Capitalism Ho! Swords, Sorcery, and Small Business Owning (Inactive)

Game Master Viscount K

What do you do when your small town's business is starting to dwindle? Adventure for the cause, of course!

The White Lion
Rooms Ready for Use

  • Bar
  • Common Room
    Rooms in Disrepair {1/2 Cost and Time to Repair Fully)
  • Sewer Access
  • Lavatory
  • Brewery

Posting Rules
1) Keep anything ooc, including dice rolls, to the discussion thread, please. I'd like the gameplay thread to read like a story, as much as possible.

2) Posting rates will be casual. I'll be trying to keep things moving along at a decent clip, but if you can't post every single day, don't worry about it. The tradeoff for this is that if you haven't posted in a scene, and I need to move things along for everyone's benefit, I'll be posting for you and moving on.

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