Aardvark's "A Conspiracy of Silver Ravens" Hell's Rebels Campaign (Inactive)

Game Master Troy Malovich

The sleepy little Chelish town of Kintargo is in for one hell of an uprising.

Loot List

Rebellion Sheet

Skills Affected While Within Kintargo:
Craft: -1 to generate income
Diplomacy: +4 against government officials, and to call the city guard.
Diplomacy: -2 to alter the attitude of a non-government official
Disguise: -2 to all disguise checks
Intimidate: +4 to force someone to act friendly
Perform: -1 to generate income
Profession: -1 to generate income
Sense Motive: -2 to avoid being bluffed
Sleight of Hand: -2 to Pick Pockets

1) A nat 1 on a skill check gives an additional -10 to the roll.
2) A nat 20 on a skill check gives an additional +10 to the roll.
3) The take 10/20 mechanic has been removed.
4) Weapon Finesse is a free feat for all (treat it as a quality of a finesse weapon).
5) Leadership is a free feat at level 9, but cohorts will be recruited out of the NPC's met within the game, based on character interactions. They will be controlled in combat by the player, but they will be RP'd by the GM.
6) All PC's get an extra skill point each level in either a craft, perform, or profession. Also, they each get one skill point per level in a class-specific skill.
7) Group stealth, when sneaking as a group, the stealth total is the average of all those sneaking.
8) Aiding the best, when aiding another on skills or ability checks the highest roll is the base, all others are aiding.
9) Crafting Magic Items is only a single feat, and what you can craft is based only being the appropriate level to attain the feat of the item type being crafted
10) All magic items have a chance of being either Cursed or Intelligent

Cursed/Intelligent Rules:
The determining rolls will be made in the Gameplay thread under GM rolls spoilers.

1-5% means it's Intelligent
6-25% means it sheds light
96-00% means it is cursed

Armor, Shields, Rings, Rods, and (non-consumable) Wondrous Items:
01% means it's Intelligent
96-00% means it is cursed

All others (including consumables):
96-00% means it is cursed (consumables cannot get a result over 60 on the curse results chart)

When crafting, a Nat 1, will make a cursed item (as well as if you fail making an item by 5 or more). Every item can be cursed.

For Intelligence, first is a Nat 20 on the Skill check when crafting:
if it's a weapon, rolling 17-20 on a second d20 means it's Intelligent
if it's an Armor, Shield, Ring, Rod, or (non-consumable) Wondrous Item, rolling a 20 on a second d20 means it's Intelligent.
No items other than weapons, armor, shields, rings, rods, or (non-consumable) wondrous items can be intelligent.
Intelligent items will be within one alignment step of their crafter.

Monster Knowledge Checks:
Almost all monsters are the base DC 10.
- Common monsters (base DC 5) include things like PC races, low-level/frequent problem humanoids (gobs, orcs, ogres, etc..), and widely discussed popular mythos monsters (werewolves, vampires, dragons, giants, etc..).
- The few monsters that are rare (base DC 15) are the very unusual off-the-wall oddities.

The results of the checks (in order of known based on base DC and each 5 pts over the DC) will usually be:
Base DC - Name, type, subtype, and what that means (knowing even the lowest devil means you know the traits that all devils share)
+5 - Usually the most common attack/defense/power they use (which would be easier to find in tomes of lore).
+10 - Common special defenses (DR/type, SR, Immunities/Vulnerabilities, etc..)
+15 - Special powers/abilities they use/have less often, or special case effects.
+20 - Pretty much just read the monster entry, you great big know-it-all, just take the book and read it smarty-pants. (that is, only after I've declared it as passing the DC by 20).

