek out of the game as well as making the paladin multidimensional giving her attraction to others not just piety towards a selfless noble cause.

I can definitely see her trying to motivate Saladar into being passionate about something other than just being muted and indifferent. Inspiring doing good for righteousness instead of going through motions of just being a good person because of a long held grudge against an oracle.

"I am not a thief but I am not a trusting man who thinks the best of mankind either. Mankind has let me down and they need to earn back their respect and do what I do"

I agree; very cool backstory Beyla. Although Sorin is a follower of Wee Jas rather than St. Cuthbert, he is Lawful Good as well. It seems we'll have a good mix of characters with different classes and from different backgrounds. Setting the stage in one city (at least for now) really helps keep us close to each other, and makes it easier to establish plausible connections. :)

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Thanks guys! I'm quite looking forward to seeing how everyone works together-- I think there's great potential here for some fantastic dynamics, and I look forward to getting this game going!

Will have some form of rough draft back story tonight. Had to write a rather long essay for school and didn't have much time.

Yeah I should soon have my npc interaction sample Roleplay.

Oof... only a couple of days left until soft close, and I still can't think of a name for my character.

Call him... Gallinacus Filch XD

Alright, so, I feel bad for putting this off until the last minute, but here's my character's backstory.

Delvin Voloch:

Orion Voloch, 'Master of Flame', was a simple man, with simple desires, and a not-so-simple legacy he wished to share with the world. He was descended from a red dragon, and from this heritage, he gained the power to summon fire from his body. Rather than a tool for war, though, Orion used his gift to entertain. He traveled the world, impressing locals with his prowess at what he would call 'The Fire Dance'.

In time, Orion had himself a wife, and a son by the name of Delvin. While the life of a traveling entertainer was a simple one, with few luxuries, it was enough for young Delvin, whose only aspiration was to follow in his father's footsteps. He trained day and night to control the fire in his blood, and in time, he was successful.

But, as he grew older, Delvin became disillusioned with the life of an entertainer, and turned to a life of petty thievery. This was short-lived, unfortunately, as one day he found himself imprisoned, and soon after sold into slavery. Serving as the domestic slave of a minor noble by the name of Corlian Thrane soon proved to be a surprisingly comfortable life, but it would never suit Delvin, who craved freedom beyond all else.

When his new master learned of the power of the Fire Dance, he was all too happy to allow Delvin time to practice his art. Given this little bit of freedom, he turned his pursuits to the art of hand-to-hand combat, practicing his punches in the guise of dance. In the evenings, he would enthrall his master with dance, all the while dreaming of the day he would consume the man in flame.

After three years of service, the day finally came when Delvin was ready to make his escape. He fought his way out, incapacitating several guards, but couldn't bring himself to hunt down Lord Thrane in cold blood. Instead, he simply ran, and sought to forge a new life for himself in some distant land.

In time, that search would bring him to Cauldron.

Myth-Weavers Sheet
Let me know if there's anything I'm missing!

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Ok, folks, soft close is approaching, and here's what I think I'm missing from those who've submitted a majority of the soft close requirements:

a personality and background description of 2-3 paragraphs (to be expanded before “hard” close)[NenkotaMoon], a brief summary about the player’s experience with Pathfinder and with Fantasy Grounds[Newbonomicon], one sentence about something you want from the game- an event or development you hope to happen in the game [Lokiel, Newbonomicon]

EDIT:I know Lokiel went into the ER yesterday and may not be able to post a response today.

Ah, that's right. Okay, let's see... I used to play 3.5 Dungeons and Dragons well before Pathfinder was a thing, and I've been involved in games with friends, Pathfinder Society, and more recently, PbP campaigns, over the past few years. My hopes for the game are fairly simple and open-ended; I just want to create a story out of my character, in a way that's fun for everyone else. Basically, whatever happens happens!

I gave my one sentence about something I want in the game, but I feel it was a premature cop-out. The one thing I want is to play a character so emotionally and demonstrably mundane. I want this utter contradiction to the picturesque hero to shine bright even as he regards everything with a dull and meek but pleasant outlook.The "Everyman's hero".

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As per the Campaign Information, here is the announcement of selected PCs:

Ben Rice
Beyla Rodric
Delvin Voloch
Saladar Bach
Sorin Jasidin

Additionally, Atrix Pavel will be accepted provided I receive a background by tomorrow.

