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The Paizo office will be closed in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday Thursday, November 27 and Friday, November 28.
We will reopen on Monday, December 1.

Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Additional Resources Updates

How to Upgrade Your Gear in PFS.

Guidelines for Rule Changes

**IMPORTANT** A clarification on Pregenerated characters

[PFS] Survivability of Fullcasters at level 1? Or is it impossible to make your first PFS character a fullcaster without getting some GM or pre-gen credit first?

Whatever happened to the Android boon?

You are your Race and Class, and nothing more

Inner-Party conflicts and how to solve them

Paizo Blog: Improvements Are A-Comin'

Announcing West Virginia's first 5-star GM.

New Venture Lieutenant for England - Carol Tierney

What is PFS all about for YOU?

Two new Campaign Service Award recipients

Which Combat Role is the least represented in PFS? Hammer, Anvil or Arm?

Prestige and magic item cost

Grandfathered Aasimar and Rebuild

I wish X was Illegal

GM fulfillment in PFS

[SPOILERS] The Waking Rune: A Players perspective

New Venture Lieutenant for Texas - Texarkana Region

I wish X were legal...

How re-playable is The Confirmation, really?

Bladebound + Kapenia (Bladed Scarf) Dancer Magus viable in PFS?

Wardens of the Reborn Forge Sanctioning

Beast Rider Archetype

Fast Modules?

Emerald Spire, Slow Advancement and Prestige

Coming Back To PFS After A Hiatus

Newbie question on Pathfinder Society Organized Play

Welcome to the new Venture-Captain of Latvia!

Why is your class a Pathfinder agent?

Paizo Blog: Long Time, No See

PFSS (Pathfinder Society Snaps)

twilight sage arcanist archetype should be banned

Replaying Scenarios

Paladin in PFS

Question From a Newbie: Full Orcs, Are They Allowed in PFS?

Stoneplate vs. Stone Armor

Ragathiel inquisitions?

Fillable charactersheets

Question on Psionics

PFS Legal Archetype?

Online Group Tracking

How could I get a familiar

Are there PFS Legal Sign Language options?

Scorpion Whip

Ape companion

2 Questions about 5-99: The Paths We Choose

Website: Faction list seems to still point to Old Factions (e.g. Taldor)

You know you're in trouble when you get to the table and...

A new VL in Stuart / Jensen Beach, Fl

Pathfinder Society slow progression and half XP

Expanded Narrative boon clarifications

Character died, what do I do?

Allosaurus not legal animal companion

Pathfinder Field Guide

Hunter Question

Boon Trading Thread

why rhino hid but no mammoth hide?

Horn of Valhalla in PFS

New to PFS can I find a game online?

Druids Log: Animal companions

Occult Adventures in Pathfinder Society Q&A

Help with Brawler TWF build

Anyone try a Gunslinger / Quiggong Zen Archer / Summoner multiclass character?

Where the heck are my Summoner Archtypes?

Is it considered Metagamey or "bad form" to learn from past scenarios?

Hero Lab and PFS

Iron Gods Sanctioning?

Level 20 Character list

Con Boon Suggestions

PFS: Request to unban the Spellslinger Archtype

Purchased mounts rules question

Understand one of the four permanent spells

Faction Change: Questions on mechancis.

Advanced Class Guide allowed items that use not-allowed items.

Thrown Weapons and Unfolding Wind Rush

Present level cap?

erratic luck boon question

How is the crafting part of Swift Alchemy useful in PFS?

Rules question about traits and making a character above 1st level.

Level 12 Character list


Paizo Blog: Guide 6.0 and Changes to Pathfinder Society Organized Play

Two CL up traits, wonderin' if they stack.

High-Level AP "Modules" for PFS Credit

confirming understanding of Kitsune feats

Goblins Too

Boston Lodge: Player Profile of the Week

PFS RAW question about Minor Creation / Buying and Selling

New player - how to input session I played at a con

Buying spells in PFS

Character Race Changes

Retraining problems

4th Star!!

Do our PFS characters age?

Continual flame question

VL - Oakland California

The funny thing about doors in PFS

PFS promotional materials

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