Kintargo at a Glance
CG large city
Corruption +0; All Bluff checks made against the dottari, the Chelish Citizens’ Group, or members of the church of Asmodeus and all Stealth checks made outdoors within the city walls gain no bonus.
Crime –2; All Sense Motive checks to avoid being bluffed and Sleight of Hand checks made to pick pockets take a –2 penalty.
Economy –1; All Craft, Perform, and Profession checks to generate income take a –1 penalty.
Law +4; All Intimidate checks made to force someone to act friendly, Diplomacy checks against government officials, and Diplomacy checks to call the city guard gain a +4 bonus.
Lore +0; All Diplomacy checks made to gather information and Knowledge checks made using city resources to do research while using a library gain no bonus.
Society –2; All Disguise checks and all Diplomacy checks made to alter the attitude of a non-government official take a –2 penalty.
Qualities academic, cultured, defiant, rebellious, rumormongering citizens, strategic location
Danger +20; Disadvantages martial law
Government overlord (formerly autocracy)
Population 11,900 (85% human, 4% halfling, 3% tiefling,
1% half-elf, 7% other)
Notable NPCs
- Lord-Mayor Barzillai Thrune
- High Priest Corinstian Grivenner

Base Value 4,400 gp; Purchase Limit 25,000 gp;
- Spellcasting 4th
Minor Items 2d4; Medium Items 1d4; Major Items 1d2
Cultured Kintargo is well known for its culture of artistry, particularly among actors, musicians, and patrons of the opera. (Law –1, Society +1; always counts as a prosperous city for the purposes of Perform checks)
Defiant The citizens of Kintargo have a natural predilection for free thinking that borders on rebellious action. (Law –1, Society +1)
Martial Law As long as Kintargo remains under martial law, a 9:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. curfew is in effect. Additionally, as long as its citizens must follow the edicts and proclamations put in place by House Thrune, the city stifles and suffers. (Corruption –4, Crime –2, Economy –4, Law +2, Lore –4, Society –4; Danger +10; halve all values for Marketplace entries)

Thrune's Proclamations

Proclamation the First: All slayers of city pests (hereby defined as doves, mice, and ravens) who present said pests to the dottari shall be rewarded with a bounty of 1 copper piece.

Proclamation the Second: All places of public business must display in a position of prominence within the first room accessible from the building’s primary entrance a portrait of Her Infernal Majestrix Queen Abrogail II. Said portrait must measure no less than 11 by 17 inches.

Proclamation the Third: Anyone who captures, alive and unharmed, a feral dog of a weight exceeding 50 pounds is to be rewarded with a payment of 2 silver pieces upon transfer of the dog to the dottari. Such noble guardian creatures should find homes worthy of their kind!

Proclamation the Fourth: The right to wear fine embroidered clothing in public is hereafter proscribed to anyone other than agents of House Thrune or the Holy Church of Asmodeus. Exceptions can be awarded or purchased at the city’s discretion.

Proclamation the Fifth: Grain is life! Should grain be spilled in public, it must be gathered, cleaned, and repackaged within the hour. Any person who allows grain to go ungathered after a spillage shall be fined 1 copper piece per grain.

Proclamation the Sixth: The imbibing of night tea brings a dangerous imbalance to the slumbering mind. Between the hours of sunset and sunrise, the taking of tea is proscribed.

Proclamation the Seventh: The odor and flavor of mint is an abomination to the refined palate. Be not the cretin! Mint use in candies, drinks, and all manner of confections is hereby proscribed.

Proclamation the Eighth: All nonnative ships’ captains must remain on board their ships and are barred from setting foot on land within Kintargo’s city limits—their crew and agents are free to come and go, but their actions are directly the responsibility of their captains, and any crew caught breaking Kintargan law shall have its punishment visited upon the crew members as well as their captain. Any captain caught setting foot in Kintargo is to be punished by squassation.


[spoiler=Initiative][ooc]Bardigan [dice]1d20+2[/dice]
Dawnilea [dice]1d20+3[/dice]
Ganner [dice]1d20+3[/dice]
Krizta [dice]1d20+4[/dice]
Tasha [dice]1d20+5[/dice]
Rexus [dice]1d20+1[/dice][/ooc][/spoiler]

[spoiler=Group Stealth][ooc]
Bardigan [dice]1d20+1[/dice]
Dawnilea [dice]1d20+5[/dice]
Ganner [dice]1d20+4[/dice]
Krizta [dice]1d20+6[/dice]
Tasha [dice]1d20+3[/dice]
Rexus [dice]1d20+7[/dice][/ooc][/spoiler]