The adventure is designed for 6 regular PCs, and likely you will start out with some advantages with Gestalt PCs. The slow experience progression will offset this somewhat, but Ad Hoc RP experience should close the gap somewhat. You should have enough time with the XP progression to get used to what each other can do and use teamwork to overcome whatever is thrown at you. Naturally, I'll be adjusting encounters as well.

Frankly, with "only" seven submissions, I didn't want to single out anyone's submission by saying "everyone but you", especially given the typical attrition that happens with online games of any kind. If we get all the way through with 7, I'll be very pleasantly surprised.

SO, ”Hard” Close

By May 5th, every selected player must:

Finish all mechanical aspects of their character, including starting equipment.

Expand their initial personality and background information to include their physical descriptions and a sample role-play interaction with one of the NPCs in the Player’s Guide

At least one relationship worked out with another PC selected (my preference here is that any "outsider" characters have a relationship/knowledge of/connection with someone "native" to the Cauldron environs.)

Votes on voice/text, and any other vote issues that come up.

Anyone who objects to the majority-voted "Lions of Lantern Street" group name should let it be known and suggest their alternative preference.

Alright, cool! Delvin is almost done, mechanically, except that he needs to pick his first level feats, and his other trait. Oh, and he should probably have some mundane equipment purchased as well. You know, ropes and torches and such. Well, not torches. He is a torch.

Also, GM, do you want to rewrite the Wyrm-Blooded trait to better fit a red dragon? It currently a +4 to saving throws against acid effects, a +2 to swim, and a +1 to perception. If I had to change it, I'd make the save bonus against fire effects, and replace the swim bonus with... I don't know, acrobatics? Intimidate?

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Yes, save bonus +4 vs fire, +2 to acrobatics, +1 to perception

Delayed Backstory:
Artix Silverthane Pavel is the only child of former merchant Knight Sir Elric “the Fire Breather” Pavel and Lady Arriancia Pavel. Born into moderate luxury, Artix served nobly as his father’s squire under a local lord. When the land was beset by a sudden scourge of undead, his father was called to lead a crusade to destroy it. However during said time just before the crusade, the young Artix had suffered a leg injury and could not accompany his father to battle. His father never returned.

The young Artix, devastated at the loss of his father, blamed himself for a time to come. He believed truly that he had caused his father’s death. In his time of trial, he devoted himself to cleansing the undead of the land. This was in the form of being a disciple of the church of Pelor. When it came time, Artix set out to vanquish an undead scourge arisen near the lands of nearby Cauldron. It was here he proved himself in combat, enough to gain the attention of the Aslaxin noble house of Cauldron. Having knowledge of his father’s prowess in battle, they happily gave the young knight-errant a role. Believing such was following in his father’s footsteps, Artix gladly accepted the role of guard to the house.

Dree Turmont: I am the weapon trainer here in the cauldron and Saladar you have to be by far both the greatest face for potential I have ever taught while also being the most irritating.

Saladar: Gee, I guess I can't really help that.


Saladar: Well, I did die once.

Dree Turmont: UGH...this is what I am talking about. I have seen how you can look and learn all the things I have to teach but the fact you think hard work and diligence without passion is all that requires is why I charge you double.

Saladar: You charge me double... I thought it was for being on an advanced class. hmmm


Saladar: Well I guess because I have nothing to spend it on, the money kind of doesn't matter to me.

Dree Turmont: FINE...you know what. You graduate, congratulations. Now go out there and find someone else to give another vein on their neck.

Saladar: Ok, thanks. You helped me a ton.

Dree Turmont: GET OUT...

Roahk took out his alchemical textbook and started flipping through the pages, "Mr. Weer, there just isn't very much in these books relating to the interactions of sulfur with other minerals. I know this is more of a theoretical course, but i'm looking for precise methods."

Vortimax held his head in his hand with a sigh, "Yes, this is a theoretical course, and it is here so you can work on your own theory to handle your needs. What kind of instructor would I be if I just handed out the answers all willy nilly? I'd be out of a job if I did it that way!"

Roahk let out a sigh of his own, "Sir, i've been trying. I'm just looking to give my powder a little more....You know, POW! It gets the job done when i'm hunting, but it takes a while to load."

The old man huffed, "Have you ever considered....I don't know....wrapping up your powder and lead ball?

