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Alright I know that somewhere on these boards lurk those such as myself who have a taste for the following links (please note that I have Murphy's Law of clickable links, they refuse to do it).

Now if these links kindle your desire for some occult fun I have some for you... If enough interest is displayed I will be rolling out a homebrew world (along with fellow players) however I won't do all the GMing, I myself want a piece of the action and yet no campaign for those of occult inclinations has emerged. As such I propose a different campaign then from most, instead of the traditional over arching adventure form level 1-15 like an adventure path this will be done by a far more "modular" basis. Adventures themselves will be relatively short affairs, lasting say two levels each, after each adventure we will rotate GM's via dice roll with the current GM's number being excluded form the die roll. Do I have any takers?

Variant Magic Rules - Binding Spirits



Thanks my friend! Are you interested in more then just helping a fellow player with links?

Viluki wrote:
Thanks my friend! Are you interested in more then just helping a fellow player with links?

Sorry Vil, I'm not much interested in that theme, and I'm not much of a caster fan…

It does look like a really cool and flavorful system, and if I remember rightly it got good reviews from Endzeitgeist. Is there a spiritbinder class?

yes and archetypes that can be found on the d20...

They have archetypes for every class, although in the paladin's case they only get an anti binder archetype. Although I might rectify that if a player with a paladin concept I adore comes along. Good luck.

I don't see the class or archetypes anywhere…


Here are the archetypes

The Archetypes:
Barbarian house---barbarian-archetypes/totemic-sage

Fighter use---fighter-archetypes/warshade

Monk ---monk-archetypes/empyrean-friar

Ranger se---ranger-archetypes/foe-reaper

Rogue e---rogue-archetypes/untouchable

Note that sorcerers don't get an archetype, they get two bloodlines instead. -from-3rd-party-publishers/radiance-house---bloodlines

Wizard se---wizard-archetypes/soul-weaver

Druid e---druid-archetypes/pactsworn-pagan

Bard ---bard-archetypes/soul-muse

Alchemist -archetypes---radiance-house/occult-chemyst

Cavalier has an archetype/order (they may have confused the two) and an order. s---radiance-house/order-of-the-occult-eye s---radiance-house/pactsworn-knight er-archetypes---radiance-house/occult-avenger

Inquisitor gets two archetypes or-archetypes---radiance-house/occult-sadist or-archetypes---radiance-house/pact-protector

Magus pes---radiance-house/sibyl

Oracle types---radiance-house/spirit-medium

Summoner rchetypes---radiance-house/spirit-caller

Witch pes---radiance-house/spirit-drudge

I'm a fan of the pact magic rules. Two of my favorite characters have been binders. I only briefly have been able to use the class in Pathfinder though.

I'm interested. Please tell me more about your idea.

First the player selection will be done, lets say about four (excluding myself). Then we come up with the world itself, I envision a sort of "Conan" like feel to it at least in spirit. This is more in the vein of pulp fiction then epic fantasy.

Here is one idea, the players are a bunch of Picts, Celts, Scots and they are "rampaging" across Europe (the roman's call it rampaging, we call it adventuring). You come from societies steeped in Pact Magic, although yours tends to be the less formal teaching of it. Totem Sages, Warshades, Pagan Druids, Soulmuses and the like are far more common then say Soul Weavers or more "educated" folk.

Here is another idea, your are one of the Occult societies of the Victorian era. Your basically dabblers going on the hunt for Pact Lore in Africa, Egypt, Scot and Celt ruins and the like. You could be a bunch of noblemen and noblewomen or you could be the everyday commoners looking for a way out of poverty.

In others words there are many, many options for what the setting could be. It could be pure homebrew or homebrew historical or it could be something else. Any more questions?

Well if DH is in, AND it's the Celtic/Pictish version, then I'm in, but I can't offer to GM at this stage...

I did like the spirit stuff in Joe Abercrombie's The Blade Itself if either of you guys have read that...

to be fair on the GMing bit I don't exactly expect all of us to make it out of thin air... Fortunately this is why modules happen to exist, easily taken and adapted to the campaign setting. If any of us want to dig out our old modules and dust em off this would be the game to do it in... I will be doing the first round of GMing as well, it would be say from levels 1-3.

I'm a fan of pulp fantasy settings. I'd be fine using Hyboria (the Conan world) as the setting. The Pact Magic rules would be a great fit for it.

I'd also be fine with a fantasy-earth in the Roman era. That would be pretty fun too. I'd prefer early roman personally. More interesting things happening in the world at that point.

as that is what the current two applicants want or are fine with it would be a fantasy roman setting... This would be roughly six years after Boudicca's Rebellion (although this time around she succeeds and kicks the Romans out). Don't worry you will encounter plenty of those "civilized" Romans, just not in the manner you would expect...

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This does seem intriguing. I like the Celtic theme. Color me interested. I cannot see d20pfsrd from work, but I will try to take a look at it from home.

Spirits and binding is fascinating. I'd like to join such a campaign,but i'm still a little new to the pathfinder experience as a whole and don't want to gm...

Drayen you still interested?

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