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Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Additional Resources Updates

How to Upgrade Your Gear in PFS.

Guidelines for Rule Changes

**IMPORTANT** A clarification on Pregenerated characters

Durable Ammunition other then arrows debate

Thanksgiving Theme Scenario

Unchained Summoner and Story Summoner

how much is powergaming frowned upon?

Additional Resources update rant

Paizo Blog: Welcome Our New Organized Play Coordinator—Tonya Woldridge!

Most recent printing

Medium - assumed daily prep?

The Future of Quests in PFS

[SPOILER] Fangwood Keep Boon Question

Reporting Errors

Where does the fox live? (Kitsune)

Alignment Poll

Help checking retraining math?

Season 7 Retirement Arc?

Witch familiar must have familiar?

What does "not a style feat" mean?

Crafting Alchemy between games

Awesome stories from your PFS characters?

Tabletop Giant - New PFS Character Creator

Boon Trading Thread

Additional Resources Updates

Swashbuckler and the Aldori Dueling Sword

Another Chronicle Sheet Question

Pregens: Always an option?

Advanced Player's Guide Pregens

PFS Items that can save you in 2015

[PFS|RP|Thought Experiment] Advice on leveling?

[PFS]Half-Price Sale -- Which are sanctioned for Society Play?

Day Job question

can i go up the ranks of my faction

Emerald Spire Chronicle Sheets

PDF sale, what is something I should pick up?

PFS class selector

Five Questions Regarding PFS

Scenario list

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder-by-Post

ACG errata, investigators, and wands

Does your character make the game more fun for the other people there?

alchemist tumor familar with poisoners glove and infusion

Trying to track down source of a trait.

GMing question...

Question on Horse Animal Companion's attack modifiers.

Books and Day Jobs?

Magical Ammo / Arrows

Paizo Welcomes New Organized Play Coordinator Tonya Woldridge!

Chronical Sheet question

Signature Skill

Skald & Unchained Rage Powers

Season 7 goodness

PathFinder Society Scenario Player Discusion

How many animals can I have at any given time? - Phantoms

PFS Primal Companion Hunter Question

PFS and Pregens: If I have a level 6 character, could I use a Level 7 pregen in a 5-9 scenario?

Community Thoughts on Player Controlled Pre-gens

Are all weapons part of a weapon group in PFS?

Aasimar from alternative race stock

Altering Wild Shape flavor (but not mechanics)

What character do you regret making?

An up and coming player and GM

Store Blog: Prepare for Trouble, and Make it Double!

Does Racial Heritage bypass the additional resource requirements to be a race?

GenCon 2015 Reporting

[PFS] Help creating a two-weapon fighter

Desert themed scenarios

Rules for Winter Witch familiars?


[PFS] Help for a sylph magus build.

Planning Ahead: Looking towards sanctioning of Feast of Dust

Let's make the new CC's job a little easier

Is studded leather vulnerable to rust and other dangers to metal?

Generic Masterwork Tools

Paizo Blog: Three New Faces

Am I doing something wrong or are my GM's just slow.


Bestiary vs Advanced Race Guide Question

Differences between 6.0 and 7.0?

Redesign of In Service to Lore - creative advice?

Is fast learner legal for half-elves in PFS

PFS Allowed Races?

Level 12 Character list

How does the Occultist Battle Host archetype work with society play?

Beginner Help

Paizo Blog: Minnesota Pathfinder Society Gives Back the the Community

Proposal: remove trained animals from the list of legal options

Level 12+ Play

I think I may have unintentionally been breaking the rules

My Gen Con Offerings a Few Months Late

First Steps Pt. 1

Do I need to buy 2 of all the books?

Should everyone have a Core and Standard?

Surnames ?

Campaign Coordinator Job Search Update

Coherent Rage: legal ?

Pathfinder Pregens question

Five elements & Bomber Archetype for wizard

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