The half-orc chuckled, "Sir, you have no idea how stupid you just made me feel. That'd work perfectly.....and i'll work on a way to give it a little more punch."

SWISH. "No." ...FZZT. "No." ...CLANG. "No."...

Skie Aldersun turned a page of her book. It was getting dark and becoming difficult to read. She reached for a candle and prepared to light it, but decided enough was enough and entered the back room of her shop instead.

A young man stood nearly ankle deep in rusted weaponry, spent wands, tarnished amulets, and other detritus. He was digging in a bin that was marked "Clearance", because if Skie had labelled it "Garbage" she'd need to pay someone to cart it off for her.

The gnome cleared her throat. "Should have closed up an hour ago. You're not going to find anything in there of use."

Benny wiped dust off his glasses so he could examine a ring that had started going green more closely. "Much of it still radiates trace amounts of magic. Something will work. Statistical certainty." He didn't so much as glance down at her.

Skie bristled. Several different curse words arrived in her mouth at once, and the resulting linguistic confusion nearly made her bite through her tongue. She took a deep breath. Wizards are arrogant, they think they're so smart. Student wizards are even worse, they have yet to learn that being smart doesn't mean everyone else is an idiot. But this student wizard was something special. Here he was in her shop after sundown, tossing junk (tossing BARGAINS, her brain amended) on the floor, and somehow making it sound like she was wasting his time.

"Those items are all used or damaged well beyond the point of functionality." Benny threw away the ring. "It's true that some traces of magic may remain..." A dagger hit the floor and stuck there. "But nothing is suitable for Bonding with". Benny tossed a gray pebble. "I know that as a student your funds are limited...". Benny tossed a gray pebble. "But I have many items of better quality and would be happy to discuss financing. Tomorrow."

"It's not just a matter of quality," said Benny, tossing a gray pebble. At least he now seemed engaged in the conversation, probably because it gave him an excuse to be a know-it-all. "Many a wizard has bonded with a simple walking stick or a sword they don't even know how to use. It's more a matter of compatibility of temperament. You know how a place or an object can feel like it has a certain personality? Well, even a mundane item can have certain quirks and I'm a reasonable man Miss Aldersun, so why have I thrown away the same damned rock three times now?"

Benny and Skie stared at the pebble clutched in his fingers. After a moment the young man loosened his grip, and it lifted off and began to slowly fly around his head. "What. Is. That."

Skie watched as it gained speed, becoming almost a blur. "It's an Ioun Stone. Or at least it was. Hasn't functioned in ages. You seem to have reactivated it, which is odd because I've never heard of one of those being a Bonded Item. Maybe you have a knack."

"Does it do anything besides float?"

"That old thing? It's a miracle it's even doing that. Compatibility of temperament, you said?" Skie smirked. "Can't take a hint, won't go away, orbits Planet You. Yeah, I'd say that's a good match".

Benny watched the little stone, his eyes tracking it whenever it crossed his vision. He was fascinated enough that the insult failed to connect. "What do you want for it?"

Skie went behind the counter and opened a ledger. "Well, it's discount merchandise, but technically functional. I've never known an Ioun Stone to bond, so it must have a certain rarity value. Plus service fee, storage, depreciation, wear and tear on-"

"I'll give you a gold piece for it and clean up the mess."


Everything all right GM with backstory?

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Yes, Artix, that will do for the initial backstory. Please continue to work towards hard close goals.

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Newbonomicon/Delvin Voloch will not be joining us.

Everyone else, reminder that hard close is this coming Thursday.

For those with time tomorrow and little/no Fantasy Grounds experience, I may be able to open up a Fantasy Grounds session tomorrow for some basic tutorials and/or character entry for those who already have things worked out.

I'll post more when I know times, etc.

Sounds great Reckless. thanks for keeping us posted. I am fairly sure I met all hard close requirements. If I am lacking let me know


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(This is Sorin)

My dear friends, I must regretfully bow out of the game at this time. There are certain real life issues that have come up since my initial application that weigh down on me greatly; including the loss of my dog. It is all I can do right now to keep up with my existing Play by Posts, and I was greatly relieved when one them ended recently. I feel obligated to be able to focus and give 100% to my games, and I think it would be unfair to play if I am unable to do so. I wanted to let everyone know well before Hard Close. It has been so much fun coming up with Sorin's concept, and linking him to everyone else. You have all made amazing characters, and I would have loved to join you. Please accept my deepest apologies.

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