Drongos vs the Sea Witch (Inactive)

Game Master Wilmannator

PFS #3-06: Song of the Sea Witch

Faction missions

Grand Lodge:


There’s something afoot in Absalom, and as always, it falls to the Society to clean up the mess! Amara Li and her Lantern Lodge have brought something into the city and they’ve been trying to hide what it is. What we do know is that it’s being researched by a well-versed scholar—you may even know him—Yargos Gill. If Gill has gotten himself in trouble, we need to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Should you be requested to clean up the old man’s mess, make sure to impose on him the assistance of the Society in any of his future endeavors. I think it would be wise to keep an eye on this old man from now on.

Get to it,

Venture-Captain Ambrus Valsin

Osirion (Scarab Sages):

Servant of the Ruby Prince,

The squabbles of our enemies are of great amusement, as always. The recent introduction of two imported tomes to Absalom has caused quite a stir among the other nations, but where they covet the fiendish Infernal Incantation I believe the knowledge we seek resides within its sister document: the Celestial Song. Our diviners have foreseen that this tome will be used in a powerful ritual, and should that occur, one of us must be present to obtain the knowledge within. Though the specifics of the ritual will be far beyond you, the act of staring into the raw power of the open book should be sufficient for our other agents to retrieve the information from you.

Ancestors keep you safe,

Amenopheus, the Sapphire Sage

Taldor (Sovereign Court):

Child of the Empire,

I hear you’ll be traveling soon to the Eastgate district of Absalom. How fortunate this turn of events! Lately, our nation has suffered unwarranted slander among the residents of this residential district, and opinion of the Empire is low there, even among those who once called Taldor home. Find the toughest and most menacing person you can in the district, and ensure they know that you represent the mightiest nation in the Inner Sea. Fill them with fear of Taldan reprisal and send them running. I trust it will be only a matter of time before the rumors involving our fair nation take on a decidedly more positive tone.

For the Empire,

Lady Gloriana Morilla

Sczarni (Gunari's brand of the Exchange):


I’ve been tracking quite a bit of movement from the Gilltown district this past month. Looks like those gillmen have some secret tunnels they’ve been holding out on. Not only that, but whenever my agents try to get down there, the whole place gets flooded! I need to know what kind of systems those fishies are using to keep their smuggling operation under wraps. If they have some sort of defense for their tunnels, I need to know about it! Do this for me and I’ll owe ya big, kid.


Guaril Karela