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Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Additional Resources Updates

How to Upgrade Your Gear in PFS.

Guidelines for Rule Changes

**IMPORTANT** A clarification on Pregenerated characters

Can familiars use wands? How about potions and oils?

Our PFS sessiontracker

Iron Gods Sanctioning?

Boon Trading Thread

Funniest PFS moments?

Communicating with Intelligent Summoned Monsters

Level 12 Retirement Story Arcs

How common are Kitsune?

[PFS] Divination School Familiar and Lookout

Thanks to writers...

legal potions question for season 6

[Spokane Valley, WA] 48+ hours of straight PFS

Encumbrance, location, and ease of access of equipment in PFS

Level 12 Character list

[PFS] Blunt Arrows...

[PFS] My first character: monk / barbarian

Pathfinder Society Campaign Paths

[PFS]When is it...

Reporting Conditions

Venture Captain Appointments!

Question about Pregen Application

Weapon Finesse with Swashbuckler / Unchained Rogue

Pathfinder Society Scenario difficulty

Dark Archive faction card

Casual Viking's 2015 guide to using poisons (society legal)

PFS Items that can save you in 2015

How to Create and / or Report Your Pathfinder Society Session(s)

Witch hex Aura of Purity

Tabletop Giant - New PFS Character Creator

Audible and Pathfinder Tales boons

Permanent Death

Newbie questions about boons

Retraining CFEs [FAQ]

Negative boons for eidolons

Happy Thanksgiving, Pathfinders!

Faction Journal - Scarab Sages - Soul Warden

Silver Crusade Faction Card question

Scurrying swarmer legality

Venture Officer Farewells

Faction Journal Cards: Grand Lodge clarification

Help with a Tiefling

Need some advice

Reporting problems

Paizo Blog: Getting the Band Back Together

Welcome to new Venture-Captain of Knoxville, TN

Please welcome the new Venture-Captain of Denmark

Psychic omitted from PFS Guide "Potions, Scrolls, and Wands"

Rebuild and full sell back?

Merry Dungeon Delving

Scenarios that don't front-load the roleplaying?

[Spoilers] Good low-level PFS adventures with no undead

Artillery Team in PFS?

Hunter's Animal Companion tricks

Curiosity: running long and RP, and scenario length assumptions

Gluing Splash Weapons Together

Society Unchained Summoner and Morphic Savant

What type of character should I apply this boon to?

What makes a lodge?

Familiar silliness, may not work but fun to think about

Clothing weight

An Argument for the Eldritch Archer

[PFS] Ways to Gain Familiar

Occult Realms

Ruling Requested - Sources X and Y with different stats for Item Z?

Characters Lost in Transit

Sooooooo why can't I be divine caster with out a deity in PFS again?

Shunning religion vs. divine healing

Paizo Blog: Weapon Training--And So Many Weapons!

PFS #200,000 has been given out??

Updating OP on concluded threads for future reference

Last Scenario for a Closing Store

Most recent printing

Where would I put an in society wide in character message?

Cons vs. Regular Groups

Paizo Blog: New Recruits, New Achievements!

New Venture-Captain (Cape Town)

Additional Resources Request: make the Milani Deific Obedience legal

Pathfinder Livestream: The Bloodcove Disguise!

Hygiene of Venture Captains and Lieutenants

Bursker And Day Job Question

Rebuilding summoners

Sanctioned AP's

Question about Day Job checks and mundane items.

To wait or to play?

new to pathfinder

Paizo Blog: OPC Log—16 Neth 4715

Gunslinger PDFs Legal for play?

How PFS Changed My Life

Eyes of the Ten at GenCon 2016?

"Well, you have probably heard of me...I'm kind of a big deal"-The Most Famous by Faction

Starting a new Lodge

What character do you regret making?

Convention Boons

Old Aasimar Characters and the Grandfathering process

Inspire Imitation, inspire errata?

Gencon wooden tokens- how to get them

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